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10 Things Gamers' PARENTS NEED TO KNOW

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10 things parents of gamers should know. This list has gripes for gamers and advice for parents. LISTEN UP. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Text Comments (32888)
super ryno man V2 (9 hours ago)
I was asking my parents trivia questions I ask one about peppers and my mom told me not to talk about video games like wtfrick
Domino_Emery (10 hours ago)
Yeah. My parents are narrow minded baby boomers. -_-...
Dimitrije Ilić (16 hours ago)
I just gave my dad an gameboy pocket and a copy of tetris oh boy is he busy!
Philipp Völler (17 hours ago)
What's that game at 1:46?
Tony Ike (19 hours ago)
#2 soooo much
Aidan Younger (22 hours ago)
My parents call everything PlayStation too😂
Rylan Winfree (2 days ago)
the 3.7k who disliked this are gamers parents XD (PS I liked this video and am a kid)
Speaking of games do you play roblox?
nathen drake_yt (2 days ago)
My parents call every console a Nintendo😂
Granola Bar (3 days ago)
4:24 shut up. I’ll kill you
grifdore (4 days ago)
Lol metal gear solid 4 cutscenes are massive haha
Blizzard Heart (5 days ago)
Soon enough we can't tell the next generation stories of how we grew up without gamer parents
ElementKingaming (5 days ago)
Mom walks in "get off that thing, your not learning from it" me: "are you learning anything from watching movies or the tv shows?" mom slaps me
Rhiender Zozpath (5 days ago)
thanks, i can die in peace now
Rhiender Zozpath (5 days ago)
damm i never like my own parents since 5y-old
Brianna Phillips (6 days ago)
LOL when I was 15 I convinced my mom to buy me Shadow of Lord of Mordor. It's rated M but she was chill about it. The cashier was not.
Zyachim (6 days ago)
I’m very lucky to have parents (and an entire family) that both game and got me into WoW and Minecraft :)
SeanSNS Potato (6 days ago)
Trinityx eminA (8 days ago)
4:40 i was already playing gears of war when i was 8 or 9
MoltenMooshroom111 (9 days ago)
Mom: Come wash the dishes. Me: Im playing a game online. Mom: Why dont you pause it? Me: You cant pause an online game. Mom: Pause it anyways. Me: ...
Revange (9 days ago)
i dont even have a child xD
serenitygirl S (9 days ago)
I am the parent of a long-time gamer. Generally enjoyed the tips, but the one about not stopping for dinner with the family, I don't agree with. Part of preserving our family communication and connectedness is our requirement that everyone stops what they're doing and has dinner together. Now that my son is older we do consider his desire to wait a few minutes, but a younger child needs to have that structure.
Mehki Stevens (9 days ago)
My mom hates video games
Mehki Stevens (9 days ago)
My father is a gamer he plays street fighter
Grandma:I’m gonna take away your tv! Me:it’s an iPad..
Alien Icarus (11 days ago)
Years ago: Me: *playing Fallout New Vegas* Step-Dad: Will you do something else besides play on that damn Nintendo? Me: *eye twitches looking at my X-BOX 360* Will you do something besides watch Sons of Anarchy all day? Years later: Me: *playing Battlefield 1 on my day off* Step-dad: I oughtta take your Nintendo. Me: Bitch I bought this PS4, I'll play it! ...And what the hell are you doing in my house.
MavoticTGC (11 days ago)
I have about 2m rated games gta5 and call of duty black ops3 zombies
NerdHood (11 days ago)
Yeah, before I was even 10 my mom let me get T games because it was star wars
Shadowgamer1234 (11 days ago)
fuck the ratings i play any game for any age on any platform you gotta be adventurous
CrimsonShadow 11 (12 days ago)
my dad used to play Halo Reach with me and my sister and it used to always make me giggle when he would kill an enemy (an elite in particular) he would either mock the death sounds of the enemy or he would just gloat 😆. But the one thing he did that made me laugh is when I was away on school camp he started playing reach without my knowledge and when I got back I saw the case for the game sitting on the tv cabinet opened 😆
Gerj (12 days ago)
other parents : stupid game is so bad for my child! my parents : esports arent sports and ohh yeah my uncleS know stuff about games
fox Stan love (12 days ago)
I play adult games mom mom I want gta 5 mom but your a girl me I don't CARE
EchoSans (13 days ago)
Want to show this to my parents, but they cant speek english
Michael Nolan (13 days ago)
#1 I CANT PAUSE AN ONLINE GAME! You try pausing like 11 other people who want to kill my arse!
Parents:don’t play that it’s violent Me: but. It’s fucking LEGO. LEGO MAHM
NirloX (14 days ago)
my parents told me to stop playing warframe cuz i can get epilepsy but thing is i play warframe at lowest setings so i can have best fps and with all the vfx down to minimum u cant rly get epilepsy and on top of that am playing video games for over 10y soo if i didnt get it in that time i dont think i will ever get if from gaming
John Galloway (14 days ago)
My mom thinks all video games are porn
MrSsundee666 (14 days ago)
even though this is from 2015 i AGREE with all of these
Parents: (wonder why we don't go outside) Us:The world is falling apart because adults can't decide what's what and are ruining our lives Parents: it's those damn I phones
Darkangel Soul (16 days ago)
1:35 sit down and pull up a chair... i dont think that's exactly the order people do it...
Jose Cortes (16 days ago)
Ok so ill be playing cod battle field or even contris mom sees me and i allways get solder in trainying
Kim (16 days ago)
I had a gameboy advance golden zelda triforce collector edition. Yeeeaaa my mom thre that in the trash when i got the ds
Kim (16 days ago)
Theyre hella difficult to get ur hands in now. And most are used and scratched etc
General Darh (16 days ago)
Going through the comments on this video shows me that parents these days don’t have enough sense to know online means in a life match................I understand games weren’t around back then, and in my opinion, that should make it easier to understand, as they don’t know the complicated parts as to why they just need to know that’s how it is....anyways, I respect parents, but sometimes, they can be so oblivious, even when given a fully detailed explanation.
Simon William (16 days ago)
Mom: come to dinner Me: give me a second i want to finish my match Mom: GAMES dont matter (then throws xbox down the stairs)
Elektr0 Gaming (16 days ago)
You forgot: not every game is mario. My dad actually often says "kiddo, you spend too much time with mario instead of us" and makes jokes with that but I dont even play mario very often :/
The E chagers Nguyen (17 days ago)
Most of the stuff you said kina was related to Nintendo
Mehmet Emre (17 days ago)
So guys fun fact: so i am 14 so my mom says oh i love videogames. Couple months later.... Hey hon can you help me for a sec? Me:I cant Mom:why? Me:i am playing a game Mom:so pause it? Me:i cant it is online Mom:AGAIN Pause it Me:I cant Mom:honey if you dont get down here i will burn youre wiiu Me:it's a computer mom Mom comes in room unplugs computer and grabs oil and lighter Mom: goodbye computer Lights oil burns So guys after that i got a better computer (after awhile tho) and it never happened again
Harby Franco Fernandez (17 days ago)
Not gonna lie if you are a parent, watching this then I bet that you know the difference between play station ans xbox
tommy TNT (17 days ago)
Thank god my dad had played games and my mom understands too
Shadow King04 (18 days ago)
Storytime: So once me and my Grandma went to gamestop so she could buy me an Xbox 360, she said pick out a game and I picked out the bloodiest used game they had: Gears of War 3, the person at the counter or desk or whatever said that it was really bloody and showed my Grandma a clip of Marcus doing the Lancer execution on a Locust Drone. She still bought it.
WinterSplinterM.II (18 days ago)
I am not even a parent. Why am I here?
Andrew Lamington (18 days ago)
my Mum thinks that I should be on a screen for more than 2 hours a day
TenPandaBNM 1 (19 days ago)
Mine have blocked me from talking to people who aren’t my Xbox live friends so I struggle to play with an open crew in sea of thieves
M7MOD _XD (20 days ago)
luckly my mom knows that people in online games are real peopl
Tazz Productions (20 days ago)
My parents made me eat dinner during a top 2 sutuiation on fortnite 😂
Donutcomics (20 days ago)
My friends get online around 6 and is the same time my dad comes home from work so I do my homework watch YouTube for 3 hours THE SECOND I JOIN THE PARTY MY DAD COMES IN AND THINKS I PLAYED ALL DAY FOR 2 YEARs until my Xbox was smashed because I was “on it too much “
Jamez Zusman (20 days ago)
Lol played games stayed out of parties and all that stuff, parents made me get rid of my PC now I party too much... Told them it would happen if I quit games guess they got what they wanted tho
Mr. Fire (21 days ago)
hey gameranx i disagree with #4 because as long as its not as bad as GTA of other titles like it. For example i let my son play games like skyrim, COD, JC3, and Fallout. but i respect your reasoning.
Kamerbom Kai (21 days ago)
My parents dont even let me play 12+ games. Im 14.
Jemmaraldxf (22 days ago)
im dead the kid was holding a playstation game for a nintendo😂😂😂😂😂
Jien Sayyer (22 days ago)
Gamer's parents don't need to know about the rating that's why i played god of war when i was 10. This is the game i literally grew up with i will forever be the best game i ever played.
rayne nephew (23 days ago)
That reminds me when my dad bought the season pass for a game I don't even have
J Dazzle (24 days ago)
Always happens to me all of the time
Tj Lawal (24 days ago)
#2 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Pinky (24 days ago)
I was trying to show this my parents this but sadly i live in Europe and they can't keep up with your English
Akika55 Channel (25 days ago)
Thx! Thats a good try but my parents dont cares this video
Kate&Ky Slime show (25 days ago)
So my mother doesn’t like games sometimes but she does because my godfather (aka my uncle) showed me video games and the helped him with depression and I have ADHD and she understands I have a hard time making friends :/ yet I make a lot of friends on Xbox
Arjan Stoop (26 days ago)
I feel this video could use some more stock photos.
NorthernLeigonare (27 days ago)
I wouldn't say parents NEED to know but I think it should be more like "aware" or "understand"
Scout Cat (27 days ago)
My mom calls a sega genesis a "Sega"
S.W.A.T GAMING (27 days ago)
Last year i was 10 and and my dad and i drove to gamestop and bought i Xbox One and gt5. And the cashier said is this for you or you're son he said my son and the cashier told him that you needed to be 18 to play it and dad said but his mom bought one for him at their place. And the cashier did't give a shit after that
*plays roblox in front of parents* parents: GO STUDY NO GAMES, NO CHATTING(google hangouts) me: ROBLOX DOSENT EVEN LET YOU CUSS OR EVEN SAY CRAP
Andyyy (29 days ago)
Playing competitive matches in games like overwatch Dad: come over here Me: I can’t pause or leave the game dad this is important!! Dad: it’s just a game it’s fine Me: but I will get banned if i leave to many matches and you’ve already made me leave three today Dad: DO IT NOW
Andyyy (29 days ago)
Mom: Your talking to strangers??? Me: Yah he’s really nice! Mom: There’s tons of child predators on the internet and they could say bad things. Me: mom, he’s 7
Red Raven (29 days ago)
I hate when my parents tell me to pause the game and I have to explain ITS AN ONLINE GAME
Jjj K (29 days ago)
Number 7 is so relatable, I went to go and buy a game with my dad and it was for my 2ds but it was a 3ds game and my dad was like "are u sure it's gonna work for ur *Playstation" I just stared at him, pfft and he said he played games back in the day
tyson chonzena (30 days ago)
i hate gta 5 and i love video games i like the 4th one better i like killing game not every kid teen or 18 and older is bad
O LEO N (30 days ago)
When i showed this to my mom she just said: don't listen to that! Everything on youtube is fake!
Devin Wheeler (30 days ago)
Thank you my mom always shuts off my system when I am in a 1 v 1 in cod bo2
InsanityFxn (30 days ago)
My grandad be like... Get off that old 'Box' There are no phones or consoles that are simply called a "Box" (With the 'X' Box being an acception)
I wont get in the Bag (1 month ago)
parent rule no.1:blame EVERYTHING on videogames
They said game is not important... Yeah, YouTube and facebook isn't important too -_-
AlxXX ALX (1 month ago)
My dad is a gamer and i am so happy with that
crankey hankey (1 month ago)
mom: its time to take a shower *me in the middle of the game* me: in a second mom mom: get your ass in the shower or you are grounded from the computer *me refuses* me: but mom im in the middle of the game mom: i dont give a shit, get in the shower now *mom calls the police* *i have a long ass discussion with the police* mom 3 seconds after the police left: delete discord right now, everyone on there is a pedophile, no more friends are allowed this is a true story based off of my sad life, and i still dont have discord to this day
Froggy boi 23 (1 month ago)
Number two is most relatable for me because my brother plays offline games and I play online
Assasin X (1 month ago)
Lol you say how parents sell there kids games but my grandma sold my moms wedding dress in a yard sale
EnurPlayChannel (1 month ago)
I'm like "Mom by me Witcher 3" she buys it and then, when we're step away from the store, some assistant runs to us and says smth like "It's an M rated game" and she s like "Oh... Yes! Didn't notice that! And then you don't have Witcher 3. This ia what sucks the most
Menthe (1 month ago)
My dad calls all game consoles "the computer"
PiterPro0 (1 month ago)
My grandmother calls games "internet" xD
robert flood (1 month ago)
My parents say go outside which i do c'mon parents not all gamers are chubby like i am
Dağhan (1 month ago)
Good it seems you like Mass Effect games okay now im subsciribing
Cornflakes S (1 month ago)
luckily my parents grew up playing video games so they understand my obsession with games and im really thankful for that cuz playing them is the only thing that kinda help with my depression for some reason. and gaming can also improve your reflexes for example so they aint as bad as others might think
Frederick Wordelmann (1 month ago)
My dad bought me fallout 4 for ps4 when I have xbox
Eythan Earles (1 month ago)
My aunt won't let me play gta at all because of the strip clubs and drugs
Vierynbryn (1 month ago)
yea, the ratings are there for a reason, use them as a guideline. though i will say it should depend on why a game got an M rating. Halo isn't NEARLY as bad a game for your kid to be playing as GTA in my eyes, but both are M. i actually grew up playing halo sometimes with my dad(and typically getting destroyed by him and my uncle in split screen). Diablo 3 is M, another game that i dont think is really that bad. a good example of when this is ignored is the controversy around overwatch where a parent was complaining that they didn't like one of tracers poses for their 8 year old(or however old they were).
Eva Starlighter (1 month ago)
I agree with you with the PVP games can't be paused...it is so annoying that parents don't know that.
Tadi Musen (1 month ago)
I hate the fact that everything is now satanic Especially titles like dmc GoW and other games that feature a moment where you kill a God . It's apparently satanic . Mom be like "no this stuff eats your brain" it's real annoying
Mehul Ahal (1 month ago)
for my parents, everything right form my xbox 360 to pc games comes under the umbrella category of PSP
XML studios (1 month ago)
Idk how many times ive said that I cant pause online and they just turn off the console and be ab asshole about it (atleast it dont happen anymore) parents will never understand
Ilike Potato (1 month ago)
Ok, but the thing is how i make my parents wtch this
Mátyás Szatmári (1 month ago)
when assassins creed 3 came out my parents bought it for me for my christmas present. (i was playing on ps3) And whats the first thing i see, its for Xbox 360 . I told my parents that it wont work and they were really upset and got really really really angry and they said it was my fault that they bought an expensive game and they didnt know it wont work. So what the result you ask? I got nothing for Christmas just a beating ;(

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