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Legend of Zelda Timeline (With Breath of the Wild)

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The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the update in Hyrule Encyclopedia it has become even more complex. In this video we go through it All! (SPOILER WARNING) Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Thumbnail (30: Years The Legend of Zelda) by EternaLegend: http://bit.ly/217bq1F Timeline animations and Hyrule Total War cutscenes by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Animattronic - Majora's theme Remix http://bit.ly/1oNCFBX Hyrule Total War mod by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch TheOnlyDeerAlive 30th anniversary medley: http://bit.ly/1WU0jb9 ZREO: Twilight Symphony: http://bit.ly/21GhYGO Ocarina of Time: http://bit.ly/21Gi0OW for the rest: http://www.zreomirror.com/
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Text Comments (4184)
Commonwealth Realm (9 months ago)
1 000 000 Views! Thank you, I am speechless. Sometimes really hard work pays off more than you could possibly imagine. It is especially satisfying when it happens with your favourite personal production of all time!
AP - s (5 days ago)
Commonwealth Realm o
Auron Schluntz (2 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm so link never found Navi? He just gave up and returned to hyrule?
Aaron (3 months ago)
GenjiMain the tunic of the wild does not have s yellow stripe on the cap, no it does not. And number 2, it doesn’t matter how many people made videos about it they are all wrong. breathe of the wild takes place after EVERY time line. It all converges at breathe of the wild. It’s the last story in ALL the timelines. They all lead to breathe of the wild. It was stated by Nintendo themselves. It’s the opposite of ocarina where everything split, breathe of the wild is where it all comes back together again. Period.
Aaron (3 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm except your placement of breathe of the wild is blatantly WRONG
Waffle McWaffle (3 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm ii
Safir (21 hours ago)
How is it possible that this is more confusing than actual history
Alex the great (1 day ago)
So did anyone else play every single game after watching this?...no just me ok just making sure
Gallows toye (2 days ago)
Nintendo owes you
Butters (3 days ago)
oh i see. after the orcarina of time, link gose back to the past gose to majoras, then windawker, then phantom but after link falls into the see, after zeladas kidnaping. link first winds up on a dream island, were he needed to wake up the windfish, after that he then drifts to the shore starting the phantom glass, after that its spirit traks.
Butters (3 days ago)
befor windwaker, link awakening happened
Dreamcast Dazia (5 days ago)
Why is there two if these
Lauren Robinson (6 days ago)
I'm sorry I just still don't get it. Stortyline is very important to me in video games and this whole story just feels so cobbled together that there is no way to follow it.
Miles Joshua Serate (6 days ago)
"After fooling around for a minute or so..." HAHAHA
Muffin_ (8 days ago)
Llama Lachie (9 days ago)
Lowrule... what a creative name, nintendo
Chill vibes (9 days ago)
The story teller?
Lysander (9 days ago)
Zelda's timeline is so fucking weird but I've got it mostly figured out
Anonymous Dude (10 days ago)
I dont wanna watch everything coz of spoilers so could someone be kind enough to give me a list in order of everything to do with The Hero of Time (part of OOT story) coz its the 1 im most interested in and wanna play them in order please.
Evanator Extreme (11 days ago)
Fun Fact,After viewing this entire video,I was playing BOTW for some forgotten reason,and found the Library Study,Zelda’s Study,and Zelda’s Room
Audrey Wright (11 days ago)
Zelda Will always be my favorite game ❤ #TheLegendOfZelda
Terry Chairs (11 days ago)
Poor link that got his eye token poor link
Angelica V. (12 days ago)
Botw goes in the fallen hero timeline
JC 1000 (13 days ago)
25:05 Majora isn’t a demon. If anything while not canon, if Majora was anything he was an ancient dragon found in manga but again not canon. It could be a god as Hyrule Historia stated Termina was a creation of the Skull Kid’s imagination and ceased to exist when Link left, and the only beings to create worlds so far in Zelda are the gods. The Golden Goddess, The Four Giants from Termina if the Historia is wrong, the Wind Fish etc.
Salt (14 days ago)
What about wand of gamolon
Solis Joe_FIRE (14 days ago)
And to think it all started by in the game legend of Zelda sky world sword!
wait... if the king of hyrule lived in the legend of zelda breath of the wild. then how is he still alive after him dying in wind waker?
Beosor (19 days ago)
I am also a fan of Legend of Zelda and i bought my selfe already having the Wii U Version, Hyrule Warriors (Definitive Edition) for the Switch. And while i was Playing the Legends Mode again, I thought to my selfe. What if this Game is canon and also set in the child time line many years in the future. Thats how you can Unite all the split Timelines that started with Ocarina of time. Have Ganondorf be killed in his True Form and have him spawn later down the line as Calamatie Ganon and add another 1100 years and you have Breath of the Wild in a Fused Timeline with all the traits of the diffrent era´s. :D
Austin Ingraham (19 days ago)
Are you the story teller's voice? From shoddycasts lore series?
Rafa383 _yt (23 days ago)
It is funny that the 2 first games end being the last ones of their respective timeline.
the real banana man (25 days ago)
Im so cunfuzzled
Jayden C (25 days ago)
so basically...at the end of skyward sword demise gave them the ultimate middle finger? LOLXD!
Jayden C (25 days ago)
that's why skyloft was in the sky?I always thought it was because the land wasn't fully created yet
Thats what She said (27 days ago)
This dude kind of sounds like the narrator from the beginning of Star Fox 64
Nekina Nakadan (29 days ago)
Is...is that the Story teller from Shoddycasts fallout lore series?
Ernesto is Awesome (29 days ago)
As hop resided in fort hateno . Hop who wrote the script
JSavageIs Only (1 month ago)
All of the Legend of Zelda games need to be remade for the switch. Except BoTW. Best video of the whole timeline ive seen. I skipped the BoTW because i really wanna play it
Tarasei Afrifa (1 month ago)
Where does HYRULE WARRIORS come in?
AppleFrogTomatoFace (1 month ago)
I don’t understand... at ocarina of time story... even link fail to defeat ganon they manage to seal him... wtf... defeat or not the whole cycle repeats... can someone tell me what is different?
Christine Wolf (1 month ago)
extreamly good vidy
Winter Wolf (1 month ago)
and btw I was actually looking up something to get past a part in Zelda skyward sword and I saw this and watched it all 😂😂😂😂 thanks for the giant hour long sidetrack lmao aaah my curiosity kills me 😱
Winter Wolf (1 month ago)
that was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life 😃 great job there on all of it, that was beyond perfect.
ksemanr (1 month ago)
I'm disappointed this seems to just be the Hyrule Historia timeline with the most recent 3 games added in. It doesn't even include every game, let alone every piece of media. The most complete timeline I've found, the only one deserving of the title "Ultimate", is the one by Miloscat http://miloscat.tumblr.com/image/140883149997
Giga Man (1 month ago)
38:38 "After fooling around for a minute or so." HAHAHA! If only it were just a "minute or so"...
Giga Man (1 month ago)
I can't believe you only asked for 2,000 likes on this video. This must have been your break out video if that's all you expected to gain. This is an incredible amount of effort and fully worth the reception it has achieved.
Just Watch (1 month ago)
Link is ten in ocarina of time
Adam Banks (1 month ago)
That was amazing!!
Lane Bagwell (1 month ago)
Whoah Whoah Whoah did I just hear the storyteller? I think I just shit myself, it is him.
Zacthes Tipsy (1 month ago)
So the Hero of Time is Ocarina Link?
Charlie L. (1 month ago)
SPOILER ALert: Link saves Zelda
Logan Boxy (1 month ago)
The Legend Of Zelda... Its dangerous to go alone, take this!
Joe (1 month ago)
sry but ur talking is hard to listen. you breath wrong or something and talk in staccato phrases
Polina Makdisi (1 month ago)
رائع، شكراً 🙂
Joshua Frase (1 month ago)
Sweet its the storyteller from shodycast
WaZ x ViCiOuS (1 month ago)
I always live how deep the whole zelda storyline is
Pietro Ferreira (1 month ago)
Just wanted to come here before I watch the entire video and say that the intro gave me chills. I dont know if I just love Zelda so much or if you nailed it. Probably both :P
april er (1 month ago)
Now we the Dragonborn on this list lol. but dann dude zelda got a timeline that needed this.
Upson Pratt (1 month ago)
Man this program is awesome! They should run this on the History Channel!!!
Deanne Neiman (1 month ago)
FoxGaming158 (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but this is fucking weird. It’s so hard to listen to this and not find it ridiculous, I keep thinking Fallout because of that voice.
FoxGaming158 (1 month ago)
Is that... is that the, the Storyteller?!
Abby Schneider (1 month ago)
so? ive heard hylia gave up her immortality because she wanted to use the triforce against ganon and only mortals can do that -- and im not sure where the source on that is but it does make sense -- but you're saying she's immortal....but somehow was mortally wounded in the war? i guess god v god could get her killed but? still i thought somewhere in the canon it does say she willingly gave up immortality to be reincarnated -- i always had a problem with that b/c as a goddess it would've been way easier and less fatal to the hylians and co. for her to just fight him as a goddess rather than as a teenaged princess but the whole "only mortals can use the triforce" thing would make that make sense. does anyone have an explanation for either why she decided to be mortal rathter than immortal or how a goddess can be mortally wounded by anything
Frosty LordChaos (2 months ago)
I probably just need to rewatch as there is a large amount of information to process but I'm not understanding how BOTW is before a link to the past and the Oracle games in the timeline...
UNDERTALE SANS (2 months ago)
I just played link to the past lol
Deon Yanez (2 months ago)
Game trailers
Sisko (2 months ago)
this is why the zelda series keeps messing up. Its because they keep sealing gannon.
MitchMacginn :c (2 months ago)
Little Yoshi (2 months ago)
This is not a timeline. It is just a bunch of spoilers
Micah Neufeld (2 months ago)
I always personally thought that BOTW came last in the timeline.
Veronica Amarillas (2 months ago)
Man, I never realized how much evil beings love Princess Zelda.......
Michael Tuohy (2 months ago)
idk why i just watched an hour long video about the zelda timeline when i already know the zelda timeline but it was sick so who cares 👌🏻😁
MONSTER GUY (2 months ago)
nice narretion
SW21 Sharky (2 months ago)
so the final final boss is shadow link? hahaha end boss of zelda story line is shadow link hahaha
TheDolfinCrewGaming (2 months ago)
Vaati Just does not give up 😂
Justin87 (2 months ago)
Whata bout link to the past?
Dr Bright (2 months ago)
these fuckin' holotape entries are getting _reeeaaaaaaaal_ wild
Dr Bright (2 months ago)
*listens to voice* Wait just a goddamn second here. what in the radroach infested hell is going on here
Owais Shaikh (2 months ago)
Wait so if link had different generations of him, who was his wife as it couldn’t be Zelda as that would alter the hyleian bloodline
Auron Schluntz (2 months ago)
Someone please explain if this is the timeline why weren’t the Zelda games made in this order? Skyward award if first yet one of the newest games? Makes no sense. Sounds like the timeline was an afterthought
Schrödinger's Bat (1 month ago)
Yes ofc the timeline was an after thought. They didn't make the first zelda with all this plot in mind? How is that a negative thing to some, that's just reality. I'm sure even things like the dark interlopers were too. They literally had only a bit of lore, that's how game planning works and then with success they hired writers to help fill it in/flush it out via "subplots and main plots". This is done in almost every single field of entertainment involving use of the imagination. You think harry potter was all seven books just waited to be copied? Bruh, if anybody reading this dislikes what I'm saying then I would strongly suggest only ever watching a Tarantino movie again in your life for any kind of entertainment.
Michael Valdes (2 months ago)
I honestly would’ve loved it if in BOTW, right after Zelda says, “Tomorrow is my 17th birthday,” Link’s only voice line would’ve been “happy birthday!”
MrHeavyChevy (2 months ago)
They should do a game where demies comes back with ganon at his side
Afonso Junior (2 months ago)
It's really sad to be the hero of time. You're always forgotten.
islphrs1 (2 months ago)
Hm, never really thought about it, but the Royal Family obviously sucks at protecting the Tri-Force....
13113890 Numbers (2 months ago)
As the timelimes go on and on people seem to take more and more drugs.
Uchiha Madara (2 months ago)
I wonder if Nintendo would ever make a modern day Legend of Zelda that would be mind blowing!
Truth La'mon (2 months ago)
Amazing video guys!
liam barnett (2 months ago)
Let's just say that wind waker has the most brutal death of ganondorf
Dot Holla Beats (2 months ago)
Wrong. BOTW takes place at the end of the downfall timeline... read the Kings Diary and it tells you this... EDIT: nvm, I seen that you made an Ultimate Timeline and corrected this... apologies
Sugarpwn (2 months ago)
This is a fucking masterpiece ❤️🙌
videodude23 (2 months ago)
chincrise (2 months ago)
these computer generated voices are getting better
Manjoe (2 months ago)
Brooooo no joke I love watching this BAKED. It’s gr8
nintendoluigi (2 months ago)
Dos 90s CGI moments lololol. Twilight Princess best Zelda, fucking OOT Link TEACHES YOU SWORD MOVES!!!!! Nothing cooler.
Ezabella Frankenstein (2 months ago)
So Oricarina Of Time created 3 timelines... Coolbeans 😎
MechaMaster20 (2 months ago)
Ganon was the easiest boss in OOT for me
Gamer-Grape (2 months ago)
Alexander Clam Bell (2 months ago)
Poor worlds link, he was remembered for saving style and not lorule
Jackson Connolly (2 months ago)
Took an hour to explain 😂
END Of DAYS VIDEO (2 months ago)
You forgot the cdi games
Luke Johnson (3 months ago)
Link has killed/defeated at least 185 enemies thus far.
Brian Gibson (3 months ago)
Awesome Video
Wolfman Dan (3 months ago)
This was a lot of fun thank you for putting it together kind of felt like something you'd watch on PBS though hahaha
nextlastgengamer (3 months ago)
The amount of time it must have taken to figure all this out is probably more than it took for the developers to write every single storyline combined
So breath of the wild happened before the 1st Zelda
Jason Dailey (3 months ago)
Holy shit, it's the Storyteller. How am I just now seeing this.

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