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Legend of Zelda Timeline (With Breath of the Wild)

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The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Timeline Video! With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the update in Hyrule Encyclopedia it has become even more complex. In this video we go through it All! (SPOILER WARNING) Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Thumbnail (30: Years The Legend of Zelda) by EternaLegend: http://bit.ly/217bq1F Timeline animations and Hyrule Total War cutscenes by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Animattronic - Majora's theme Remix http://bit.ly/1oNCFBX Hyrule Total War mod by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch TheOnlyDeerAlive 30th anniversary medley: http://bit.ly/1WU0jb9 ZREO: Twilight Symphony: http://bit.ly/21GhYGO Ocarina of Time: http://bit.ly/21Gi0OW for the rest: http://www.zreomirror.com/
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Text Comments (4268)
Commonwealth Realm (11 months ago)
1 000 000 Views! Thank you, I am speechless. Sometimes really hard work pays off more than you could possibly imagine. It is especially satisfying when it happens with your favourite personal production of all time!
Hai Nguyen-Pham (1 month ago)
Will there be any more stories about The Legend of Zelda and Link once more games of it gets released?
AP - s (2 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm o
Auron Schluntz (4 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm so link never found Navi? He just gave up and returned to hyrule?
Aaron (5 months ago)
GenjiMain the tunic of the wild does not have s yellow stripe on the cap, no it does not. And number 2, it doesn’t matter how many people made videos about it they are all wrong. breathe of the wild takes place after EVERY time line. It all converges at breathe of the wild. It’s the last story in ALL the timelines. They all lead to breathe of the wild. It was stated by Nintendo themselves. It’s the opposite of ocarina where everything split, breathe of the wild is where it all comes back together again. Period.
Aaron (5 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm except your placement of breathe of the wild is blatantly WRONG
THE CABLE-GUY (1 day ago)
Botw isn’t in the adult link timeline, it’s in the failed hero timeline
Chris Bailey (2 days ago)
So with this being wrong now are you going to make an updated version of this? Breath of the wild is confirmed to be at the end of the timeline now.
Time Thunder (4 days ago)
Acually botw is the first game in the fallen hero timeline. Because after the hero fell, he used all of the triforce to turn himself into calamity ganon.
ssj5 KintoUn (4 days ago)
Is zelda the grand daughter or sister of petra/tetra
ssj5 KintoUn (4 days ago)
So OoT link wasnt the same link as the link few seconds ago? Pls guys i want to understand this story!
ssj5 KintoUn (4 days ago)
So i dont understand it, link was reborn many times and zelda not? He was reborn to save Zelda right? But zelda doesnt even know that every guy that helped her was looking the same and had the same name? Or was zelda reborn too? I DONT GET ITTTT!!!!!!!!!!! and zelda was a reborn of a godess and ganon from that devil king?
ssj5 KintoUn (4 days ago)
The botw link was just another link?
Nando C. (5 days ago)
Storyteller, is that you?
Zander Tyrsson (9 days ago)
glad to see Hyrule Total war getting a little bit of Representation
FREE BOBBY SHMURDA (10 days ago)
bulbins aren’t bokoblins you tard
Jeff Douthit (11 days ago)
If you dont have a job narrating documentarie, then you are missing your calling
Rik Thunder (12 days ago)
I like this. It was a lot of work. Amusing though that you sometimes leave out Info and pull things out of nowhere
Gabriel Mujica (12 days ago)
Is it just me, or is Breath of the Wild explained with more detail than the other games? GREAT VIDEO!!
HellStorm Reaper (12 days ago)
This is just me but was Hyrule Warriors ever mentioned or even part of the timeline just a question or did i miss by chance through the whole presentation.
Die (12 days ago)
My god all you guys trying to put zelda games on a timeline are retards! I LOVE zelda games, but their games are not sequels, each game may retake some elemental stuff from the past games or sometimes insert discreet and relevant/irrelevant connections to the past games, that's it that's all!
prankstergangster 14 (12 days ago)
9:25 Ayyyy My favorite zelda song Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of time : Gerudo Valley
an4rch1s7 Ω (15 days ago)
xXWolfxXxGirlXx (15 days ago)
This is honestly the most fulfilling video I've seen to complete all thoughts on Zelda's lore.....but I couldn't help but think "Oh boy MatPat would shred this apart because his theory for Breath of the Wild falls under the defeated Hero timeline not the Child one lol" But anyway this was pretty great!!!
Evidence in botw proves it was in the failed timeline
RRaptor86 (18 days ago)
Commonwealth Realm: Where is the War of the Ages from Hyrule Warriors placed at? I’m really curious about that.
Cubix Cup (19 days ago)
Wait if in BOTW Calamity Ganon turned into Ganon instead of reincarnating anymore then doesnt that mean botw would be the end or last. Bc if Ganondorf doesnt reincarnate then that would probably mean that the curse on Link is broken and that would be the last game. Bc if there is no more Ganon then the storyline isnt complete and the game is basically destroyed. Idk maybe im over thinking it but it makes sence right?
Sean Lundberg (20 days ago)
The narrator is doing a News Broadcaster Accent somethin' fierce. I appreciate the extra leg on visuals with CGI footage from I'm not sure where, but the storytelling style gets really annoying.
The Iranian Liberal (22 days ago)
"Knocked out by a group of *Bokoblins* " Bulblins, not bokoblins. Bulblins are smarter, more sophisticated, and less tied to Demise's evil.
Person23 (23 days ago)
The oracle games actually come before links awakening not after
Kiley Sevens (24 days ago)
Are you the voice narrator to Star Fox 64? Lol
Cas de ridder (25 days ago)
why does the time line not split in majoras mask?
John Thundermon8,000 (25 days ago)
What is up?! How are you, bro? And, I enjoyed the video with tears of joy. Great job! Keep up your good work.
Jennifer Walters (28 days ago)
Holy shit, it's the Storyteller!!
shameless shadow (28 days ago)
someone tell me what the song is at 33:40
Strawberry Cow (29 days ago)
But isn’t Breath of the Wild on the Fallen Hero section of the timeline?
Pollo (30 days ago)
Faphnes is the bad guy
connor brown (1 month ago)
Im actually a little disappointed in this video. It’s like he did this then this then this and then this and then this. At a couple points it gets into the why and what not which is what I like. I guess it IS a timeline video and not the story of Zelda though
IgnitedSpark (1 month ago)
Awesome job, really good job
Nadine Wood (1 month ago)
""Link penetrated Ganon's stronghold" hmm something sounds wrong XD
TRUMOO (1 month ago)
seeing Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks really brings back some fuckin memories
Stɹange (1 month ago)
time to watch this agian
Brando Rocks (1 month ago)
Pharaoh Skylar (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure that I read The Adventure of Link (the show) isn’t canon.
William's Cringe Fest (1 month ago)
*starts slowly shifting to the left......
Takeshi Blue (1 month ago)
thats a pretty good narrating voice
HAZRD REX (1 month ago)
windwaker time line is the adult time line and botw is in the failed hero time line other than that wow
Jorge Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Wow you speak like the narrator of starfox 64
The Opium Boyz (1 month ago)
So what the fuck happened to the Ocarina of time as a whole.
General Tullius (1 month ago)
But that is a story for another day...
Chao Sensei (1 month ago)
3:02 to play some shitty games that suck ass?
Joe Bob (1 month ago)
How did you get the nigga from the history channel?
Raja D (1 month ago)
Derp Derp (1 month ago)
To much information
Wastelander1972 (1 month ago)
Oh my god, that's the Fallout Storyteller. YES!!!!
Brad Hedgehog (1 month ago)
Wow that’s one heck of a story line. Almost all of these I did and won up to the era of BOTW.
Phevos Skyftoulis (1 month ago)
I totally agree with your theory for Breath of the Wild. I think it is the Hyrule that came out of the sea, and that the two or three timelines somehow merged and became one
Jacob Audley (1 month ago)
Your_Clone. (1 month ago)
im like watching a documentary
Theo Bayne (1 month ago)
I love the way Link is about to use two hands to lift the master sword into the air, but decides to use one, like, "nah, this is more dramatic."
Sebastian Lopez (1 month ago)
Damn I fell asleep
boe rhae (1 month ago)
Y'all need to stop sealing people. It's not working.
Gary Laws (1 month ago)
Anyone else get really excited when realized that it's the Shoddycast Fallout Story Teller telling you story about zelda.
Transgame (1 month ago)
I get lost by this video 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😓😓😓😑😶
Transgame (1 month ago)
This is compliceded.?…
Transgame (1 month ago)
It is not a "Yuga ganon" but a "Yuganon"
Brandon Martin (1 month ago)
Is it just me but Does "finding the descendent of hylia" isn't the best exuse for stealing young girls. Then again that might just be me
Ant Gamer (1 month ago)
dude that's not the right timeline.
jim connell (9 hours ago)
You're fucking 12 how would u know... Idiot
Prince Vegeta (1 month ago)
I call bullshit no CDI
Jack Tremblay (1 month ago)
38:42 After fooling around for a while Zelda finally got her shit together.
Lonely Warrior (1 month ago)
This something i think just recently, but how about BOTW is in the unified timeline? That could explain why is there a lot of things that are in other timelines and places and that could explain why is there not triforce I know it just a weak theory but... Maybe?
CyberTiger 45 (1 month ago)
Unfortunately this video is now pointless because Nintendo completely retconned the entire Legend Of Zelda Hystoria
Jay Thovin (1 month ago)
No offense but the Zelda time line is a joke because they are all the same game just with minner differences to make it appear like there is a time line but there's really not
LeDingueDeJeuxVideos (1 month ago)
Is it normal that I find the twin witches oddly funny/cute?
Bog Boi Choi (1 month ago)
I thought link died in majoras mask, that's why he is a stalfos in twilight princess
Ant D (1 month ago)
Hero defeats villain, villain come back, Hero's descendant defeats him again. Over and over and over again. -_-
Safir (2 months ago)
How is it possible that this is more confusing than actual history
Alex the great (2 months ago)
So did anyone else play every single game after watching this?...no just me ok just making sure
Gallows toye (2 months ago)
Nintendo owes you
Butters (2 months ago)
oh i see. after the orcarina of time, link gose back to the past gose to majoras, then windawker, then phantom but after link falls into the see, after zeladas kidnaping. link first winds up on a dream island, were he needed to wake up the windfish, after that he then drifts to the shore starting the phantom glass, after that its spirit traks.
Butters (2 months ago)
befor windwaker, link awakening happened
Dreamcast Dazia (2 months ago)
Why is there two if these
Lauren Robinson (2 months ago)
I'm sorry I just still don't get it. Stortyline is very important to me in video games and this whole story just feels so cobbled together that there is no way to follow it.
Miles Joshua Serate (2 months ago)
"After fooling around for a minute or so..." HAHAHA
Muffin_ (2 months ago)
Llama Lachie (2 months ago)
Lowrule... what a creative name, nintendo
Chill vibes (2 months ago)
The story teller?
Lysander (2 months ago)
Zelda's timeline is so fucking weird but I've got it mostly figured out
Anonymous Dude (2 months ago)
I dont wanna watch everything coz of spoilers so could someone be kind enough to give me a list in order of everything to do with The Hero of Time (part of OOT story) coz its the 1 im most interested in and wanna play them in order please.
Evanator Extreme (2 months ago)
Fun Fact,After viewing this entire video,I was playing BOTW for some forgotten reason,and found the Library Study,Zelda’s Study,and Zelda’s Room
Audrey Wright (2 months ago)
Zelda Will always be my favorite game ❤ #TheLegendOfZelda
Terry Chairs (2 months ago)
Poor link that got his eye token poor link
Angelica V. (2 months ago)
Botw goes in the fallen hero timeline
JC 1000 (2 months ago)
25:05 Majora isn’t a demon. If anything while not canon, if Majora was anything he was an ancient dragon found in manga but again not canon. It could be a god as Hyrule Historia stated Termina was a creation of the Skull Kid’s imagination and ceased to exist when Link left, and the only beings to create worlds so far in Zelda are the gods. The Golden Goddess, The Four Giants from Termina if the Historia is wrong, the Wind Fish etc.
Salt (2 months ago)
What about wand of gamolon
Solis Joe_FIRE (2 months ago)
And to think it all started by in the game legend of Zelda sky world sword!
wait... if the king of hyrule lived in the legend of zelda breath of the wild. then how is he still alive after him dying in wind waker?
Beosor (2 months ago)
I am also a fan of Legend of Zelda and i bought my selfe already having the Wii U Version, Hyrule Warriors (Definitive Edition) for the Switch. And while i was Playing the Legends Mode again, I thought to my selfe. What if this Game is canon and also set in the child time line many years in the future. Thats how you can Unite all the split Timelines that started with Ocarina of time. Have Ganondorf be killed in his True Form and have him spawn later down the line as Calamatie Ganon and add another 1100 years and you have Breath of the Wild in a Fused Timeline with all the traits of the diffrent era´s. :D
A Sexy Hippy (2 months ago)
Are you the story teller's voice? From shoddycasts lore series?
Rafa383 _yt (2 months ago)
It is funny that the 2 first games end being the last ones of their respective timeline.
the real banana man (2 months ago)
Im so cunfuzzled
Jayden C (2 months ago)
so basically...at the end of skyward sword demise gave them the ultimate middle finger? LOLXD!
Jayden C (2 months ago)
that's why skyloft was in the sky?I always thought it was because the land wasn't fully created yet
Thats what She said (2 months ago)
This dude kind of sounds like the narrator from the beginning of Star Fox 64
Nekina Nakadan (2 months ago)
Is...is that the Story teller from Shoddycasts fallout lore series?
Ernesto is Awesome (2 months ago)
As hop resided in fort hateno . Hop who wrote the script

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