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Our Picks For The Top 10 Games From E3 2018

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Text Comments (153)
Tech of Tomorrow (5 days ago)
Good morning as E3 wraps things up here are 10 of our favorite picks from the show, Enjoy!
Dante (5 days ago)
Tech of Tomorrow good evening from Europe.
Pop Sop (5 days ago)
Tech of Tomorrow dont u wanna mention the last of us 2?
Tytus Paul (5 days ago)
What's your age..?
Wellborn Star Shylla (5 days ago)
No last of us 2 ? No DMC 5?
devontoner (1 day ago)
Dragon quest xi
Adnan Shafiq (2 days ago)
Sir you have lost some weight nice keep it up and very good video thank you !
RC Armor (2 days ago)
Re2 remake Battlefield v Smash bros ultimate Super mario party Pokemon lets go pikachu Starlink battle for atlas
Royd (2 days ago)
My 10 Favorites Showings at E3 1.Cyberpunk 2077 2.Spider-Man 3.Metro Exodus 4.Resident Evil 2 5.Sekiro 6.Gears 5 7.Dying Light 2 8.Control 9.Rage 2 10.Doom Eternal
i want to play the new Halo on PC with all in ultra.
Pako St (2 days ago)
Maximilian PS (2 days ago)
I can't believe it... you didn't mention TES VI!!!!
BackGround909 (3 days ago)
Doom and Wolfenstein from the 90's in not that old school, Steam has them, hmm maybe not Wolfenstein, bot does have the Doom games.....
An Te (4 days ago)
do more game stuff please! i like your hype!
An Te (4 days ago)
the next halo will be on pc too
Shaan (4 days ago)
How are you man? Looking so slim
Boketo Zhimomi (4 days ago)
For me fallout 76 was the best game until they announced the online part. Now the best one is death stranding but its only coming out for ps4
CM Dell (4 days ago)
Where's The Last of Us 2? & Tomb Raider
Haris Laghari (4 days ago)
Dmc 5 , Cyberpunk
Dark Wulf (4 days ago)
Cyberpunk the new BENCHMARK , and will be the next step for the next generation!
jennifergala (4 days ago)
Another great informative video. Getting Spiderman and Cyberpunk.
Ju-hwan Kim (5 days ago)
I always wanted to buy a console machine.
sorinpopa (5 days ago)
FUCK Sony PS4 Exclusive Titles !!
Xavier Mendez (5 days ago)
Hexaquan (5 days ago)
the 76 is fallout 76 is for the year 1776.
WhiteWolf496 (5 days ago)
Holy crap.... you're looking so much better than before. Also CYBERPUNK 2077 LOOKS INCREDIBLE
HarD TarGeT (5 days ago)
I think they should make remake of Doom 3 with realistic graphics. That game really scare the shit out of me.
Dusan Starcevic (5 days ago)
And here i am, just waiting for Metro Exodus
Derively (5 days ago)
Where the hell is Anthem? The biggest game! I guess EA Play is not considered as "E3".
Metalmachine467 (5 days ago)
I cant wait for shadow of the tomb raider and fallout 76 pc of course. I also have an xbox one x because I have a lot of games on there 4tb worth lol
Toast Man (5 days ago)
elric u look great ^^ gdo bless
Razear (5 days ago)
Sucks that the Samurai game is a PS4 exclusive, looks really good.
Sebastian Durando (5 days ago)
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice won the E3 for me.
Turkey Serpent (5 days ago)
When Halo infinite probably hits the streets, you'll probably be buying it... probably
doop00 (5 days ago)
Man wish Death Stranding was also on PC really hyped for it
Ultra (5 days ago)
Smash and Mario-Party are the only worth while nintendo games for lan party type fun. Now when they cut the switch’s price I will buy. Was waiting for this. Early adopters get boned!
bota cafe nisso (5 days ago)
for me just one game " forza horizon 4 " *.* , but cool list eric
StaySic4Ever (5 days ago)
Other games aside... Cyberpunk 2077 for sure!
James Curtis (5 days ago)
I think of John Belushi and Samurai Deli
Mo Tee (5 days ago)
Cyberpunk 2077!
Antares (5 days ago)
1. cyberpunk 2077 2. doom eternal 3. devil may cry 5
justaman (5 days ago)
Death Stranding will beat them all. Anyone who knows Hideo Kojima knows what I am talking about.
Antares (5 days ago)
and anyone who isnt a blind kojima fanboy will wait and see until they show us more than weird shit and walking around
vic viper (5 days ago)
I don't own a console , but that samuri game and the last of us 2 has me tempting to buy a ps4
Marc Wolfgang Zastrow (5 days ago)
Hey el just hook your Xbox controller up to the pc and bingo Xbox one whit better graphics👍😁
Ammar Alraisi (5 days ago)
My List : 1- Ghost Of Tsushima 2- Metro Exodus 3- Assassins Creed Odyssey 4- Resident Evil 2 !!! 5- Shadow Die Twice ( Maybe ) 6- The Last Of Us 2 7- Halo Infinite 8- Death Stranding 9- Dying Light 2 10- Shadow Of The Tomb Rider 11- Battlefield V Got PS4 and PC :)
IICM CDII (5 days ago)
The Last of Us Part 2 is my absolute number one! I'm really looking forward to this.
JazzHasLeft (5 days ago)
Ghosts of Tsushima looks amazing, I'll definitely get it. Spiderman as well. The last of Us looks interesting.
Sajin1337 (5 days ago)
Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Metro Exodus, Assassins Creed Odyssey, Anthem, CyberPunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 2 remake. Everything else can go in the bin.
Tim Flipkens (5 days ago)
Nobody talking about Despacito part II... I mean The Last Of Us part II?
MrSammy (5 days ago)
🤓 Top 10 PC Games ONLY please, and u forgot to add Dying Light 2 & Metro & Tomb Raider !?! 💻😍🚩
Stormface16 (5 days ago)
No ElderScrolls VI on the List.. i'm out :/
GamerZ Logic (5 days ago)
Am i the only 1 looking forward to Anthem? One of the reason i'm looking forward to it is because... maybe by time it comes out out i'll have a job and can afford to build a pc to play it on :D only been an enthusiast for 4 years...it's bound to happen...
sandeep prajapati (5 days ago)
I liked fallout out of the all... When is the results for gtx1080 contest?
SirTrebor (5 days ago)
what about The Division 2 ?
Noobish (5 days ago)
6:42 lol he doesn’t know that you can use a controller on pc😂😂😂😂😂 noob
Tech of Tomorrow (5 days ago)
I have been using my Xbox controller on my PC for years, that was not my point.
GameGame fall (5 days ago)
Im rly waiting for dying light 2 and tom clancy the division 2
PG Channel (5 days ago)
Good night from Cyprus my friend.Great Vlog as always
chad billy (5 days ago)
Top 5 for me 1.Last of us 2 2.Ghost of tushima 3.Spiderman 4.Assasins Creed 5.Super Mario party
Abo Madany (5 days ago)
My fav. Dying light 2 Metro ex Nioh 2 Cyber Skeiro (or something like that) R.E 2 remake Death stranding
SmartassX1 (5 days ago)
Just Cause 4?
spieletippser (5 days ago)
Dislike* because you have " Death Stranding " on the List, and not "KINGDOM HEARTS 3" or "Forza horizon 4"....
Tech of Tomorrow (5 days ago)
What a whiner...
Dante (5 days ago)
So many great games I can't play 😅.
Jack Doe (5 days ago)
I was hoping for C&C joke. :/
snow (5 days ago)
Good to see you're feeling well, my friend! Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal and Death Stranding are my top 3 picks. Cheers!
Chris Bullock (5 days ago)
That's why I'm glad I'm a late 70's/80's baby......At the end of the day If you are a true gamer and love "video games" you don't care how you get your fix....
DanielDOESgaming (5 days ago)
Metro exodus?????!!!??!?!????
Deamonas (5 days ago)
assassins creed on pc would probably have 3 drms next time and need a 6 core or more just to play it
Deon Spates (5 days ago)
TLO2 & Cyberpunk 2077!
Tytus Paul (5 days ago)
Just cause 4..!!
Angelo Batista (5 days ago)
Sony had only a few titles, but every single game was gorgeous and they showed a lot of gameplay. Microsoft had mostly multi-platforms titles, but hey...We will be able to play a lot of them on PC! Games like Gears of War 5, Devil May Cry 5, Anthem and Resident Evil 2. And Nintendo had Smash Bros...
Iordan Sorin Titus (5 days ago)
Good picks!
Debesh Jena (5 days ago)
My Favourite games are 👉Fallout 76, 👉Doom Eternal, 👉Metro Exodus, 👉Marvels Spiderman, 👉Assassins creed Odyssey😍
Debesh Jena (5 days ago)
basshead Yes Fallout 76 is entirely online which I don't like soo much
Debesh Jena (5 days ago)
MrSammy yeah I really forgot that game 😍
basshead (5 days ago)
Fallout 76 is the crappiest Fallout game.
MrSammy (5 days ago)
Debesh Jena 😍 u forgot Dying Light 2 yay! 💻😍🚩
UnrealHobbit23 007 (5 days ago)
1. The Last of Us 2 2. Dying Light 2 3. Assassins creed Odyssey 4. Resident Evil 2 5. Shadow Of Tomb Raider 6. Fallout 76 7. Spiderman 8. Ghost of Tsushima 9. Death Standing 10. Black Ops 4
UnrealHobbit23 007 (5 days ago)
In order!
ashu negi (5 days ago)
For you cyberpunk can be 10 but for mine its 1st
Trajan (5 days ago)
Best is cyberpunk 2077. Game of the year 100 percent.
Antidote Harry (5 days ago)
Most death for your buck 🤣
Hussin Almtearat (5 days ago)
Where is anthem ,am so excited to play it
Senzelian (5 days ago)
2077. Nuff said.
luKe (5 days ago)
Some cool games on the way. Great to see you in better health and spirits!
kelvinfried chicken (5 days ago)
so happy Cyber Punk 2077 is getting some more news, and the Microsoft conference in E3 was cool, i loved to see crack down 3, and halo 6's teaser was cool love your list too, your quips are too good :)
Schmitz Gaming (5 days ago)
Rip and tear
Bruno Amaro (5 days ago)
I want to play The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
Demetri B (5 days ago)
Loved the mario party games
TechnoFreak (5 days ago)
tr4l1975 (5 days ago)
Fallout '76 is based on vault 76, which was scheduled to open on 2097, it eventually opened in 2102, 25 years after the Great War, on a day called Reclamation Day. In order to follow lore, 2076 wouldn't work.
Mike Foss (5 days ago)
The "keyboard or controller" preference is a funny dynamic. Because I don't have traditional keyboard skills (I "hunt and peck" with my index fingers), I couldn't imagine playing a FPS without my beloved joysticks and ergonomic controller.
PUBG Mobile Gaming (5 days ago)
Was planning to buy 1050 ti.But after watching all these trailers I just changed my mind....
Sly Devil (5 days ago)
You are getting a 1070?
Helgan (5 days ago)
Never play AC games on PC. It features the hell of DRM known as UPlay and is not the platform Ubisoft prioritise when it comes to bug fixing and patching.
FalseHell (5 days ago)
someone never played Ori....such a shame...
Ori is amazing <3
Inzaneamaru (5 days ago)
Good thing most of these will come out next year. It'll give me time to go through my steam library some more. Also cool outro!
L8KnightZ (5 days ago)
Thanks for the vid. Great to hear/see that your health is getting better. Stay awesome!
PERSPECKTiVE (5 days ago)
1:24 yes... mushrooms and lots of flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.
MrZoichi (5 days ago)
Can't wait for DOOM Eternal, Cyberpunk, and DMC5; and so glad Ghost of Tsushima is getting some love because it looks so good!
slawter1342 (5 days ago)
Man, you look like you're doing well relative to weeks ago.
Brax Atikus (5 days ago)
Dying Light 2, CyberPunk 2077, Metro, Doom, RE 2 stood out to me the most from E3 so far. I'm a bit curious now about Anthem due to people's comments of gameplay they experienced hands on
MrSammy (5 days ago)
Brax Atikus 😍 yes! Dying & Metro! thats it 😍
GokuSSaiyan3 (5 days ago)
yes i will love to the shadow of tomb raider
obaid khan (5 days ago)
Elric where is ...?? shadow of the Tomb raider :(
obaid khan (5 days ago)
noticed but..:(
Tech of Tomorrow (5 days ago)
Mentioned it right at the end...
Serj Star (5 days ago)
I can't wait for the shadow of the tomb raider probably one game I'll purchase soon as it comes out on PC
GreatSmithanon (5 days ago)
goddamn dude.....fallout 76 was one of the biggest fails of E3, it looks horrible! It's not a damn fallout game! And the new gears of war game was also a big fail. The least liked character is now the protagonist?
wolv (5 days ago)
Looks awesome if you’re playing with friends
ben fuller (5 days ago)
GreatSmithanon we apparently didn’t watch the same videos your just a game facist
tr4l1975 (5 days ago)
Fallout 76 teaser had me hyped, then news broke of no singleplayer. Hype went to nope real fast.
ExternalSniper (5 days ago)
Before I watch this last of us 2 is top 1
Andrei Alexa (5 days ago)
omg guy`s, i can`t wait for 2019, hope we have the time, money and rig to play them all!
Serj Star (5 days ago)
Yeah I wish Nintendo switch had more games from PS4 and Xbox
Anan Lama (5 days ago)
Cyber Punk....☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️☄️
Serj Star (5 days ago)
E3 is making me want a console now I haven't watched E3 before
Serj Star (5 days ago)
peter geary I want PS4 games as well there's so many beautiful exclusives
peter geary (5 days ago)
Serj Star PlayStation Now?? Windows 10 gets all the Xbox exclusives, So PC covers most platforms in one go

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