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F2P Halo Clone?

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I double checked, and it seems there is no Halo alternative in the free to play market. We need to greenlight something! I studied video game design at Full Sail University and I work as a professional video game journalist. I tend to get into most if not every alpha/beta so do a request on a video and I will be sure to follow through if you post in the comments. The games I am playing right now include: HearthStone Dota2 League of Legends Guild Wars 2 Team Fortress 2 Blacklight Retribution Warframe Hawken and many many more! I own and manage the Gaming YouTube Community on Google +, it's a place where people can share their own gaming uploads and get subs/views and make friends! Thanks for watching, -Skylent Shore
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TheJooomes (2 months ago)
Me and my friends would bring our crappy laptops to school and play halo 1, it was the perfect medium to screw around in and just have fun. The servers are offline and hamachi won't work so we don't have a way to play during the summer.
Mj Fame (1 year ago)
tribes (dynamix) is much older than halo. i used to play the original Starseige TRIBES just about every night in the 90s. it was awesome. this is the newest F2P different developer TRIBES but still fun. Team Deathmatch CTF is a cool idea. love fighting over dynamic objectives.
lolslayer (2 years ago)
There's a lot different between tribes: ascend and halo as the way you play it. Tribes ascend is closer to quake and unreal tournament then Halo imo
Mj Fame (1 year ago)
yeah like quake/unreal with jetpacks on HUUUUUUUGE maps
I'd love to see a f2p halo, but I've got a few issues with your video.  The halo formula is not about the power weapons and map control. It's about movement.  That's why it's able to work so well on console even though it's an FPS.  The spawn weapons can knock off a rocket launcher or sniper any time of day, and they often do. If your opponents are in the air then power weapons become useless.  You can be shit at aiming and still easily compensate for it in halo by jumping around like a maniac. 
Mj Fame (1 year ago)
not to mention that any seasoned halo player will easily handle a jumping player due to the floatiness & predictability. situational strafing / crouching (occasional ghandi-hop) TFJ is either trolling or an idiot. or both
xCr00k3Dx (3 years ago)
Uhhh, Halo is nearly entirely about map knowledge and control. Movement is important, but not even nearly on the same level as map control.
Sean Sequeira (4 years ago)
What game is this
Dyskoteka (3 years ago)
+Chunkymunky4ever It's free to play, so no hurry. :)
Sean Sequeira (3 years ago)
Thx, I'll get it soon.
Dyskoteka (3 years ago)
Tribes: Ascend
Morph Verse (4 years ago)
I can think of 1 game, but its on Ps3. Its called Dust 514, It doesn't play like Halo. But it has tanks air vehicles and cars with mini guns on them and all customizable..
Tory (4 years ago)
halo 1/halo 2 was the golden era of the franchise. everything after that was just a money grab..
Anouar Ess (10 months ago)
Tory Bruh, it was Halo 3 who connected us all. Too bad you didn't feel it though. For me every Halo game is awesome and of course there are some who are worse than others.
+ToryLeagueOfLegends I know I always thought they were scary but when you had the shotgun oh my + 343I keeps taking away classic game modes like wtf? I am still going to get Halo 5 and an xbox one soon because I love halo... Halo 3 was my fav but I kinda liked 4 and Reach
Tory (2 years ago)
+King David Well my opinion has nothing to do with my age making it seem better than it was or is. I went back and played halo1-4 all the through on legendary with most of the skills on as I couldn't remember all the locations etc... Anyway I definately felt when they moved away from the flood being a major issue that was the coolest shit in halo. The flood itself is just a badass scary as fuck enemy and them moving over to forerunner and their tech being the enemy.. that was boring. Also the covenant specific missions were an interesting twist as well.
+ToryLeagueOfLegends I know what you mean but at an early age of 5 I watched and played halo with my brothers and the imagination I had at the time made the first 3 amazing and a halo 3 I was at the point of realizing the world and still in my imagination and halo will always be in my heart:)
Tory (2 years ago)
+King David As with most halo games it was fun to complete the game with all the skulls activated and on legendary co-oping with my little brother like we did with every other game prior. It just didn't feel as satisfying towards the end. Halo 4 was probably the worst. I've never played halo 5. Probably never will. If they brought the franchise to PC i'd maybe play but thats a really light maybe. Cause I really feel like the magic isn't there. anyway...glad other people can still support halo. Even if its owned by...morons...
CellarPhantom (4 years ago)
I had one of my best gaming experiences with Halo 2, around the time it was released. But if I got to pick a Halo-game today I would not pick Halo 2 because it would certainly feel outdated. When Halo 2 was released it was a very cool new (singleplayer) experience for me because there was a lot of places to explore and find cool weapons, and on multiple maps you could find alternative routes to proceed the level (even if the developers didn't make them intentionally, you could jump up on rooftops or jump up on helicopters that flew across the map) and you could try to play stealthy and backstab everyone or just go rampage with a machine gun. It was a different experience for me and the gameplay felt very free. 
NotOfThisWar (4 years ago)
Blacklight Retribution and the word "Great"  Do not belong together. BLR was good at one point however. Zombie has stopped paying as much attention to the game because of PWE  the publisher  has killed the game on so many levels and One of the first was making Private matches Cost money So then you can't Do scrims as much etc.  The free part of private matches where you have very very limited Control over  the server and they are terrible.  The game is going down the drain so long as PWE keeps it under their wing.  sadly.   Because of the lack of Shit in BLR and the community being shit talkers My clan left the game
Mj Fame (1 year ago)
used to love BLR until they ruined it
NotOfThisWar (4 years ago)
+Skylent Shore Yea and that is good and a way to see what Zombie is able to do them selves.  They want to get their PC version back.  I can't wait for that.  Its the game that got me into the Clan im in  and the game that Started PC gaming for me more so.   Right now on the PC the game is Meh  Adding ports of maps from tango down instead of spending time to make new ones for it.  ID love to see more like deadlock because it looks like they spent a lot of time working on it.
Skylent Games (4 years ago)
PWE does not control the PS4 version of the game.  Blacklight can still grow and the main focus is on the PS4.

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