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PC Gamers VS Laptop Gamers

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Hello Peeps! Hope You're Well! So Here I am with Another "VS Video" It's a Quick Comparison between PC (Desktop) Gamers and Laptop Gamers, Tried to brainstorm the idea that's all, If there's any mistake, please Consider it, We all make mistakes :) Enjoy!! (Watch the video till the end guys,you don't wanna miss ) :3 If you liked the Work, Then please Like, Comment and Share if it's worth it, Comment so that we can communicate with each other ^_^ If you enjoyed the video, please support me by sharing the video on your preferred social media site. It won't cost you, but will help me a lot :) And please consider SUBSCRIBING to my channel, Your support makes me stronger every single time, You Guys are AWESOME :D Songs Used in this video: 1. Natty Roadster - JR Tundra (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/3NMItX2Lt_A 2. Otis McDonald - Joe Bagale (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/AaSs5F2Jyeg 3. Kevin MacLeod - Investigations Link: https://youtu.be/u7XKvAijOCg 4. [Piano Rock Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals https://soundcloud.com/davidhydemusic Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/AlAxo66T11w 5. Chill Tune by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/7VL6hXZACGw 6. Let Her In - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/Ni-RDeqCfjE 7. Stinger - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/ZFpEXDy2opw 8. Noble Dub - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/cQDfk0IPp2Q 9. Cool Vibes - Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod Link: https://youtu.be/wFRuD2XsVU0 Source: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100863 10. Sad Piano Music - Solstice (Copyright and Royalty Free) Link: https://youtu.be/5yRIt5yS36s 11. Pomade - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/b9TgwHGz1ME 12. Street Fighter V- Ken Theme (Remix) 13. Dreams by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/VF9_dCo6JT4 14. Paradise by Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/1LVgg1YoT6U Games Used in this Video: 1. Grand Theft Auto V 2. Grand Theft Auto IV 3. Watch Dogs 2 4. Gears of War 4 Game Clips Used in this Video: 1. GTA 6 Ultra-Realistic Graphics! 4k 60FPS REDUX + M.V.G.A GTA 5 PC Mod! Link: https://youtu.be/1tbuYPqEN0E 2. Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Part 1 (Xbox One 1080p 60fps) Link: https://youtu.be/K7ivfatNNuk 3. 5 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 PC Ultra Settings 1080p 60fps Link: https://youtu.be/x6uaJo9AbDM If you want to contact me,just hit me up on my Facebook Page or Email me FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/IKIMAWSM/ Email: geraltofriviathewitcher061@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/iknowimawessome So See you again in the next video, Till then, Stay Awesome, Game ON! Love You all
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Text Comments (4128)
AT Gaming (1 month ago)
Both are good You should enjoy gaming. Btw AWESOME video mate.
??? (5 hours ago)
dawood & saad (6 hours ago)
the problem is money in the world if you have enough money
Basant Rijal (1 day ago)
AT Gaming which game was that of car one ☝️ please reply someone help me
Rayyan HajHasan (2 days ago)
AT Gaming isssssssssssss nnnisec
Bartsu Bartsu (11 days ago)
marko vujovic (32 seconds ago)
Pc or laptop both awesome
Aeksandras Griškevičius (21 minutes ago)
power cut= no internet soo laptop gamers cant play any games with friends but still its an little advantage :DD
JoeSSImperial (1 hour ago)
Laptops are actually up upgradable some have hatches on the bottom the leads to the ram and other stuff but on a lot of laptops you have too open up the bottom and replace stuff my gaming laptop has a gtx 1050 in it :) I use it because I need portability but if I never went to my friend's house to game then I would use a pc. because upgrading does not void my warranty.
Kabeya Timothy Manase (1 hour ago)
You can just put a charger in the laptop then then done and you can just get a 10tb laptop the HP pavilion
Master Wea (1 hour ago)
You CAN upgrade a laptop, adding an external gpu and ram
Sensational Sprinkles (2 hours ago)
I went from laptop to PC then back to laptop
OsmictKevinKhang (3 hours ago)
im both of them
PokeGaming HQ (3 hours ago)
I like both for different reasons. :p
DaSmashGamer (3 hours ago)
At first i had a laptop that lagged so much now i have a gaming pc
Omq (3 hours ago)
why does Gears of war 4 even require 93 GB of Storage?
GSC HACKS (3 hours ago)
How do you animate
Amaan Ahmad (4 hours ago)
Potato pc never come soon
Hugo🔥❤️ (5 hours ago)
I think pc is better, but I move from house to house twice a week so I need a laptop🙂
Veeti (5 hours ago)
32gb ram? Yeah you are definitely going to nees that
Marianna Michailidis (5 hours ago)
my laptop has 1 tb storage
Veeti (5 hours ago)
What are you trying to prove? My ps4 slim has 2tb storage, (laptop and ps4 both have 2'5 inch)
Adrian Adrian (6 hours ago)
Shit video bro really shit
Venzyas_Alex (6 hours ago)
i am a laptop gamer. it's seriously not that bad... i'm pretty sure this video was an over exaggeration. I have a laptop that isn't even meant for gaming really, and it can still handle stuff like just cause 3, fortnite, pubg, or even gta
Veeti (4 hours ago)
I think the point was that if you have outdated parts in your laptop you cant replace them. Making it less efficient money-wise.
Antonio Iliev (7 hours ago)
laptop is better then Computer
Technical Priyansh (7 hours ago)
I have laptop but kniw pc is the best
Robby_FTW (7 hours ago)
7:24 lol i have 1TB on laptop
Veeti (4 hours ago)
1tb is kinda low IMO. But you can get the same amount of storage for the PC with better RPM, with the same budget.
SegySimon (8 hours ago)
I have gaming notebook and GTA V ONLINE is running on 4K 60 FPS. IF YOU HAVE LOW NOTEBOOK IS ONLY FOR OFFICE WORK 😉
GarvYT3 (9 hours ago)
But I can’t because my parents don’t allow me to get a PC 😣☹️
GarvYT3 (4 hours ago)
Thank you so much 😄
Veeti (4 hours ago)
Save money for it. You can get a really decent PC for approx 600$. I have a 1,2k computer, and my parents would have never given me that money.
Nandagopal PKS (9 hours ago)
The Gamer HD (10 hours ago)
my laptop costs 600$ and it SUCKS on my opinion i only like it cuz u can take it anywhere and u can still play games but it sucks
leo messigician (10 hours ago)
If there is a Asus gaming laptop u will forget pc
DragonDuelist (10 hours ago)
outdated msi gaming laptop equals toaster outdated gaming pc equals upgradeable computer Change my mind
Toten (10 hours ago)
What game in 1:50
Veeti (4 hours ago)
Julian Chavez (14 hours ago)
BTW if the power goes off so does the Wi-Fi so if u ply online than u both outta luck boi
Veeti (4 hours ago)
Unless you have a wifi hotspot on your phone boii
Ngáo Đá LOL (16 hours ago)
Am Know am Both of they are Awesome.
Homie Lizard 19 (19 hours ago)
5:38 Buy a phone
Homie Lizard 19 (19 hours ago)
2:18 I feel you my dude
Homie Lizard 19 (19 hours ago)
I'm laptop
Castrova (20 hours ago)
I was actually thinking of getting rid of my desktop and getting a laptop. Now that desktop GPUs are in laptops it isnt much more to get a laptop then a desktop with equivalent specs. They need to make upgrading laptop GPU's more of a thing and ill be happy
Veeti (4 hours ago)
You cant make it a thing. If they did, it would take a shit ton of time and skill.
Geo Metric Yoshi (20 hours ago)
Both are equal *but pc is better* Lol watch the hate stroll in
Mohammad Amin Razavi (22 hours ago)
Nintendo gamers vs ps4 gamers it can be good
lukzy plays (23 hours ago)
and laptop dosent need speakers ik that mac also dosent need spekars but this is about pc
lukzy plays (23 hours ago)
and you can upgrade an laptop by buying a better one :p
lukzy plays (23 hours ago)
and where i live laptops have coolers too but tiny ones
lukzy plays (23 hours ago)
i can install the game that was like 98 or 95 gbs and it has 37 fps ._.
Juan cruz Tortolo (1 day ago)
You can upgrade tour PC but i prefer laptop cause it's portable
zakaria lkhiare (1 day ago)
potato life
Geasst GG (1 day ago)
I had one laptop and one gaming pc. Swag life
SidTalk (1 day ago)
laptop 2/7 pc 5/7
Mera Baap avi (1 day ago)
Pc is best
Luigi Corcelli (1 day ago)
it depends on what laptop you have, i have a lenovo legion y730 and it is soooooooo gooooood, i reccomend it it has a 1060 ti, i7 8750H and 32 GB of Ram, differentlely from lenovo legion y520 (that is good as this one) it has more Ram
Liboka x3 (1 day ago)
Potataos PC Are coming soon
Ali Gujjar (1 day ago)
Laptop gamer is awesome
Fætter Træ (1 day ago)
You absolutely CAN upgrade you’re laptop it is just not as easy as stationary pc so research first boiiiiii
KabutoRyu (1 day ago)
you forgot PC gamer have UPS too, its funny if you can buy $5000 gaming rig without have an UPS for power fail.
Basant Rijal (1 day ago)
which game was that of car one ☝️ please reply someone help me
I know I'm Awesome (1 day ago)
Game names are given in the description :)
Lubek Wasilewski (1 day ago)
If i havent Got many storage in my laptop i buy most big pendriwe and install it
CLAUDIA NITU (1 day ago)
Omg i love ur vids im soooo happy right now
MikeonLinux (1 day ago)
Most of the cons of laptops can be fixed by choosing it carefully (not buying a 300$ to 700$ one). You can actually upgrade your CPU, GPU, RAM and Disks, it won't burn due to heat, your games won't play as a slideshow, you can open it easily…
KFO FM (1 day ago)
I have a lenovo G580. I get too much power cuts so I need laptop. My laptop overheats and has major frame drops, so I need PC. wtf
Zack Paster (1 day ago)
I play Team Fotress 2 on my Laptop all day smoothly with 45-60 FPS and it's not heating that fast.
5:26 my laptop my sempai :3
Best songs (1 day ago)
please tell me name of the second game is need this game please reply fast
Mileah Vibar (1 day ago)
Maddox Beaty (1 day ago)
Stale memes
Jaiden Anderson (1 day ago)
I you can actually buy some sort of storage card for a laptop
Ege Sevindi (1 day ago)
laptop 😎😎 gomna insert an egpu on mine. i did an ssd change. 240 gb ssd 1 tb 5400 rpm hdd. gonns replace with wd black/ 513 gb ssd. Gonna insert an 750ti. and upgrading ram to 12 gb :)
Hot Doggie (1 day ago)
Good video and I have both
I am a new subscriber
Ericgames234 (1 day ago)
3:11 what about the internet?
My bro runs GTA v with his GTX 1080 laptop lol but i dont run csgo medium graphics sorry bad english
ElPenguinMann (1 day ago)
Well you usually need a laptop for college ;P
Michael Mensah (1 day ago)
I have 2TB storage on my laptop
EasyToWin (2 days ago)
I have laptop :"(
mohamed ahmed (2 days ago)
so bad
windows power (2 days ago)
laptop is better. someone type PC IS BETTER laptop is not for gaming me: really acer predator
official Brar (2 days ago)
In new laptops have 1 tb to 5 tb storage
Cool bro, the laptop u showed on the laptop lag is my laptop! But thing is it doesent lag at all it has 60 fps on GTA 5 soo.
newdaleguy122 (2 days ago)
i just throw in a bunch of electric fans to cool my laptop
FrustateqFace (2 days ago)
To upgrade your laptop just open it and insert the things, i upgraded mine 2 times... And most laptops have 1-2 tb of memory, wich is more than enough.
Rayyan HajHasan (2 days ago)
Rayyan HajHasan (2 days ago)
The disclaimer
Rayyan HajHasan (2 days ago)
Wtfu(* is this intro
Technical Humans (2 days ago)
PC r best..
Cheesy Boy (2 days ago)
Im more of a PC Guy.Anyway,great vid!
spice cooking (2 days ago)
There is actually a thing for laptops to not overheat
danicelul (2 days ago)
When i hear he will remain without pc for a week i started cry
the gold minecart (2 days ago)
What about steam gamers vs torrent gamers
L Michael (2 days ago)
Guys, which is better for PUBG Fortnite and Csgo?
the gold minecart (2 days ago)
I'm a laptop gamer
Mother u
Viorel tuchila (2 days ago)
Wtf, I literally have an laptop, its an Nvidia Gtx1080 I5 core with 8 hours of battery, I can play all games on Max graphics! But its a bit heavy, but still better than an PC, only for 1200 dollars. I forgot to say, plus it has an storage of 1200 GB, better than an gaming PC!!!!
Christina Perez (2 days ago)
But then... There’s console gamer 😂
csgaming YT (2 days ago)
checkout my channel im going to upload csgo gameplays
LiTriX Minecraftz (2 days ago)
One advantage of a laptop is that you don't need a mouse to control the computer, there is a keypad
Ahmet Kaan GÜMÜŞ (2 days ago)
6:35 music ????? please
NIKE STYLE Production (3 days ago)
3:13 same as my youtube logo)
Blue Man (3 days ago)
For me laptops are better because they are mobile and PC aren't. So maybe laptops aren't worse than PC but are more expensive because they have in themselves screen, keyborad, microphone, touchpad and speakers. So i prefer gaming laptop :)
Official Music Videos (3 days ago)
1:52 which game is that???😍
flameplane (3 days ago)
You actually can uprgade a laptop
Aswath L (3 days ago)
5:39. gaming PC plus laptop gives ?? Itx monstrosity build!!
Rico Costa (3 days ago)
btw u can upgrade ur laptop lol
Nguyen Vinh (3 days ago)
If u want laptop have graphic card u can try EGPU :))
Nguyen Vinh (3 days ago)
I am laptop gamer ;)

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