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Dunkey's E3 2018

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https://dunkeyscastle.com check out our new store ! Parappa ending remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0PRzWXqCto&t=27s
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Text Comments (10489)
missing elements (5 hours ago)
wouldnt babies living inside of people just be pregnant women
I am Fatcat (19 hours ago)
TLOU II gameplay is so fake to be real.
jrag1000 (1 day ago)
6:45 lol
AJ beast12 (1 day ago)
Im on the fallout 76 hype train
Rares Nagy (1 day ago)
Really makes you feel like spiderman. Remember Arkham City
Gialuan (2 days ago)
In the new Spiderman game, you really FEEL like Batman
TH3GH05T (2 days ago)
Love the big wheel reference😂😂truly Spider-Man’s ultimate arch nemesis
Generic Username (3 days ago)
Really recent Sony has just been releasing interactive movies for about two years now, objectively I'd say nintedees been releasing them tasty jams
wrath achehboune (1 day ago)
Boi what a puny little weak human may Kratos have mercy on your soul
Dan Povey (3 days ago)
Hugh Neutron
Comment Cop (3 days ago)
I dont trust dunkey’s review on spiderman because he said the same about arkham city. IT REALLY MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE SPIDERMAN
S117 (3 days ago)
awoken god (4 days ago)
The majority of the E3 crowd compared to the crowd at quake con when they released the gameplay doom eternal is like the sound of a silenced pistol in metal gear compared to the sound of Hiroshima
Blank _ Space (4 days ago)
Poor FIFA...
Marcin Czajowski (5 days ago)
Love the outro from parappa the rapper :D
Fallonator (5 days ago)
Rips video game critics for saying Arkham city makes you feel like Batman. New spiderman "it makes you feel like spiderman" .......🤔🤔🤔😶😶😶👀👀👀
the dead guy (5 days ago)
why the fallout 76 hate
Fritzelfri Videos (6 days ago)
Please eat my shoes dunky
Rómulo Figueroa (6 days ago)
I thought dunkeyscastle opened all the way back in 2016
CARWRECK (6 days ago)
Lesbo Kiss
snugdarkly (7 days ago)
"The amount of promising titles in development right now, is overwhelming." Oh come on.
Lynn Claywood (7 days ago)
Babies living inside of people? Eww.
Prism head (7 days ago)
was that a sample from Parappa the Rapper at the end there!? lol
Lolzers (7 days ago)
Now that ive had some time away from e3 even tho i only watched vids anyway i agree fallout 76 is probablyjust a shitshow although it looks nice
My Old Account e (7 days ago)
Chris Rhode (8 days ago)
Why does EA even show up
Cj tv (8 days ago)
Yeah Big Wheel
Neo Saturos (8 days ago)
You know why Nintendo didn't show games at E3? Because they make frequent Nintendo Directs.
F H M (8 days ago)
holy shit that was hilarious when he put the faces from the donkey kong tv show in the smash 5 thing
themadd mammajamma (9 days ago)
From software is absolute garbage.
Vinat Agarwalla (9 days ago)
Dunkey-Makes you feel like spiderman
Crackrz lao (9 days ago)
tbh Metro Exodus is the game that i was the most hyped for
Yuval (9 days ago)
The real face reveal
dragon born 243 (9 days ago)
It’s good that sucker punch studios is working on a game either than sly
JohnSpot (10 days ago)
my only complaint about all this is that he says Dying Light 2 is a shooter
Balta Bueno (11 days ago)
Gaming this decade (2010-2020) has become legendary just like the previous ones, glad to see that despite predatory practices like lootboxes and dlc passes.
ValkariaVex (11 days ago)
Make a shirt where it says "not even close babayyyy"
Cocorobo (11 days ago)
I haven't bought an EA game since 2000
Kenneth Mc (11 days ago)
Makes you FEEL like Spider-Man
THE _ VOID (11 days ago)
Sekiro is Dark Souls + Ninja Gaiden + For Honor + Knack 2
Matthew Demauro (12 days ago)
what is the matrix
Hollow Cry (12 days ago)
5:51 killed me😂😂😂
Ardon (12 days ago)
Oh boi, knuckle sandwich. and about that my friend pedro game that u liked it, Boi was it old, i mean this is a remake, u can play the actual one in web, and man is it a master piece....for a web game.
Jeffay Morello (12 days ago)
Serious videos with no joke "Big Wheel"
lildickgirl666 (13 days ago)
I’m Upset Dunkey Didn’t Talk About Skyrim Alexa Version
Video Skits (13 days ago)
vitus holm (13 days ago)
You know dunkey i am not gonna say that you are totally wrong about microsoft not being competitive with their exclusives but there are some really great racing game exclusives on xbox like forza Motorsport and Forza horizon but these games are not bad racing sim games, however i think that you don't like them because that you don't really like them because you just in general are not that interested in racing And hey the porsche 911 gt2rs is a frickin awesome car
VG EYE (13 days ago)
I think assasins creed is a dead game, every year they make one they should just tweet and be like: "new assasins creed launching (release date) lol"
韩依洛泰 (13 days ago)
nosey posey (13 days ago)
wheres knack 3
DaQuackyDuck (14 days ago)
I’m pretty confident that fallout76 is going to be better than Metal Gear Survive.
Soviet weeb (14 days ago)
Highly doubt animations will be that good unless the last of us is extremely scripted
Cool cat (15 days ago)
I’m really excited for kh3
Benito The Burrito (15 days ago)
LesserLogic (15 days ago)
Can't wait to see Dunkey beat Sky in the ULTIMATE rematch.
Darthgamer620 (15 days ago)
I know your white. But you still sound black
Sega357 (15 days ago)
You forgot The Division 2, unsub
Sergane Sariani (15 days ago)
this is a jacky chan!
Lubomir Kolev (15 days ago)
please dont eat my shoes
StreetFightingMonkey (17 days ago)
I feel bad for the fifa guy
Ducks Ate My Bagel (17 days ago)
He called Dying Light "just another shooter..." :(
Nintardo 64 (17 days ago)
I feel the same, Octopath Traveler disappointed me too. I really want Super Mario Odyssey DLC, also Super Smash Bros Ultimate looks amazing.
The Raging Demon (6 days ago)
If u want more odyssey just get assassins creed odyssey
Nintardo 64 (9 days ago)
McBanana No, but thank you for the suggestion.
McBanana (9 days ago)
giorgioskb ew get out of here
Nintardo 64 (13 days ago)
giorgioskb Okay.
giorgioskb (14 days ago)
JRPGs > Smash
Ben Grill (17 days ago)
Sachi (17 days ago)
Battle Toads anybody?
Qhew (17 days ago)
Hey dunk its your favourite game getting dlc! Xenoblade 2
Adil Ahmed (18 days ago)
Eat ya shoes!
Darco condre (18 days ago)
Damn the dunkeycastle jingle got stuck in my head XD
vitriolicAmaranth (20 days ago)
didnt even mention nintendos daemon x machina cold open smh
Squash Plaz (20 days ago)
Knack 3 baby
Radek Pohořelský (20 days ago)
Bookworm adventures: Battle royale confirmed.
chainsawcyclone (20 days ago)
Dunkey you forgot about the new fire emblem.
shellnut (21 days ago)
Don't eat my shoes daddy
Thebigcrock (21 days ago)
Kenny Anderson (22 days ago)
How do people forget Pikmin 4? It was announced to be almost done years ago...
ThePointlessBox_ (22 days ago)
implying anything besides devil may cry 5 matters
Ori looks like Rayman legends
Barry? (22 days ago)
fEEl lIKe SpIDerMaN
SuccySuccy (22 days ago)
Maybe boss baby and jimmy newtron was to overpowered to be in smash ultimate or maybe they are dlc
Charaxy 04 (22 days ago)
Ya better come down to dunkeys castle or I'm gonna have to fuckin eat your shoes
Nasrin Lais (22 days ago)
Dunky should play warframe and make a video about it
Dustin Howard (23 days ago)
Noooooo.... Not my shoes
Sir sloth (23 days ago)
Who would want to play radio the universe if it’s fatal?
LightenedDiamond 900 (23 days ago)
But...Will fifa 19 have battle royal though?
Mr. Mania (24 days ago)
i think he likes pulp fiction
Loki Rawr (25 days ago)
I really want to play the last of us :/ WHY NO PC?!?!?!?! T_T
Alex Woods (25 days ago)
Now come on @videogamedunky clearly the villan in the new Spider-Man game is going to be Fence Eater Man. The best villan of all time.
Tyler Longacre (25 days ago)
TOFU Elemental (26 days ago)
Release assassins creed 7: the force awakens already!
Dunk Master (26 days ago)
yea fifa sucks
Jayden Parker (26 days ago)
Smash 5 would be awesome to see sans in there also donkey Kong final smash absolutely banana-slamma
ACRBARF 2 (26 days ago)
I respect the fact that you give some other games some light from E3, while i have already pre-ordered Bf5 and fallout 76 and the D2 dlc, its nice to see someone cover other, lest shown off titles.
Vapor 95 (26 days ago)
I gotta more dunkey... Are you proud of my
Mux (26 days ago)
Big wheel lol
omega kev (27 days ago)
Getting smash 5 , kingdom hearts 3, last of us part 2, and Spider-Man I like the games displayed tho I’ll just wait for reviews for the other ones but these for I have to review on my own
Vectorbro (27 days ago)
YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we mad it Metroid Prime 4 Ba-by (just imagine I said ba-by like Brook)
2tna A (27 days ago)
Dunkey is so random
Johnny Bravo (27 days ago)
Ori 2 is just looks so fucking amazing
DragonManStopmotions (28 days ago)
FudgyWaffles (28 days ago)
didnt even realize dissed octopath traveler smh my head
Michael Scherr (28 days ago)
What platform is Radio the Universe for? i've never heard of it, but it looks good.
Ninja jack 64 (28 days ago)
Why is this in the serious video playlist?

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