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Meet Gaming's Most Ruthless Tyrant

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Meet The Mittani, an overlord currently controlling a huge part of the video games galaxy.
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KamekoBruns (17 hours ago)
The fact that one person can so greatly affect overall gameplay is more than sufficient proof of the games incredibly flawed design.
thesuper hellminator (3 days ago)
Someone is a dictator in a game: Wow hes so cool Someone is a dictator irl: Lets poison his milkshake!
tlove21 (6 days ago)
i am nothing like this guy, way too much of a kind guy to run an empire.
Blueblob (6 days ago)
Didn't know what this video was about. Read the title and asumed EA.
Lurkens Kanal (7 days ago)
aww evryone say he is evil, a psycho etc etc, thats just his attitude outwards. within goonswarm he is a hero, and have alot of respect. im a goon of the lower ranks, but we all love him!
Gert Bowker (9 days ago)
The Mittana dumb @ss fuq
ryan mundell (9 days ago)
I like him
D GR (11 days ago)
E Nel (12 days ago)
I love the idea of this. Just make it. Let it go. See what happens. Pure awesomeness.
Eko Mojo (12 days ago)
the art of war
jack diamond (12 days ago)
Mitanni = Douchebag, LOOK NO FURTHER than the fanfest 2012 vid..... Horrible person IRL
Dutch_Pagan (18 days ago)
Such a poor guy, living his life in a video game
John Smith (18 days ago)
Ya know... This guy could probably run an actual corporation and probably his own fuckin country.
Ghost Pickle (18 days ago)
Train Titan alts!
Paul Henstock (19 days ago)
Hans Rubjerg (21 days ago)
I love how this clown thinks hes awesome
Codie McKee (22 days ago)
I miss the first person shooter version of EVE :(
ThePanheadBobber (25 days ago)
mittani for Secetary of Defense.
Its Red Sky (28 days ago)
Waiting for the day when a war breaks out to overthrow the dictator
Jack Powell (30 days ago)
Used to roll with Atlas once upon a time did they ever fix the lag issues with big battles?
BAYMAX (30 days ago)
The guy doesn't have a life
Corey J (1 month ago)
“The best way to avoid a war you don’t want is to have your enemies afraid to come after you in any way.” 👌🏽
Dan Duncker (1 month ago)
lol you really cant know if that EVE dictator naver has logged in to EVE he probably has on a profile that is totally diffrent
Nerds....unplug the internet worldwide for a week or so and they all die 😋
Blood Blossom (1 month ago)
Wait so gamings tyrant pest isnt anita sarkeesian?
KW0311 USMC (1 month ago)
He needs to be ankle picked and welcomed to snap down city.
Time4SumAction (1 month ago)
The Mittani 4:07 look at that reptilian tongue Damn their everywhere. Must have been demoted to virtual warlord.
ARB6769 (1 month ago)
Is it the Legend27?
Wichiwachi Gide (1 month ago)
I think I don't like him hmmm
Spherical Scrabble (1 month ago)
Aaaaandm now everyone knows his secret.
Magnus Christianssen (1 month ago)
The game has a lot of scammers and pirates so watch out! And DO NOT allow your ingame "friends" access to personal info because they will rob you blind. EVE is what WOW is slowly becoming but is afraid to become.
Ryan Flint (1 month ago)
Didn't he start to fall out of power before World War Bee?
Uriel S. Morrill (1 month ago)
Mitani is the Erwin Rommel of EVE , we must be call him the Fox of Eve!! XD
ACEXULTRA (1 month ago)
Oh, I thought IGN was the tyrant and needed to be put down.
Gray Upsilon (1 month ago)
That... that kind of does the opposite. Not that it'd matter since I don't play EVE and certainly wouldn't be able to amass a fuckton of people into an army, but being a sociopath kind of makes me want to take the guy down a peg, not steer clear of him.
edd smokalot (1 month ago)
U wanna beat The Mittani ?..introduce him to ur hot sister...his empire is yours.
Krystal Myth (1 month ago)
Why do we have people who fall in love with narcissistic sociopaths? How many ceos and dictators are people going to worship? Its maddening. They're vampires. You're worshipping the most nonhuman people possible. That doesn't make them gods that makes them the monsters the stories are really warning us about. The ones that tug at the doors of your heart and mind and can only take you if you invite them in. They are beautiful and hypnotizing and their allure is fascinating but it has one purpose. This world will be consumed by nonhuman sociopaths, and the humans of this world will be consumed to its undoing. They care not for the future of you or this world.
Rena8 (6 days ago)
Wahid Rashidov (1 month ago)
Only if the game was fun
Pineapple (1 month ago)
Eh, i know worse.
pyro lopez (1 month ago)
You know the matani kind of reminds me a little bit of the Imperial emperor of the 40K Universe of Warhammer
Obsidian Nebula (1 month ago)
So you DO have an agenda! He was right
Brian Cirrincione (1 month ago)
the low key thing they never tell normal people.... you can financially monetize digital goods. Hah, and my parents use to tell me video games wouldn't amount to anything..
4ctionRadar (1 month ago)
Zeke2552 (1 month ago)
He definitely got picked on in school. But at least he found a world where he is relevant.
ASH Bringer (1 month ago)
I love video games; however, some people take it too far as an addiction to live inside a game. Some people even put games first before their family. It is very sad that games design nowadays is to take away your life time and money when you should be investing or trying to live your real life to the fullest.
ThroatSore (1 month ago)
Is this the guy that got done for bullying?
ValensBellator (1 month ago)
Lol, I've read that most sociopaths are, on average, less intelligent than your average human overall, but they're experts at manipulation and disguising this fact. I get the impression this guy is instead both a sociopath and very intelligent. I'm just glad he has a video game to serve as his outlet haha
ThunderHaven AE (1 month ago)
Well there are always worse tyrants nowadays...
Uncle Bill (1 month ago)
Mihir Bala (1 month ago)
It's the same convention center from Crocodile, Black Mirror S4
Lemondude617 (1 month ago)
I clicked this video expecting a discussion of EA
pcuimac (1 month ago)
Being drone bombed by the US maybe? That hit on the russians shows that the fearmongering already took hold.
Cas The Demon (1 month ago)
.....Ummm. Why are people so invested in this one fictional world?
calliberjoe (26 days ago)
because its fun
Bill Hickman (1 month ago)
It’s all just pong...
Chandler Andrews (1 month ago)
MusingRab (1 month ago)
Yeah.... he's not acting like a sociopath.... He is one. Eve has given him an outlet for that.
lando hoth (1 month ago)
Nice Cult
Alex .Stanley (1 month ago)
He looks and acts like an Austin powers character
Tyrant (1 month ago)
He'd make a great military officer.
Stephen Strange (1 month ago)
LMAO. Lead by a madman this game would be perfect for me.
chris99103 (1 month ago)
I donwload and start playin just to overthrow him...that little pooper
LaserGadgets (1 month ago)
Wait.....what? Oo
Norman Rand Wolfe (1 month ago)
He was right, you did have an agenda.
Thomas Hazlewood (1 month ago)
I dl'ed the game on Steam but never activated it. After researching it, watching videos, I recognized that EVE is where griefers go to meet their kind. Every player guide begins with 'Trust no one'. If you actually build something, it's only a matter of time before it is stolen, scammed, or destroyed out of hand, for no reason other than that they can. Despite their pretensions, it is NOT a community. It's just a lot of Black Widow spiders who periodically declare war on the praying mantises next door.
lasko24 (1 month ago)
To me its not greifing if a player destroys your ship then you never see them again thats them playing the game but if that player goes out of their way to keep hunting you down then that is greifing
lasko24 (1 month ago)
I played for 3 years and in that time I never greifed anyone or was greifed I did have a mining ship destroyed in hi sec but after concord destroyed my attacker I went back and looted his wreck and mine which in his wreck he had a couple tech 2 gunswhich I sold got a new ship and came out 2 million ahead than what I had so his greifing attempt worked in my favor
Thomas Hazlewood (1 month ago)
Aye, I viewed many of those. The problem is, that IS the purpose of the game, either griefing others or avoiding being griefed.
lasko24 (1 month ago)
There are many post and articles on how to avoid being griefed,scammed or destroyed just takes a little research to learn not to be a victim in the game
irish rover (1 month ago)
people are sheep
Max Violence (2 months ago)
Are you heterosexual - SLAP - oh its real life :O
Pilot6722 (2 months ago)
I kind of wished that you kept his identity a secret or blurred out his face to help with this whole fantasy of “who can he be?”
WTFPurpleAlpaca (2 months ago)
The Mittani seems to be your typical sociopath who wants control but lacks the capacity to attain anything lasting in RL, and so in the finest traditions of the internet pursues it online. On the plus side that's as safe & (mostly) harmless a valve as he can get so whatever. Keep Eve interesting for the Excel spreadsheet warriors.
Nathan Grefiel (2 months ago)
I'd like very much to take him down respond to this comment with your steam tag and let's start a fleet (I am very much serious)
Eric Brown (2 months ago)
"Meet gamings most ruthless tyrant" *shows Nintendo switch ad*
Bilbo Sagins (2 months ago)
nano cowie (2 months ago)
i love this guy so much for what he does in-game, it's honestly incredible. telling a guy to kill himself is pretty fuckin baseline as far as insults go and under the influence of alcohol and power-drunkness I can see him saying it IRL to a guy going through that. He's the essence of win at all costs and that makes a pretty great opera to sit down to
Fred Herbert (2 months ago)
He seems like a total narcissist and has a lot of trouble maintaining eye contact too. He clearly enjoys the attention he gets.
Similak Child (2 months ago)
X3 Xtended > EVE > Star Citizen < Elite Dangerous
Lukaz Chrom (2 months ago)
THE LAST SHINOBI (2 months ago)
Loads of bullshitt for a game and a guy that plays a game.Get a life morons..
Patrik Rydberg (2 months ago)
EVE is an experience you never forget if you spent some time in it, which is quite cool in the grand schemes of things in life.
Jamz (2 months ago)
So this is the true mastermind behind the destruction of co2...
Tri Tebs (2 months ago)
Wow doesn't even hide the fact that he's a sociopath.
Ioan Eduard (2 months ago)
Tyrant? More like a jobless fuckup
Ploppy Ploppy (2 months ago)
Oh really you're a powerful man in a video game and a not very nice person in real life? *yawn* how totally fascinating.
Marty Schrader (2 months ago)
Scumbag. You do stuff like that, don't forget that I have real guns in real life.
Vivid Vault (2 months ago)
I would't call him "Gaming's Most Ruthless Tyrant", Someone has to be on top. Knock off Mittani and someone else will step in his place. He is just a guy that used his abilities and charisma to find himself in a powerful position is all.
Public Toilet (2 months ago)
without spying there is now way to defeat BOB even years of wars goons still struggling.
Raziel Dark (2 months ago)
'little man syndrome' DETECTED
Raziel Dark (2 months ago)
RaxuRangerking (2 months ago)
Gaming communities always idolize sociopathic douchebags.
Cass Dillard (2 months ago)
“It’s hard to cause a war” *war happens because of anime*
DeviouS (2 months ago)
He has been delt with hacker sytle! Wtf happened to my eve account lmao!
RA (2 months ago)
When people take gaming to surosly
Paxus (2 months ago)
Kool-Aid Man (2 months ago)
TurTleguy123r (2 months ago)
EVE is a scary thing
Reinert Zerker (2 months ago)
A game where men can be men.
runtothehills (2 months ago)
sounds similar to a relatively undesired quarterback being drafted in the sixth round and ends up winning 5 superbowls...
MadSam ! (2 months ago)
A lot like a Salarian!
Cough It Up (2 months ago)
Goons would be nothing without this guy
Jon Flying (2 months ago)
EVE Online, nerds protecting their virginity since 2003.
Banzai RoundEye (2 months ago)
Why would he ask if someone is a heterosexual? Is he a homophobe?
Desolo SubHumus (2 months ago)
Best Space Tyrant ever.

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