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Shroud's Most Intense Game Ever | PUBG

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►Check out Shroud: https://www.twitch.tv/shroud ►Subscribe for more Finest Twitch Moments! ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/TwitchFinest ►Outro song: NIVIRO - The Guardian Of Angels [NCS Release] ►Game: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
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Twitch Finest (8 months ago)
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FAST (2 months ago)
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nitram nayr (4 months ago)
or you know.. we could sub to shroud's channel instead of the guy whos reuploading someone else's content lol
Carson Wookey (5 months ago)
Why would I sub to someone who just reuploads content?
PureMojito (6 months ago)
This isn't your content bro, you're literally just taking his videos and putting them on your channel for your own personal gain.
shane vanbuskirk (7 months ago)
Forgot the AR comp @12:45
Adam Wiśniewski (15 hours ago)
Fuck me, whenever i put volume up he screams like some girl, and people in the background think that i watch some porn.
Jathin Reddy (1 day ago)
Music at end is more amazing than gameplay ....
Shroud looks pretty dope in a beard
Lorin Adam (4 days ago)
This video has almost 17 K likes
Jethro Guilaran (5 days ago)
1 way to have an intense game GO ASIA SERVER
shad aftab (5 days ago)
Why is it so foggy
Krosis Games (5 days ago)
Shroud : gets shot once, immediately shoots back and downs the fuckers Me : *gets shot till to 10hp* hmmmmm I THINK someone is shooting at me, not sure though ... meh, I'm probably wrong
Rahul Bhalerao (6 days ago)
This is most intense i ever seen
itsabdibro (7 days ago)
how much time did shroud sayed 17times !!!!!
Imran Ali (8 days ago)
Fucking insane, the lags made it better 😂🍗
Iman Mujahid (8 days ago)
This is wat u get wen u olay in asian servers
ok what is that on 4:48 how how how guy not even come aut and this guy is shoting
traditionalist man (8 days ago)
Me: not a professional gamer with thousands of hours of gameplay Shroud: paid to play games every day. Am I doing it right guys?
Abhinandan S. P (9 days ago)
Ww2, reimagined...
No Name (10 days ago)
Age Without beard 19 With beard 33
Dimitris Kaikkis (10 days ago)
he said that jump from the window some people dont know about that...but now everyone knows cause of shroud :P
MarMarYwn (11 days ago)
Just. Beautiful.
arthur Me (13 days ago)
You should be able to use your own meds to heal your self would like to join you some time
ARK Officials (16 days ago)
Luke Harit (16 days ago)
I am still scared!!!
Get Paid (17 days ago)
Shroud u r god
noob gamer (18 days ago)
Want pubg custom matches ???? Then join our family!! By subscribing to my channel!! Coz it's pubg custom room😎😎! And stay tuned
Mohammed Shakkir (18 days ago)
Are they shooting blindley
Noir (18 days ago)
I love how they actually wanted the win lol their nervous conversation is finally something I can relate to lol
Soumik Mallick (18 days ago)
Outro song- Guardian of Angels
Smiffdogg init (18 days ago)
Shroud looks like Peter Barlow 🤣
Binay Kumar (18 days ago)
8:10 shroud didn't see that guy hiding. But i did. Does that make me shroud+1. Naah it doesnt
Tyarls Playz (20 days ago)
14:40 I laugh so hard to shroud's reaction
301. Dxmoris (21 days ago)
Lokesh Divekar (23 days ago)
where the fuck i'm
Juneao Alfred (23 days ago)
4:13 to be honest.. Whenever i mastxxxx.. That how i scream on climax.
Pambudi Pratama (23 days ago)
Shroud: a squad atacking our teammate, cover him Me : a player atacking our squad. RUN !!!
aymen (23 days ago)
he can fkn predict their moves omg
Peechaboo (24 days ago)
no wonder 20 such an impressive .
OllieMakesVideos (25 days ago)
Are those small structures bus stops? I thought they were outhouses...
cricket videos (25 days ago)
That was zero visibility
frank patrick (26 days ago)
Fucking click bait.
TJ Amos (26 days ago)
It's a perfect nade gg 😂😂💯
Navin Kumar (28 days ago)
17k Likes too.
T BZ (28 days ago)
Gotta love Shroud’s game strategy ...consider options while pushing and attacking EVERYTHING. He’s amazing and always so calm.
Anmol Mahajan (29 days ago)
Click bait
zKave (29 days ago)
Yep the mustache increases his Game lol
Jonathan Shi (1 month ago)
Shroud has snappy aim... it's different from aimbot movement. Aimbot movements are more insant and more smooth, compensating recoil through algorithms. Aiming is simply muscle memory.
Jagannath Dasgupta (1 month ago)
Insane 😍
fxpiano channel ID (1 month ago)
14:42 zone alert activated
Links234 (1 month ago)
so intense...
Simon Sakrinsow (1 month ago)
Just one question ?, how do pros... . know from where the enemy is firing at you?
Sandipan Ghosh (1 month ago)
watch on 1080p. Its a pure action movie!
harshman singh (1 month ago)
It happened so fast I am quick😂😂
JR .Clip_NewS (1 month ago)
how can he see people running in the fucking fog and thats so far
Joe Mezor (1 month ago)
20 kills for 1 match,thats kill was need 3 or 4 match for me..lol
thrill csgo (1 month ago)
what was that 4 second revive at 3:05 ????????????????????????????????????????? hello , battleye ?
Yash Gurjar (1 month ago)
Enemies nightmare getting matched with shroud in servers😂😂
pratik palkhe (1 month ago)
15.44 music name?
Jatt Saab (1 month ago)
You're great bro
Lawrence Evangelista (1 month ago)
shrouds obsession with the number 17
Raff Rbk (1 month ago)
Best one ever.
Khumanthem Nitish (1 month ago)
How does shroud see the guy at 6:30 ???
Mr. Ghost .01 (1 month ago)
shroud was playing like ,"ohh i m gonna die nooow" ,really intense and focused💥
Hoang Hoang (1 month ago)
what a noob 14:36 that Shroud killed ...
Ameya Kolhatkar (1 month ago)
I love how every single comment that says that shroud is hacking has like 7 or 8 replies defending him. To be clear, I am a big fan of shroud, it just shows that shrouds fans are many things, but they would never suspect him of hacking.
LIL ILLEGAL (1 month ago)
Isn’t it satisfying how fast the M24 shoots it just so soothing how you snipe with it and the bullet sounds like it’s going through so fast
goo gle (1 month ago)
12:00 he killed him with granade and he didnt evem throw one. He knew he didnt and he was surprised.. Haha wtf
Oryon YT (1 month ago)
can i get 17 likes
Grove Street (1 month ago)
1.22 i'm done
harsh chaurasia (1 month ago)
SHROUD : down , revive , down , revive ME : HEADSHOT
Yash Hatekar (1 month ago)
The way just9n says "it's a perfect nade. GG." Damn that was osm
james muking (1 month ago)
Actually impressed at how people call him a cheater just because he is THAT GOOD
AJIT MISHRA (1 month ago)
I can't see anything.😂😂 best game
KeeperOfProphecies (1 month ago)
Shroud looks so weird with facial hair.
RivTheShaman (1 month ago)
have faith in the nades
unun septium (1 month ago)
RP Titty City
kuku swuro (1 month ago)
Who is shroud playing with?
Timothy Siamlena (1 month ago)
How to draw attention from your partner when you get knocked down. "Im bleeding so fast"
360 noobscope (1 month ago)
Shroud with a beard makes him look like Adam Driver
Eren Yeager (1 month ago)
What pc do you use Mr shroud and what are your keyboard settings? Please tell this new player who just started playing the game.
Jailam Myles (1 month ago)
shroud shrouded in his facial shroud
Tigerparade (1 month ago)
That was so badass
golu monu (1 month ago)
That's the most intense game I hv ever seen😂😂
hotboii 714 (1 month ago)
EfectoDoppler (1 month ago)
MougeSyco (1 month ago)
yep he sure hit that autolock button masterfully
Armand Azhari (1 month ago)
Thats not a person 😂
DUDE 123 (1 month ago)
14:40 wth bruh
Keemstar’s Forehead (1 month ago)
Who else thinks PUBG is better then Fortnight
Munna indrajith (2 months ago)
Espen Ekeberg (2 months ago)
"ITS TELEPORTING MEEEE!" Then kills "ItsPortalTime"
Usama Alvi (2 months ago)
Omg! I'm just Watching this Video But Still I Dont Even Know Where the Enemies Are Shooting From.... Helll This guy Can See an Ant From Miles Away...! You Dont Need Chicken.. Chicken Needs You Shroud...!!! :3
Basi Ab (2 months ago)
This was intense. The most intense match I had was 48 kills in 4 players mode.
OPD KING (2 months ago)
I love the ending
THE TOP OF TENS (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/TQsrBame05o . Noob trolling pros hahaha🤣🤣
joesr31 (2 months ago)
Before I even see the enemy they already killed and looting them
Scrilla Haokip (2 months ago)
Im lovin it 😍
CoD RocKz # Wild gaming (2 months ago)
And the world record is 43
Amin Limbu (2 months ago)
Wira Sumantri (2 months ago)
"This rock are legendary"
Paris PS (2 months ago)
Hablando chino 14:37 :v
ramon tristan (2 months ago)
So what's that screen shroud looks at above nearly every time he knows exactly where a player is...? I want one !
Eric Vizcarra (2 months ago)
17 times

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