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Arma 3 | CAS Piloting Beginner - Take off and Landing [A-164 Wipeout]

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Today I will go through step by step how to get your aircraft into the air, some basic operational advice and then demo how to land and bring your jet to a safe position. ► Youtube: http://youtube.com/luetin09 ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/luetin09 ► Twitchtv: http://www.twitch.tv/Luetin ► BGM: http://youtube.com/acousticlabs ► Arma 3 Official Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Arma3official ► Arma 3 Website: http://www.arma3.com/ "This video is created using games from Bohemia Interactive. See www.bistudio.com for more information."
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dmgbringer (27 days ago)
I know this video is old atm but as the jet´s dlc was released to my knowing every single jet got a camera mounted under the plane with a massive zoom so u can easy coast around 2000m "depending on your view settings" and still ID targets with good accuracy and the camera also have grid cordinates displayed on the target u looking at so u can easy mark it on your map/gps for your team.
Andrew Washington (1 month ago)
i hope this gets updated since the updates have changed some things
on my first attempt I landed perfectly and I don't know how but what I know is that the USAF can hire me
SyZ7OC (2 months ago)
Flaps up for take off? How are u planning on gaining lift? Xd Ik its a game but in real life u would need to extend flaps for take off to gain lift
Ootlander (1 month ago)
Arma is only programmed to have the flaps increase drag, not increase lift as in real life.
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
Can you not trim the tail to stop the dipping?
YasashiFPV (6 months ago)
there's a trim up/down option so it doesn't dip
Kellen A.M (6 months ago)
the plane dips because the flaps are still down
BC ELITE (6 months ago)
What does CAS mean?
Tasos 372 (2 months ago)
BC ELITE (6 months ago)
Oh close air support I think?
Senzaki S (6 months ago)
Shitty Landing
Rick Toboni (1 month ago)
lol you call this shitty? Check out the randoms trying to land in a typical server
LuckyBuck 02 (10 months ago)
Not to be that guy but when you take off you use flaps all the way down to gain alt smoother and faster
ElNakamaConLentes (10 months ago)
DCS aproves
DeadPengwin (1 year ago)
Just a question out of interest but shouldn't the plane slow down pretty severly whenever you fire that cannon?
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
+Caden B I guess I never really bothered to fact check this myth, sorry for spreading disinformation But I just tested it in Arma and the plane actually loses quite a lot of speed when the cannon is fired
Caden B (2 months ago)
Kanína_Zając the recoil is powerful enough alone, but the engines produce more thrust than recoil, and with gravity, you may not accelerate as fast, but you will not slow down, let alone stop mid air
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
+Twenty Disco Pilots It does, actually. The A10's cannon's recoil is powerful enough to completely stop the plane in the air if kept firing for long enough
Twenty Disco Pilots (3 months ago)
That's... Not how it works
Srkn (1 year ago)
Cant get this badboy landing ..
NootNoot800 (1 year ago)
you you start to fall down that means that you eather have to less speed or you can try to take flaps down 1 time and it will be fine thats what worked for me
club penguin legend (1 year ago)
don't worry guys I'm a professional bf3 pilot
Bluiè The Dragon (1 year ago)
I Still didnt Know how to Rearm the Jet, I am at the Place.... But nothing happens pls help
Caleb Farmer (1 year ago)
You'll need to be near an ammo truck like the Zamak or Tempest. Same goes for fuel and repairs
Hyper Lurki (1 year ago)
Is it possible to use a joystick for piloting in Arma 3?
Relvex (1 year ago)
yes, you can even use a steering wheel when driving a vehicle.
Freshy (1 year ago)
Hyper Lurki yes. just gotta set up the controls yourself
Derek 1300 (1 year ago)
Thanks man, your video finally helped me LAND the plane for once! Subscribed
Ross Massie (1 year ago)
Flaps should only ever be on when increasing drag, like when getting off the ground and slowing down. It triggers me so much he keeps them on so far into the flight, so much fuel burned and speed lost for no reason
Harry Eaton (5 months ago)
S M You're getting confused between flaps and flight control surfaces, when you pitch, roll and yaw you are using flight control surfaces, flaps are a separate device that alter the size of the wing area to give extra lift, they cause more drag but they are not designed to be airbrakes.
Jasevt (8 months ago)
S M i hope ur a troll
S M (1 year ago)
but we are talking about fixed flap positions now. "move flaps down" by scrolling....
juel sandy (1 year ago)
S M not sure wtf is going on but Flaps do help u get lift in arma
NahteS. (1 year ago)
Very helpful thank you!
DGS (1 year ago)
I'm a trained FSX Pilot and it is no problem to me
YasashiFPV (6 months ago)
flight simlulator X
North West Flyers UK (8 months ago)
*Trained* LEL
NoobToob (1 year ago)
DGS fsx?
That's your average FPS
Brody Donnelly (2 years ago)
btw the reason that the wipeout dips down is because of a weight mechanic where heavier planes will take more thrust to take off and are harder to turn with. that being said the wipeout is one of the heavier planes
Twenty Disco Pilots (3 months ago)
Again... that is not how physics work.
Jasevt (8 months ago)
Brody Donnelly ofc if its heavier in the front it Will dip spen in slower speeds. Butif ur going really fast realisticly that woulndt happen because the air drags across the plane this making it harder to move
Tharun Ekkati (2 years ago)
What sup Luetin, i was just wondering how you were able to get your view distance so far away?
Knots (2 years ago)
Flying level in a plane is as easy if not easier than driving a car it's landing that's difficult and flying with damage
Landing auto pilot will direct you to the airbase and land you. Flaps down will decrease the dip
97anonymus (2 years ago)
For some reason I just don't like the way aircraft move on Arma 3, it seems like all planes have got thrust vectoring by the way they move, is very strange
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
Because they most likely all have thrust vectoring. Arma 3 is set in 2035
HexPlox (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot for the detailed tutorial.Now I don't need to fly a plane then have to parachute out of it everytime!
RandomGgames (3 years ago)
@Luetin09 How do you get in a world like that by yourself with no missions?
Eden editor
MrSilentheadshot (3 years ago)
I thought you put it half- down for take off no?
Gustavo Panhan Stabile (3 years ago)
Your plane goes down because it's flaps still down, so you need to take them back to the initial position in order to keep it stable.
RKS W (3 years ago)
What pc do you use
Darkcrave (3 years ago)
How can you see that far?
Marrs101 (3 years ago)
Is there an option to trim your aircraft for level flight?
Max Hammerum (3 years ago)
Yes i think so
Henrique Neves (3 years ago)
what is CAS?
unknownsniper23 (3 years ago)
Close Air Support
kutkuknight (3 years ago)
Once you get a joystick or used to the controls the flying in arma is so incredibly simplistic, take off at 200, bump the ground without breaking off your wheels, never stall out due to maneuvers. Its like Battlefield 3 with a little more control. Im actually pretty amazed by that
Leo1485 (3 years ago)
What key gets you into third person
Numpad ENTER
Hugo Medeiros (3 years ago)
Thank you for that!
Trigga2333 (3 years ago)
what music is it background? sounds relaxing for fly lessons xD
Tasos 372 (2 months ago)
Push it to the limit scarface lol
Astor Venom (3 years ago)
By airbrake you mean thrust down right?
Astor Venom (3 years ago)
Thank you, that helped.
Luetin09 (3 years ago)
+Bryan Joseph http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_brake_%28aeronautics%29
Astor Venom (3 years ago)
To help slow down
yousifmq (4 years ago)
what is the music called? ^^
Cymro1970 (4 years ago)
Any chance of you making a cas tutorial for the f35b mate? In interested in finding out how that plane could fully support troops on the ground against infantry as well as vehicles. Thanks a million
followthewolves1991 (4 years ago)
Does the A-164 not have laser guided missiles? A friend and I wanted to practice CAS runs but when i used the laser designator on tanks the plane wouldn't lock on. Are we doing something wrong?
Luetin, is it possible to "invert mouse" in helicopters and jets only?
dartwadermovies (4 years ago)
Do you use trackir ?
oAINGIRYo (4 years ago)
at the end of the video when your jet is at the end of the runway, how do u take off again, u can't back up. and I don't see a turn at the end of the runway to get u to the other strip of runway? 
justin baba (4 years ago)
whats that plane called in real life again?
TsunaXZ (22 days ago)
+иди нахуй *REEEEEEEEEEE*
иди нахуй (22 days ago)
TsunaXZ *4 years ago*
TsunaXZ (23 days ago)
It's called *BRRRRRRRRT*
Alex H (3 years ago)
It doesn't actually exist in real life, however it is based off of the A-10 Warthog
nhilal (4 years ago)
Lutein your really need to buy a g-sync monitor, the amount of micro stuttering and tearing is so annoying. I hope you get one soon. Cheers!
TsunaXZ (23 days ago)
Freesync is cheaper & does the same.
Harry Eaton (5 months ago)
Monitors have nothing to do with the quality of recordings, the recording program is taking the data straight from the PC, not recording from the monitor.
ComaHawk (4 years ago)
If you dip your flaps down full, most aircraft's will actually lift on their own once you pass the 180 Kp/h mark, providing you're lined up correctly on the run way. That way as soon as you have lifted from the run way you can raise your gear and leave the controls as the flaps being down will provide lift for a good amount of time before leveling itself out 
Green (4 years ago)
when you bank to the side to look for targets, counter the tilt towards the ground with opposite pedal (C or X in your case) it should keep your nose fairly level.
Kommentatus Cosades (4 years ago)
i remember that i thought flying planes in arma is so hard and i never had enoug confidence in me to learn it (and lazyness) but after i started playing War Thunder realistic battles ArmAs flight controlls feel sooo easy.
Age1000 (4 years ago)
usually i am flying with my joystick, and although it works quite well, i still have to switch to my keyboard and mouse a lot zoom in etc. also freelook is not that easy with my joystick. So i may take a look at the normal mouse controls. 
LuckyAeronaut (4 years ago)
Arma could really use trimming buttons. That way you wouldn't have to worry about the nose dipping all the time.
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
+Manuel Moya That's not how flying a plane works
Manuel Moya (4 years ago)
Lower the flaps and that should sort out the problem!
BananaMuffin2000 (4 years ago)
Very true. I was just about to comment that
jjgjosh123 (4 years ago)
Really great please do more.
Tibialstone7 (4 years ago)
You need to turn off mouse smoothing completely. Although its hard to get used to, it has a huge adverse effect on flying, driving, shooting and general responsiveness of the mouse. I'd recommend trying it out LT.
Tasos 372 (2 months ago)
Where is it?
xXblueINsuitXx (4 years ago)
Nice video Luetin, I really like these new Arma videos of yours, keep up the good work ;)
Ollie Stanley (4 years ago)
Luetin do you play on the AHOY WORLD invade & annex servers anymore?
karam (3 years ago)
+ollie stanley how do i play on the bvar server, Ahoy is not so populated when i play
Ollie Stanley (4 years ago)
thanks dude, will you be on BVAR this friday?
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
yup I mix between that and BVAR
William Aton (4 years ago)
Luetin, you should use a joystick and throttle to fly! And you know Luetin, you should use flaps to take off and landing, because it increases lift.
William Aton (4 years ago)
I see, but's much easier to take off and land with flaps, cuz it makes the lifting speed lower, so it's harder to crash. :) 
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
I potentially have one coming my way but its just as easy with KBM and most people would start out with that – also scroll down and read OrNoir's comment.
FuzeDzn (4 years ago)
I thought this was a part of the BVAR session we had on friday when you tought me but i soon figured not lol
LuckyDemolish (4 years ago)
put flaps down fully, it wont go down anymore
timothedino (4 years ago)
thats not very realistic but okay :D
SuperZetsu (4 years ago)
i want arma 3 :( but cant afford
Monster Crazy (2 years ago)
Did you get it?
Crazy Spanish Guy (4 years ago)
They have fixed the nose-diving of the Wipeout on Dev Branch
Dubbster83 (4 years ago)
Excellent guide LT. If multiple CAS units are in operation, would you taxi down the runway to refuel/rearm or are there service roads that run parallel to the runways that would provide safe taxi to refuel/rearm?
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
yeah on most servers you will be in communication with other pilots its usually a requirement. On approaching an airbase I would announce I am landing and on which runway to make heli pilots aware. If you have two CAS up its unlikely they would necessarily rearm or rep at the same time but if so its very easy you make sure to both land on a clear runway and follow each other in
DaveLeFu (4 years ago)
That's not a loop, it's the Immelmann manouvre
S1LVER (1 month ago)
+Kanína_Zając how? lol
Kanína_Zając (2 months ago)
+Luetin09 Jesus you're a jerk
Proffesor Oak (1 year ago)
It is with the jets dlc with all that infared and detection shit you have to learn
Supersonic Ox (4 years ago)
+Luetin09 It might not do anything but it's a thing non the less...
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
+cheeseybiscuits100  I will test that out, as far as I was aware it was just down or up.
OrNoir (4 years ago)
And before anyone tries to correct Luetin about lowering flaps for takeoff, he is quite right to keep them up; Bohemia still hasn't programmed flaps to increase lift as well as drag.
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
+Schnittertm1  the plane dipping is immensely frustrating tbh the other jets dont do it not sure why the wipeout does.
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
yeah until they fix it, its up for take off and down for landing.
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
melinity GamingHD (1 year ago)
3 years and still no :(
Barnett161 (1 year ago)
ur my go to guy for arma 3
Preston Garvey (1 year ago)
hey how did you change the jets hud colour
Capsky (1 year ago)
+Luetin09 :( More people should watch you videos. I'm currently watching one of your vids now.
Luetin09 (4 years ago)
In this tutorial I give a step by step guide on how to Pilot in Arma 3. We look at taking off, some operational exercises and then how to land repair, refuel, rearm. Drop a like if this video was helpful for you I will have more Arma guides and content coming up very soon.
Huds 10 (2 years ago)
Nope not lying
SSM F (2 years ago)
+Huds 10 your lying no way?
Huds 10 (2 years ago)
+HHS S its a tracking device for your head, so when u move ur head it moves in game aswell
SSM F (2 years ago)
whats that?
Nightman789 (4 years ago)
Luetin, have you ever thought about using something like trackir? I find that it gives me a lot more situational awareness when I'm flying and it's just nice to free up keyboard space.

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