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A Depressing Post-Mortem Of Battleborn (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch Battleborn might go down in history as one of the most routinely humiliated big-budget games ever. The wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong everything. Nothing went right for a game Gearbox once described as a "big bet." What really sucks is that it was a good bloody game!
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VelkanKiador (18 days ago)
Not necessarily all that happy that it was Battleborn that failed instead of Aliens: Colonial Marines, but Randy Pitchfords tears sustain me so I take it where I can get it.
Exudist (27 days ago)
Deus Umbra (29 days ago)
I remember when Overwatch and Battleborn were coming out and i looked at both of them and thought "Wow, if only i had money, i'd buy one of these games immediately!" That one that i wanted to play was Battleborn, Overwatch looked awful and still looks awful to me, I only tried Paladins because it was free and after 3 matches i set it down and never touched it again, so if Paladins is basically a free to play Overwatch (Which Overwatch should be free if there is no story of any kind) then i'd probably hate Overwatch since it would feel like i wasted money. I eventually did get Battleborn and loved it, the characters were amazing, the story was decent, and i loved playing bot battles. I even convinced a co-worker who loved Overwatch to get the game and he ended up dropping Overwatch for a few months to play Battleborn whenever he wasn't working.
livid sphincter (1 month ago)
I forgot about this game
Tripp426 (1 month ago)
What?! Ubisoft announced Beyond Good And Evil 2 a DECADE ago?! Yet it STILL hasn't released?!
Ben McCaulley (1 month ago)
That Cory Feldman reference.
Nepu-Tech USA (1 month ago)
The character designs where so goddamn ugly, like seriously what where they going for?? awkward, ugly and deformed?? The color palettes are horrible too! I would only save/fix Orendi and Phoebe and delete the rest. Their lead char artist should've been fired ASAP! I could design a much better roster of character models from scratch given around a year and I'm still a noob! Please hire me gearbox! :D
warhammernerd52 (1 month ago)
Gearbox should have made some anime skins for Battleborn, I'm glad they didn't
Azathorn Aza (2 months ago)
Battleborn should have been a F2p game. F2P economic system is the only sytem viable for Overwatch competitors... This game was great.
Aia bby (2 months ago)
Glad to hear you enjoyed Battleborn. I did, too, and I am still sad and angry that it died the way it did, with barely a whimper and hardly any trace it had ever been there to begin with.
Bill Stone (2 months ago)
That tweet was more like Randy Elevator-Pitch ford.
Abe (2 months ago)
There's no two ways about it. Battleborn got fucked in every conceivable way. It was after colonial marines, in direct competition with Blizzard who have a long standing tradition of BURYING competition. Then, the art style is kind of between borderlands and Pixar while not really committed to either direction? Ducking unfortunate.
X20 Adam (2 months ago)
I miss Battleborn.
Fieryaleeco (2 months ago)
Almost two years later, Beyond: Good And Evil Too is still not out yet. Still no release date, even.
YouPooper (3 months ago)
Demitrius Covington (3 months ago)
I still play this game. I’m confident I’m the only person that does. I actively chose it because it had more modes than Overwatch did. Mainly that it actually had a single player campaign, albeit a short one.
MrTepik (3 months ago)
It was so good.. tragic.
Kind Wizard (3 months ago)
never went free to play just has a free trail
Genxtasy 99 (4 months ago)
I paid 9.99 for the package with a figure
Asbestos Fish (4 months ago)
Things to ask my genie for: cancellation of overwatch
Manored (5 months ago)
12:20 fat Palpatine.
Jon dow (6 months ago)
Jon dow (6 months ago)
Jon dow (6 months ago)
varietywiarrior (6 months ago)
Oh gawd. I've never seen gameplay of Battleborn. That art style is fucking awful.
Kylar Stern (7 months ago)
Hey Sterling, you forgot about Battleborn being (accurately) accused of falsifying users steam hours played, where people who hadn't been playing the game would see their in game hours counter go up despite them not actually being in game.
Demonic Akumi (7 months ago)
I... never even heard about this game...
Klony (7 months ago)
You actually spoke a german word correctly. I am impressed. I don't see that often in people from GB or the US.
Klony (7 months ago)
Has Jim made a video on why he hates Overwatch-Lootboxes so much? I mean, there's nothing wrong with them in my opinion. The game is not grindy (even less now, that the prestige levels all cost the same amount of EXP) and the rewards are PURELY cosmetic. The game is fun and keeps you coming back to play during seasons where you get special skins you can ALSO buy with the in-game-currency. You can get all the rewards for free, and if you want a certain skin and don't want to actually PLAY for it, you have to spend some money. A randomized amount. I think that's perfectly fine. And precisely done right. YOu can get the skins for effort or a randomized but capped amount of money. I mean, if you buy 100 lootboxes and did not get the skin, you can buy it from the coins. And the more you already have, the more coins you get per Lootbox, so you can still buy whatever you wanted instead! I think it's Lootboxes done PERFECTLY right.
Jorlok Zander (7 months ago)
To be honest it felt like what they wanted to achieve with Battleborn's release date and business model is to capitalize on people who just couldn't wait for Overwatch. I was kind of in that group. I went from one title to another to just fill the gap, that was left in me after Overwatch beta was shut down. Fortunately, though, there were free to play titles to fill the spot, but I imagine many people would purchase Battleborn simply for that reason. Still kind of sad the game didn't work out in the end, but if you look deep enough into their reasoning, they got punished for their own decision.
arandomname (7 months ago)
dont like overwatch, I think it's a boring game. Oh sorry, I forgot that having an opinion on overwatch isn't allowed *grabs popcorn*
Swift Lee (5 months ago)
Guess no one fell for the obvious aggro.
Stop Hating On Aqua (7 months ago)
I honestly feel bad for Randy Pitchford... Here. I still haven't forgiven him for Aliens.
joshua armstrong (8 months ago)
at 4:05 dude, chill, its okay, jeez stop crying, um, this is awkward, please stop, ho hum :P what now
kliffi96 (8 months ago)
CEO of a big publisher telling the players they just wanted to make us happy. Meanwhile same CEO smiling like a horse. Game industry in a nutshell.
Cheez (8 months ago)
oh man it was such a horrible game!!! It wanted to do EVERYTHING!!!!!
Battleborn was brilliant, I can only play it in private due to lack of people but it's a great game.
iluvj00 (8 months ago)
You are a master.
Dr Megaman (8 months ago)
If Battleborn were released today, January 21, 2018, it might actually be able to succeed. Maybe even be known as the go-to for anyone pissed at Overwatch and its countless expensive skins and its exploitative loot box system.
Derk Cast (9 months ago)
I just bought a used copy for 6.99 f#$k u Randy P
Kai Kaczmarski (9 months ago)
Zzarcon1 (9 months ago)
Simple. Blizzard wants a monopoly on this genre of games. And they are close to getting one....
L1GHT D3M0N (9 months ago)
Overwatch killed Battleborn. 'Nuff said.
DJPIPER28 (9 months ago)
I like the game too but none of my friends played so I left it on the shelf m
toby ellis (9 months ago)
I hated the game play, the art style and the animations. Sorry
Strothy2 (9 months ago)
SchAAAAAAAAAAdenfeunde, get the A
Noel Makarth (9 months ago)
I just hated the game cause the TV adds had an ugly rock song in it. And I hate rock music and the guitar with a passion so I boycotted it.
Beep (10 months ago)
should've made it f2p with cosmetics microtransaction from the start. this is one of the reasons i'm more hopeful for dauntless' success even if monster hunter world is just right around the corner.
Arcaan P (10 months ago)
huh. To think that was the first video of Jim monter fucking Sterling son i ever watched....funny.
irllcd13 (10 months ago)
While I don't personally give a shit about Battleborn, I feel for the people that do because I know what what it feels like to have a multiplayer game I enjoy fucked up by incompetent management and bad timing.
wdasd assadw (10 months ago)
i actually liked battleborn more than overwatch
Denis (10 months ago)
Nice jazzy intro music
John W (10 months ago)
The art  is ugly af...too much shit on screen..
Bobo Magroto (10 months ago)
I was interested in Battleborn when it was announced and was making waves, just had some hopes with Gearbox and 2K because of Borderlands 2... the only shot to the leg was 'online only', its what kills the chance to get games because my internet connection is terrible (Australian Internet in 2016 was crap)... though that rejected stayed with Overwatch because TF2 still existed and didn't cost 80 bloody dollars... plus Overwatch became a magnet for fucktards and SJWs because 'Overwatchs cast is more diverse than TF2 because we have men, women, robots, monkeys of all colours while TF2 has one black guy", uh huh, you got more characters than Mortal Kombat and lets see: 3 Americans, a hellspawn, Scotsman, Russian, Kiwi *New Zelander*, German and a Frenchman aren't diverse enough for you hipster ass? Also the before story of the Omnic Crisis is mentioned and nothing about it happens in game and friends and rivals team up to fight clones.... (Yeah, thats 9 Awards and Game of the Year, right there >> ) Its really sad Battleborn bummed because Overwatch had to hog the limelight like a Kardashian, just hope it start to stagnate (probably will seeing they keep adding new characters every now and then)
Nick Real (10 months ago)
Battleborn's story is just... Sad, really.
C Willis (10 months ago)
My most played game of 2016. Over 400 hrs. As the game started to dwindle, I moved over to Paladins. It's a Battleborn-lite game.
Bobo Ayame (10 months ago)
Can anyone tell me what the image at 6:57 is from?
Mustafa Austin Powers (10 months ago)
Bad timing tbh
SrMorua (10 months ago)
It does not matter how many times you say THANKS GOD FOR ME it always crack me up
Don S (10 months ago)
Nice simile Jim at 9:50.
TheBlackSheep (11 months ago)
So what happened to TITANFALL?
Damien Vex (11 months ago)
I hope the eventual borderlands 3 doesn't end up like Aliens: Colonial Marines
Creative Arts (11 months ago)
I couldn't remember this existed before I clicked the video
Dolphin Slang (11 months ago)
Battleborn 2 "Let's try this again"
Mojo (11 months ago)
I loved this game so much I managed to get almost 300 hours in before it died,and that's a fucking feat considering how fast it did. Now I look at the steamcharts. 100 peak players, 49 average. It's even more sad that it has less players than Evolve S2 with an av. of 260 and peak of 650. (and yes,I invested a LOT of time in the original Evolve as well) You could wholly blame the developers for it, but seriously, both games were handled by 2K. Both released with multiple gilded shit editions. Both released at unfortunate times and both had a lot of talk behind them with no actual walk. What it seems to me is 2K is the culprit here. It's them who dictated the ridiculous DLC/pre-order/give us more money policies. It was them who had the last word on release date and it was them who killed off both games afterwards. I'd ask why,but I know why- 2K marketing practice for multiplayer games is so shitty, because they have a mindset of the early 80's developers- release the game,forget the game because it already turned profit, publish another game. I'm not sure about Gearbox, but I had a LOT of involvement and interaction with Evolve devs and they genuinely seemed to put a lot of their hart into the game with no cynical gravy on top of it. Plus,from what I recall, one of the TRS owners told me that they didn't really have ANY power over the games release/pricing and DLC handling. Of course I can't tell you it's true or not, but the developers didn't feel like sleazy douchebags who would lie to my face. I mean,if they were they'd respond with some nice corporate slogans and leave it at that. so, my conclusion to this, a year after this videos release(and something no one will ever read most likely) is this: FUCK 2K.
Adam Thompson (11 months ago)
buying drugs is literally less shady than buying videogames. 100 bucks, bam here's your product, no DLC, no microtransactions, no lootboxes, no fucking around. what kind of shit is that, sell the game for 60 then drop 20 dollars off it out of nowhere the next day. fuck videogames, fucking ripoff that should be illegal
Ace II Hermit (11 months ago)
first time heard of it from jim... and I watched this vid the first time in nov 16... guess heroes never die! schadenfreude@Jim
evil_befall (11 months ago)
now its officially dead now we wait for a jim sterling response :D
grace calis (11 months ago)
More like post-coitus. OW fucked BB silly.
The Young Gamer (11 months ago)
I don't know why but i really don't like games like Battleborn,Overwatch, Lawbreakers , Paladins.. the same recycled boring trash... i liked Team Fortress 2 even doe I haven't played it in a very long time
Sam Geuvenen (11 months ago)
I guess you could say... it was (battle)born with the wrong sign, in the wrong house, with the wrong ascendancy
Buttercup III (11 months ago)
"A Metacritic average of 69" Nice.
Krazykid636 (11 months ago)
Hi Jim I see you
general11871 (11 months ago)
Makes me so sad. Battleborn is such a superior game to overwatch but it got such a bad rap.
Z3rostar (11 months ago)
I found it to be incredibly taxing to look at.
MrBlondieZero (11 months ago)
My problem with Battleborn is the visuals. As soon as a fight starts, the screen becomes saturated with color. Oh how pretty! What a bold art style! If only I knew what the hell was happening.
Mod Mysterio (11 months ago)
I have litterally wept for this game😢😢😢 I miss you so much KLEESE!!! HEAL CHAIR 4 LIFE♻ PS IF IT Doesnt float it won't fly w/ me!
Ryan Rose (1 year ago)
I can't help but feel like this was deserved. I'm not saying I'm glad the game failed, but given all the bullshit relating to Colonial Marines and perhaps Duke Nukem, this should be a wake up call to Gearbox( and most of all, Randy Bitchford) that their fans don't trust them anymore.
Cam Bellman (1 year ago)
I think one of the reasons battleborn died is because it's gameplay is slower paced than other, similar titles, and in a society where our attention span steadily decereases and we just want non stop action, that means people don't want it. Personally, I loved the hell out of battleborn for a bit, but once overwatch came out, everyone else switched to that, and it started taking many, many minutes to find a game that was always a squash match one way or another. I almost wish overwatch never existed, imo it's presence has degraded the gaming industry to something more primal, zealous, and elitist.
Mathew Carr (1 year ago)
LMFAO that ending got me good
Hell Fox (1 year ago)
Good luck to you all
Beauweir (1 year ago)
Randy Pitchford should have checked the fine print on that deal with the devil.
KaeYoss (1 year ago)
A short history of Battleborn vs Overwatch: Battleborn: "Come at me bro" (via twitter) Overwatch: OK (via reviews, sales, public attention, and most everything else) Shows us that you should pick your fights carefully...
KaeYoss (1 year ago)
I like that Battleborn sucks, because then I don't miss out on anything with my "If Randy Bitchford touched it, I won't" policy
SoCalledSpaceAge (1 year ago)
I realize this video is about a year old, but it needs to be said (since it is weirdly not mentioned in the video) that part of Battleborn's failure was also that it just didn't impress much in the beta. I know a lot of people loved it, which is cool, but the game got a free open beta on PS4, Xbox One and I think PC and people had plenty of time to play it beforehand and it just didn't click with a lot of people. It didn't help that Gearbox was very sheepish about presenting it as a MOBA and a lot of gamers assumed it was a straightforward shooter a-la Borderlands. Tons upon tons of people love Borderlands. A small percentage of them like MOBAs. Making a thing because the thing is popular in one instance is not *always* a recipe for success, and they kinda got taught that lesson. People wanted Borderlands 3. Not this.
Benjamin (1 year ago)
schadenfreude, as a german speaker, this made me laugh
Nidorino Alliance (1 year ago)
Overwatch fans are cancerous. And I don't even like Battleborn. Multiplayer hero shooters don't interest me. It seems dull to play the same game over and over for hours. I like single-player games.
Jared fromSubway (4 months ago)
Nah I think we can single out overwatch its the same boring trash. they only add new maps and heroes woah that will be fun...for like 5 minutes and then its boring again. just more ass skins the only thing they do
KinghtofZero00 (10 months ago)
It does get dull after a while. Their only fun for a couple of hours or even more with friends but I get bored of them faster than single player games too.
Terrence O'Leary (1 year ago)
"Blizzard can do no wrong in the eyes of the public." Thanks for forming with words what my thoughts had been coalescing into.
Chim Ritchelds (1 year ago)
Time for a law breakers video
Lang Galea (1 year ago)
It was because it was TOO much like borderlands. And borderlands had too many dlc's...
Lang Galea (1 year ago)
And yet so few are haha. That's why I shot the old yeller. Better to put it out of it's misery than let it suffer.
Jack M (1 year ago)
Lang Galea You can never have too many dlcs as long as they're done right
Hentie Dj (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice that every game that's failing go straight to microtransactions.
AniGa (1 year ago)
"Shah-den-froy-deh". :p
Varun Narain (1 year ago)
The Witcher 3 singlehandedly sold 20 million copies. Go fuck yourself gearbox you lazy, belligerent morons.
Thank god for Jim fucking sterling son
Dexter Chua (1 year ago)
But now the rains weep o'er his hall, with no one there to hear... RIP Battleborn 2016 - 2017
Akaihiryuu77 (1 year ago)
This can be just one tiny victory against the company that got away with Colonial Marines.
Rational Ginger (1 year ago)
Akaihiryuu77 Amen. I won't ever buy a Gearbox game so long as Randy Pitchford is there.
Sinairio (1 year ago)
overwatch is overhyped to me. this is an opinion. even with friends
OsirisLord (1 year ago)
Stealing this from Penny Arcade but they should have called it Battlestillborn and ever released it.
Nabael (1 year ago)
It is kind of sad it flopped because I actually liked it quite a bit.
Eddie (1 year ago)
I mean, I'm just sitting around being happy with Dirty Bomb. :)
Leinadlink (1 year ago)
It actually is gearbox's fault, their greed is what made this game fail. They could've released the game as a 30$ or 20$ title, or even as a f2p multiplayer title with the campaign as a paid expansion. If they had done any of that they would've had a serious competition against overwatch, I remember people complaining and having doubts about a full price game that looks more like a f2p moba shooter and that doesn't have single player elements. If only they took advantage of that criticism that overwatch was getting... But what they did was too little too late.
MechaEmperor7000 (7 months ago)
Indeed. Both companies were greedy, but Pitchford decided to double down on the pennypinching and still charge for a game that many people already saw as "Overwatch, but worse and more expensive". Funny enough had they made it F2P they would have actually gained more money in the longrun, but they would have taken a launch hit in the money department. This seem to be a problem with the industry in general. The sad part is Fortnite was in the same position, decided to offer it's PUBG-style playmode for free, and is now more remembered than the thing it cloned.
Jorlok Zander (7 months ago)
How the fact that Gearbox competes with Activision suddenly makes Gearbox less greedy? Activision made Blizzard shittier than it ever was, ruined WoW, produced pay2winStone, invented lootboxes in their current state, true. I still don't see how it relates to Gearbox though. Gearbox are scum, just as Blizzard or any other company is. The timing of Battleborn release in attempts to cash in on people who couldn't wait for Overwatch only serves to prove that. I don't see any fault of Blizzard other than successfull marketing, which by the way wasn't even that aggressive. It's Overwatch's competitiors who promoted their games as "good Overwatch", not the other way around.
jdr ok (9 months ago)
Leinadlink greedy seriously? Blizzard is apart of Activision they are literally the most greedy publisher ever and f2p there is no look to a free to play game

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