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Mobile Legends TOP 15 SAVAGE Moments Episode 35 - FULL HD

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Mobile Legends TOP 15 SAVAGE Moments Episode 35 - FULL HD Send me your video Savage moment : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdNSjdtcjgb6qaNizOKfLuh5H4lAzJD3lcHq3vp3A63x_9IaA/viewform or https://goo.gl/QwYW84 Follow Me on : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RanitsGamingYT Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkN_... Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ranitsgaming ID MOBA : 59907448 like, Share, And Comment your id in below and i giveaway skin for you .. *Song* 0:00 INTRO: Cartoon - on & on [NCS Release] 0:22 Debris & RudeLies - Animal (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] 1:01 Clarx - Zig Zag [NCS Release] 1:55 NIVIRO - You [NCS Release] 3:58 TheFatRat - Oblivion (feat. Lola Blanc) 5:27 NIVIRO - The Apocalypse [NCS Release] 6:02 Distrion Electro Light - Rubik [NCS Release] 6:55 Aero Chord - Time Leap [NCS Release] 7:43 Desembra - Get Blazed [Dubstep] 8:19 Fareoh - Under Water [NCS Release] 9:10 Elektronomia - Vitality [NCS Release] 10:01 Desmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (565)
Ranits Gaming (7 days ago)
*WHO IS THE BEST SAVAGE ?* Thank you for continuing to support this channel and for your videos that have not been signed in, do not be discouraged because so many are sending video savage to my email and that there are more than 3500 video savage .. so please be patient :) and maybe also if your video is not logged in also because of less attractive or 360p video quality, but I appreciate your results Happy Nice Day ^_^ *NOTE:* *Do not send karina video savage, because it's a very easy hero to get savage and look a bit bored, except 1 vs 5 or epic*
Ikwan hafiz (14 hours ago)
Udah Send video Savage.. Dapat ga diamond? Lau dapat ini id IGN : MercuryReborn ID : 180878370(2941) Like Done Share done Semoga Sukses
Katsuki Bakugo (1 day ago)
IGN:Broz lee
Katsuki Bakugo (1 day ago)
I sent you my vid
CHARLES PARRO (1 day ago)
Ang best na savage kay roger
Lizeth Balanza (2 days ago)
Meren Gg (45 minutes ago)
I like only haya
John Carlo Canlubo (1 hour ago)
Skin pls
Swen dky (1 hour ago)
Getting Savage or maniac with hanabi is nothing great..she very op
Weketshe Thopi (2 hours ago)
Hanabi best
Lourence Palma (2 hours ago)
Please give me the skin in Johnson my ID: 239249930 (3520)
Rasya 9879n (5 hours ago)
Apa nana savehe
Nurkomara Sari (6 hours ago)
bang saya top gelobal 1 gusion
Ronald Ballesteros (8 hours ago)
Naglalaing da
Ikwan hafiz (14 hours ago)
IGN : MercuryReborn ID : 180878370(2941) Like done Share done Semoga Ranits Gaming Dapat Teruskan Succes Videonya.
GBlla Poluan (15 hours ago)
ID 291872270(9537) Ig Hanif_KHenoop313 Ign hanif_khenoop313 Skin (Alucrd) Romantic Fantasy
Intro Song ? ask
_Elwin_ YT_ (22 hours ago)
3:51 respect Chou
mystic blue (23 hours ago)
The sound of "savage" is so glorious
hasbi gaming 887 (1 day ago)
Gusion nob
Mr. Stranger (1 day ago)
ID: 197153511 IGN: Akeno19 Skin: hairstylist (gusion)
Fly Games (1 day ago)
Id: 208949551(9098) Name: GUCCI Skin: Phantom pirate roger or Fire chief Johnson Hey ranits, just wanted to tell u u gimme a lot of motivation to get savages!
So Alone (1 day ago)
Me play mobile legends My name is [ŃÜB]•ÂŁØÑG! I am fanny player Me play fanny savage 4 fourtieth
Dewan Khundrakpam (1 day ago)
Anyone costume Roger vs Roger 170454419
Sam Milliken (1 day ago)
0:43 when the DJ played the music 🎵
Yong Yao (2 days ago)
Can I send TikTok Savage?
•RedZone ML (2 days ago)
yg pake kaja kan RRQ Lemon
HunainKun XD (2 days ago)
The best savage is *Nana*
WW Ohn Myint (2 days ago)
Good 😎😎😎
WW Ohn Myint (2 days ago)
DHIMAS GAMER sos (2 days ago)
Nob no like no subscribe
Vanlalhriata hriata (2 days ago)
I have 3 savage video
Etlar Lousy Gamer (2 days ago)
can i still send savage vid #RanitsGaming
Rostan San Miguel (2 days ago)
@sir ranits hope you could include my savage moment in your upcoming vid. Use the 2nd one i sent you. Sorry for that btw. Haha
Thomas Nong (2 days ago)
please tell me this song in middle one (i,i take me to blue)
Bad Army (2 days ago)
Answer didn't you uppload my savage???
Bad Army (2 days ago)
Why didn't you uppload my savage????
Bad Army (2 days ago)
My savage??
kyle cuizon (2 days ago)
Id:131297640 skin:sun(rock star)
Nouval 123 (2 days ago)
How to a send my savage video
Nouval 123 (2 days ago)
Bang saya punya video savage cara kirim gimana
Mohmad Menbaz (2 days ago)
sodbileg sodoo (3 days ago)
Fatimah Azzahra (3 days ago)
Selalu suka dengan video Ranits. Keren banget editannya. Halus. :))
DeAdLy fArT (3 days ago)
DeAdLy fArT (3 days ago)
*Hello Ranits Gaming I've sent you my unbelievable MOSKOV Savage just now please feature my name on the video. My name is Renben* THANKS
Ruby Chan (3 days ago)
Where's my Savage? Hanabi
Clever One (3 days ago)
The Intro 0:00 Odette skin?
G GAMERS (2 hours ago)
Yvo Eguales (3 days ago)
They're just stealing some kill
Christian Solatre (3 days ago)
yun savage moment
Christian Solatre (3 days ago)
pano ko bigay yun video ranits
*Good job* Subscribe me guys too
ajinkya deshmukh (3 days ago)
Fanny And Hanabi Was very Best...
Luis Sato (3 days ago)
TP I SPIKE YT (4 days ago)
I have lots of savage form hanabi but the promblem is my phone it stop the video
Watcher (4 days ago)
1.40 !? Turkish wthhhh
Amphyxion YT (4 days ago)
Can i send my savage with roger?
zelyani Betris (4 days ago)
Roger is my live
lancelot user (4 days ago)
Id#:10359344 Ign:AE($$$) SKIN:LUNOX TY
EmoBg Gaming (4 days ago)
How ur healing by beating hero its only for minions
Ninja Gamers (4 days ago)
My Friends Savage this name is KONCO_RRQ
Rayjos Jesus Aquino (4 days ago)
pls give me kalbo69
Personal ShoteR (4 days ago)
Plz part episode 36 best savage i got savage.its only 1 savage in roger :DD
Personal ShoteR (4 days ago)
I got Savage in Roger.its GoAndReady but its gone
Steve Haokip (4 days ago)
Where can i send my savage videos ???
Epul Sentul (4 days ago)
done submit
sethu 24 (4 days ago)
saya sudah savage+maniac dalam.satu game
sethu 24 (4 days ago)
boleh lihat di channel saya
Jairus Españo (4 days ago)
what the fuck how did hanabi 1v5 to all
Baran Sieuon (4 days ago)
fidi arjex (4 days ago)
ngirim video savage dpt diamond ga sih pak?
load ravy (4 days ago)
Ranit after reaching master we will get the moskov's skin
MAnyak wkwk
Made Narta (4 days ago)
Jagoanku zilong
Krong Mangaring (5 days ago)
Noob lancelot,Lancelot have a chance to kill gatotkaca so nub 😏🙄
Naufal Rahsie Nashif (5 days ago)
Johanzen Habiada (5 days ago)
need skin plz Layla skin
i love you pokemon (5 days ago)
I need skin plzz bro alucard skin
Romanshka W (5 days ago)
Gatotkaca the Best and Most Annoying Tank ever from the very Start
AMIR ARRASHID (5 days ago)
Name: い°ყυυᏦî Id : 42631199 Harley skin ( noughty joker)
emperor luffy (5 days ago)
Who should i buy roger or gord?
Aditya Prayoga (5 days ago)
Mana lu gak pernah savage. Orang mulu yang lu gituin
Reza Ramadhan (5 days ago)
Baͣng tͭoͦpoͦ 15 gaͣgaͣl saͣvͮaͣgeͤ
Reza Ramadhan (5 days ago)
‌🇭‌🇦‌🇳‌🇦‌🇧‌🇮 ‌🇬‌🇬
Crystal Boy (5 days ago)
Hello ranits i submit my clip of savage plsss adda mine
Rolland Frederick (5 days ago)
i already submit my savage moment using leomord. hahaha😂 can't wait to see my savage moment on your yt video. GG Ranits gaming
Novan Gaming (5 days ago)
Makasih bang udh masukin ke vidio ini
Novan Gaming (5 days ago)
Gue fanny nya
Ann tastic (5 days ago)
ID: 149382377(3149) IGN: pewdssss SKIN: Dove and love skin of angela Please i hope you will notice me senpaiiii❤❣
Novita Wulandari (5 days ago)
Susback ya Abang
Brenil Marak (5 days ago)
IGN: ¤¤β®êńìŁ¤¤ ID: 57666474(2096) Skin: Chou (King of the Fighter)
Siti Suryanih (5 days ago)
Ranist gaming sekarang buat baru lagi yaitu johnson yang merah bang entar saya screenshot
Тот самый (5 days ago)
Give me pls your playlist for music
za koo (5 days ago)
GJ GaminG (5 days ago)
Gwe udah uplod moment savage bang
Wahyu Bagus (5 days ago)
THE GAMERS (5 days ago)
IGN: •NIGHT_}♥{• ID: 238616291(9265) Skin: karrie rising star ❤️👏 ❤️ I'm subscribe ranits gaming❤️
Muhammad Ilyas (5 days ago)
IGN:Mohilyas ID:171544095(2876) DIAMOND AJE HEEHEE😂😂😂😂😂
Muchammad Ilham Rizal (5 days ago)
Mantap hanabi😍 ID : 55513014 (2075) IGN : IlhamRizalXIPJA Skin : hanabi viper
K.A Perez (5 days ago)
0:45 is so amazing! 😍
Nizar Pgs (5 days ago)
Nizar Pgs (5 days ago)
Sekhar Pramanik (5 days ago)
Yer mane ek vedio send kiya {alucard single savage} o nahi dikhao ge kya ??~{sekhardj}
Muzairul 123 (5 days ago)
Idn:Kuuraha_ Id:131841503(2654) Skin gusion elit
Leaf Shinobi (5 days ago)
ign: S H I N O B I skin: Lancelot matador id: 66752918 (3083)

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