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Nintendo Switch E3 Plans Detailed!

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Shortly after coming out with the previous episode of Nintendo Switch News, the Big N themselves have released their plans for the biggest gaming event of the year: E3 2017. Read more at e3.nintendo.com. Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/CatSP9U Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: Intro: Song of Storms Remix by Will & Tim (Kill the Copyright) http://bit.ly/WillTIM Music rendition by Music Proposition: http://bit.ly/NXMusic
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Text Comments (139)
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
So what do you think about Nintendo's E3 plans? Is it bye bye to any Metroid or Pokemon for Switch at this E3?
Velvett Blue (1 year ago)
video on your hopes and dreams for this E3 please? new metroid, F-zero, a decent starfox title, a man can dream...
crazy_t-dawger 123 (1 year ago)
Commonwealth Realm new super Mario bros. switch
Sephor (1 year ago)
I agree i think the 3DS will be in its decline with less games comming to it. While more and more is going to the switch.
massabeeste (1 year ago)
Nope ._.attending Gamescom 2017
Mdk Mdk (1 year ago)
where are the real games nobody wants these kiddie games
N.Y. Boi (1 year ago)
uhhhhh virtual console
Death Stalker (1 year ago)
I'm hoping something is said about the virtual console it's the main reason I bought a switch !
Mr. Flash (1 year ago)
"Instead of a Digital Event, they are doing a Nintendo Spotlight". Wow, no shit Commonwealth, what a huge difference.... Its a E3 Nintendo Direct like every year, doesn't matter what the fuck they are calling it every time.
Mallu (1 year ago)
im sorry, but i dont need to know the entire history of nintendo consoles every time i watch one of your videos.
Star Verix (1 year ago)
honestly all i want them to mention is if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 comes out this year
Fransu & Toffi (1 year ago)
Metroid Prime 4 please
Tempest (1 year ago)
• 6,316 people die each hour
Velvett Blue (1 year ago)
they're being secretive as always, there's no way we can predict what the E3 will hold for us this year. i can only hope we get to see some new AAA titles other than Mario odyssey but i doubt it. my eyes are all on any virtual console announcements. what about the huge list of third parties we where promised? they better deliver....
Echad (1 year ago)
Nintendo is making Zelda for mobile phones!
2ruthfox82 (1 year ago)
The only thing that would help Nintendo right now would be increasing production...
Jeremy DaBoss (1 year ago)
That intro is legendary
Tire (1 year ago)
Who says "hello" in the intro? I don't get the reference
Tire (1 year ago)
Sh4dy (1 year ago)
Abrax404 (1 year ago)
I dunno if we're going to Have skits anymore. The Splatoon2/Arms Direct style where its just giving you the information with maybe a bit here and there of Kimashima and others presenting specific things like Joycon features or so.
Einradbrot (1 year ago)
sorry for must sayin that, but for me and let me say most of the wiiu owners this switch start lineup is a big blame and great shame for nintendo. Commin Splatoon2 looks more as an quick produced addon, streetfighter2 remake offers nothin new and i and many other people own this Game already on different systems in different versions. Mariokart8, Zelda and Fast racin neo i own already for wiiu. theres no offered upgrade possibility to switch versions from Nintendo and in my eyes theres no sense buyin those games especially for full price again. whats commin really new besides good old mario oddysey end of the year? let me say i really wanna buy this switsch, but with utopic prices for a pro controller with 70Euro and above its gettin hard, and without new great exclusiv games its gettin much more harder to convince me and propably most of wiiu users to buy a switch.. i see it commin, after that console release phase the switch console sales will fall just like wiiU, and on e3 nintendo is great announcin smash bros Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors Deluxe... both with new mini games.. bäääh!
Gaming Sensei (1 year ago)
I'm hyped for Sonic Forces reveals, trailers, and the demo. I'm interested in Mario Odyssey as well.
MrBe (1 year ago)
Would love to go to E3 but i live in norway, and school ends 22!
TheChucknoxus (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but the intro rapes my ears.
I love the Falco profile picture you have. Legendary, my friend.
Let's play mit Fischi (1 year ago)
I want a good Mario Party from Hudson. My first Mario Party was Mario Party DS and it is my favorite Mario Party!
The first Mario Party is my favorite also, as well as Mario Party 4.
Let's play mit Fischi (1 year ago)
I want a good Mario Party from Hudson. My first Mario Party was Mario Party DS and it is my favorite Mario Party!
Team Chaffreux (1 year ago)
I hope the announcment of a new pokemon game and PLEASE NINTENDO a new Kid Icarus !
LeGaCy ShY (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who gets chills Watching the play through of the Nintendo consoles with retro zelda music ??
I'm just hoping they announce a Super Smash Bros Wii U Port
Sh4dy (1 year ago)
please fucking not. Even the Wii smash bros was better
Cool then.
Einradbrot (1 year ago)
THAT ONE GUY after mariokart8, zelda botw, fast rmx and Minecraft Switch, we only need Smashbros U Deluxe, nuNintendoland U Deluxe, WiiParty U Deluxe, Hyrule Warriors U Deluxe, Twilight Princess U Deluxe, Windwaker U Deluxe, Mario Bros U Deluxe, Mario3DWörld U Deluxe, Mario Maker Deluxe, Mario Tennis U Deluxe, Bayonetta1+2 Deluxe, Rayman Legends Deluxe, Pikmin Deluxe, wait.. no need for new games. but please nintendo bring ALL GAMES AGAIN FOR COMPLETE FULL PRICE OF COURSE!! so i havnt to buy that switch console, cause i own them already on wiiu.
flodusishigh (1 year ago)
Hype time!
TC MACK (1 year ago)
Despite what they said, I fully expect a trailer for Pikmin 4 and a release year of 2018.
Ash Satoshi (1 year ago)
I hope the Switch truly is getting third party support.
Jack Wright (1 year ago)
I don't mean to pimp up your parade... but it is.
Guardian (1 year ago)
WOW that intro is cancer ffs
Sassy Emi (1 year ago)
Guardian ikr I just skip it
Kevin (1 year ago)
Guardian agreed tbh
0800sofa (1 year ago)
the splatoon 2 competition is on my birthday....
Rachel Pascoe (1 year ago)
So.... where can I buy my Switch? 😅
Amazon, Ebay or your local Gamestop, Walmart, etc.
Thomas Blay (1 year ago)
Well, my E3 hype died when they said it's 2017 games only.
PochoZammy (1 year ago)
They said that they will only spotlight 2017 releases, it doesn't mean that they won't mention 2018 releases
anthony sainz (1 year ago)
damn anyone else wanted to see some more xenoblade chronicles 2. to bad about the whole this year thing
VeranaXS (1 year ago)
anthony sainz but xenoblade 2 Is coming this year, plus they always say this and always show a few games that come out the next year
Brave Lady Lyn (1 year ago)
that's actually not true just because its a spotlight for 2017 games doesn't mean they won't tease 2018 games nothing in the PR says ONLY just 2017 games its just the FOCUS they always do this especially if its Metroid, Pikmin 4, Pokemon, FE, New IP, 3rd party support etc is likely gonna be shown and likely/is next year plus Xenoblade 2 can be either or...
WaterGoddess Azura (1 year ago)
Kinu FoxySpirit I agree don't know why people jump to this conclusion is beyond me......
GiYo Tv (1 year ago)
Everytime i see one of your videos i thumb it up because of the epic intro!!
Yonk (1 year ago)
is e3 never a determined month because no one ever says when it is. WHEN IS E3 GAMEXPLAIN YOURSELF
Yonk (1 year ago)
thanks you much! I wasn't in a place where I could google it (believe me I swear)
Rixton (1 year ago)
Yonk EU always happens in June.
mrplatink (1 year ago)
Give me a switch? Thanks
Brandon Soto (1 year ago)
This shit better not suck like last year and the year before.
Velvett Blue (1 year ago)
agreed, it's not gonna be an all-mario odyssey E3 but i hope they announce a new systemseller and stuff to look forward to. more so i'm very curious what 3rd parties have in store for the switch. after the killer launch i think it's safe to say at least some 3rd parties are less anxious to publish games for Switch, right?
One less lonely memer (1 year ago)
Anime and Games Fan (1 year ago)
(Before watching video) dragon ball XENOVERSE 2...?
Colin Jordan (1 year ago)
I wonder what time the Nintendo Spotlight begins at...
Colin Jordan (1 year ago)
+Commonwealth Realm Thanks :D I was expecting it to be at like 6 A.M. or something.
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
Toya Brown (1 year ago)
Great! Hopefully details for Beyond Good and Evil 2
Delta kai09 (1 year ago)
gypsy fat boi (1 year ago)
whitch day is the e3 could somebody tell me pls
Alex Peraza (1 year ago)
It's alarming that the Nintendo Switch doesn't know when E3 is. :(
gypsy fat boi (1 year ago)
+カリントン thank you :)
カリントン (1 year ago)
june 13-15
Metroid24abd (1 year ago)
what about metroid ?
Tanks Mk. 5 (1 year ago)
Metroid24abd ikr
GamerOfCringe (1 year ago)
I hope you guys get to 100K before E3. You're so close. #RoadTo100K
RGE (1 year ago)
Does anyone else keep up with the news on their switch home menu? If so, have you noticed that the April 2017 eShop Recap thumbnail wasn't using the Super Mario Odyssey model of Mario?
Æ (1 year ago)
The description called Nintendo the "big N" racist.
J-Squeezy (1 year ago)
Hope to hear some info about the Winter BoTW DLC.
Holden Arledge (1 year ago)
Revali who did you shoot with an ancient arrow for that name?
Colin Jordan (1 year ago)
+Revali A brand new trailer for the new original story seems like it would be too much to hope for, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
Ortcelo (1 year ago)
Revali that will definitely be discussed
Kenny Carter (1 year ago)
hmmm no Super Mario Odyssey? bummer
DJHammer222 (1 year ago)
Kenny Carter It's in the promotional letter, and it's releasing this year... yes, they are covering Super Mario Odyssey.
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
*_😶 🔫_*
Akira Kurusu (1 year ago)
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
The Dark One *_😎_*
Kevin (1 year ago)
Weege220/YTB omg
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
Knight Warrior *_...Thanks? lol_*
Weege220/YTB (1 year ago)
Korok #758 *_😞 you got me, okay_*
Greedy Boy (1 year ago)
the spotlight is just a direct
chazburger25 (1 year ago)
Directs are good and this will be an extended direct.
Jostam :'v (1 year ago)
if you register the name, it is a pew pew machine, you can call it a gun, but legally it's name is pew pew machine
Greedy Boy (1 year ago)
You can call a gun a pew pew machine but it's still a gun. Classic Nintendo
Jostam :'v (1 year ago)
the name is different !
OtherDoor (1 year ago)
James Stirling No, it's the spotlight! It's different... it's different!!
TonyKanameKuran (1 year ago)
Nintendo @ E3 2017 is gonna be larger than life!
A silly old Man (1 year ago)
Good anime!
Knight Warrior (1 year ago)
I'm so hyped for E3 Let's go Nintendo and Playstation!
Nobody Sanchez (1 year ago)
Charlie Lainez tbh Ive always prefered nintendo, then playstation, and then xbox. Its not that I dont like it, but it doesnt have many exclusives, and the ones it does have also are on pc.
Nobody Sanchez (1 year ago)
Jeremy DaBoss sorry, but no.
Spasm 1337 (1 year ago)
Jeremy DaBoss um get your facts straight before saying better graphics than real life
Jeremy DaBoss (1 year ago)
Halo6 for XBoxScorpio 4K 1080fps with better graphics than real life is better than Nintendo and Sony together
Knight Warrior (1 year ago)
Charlie Lainez I don't really care about console wars. I just personly like Nintendo and Playstation. Xbox has never had any interesting exclusives for me.......well then again Ori and the blind forest looks really cool.
Little luxo (1 year ago)
saa my dudes
Spasm 1337 (1 year ago)
I'm really hoping that third parties realize the Switch's potential.
Spasm 1337 (1 year ago)
Ike Greil 😂 lol ikr
Ike Greil (1 year ago)
With how well the Switch is selling, I would like to think Nintendo has the attention of third parties. Mind you, it's getting tons of love and support in Japan so that won't really be an issue. I think your question should have been "will Western third parties sit up and take notice of the Switch's potential, or will they keep sucking the dicks of Sony and Microsoft"?
Kanye 2020 (1 year ago)
Spasm 1337 *Western Thrid Party
Hentai Boy (1 year ago)
well 20+ unreal engine games in development and EA wanting to support the switch
ReachStudioPro (1 year ago)
They should have at this point.
Nathan (1 year ago)
Temo Flores (1 year ago)
Victor Hale (1 year ago)
Akbar Khamidov (1 year ago)
I'm not first I'm frist
Owl (1 year ago)
Akbar Khamidov Stop trying to get attention bitch
Nyxael's Hub (1 year ago)
Hi guys! Keep up the good work on the channel!
i dont like anime (1 year ago)

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