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Taunt: Jackhammer Rodeo!

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A new controllable looping taunt for the Engineer! Vote here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893162720 Full version of in-game demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBgp57HH_mg&t=106s The Winglet: Animator, Texture XB33: Concept, Model, Backpack icon Zxo Pink: In-game mod creator Karma Charger: In-game demonstration video Sedimentary Socks: Source engine encyclopedia
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Text Comments (3127)
Dirchtang (8 hours ago)
you are really jacking things up right now
Pablo Rosas (1 day ago)
Valve should pay you for this
Matteo73M (1 day ago)
This one made it
- djmess2 - (8 days ago)
Cool taunt! I wonder when it'll get introduced in-game.
Reminds me of one of zombie engineer's abilities from PvZ Garden Warfare
Owl with glasses (13 days ago)
Too many yeehaw
Professor Plankton (14 days ago)
Batinator 28 (26 days ago)
It’s in the game
4type blade (1 month ago)
valve might consider adding this taunt it's good and not op
JAMEZ GAMEZTM (1 month ago)
Still love this video and the taunt of course!
Xirtual (1 month ago)
The BLU team be like I can’t aim
Big Russian Boi (1 month ago)
ROCKET GN (1 month ago)
I would totally use that for a car
Tyroney Baloney (1 month ago)
theory: the soldier was the storm trooper that hit his head on the door
Jaded (1 month ago)
Now that it's in the game, can someone make a Club Penguin Iceberg map? I'd love to tip the iceberg one last time.
lysohurtsme (1 month ago)
Dhruv Ch (1 month ago)
I’m so happy this got in the game
Sovit Savor (2 months ago)
And now this in in the game.
Gerald Yurek III (2 months ago)
When I play tf2 my task manager calls it hl2 or half life 2 for some reason
KingOfElectricNinjas (2 months ago)
Update day is a very dangerous day.
Marsh Melly (2 months ago)
Ride it in a animation you are fast as hell Ride it in game you are slow as hell
A salty Boi (2 months ago)
More infinite engineer taunts, not like there’s too many of them.
Kon RoR (3 months ago)
Very good, horosho
Itheslayer (3 months ago)
Soldier can’t hit shit
Bill Overbeck (3 months ago)
🎶Jackhammer John was a jackhammer man, Born with a jackhammer in his hand. Lord, Lord And he had them jackhammer blues. I built your roads and buildings too, And I'm gonna build a damn or two. Lord, Lord, well I had them jackhammer blues. I was borned in Portland town, Built every port from Alasky down; Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. Built your bridges, dug your mines, Been in jail a thousand times. Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. Jackhammer, jackhammer, where ya been? Been out a-chasin' them gals again; Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. Jackhammer man from a jackhammer town, I can hammer till the sun goes down, Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I hammered on the boulder, hammered on the butte, Columbia River on a five-mile chute; Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. Workin' on the Bonneville, hammered all night A-tryin' to bring the people some electric light, Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I hammered on Bonneville, Coulee too, Always broke when my job was through, Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I hammered on the river from sun to sun, Fifteen million salmon run; Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I hammered in the rain, I hammered in the dust, I hammered in the best and I hammered in the worst; Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I got a jackhammer gal just as sweet as pie, And I'm a-gonna hammer till the day I die, Lord, Lord, well I got them jackhammer blues. I got them jackhammer blues.🎶
TheBulletBot (3 months ago)
Thisll be good for escaping after a loss!
HonorGold (3 months ago)
Critical hit / 1 hit landing on head
SniperRus71417 (3 months ago)
New Drifto Taunt
Esperanza Toivonen (3 months ago)
Thank you for making this taunt
Pierre Gay (3 months ago)
I said they should put it in the game she like the perfect thing to do but can they also put you through for the medic no offense but the medic need some weapons I mean all he has is going to shoot starts that's not something that you should
4mq (3 months ago)
Wr did it reddit
HonorGold (3 months ago)
1 hit landing on enemy head
Josh Wilbert Tadina (3 months ago)
Zeke Vesva (4 months ago)
i got one!
DaEpikTrolle (4 months ago)
Imagine u just running from battle then sees this random guy riding a jackhammer
Doom's Way (4 months ago)
Club penguin
Mhairi Harris (4 months ago)
I think jameskii used this taunt
Youknowhimwell (4 months ago)
Good job on getting the taunt in the game.
This reminds me of Club Penguin
Steven_Rey Pamitalan (4 months ago)
Its in the game man in roblox i wish the creator will update it
ssaltt (4 months ago)
Lomarda gamer (4 months ago)
noice. it is faster than scout?
Panda Lord (4 months ago)
Jumping Jack is name
Toons (4 months ago)
OK guys we need 30 jackhammer on iceberg WE CAN DO IT WE CAN TIP THIS ICEBERG
LUCAS OCHOA (4 months ago)
Me:just a person who dosent have a single taunt :( (this is true)
Emily Lin (5 months ago)
Happy Jacking!
Michelle Vo (5 months ago)
The soldier shot more than five rockets
Christian Clancy (5 months ago)
I like how it can fit in that TINY pocket.
Yanni (5 months ago)
This would look awkward if someone made the jackhammer model invisible by custom modding.
Tiana Hale (5 months ago)
definably  yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Courtney Lynn Woodrow (5 months ago)
I didn’t know my favorite taunt in TF2 was made by my favorite TF2 animator
joel Garcia (5 months ago)
I have that taunt
Villadores1433 4L3X1S (5 months ago)
Litterally a pvz gw reference
[TF2] Spy (5 months ago)
Poor Plants
Monster man (5 months ago)
I don't know why but I always stand on top of my buildings and do this.
Oh My Ordinary! (5 months ago)
No way the jackhammer was ur idea CONGRATS
Trackpad Man (5 months ago)
*he pulls it out of the pouch thing not his ass*
CIA (5 months ago)
When you finding away to escape easily
Shayne Cashman (5 months ago)
Reminds me of Wizard101 mounts.
llusion (5 months ago)
Soldier=storm trooper
BoxyLemons (5 months ago)
im sewing for false advertising i still die when i do this taunt
Doom2Guy (5 months ago)
Is that a motherfucking Rocko's Modern Life reference??
Sonkax1234 (5 months ago)
Scout: W H A T XD
Appstoneoffice (5 months ago)
Lol i love it
ki stephen (5 months ago)
The skin on apples taste bitter
PL GUY (5 months ago)
Cool video... But wait..... NORMAL HUD!?!?!?
azazel TV (5 months ago)
Would be cool if it sped you up
Vending Machine (5 months ago)
Wait if blu team has a scout then blu scout should be able to chase engie down right?
ph.pokemongo 2016 (6 months ago)
This is my favorite!
ADHD is the new AC/DC (6 months ago)
It’s on know
Gorillaz Memes (6 months ago)
And now it's added in the game. 😏
Nathaniel Whipple (6 months ago)
Red The Fearless (6 months ago)
Karma Charger Demonstrated This.
DAMIAN SANCHEZ (6 months ago)
I think I get the reference Is from pvz garden warfer Right and also the fact of enginner constructions blah blah blah
Slim Dave (6 months ago)
That can't be go for your spine...
Andy Underlife (6 months ago)
dont you think it a bit too fast for a taunt? -._-.
ShmitherZ (5 months ago)
its actually slower
Mr. Animoo (6 months ago)
It's in the shop now!
superman (6 months ago)
Taunts in TF2 are far better than any taunt in overwatch.
M1DNIGHT 5 0 5 SH4D0W (6 months ago)
Now we dont need running in TF2 only for (Engineers)
TheCoolGamer LV (6 months ago)
ThePreciousGamerz TM (6 months ago)
That f2p soilder
Todd Stohlman (6 months ago)
We need dis
Didnt this get added
ylop (6 months ago)
Congrats for getting it in-game man
SmoreBob (7 months ago)
Can we have Scout dropping the scattergun be a taunt?
Philip Montero (7 months ago)
Its like in PvZ garden warfare.u know who!the engineer in the zombie team!JACKHAMMER RIDE!!HAHAHA!!
Philip Montero (7 months ago)
Good show winglet...make more ideas!
Mr.Cooper (7 months ago)
Wow Soldier Aims Like A Stormtrooper
Wolvenworks (7 months ago)
i wonder how much money you make from having your taunts sold in Mann Co
Undraa Nergui (7 months ago)
10 000 000 ?! 2018 ! ?zaza
BrickmanVsGaming (7 months ago)
A portable jackhammer. The best getaway vehicle.
Masamune Date (7 months ago)
A good transportation for engie if you dont have any teleporters
Troll Dude123 (7 months ago)
hey congrats on this getting added.
PotatoCat (8 months ago)
Good job getting it verified I have an unusual one
Aura (8 months ago)
If your not already, then Valve needs to hire you as a TF2 animator.
Jesus Puente (8 months ago)
La my vote 👌
Skymaniacs (8 months ago)
When Jungle Inferno came out i bought 4 things. The campaign pass, yeti smash, dueling banjo and this taunt.
Hanyu Kee (8 months ago)
This is actually faster than normal walking
Cuberrism (8 months ago)
Woah it got added

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