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Meet Gaming's Most Ruthless Tyrant

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Meet The Mittani, an overlord currently controlling a huge part of the video games galaxy.
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LaserGadgets (8 hours ago)
Wait.....what? Oo
Norman Rand Wolfe (11 hours ago)
He was right, you did have an agenda.
Thomas Hazlewood (16 hours ago)
I dl'ed the game on Steam but never activated it. After researching it, watching videos, I recognized that EVE is where griefers go to meet their kind. Every player guide begins with 'Trust no one'. If you actually build something, it's only a matter of time before it is stolen, scammed, or destroyed out of hand, for no reason other than that they can. Despite their pretensions, it is NOT a community. It's just a lot of Black Widow spiders who periodically declare war on the praying mantises next door.
irish rover (1 day ago)
people are sheep
Max Violence (2 days ago)
Are you heterosexual - SLAP - oh its real life :O
Pilot6722 (2 days ago)
I kind of wished that you kept his identity a secret or blurred out his face to help with this whole fantasy of “who can he be?”
WTFPurpleAlpaca (2 days ago)
The Mittani seems to be your typical sociopath who wants control but lacks the capacity to attain anything lasting in RL, and so in the finest traditions of the internet pursues it online. On the plus side that's as safe & (mostly) harmless a valve as he can get so whatever. Keep Eve interesting for the Excel spreadsheet warriors.
Nathan Grefiel (2 days ago)
I'd like very much to take him down respond to this comment with your steam tag and let's start a fleet (I am very much serious)
Eric Brown (3 days ago)
"Meet gamings most ruthless tyrant" *shows Nintendo switch ad*
Bilbo Sagins (6 days ago)
nano cowie (8 days ago)
i love this guy so much for what he does in-game, it's honestly incredible. telling a guy to kill himself is pretty fuckin baseline as far as insults go and under the influence of alcohol and power-drunkness I can see him saying it IRL to a guy going through that. He's the essence of win at all costs and that makes a pretty great opera to sit down to
Fred Herbert (10 days ago)
He seems like a total narcissist and has a lot of trouble maintaining eye contact too. He clearly enjoys the attention he gets.
Similak Child (10 days ago)
X3 Xtended > EVE > Star Citizen < Elite Dangerous
Lukaz Chrom (10 days ago)
THE LAST SHINOBI (11 days ago)
Loads of bullshitt for a game and a guy that plays a game.Get a life morons..
Patrik Rydberg (14 days ago)
EVE is an experience you never forget if you spent some time in it, which is quite cool in the grand schemes of things in life.
Jamz (14 days ago)
So this is the true mastermind behind the destruction of co2...
Tri Tebs (15 days ago)
Wow doesn't even hide the fact that he's a sociopath.
Ioan Eduard (15 days ago)
Tyrant? More like a jobless fuckup
Ploppy Ploppy (16 days ago)
Oh really you're a powerful man in a video game and a not very nice person in real life? *yawn* how totally fascinating.
Marty Schrader (18 days ago)
Scumbag. You do stuff like that, don't forget that I have real guns in real life.
Vivid Vault (19 days ago)
I would't call him "Gaming's Most Ruthless Tyrant", Someone has to be on top. Knock off Mittani and someone else will step in his place. He is just a guy that used his abilities and charisma to find himself in a powerful position is all.
Public Toilet (20 days ago)
without spying there is now way to defeat BOB even years of wars goons still struggling.
Raziel Dark (21 days ago)
'little man syndrome' DETECTED
Raziel Dark (21 days ago)
RaxuRangerking (21 days ago)
Gaming communities always idolize sociopathic douchebags.
Cass Dillard (22 days ago)
“It’s hard to cause a war” *war happens because of anime*
DeviouS (22 days ago)
He has been delt with hacker sytle! Wtf happened to my eve account lmao!
RA (22 days ago)
When people take gaming to surosly
Paxus (23 days ago)
Kool-Aid Man (24 days ago)
TurTleguy123r (24 days ago)
EVE is a scary thing
Reinert Zerker (26 days ago)
A game where men can be men.
runtothehills (27 days ago)
sounds similar to a relatively undesired quarterback being drafted in the sixth round and ends up winning 5 superbowls...
MadSam ! (27 days ago)
A lot like a Salarian!
Cough It Up (27 days ago)
Goons would be nothing without this guy
Jon Flying (28 days ago)
EVE Online, nerds protecting their virginity since 2003.
Banzai RoundEye (28 days ago)
Why would he ask if someone is a heterosexual? Is he a homophobe?
Desolo SubHumus (29 days ago)
Best Space Tyrant ever.
Finza Soebiakto (29 days ago)
Those faces of nerds
HandyMan101 (29 days ago)
Most toxic community ever.
Douglas Kerins (1 month ago)
on and off care bear blue ice miner .... the goons never screwed with me (their gank squads) so long as I wasn't afk mining, they knew i wasn't a boxer, so I never had a beef with them. Good on ya Mittani. If Kilwych's fleet ever comes back I hope we meet your m8s again. o7
Douglas Kerins (1 month ago)
if you have the time EVE is THE MMO
Willtho (1 month ago)
I just realized this is In Iceland
Dreadnought 1 (1 month ago)
where can I join
Francois Bouwer (1 month ago)
Old Dog (1 month ago)
Not to put you off guard. To calibrate your responses. To know if you were telling the truth.
Duck Sauce (1 month ago)
The Mittani: A spoiled kid using his parent's money to troll people in an online game so as to give himself the sense of power and control he could never actually get in the real world and the respect his parents never gave him.
Gary Good (1 month ago)
HAHA nerds...
talon24 (1 month ago)
we all love our great leader...like the dprk but without the famine and gulags.
gaming time (1 month ago)
Does anyone else find that he keeps looking over his shoulder as a bit paranoid...... Like any minute a member from a rival Corp might try to stab him
captain pinky (1 month ago)
Are they talking about George soros?
Ced8897 (1 month ago)
You need aloooooot of money and time to play this game, and if you play you WON'T have any time to play ANY other game..... And this is why I quit. Not saying it wasn't the greatest game experience most realistic game I've ever play, its just soo time consuming and you are dealing with hordes of people that have been around the game since the beginning, which makes them pretty much unbeatable. Many of these men are 40 year old congressmen who have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend on EVE in real life, and do so.... If you have thousands of dollars you are willing to spend in game, and love to be in realistic wars in space, then this game is defiantly for you, but don't buy this game and start playing solo becuase you will not enjoy the experience and wont learn a dam thing, this game is NOT for solo people at all, you NEED to have social skills and experience. And that's another reason why I loved the game becuase it really is hands on learning, though totally unforgiving...
Mighty Baloo (1 month ago)
Christ, what a tool.
Lindsey Lewis (1 month ago)
EVE Online is by far one of the worst games. It's controlled by a PK group that gets its kicks by ruining the game for other players. The "culture" of EVE is absolutely wretched, worse than Barrens Chat in WoW.
squattingheads (1 month ago)
Ist asking people to push a guyntomsuicid illegal?
Paul N. (1 month ago)
Toxic Community, not much fun if don't want to sacrifice all of your time. And because of sociopaths like this guy, many players got paranoid.
jolena auvuya (1 month ago)
why do the eve crowd just never even smile
CarlBaby TV (1 month ago)
Elite dangerous and EvE share many characteristics, my self and others consider me as the Jar Jar Binks of the Elite community
NZL BROTHERS (1 month ago)
I'm just waiting for the day when someone will attempt to kill him in real life, possibly over something he or something he lead did. It's happened before at EVE Fanfest I can't exactly remember the details but it was something about a group of guys wanting to throw this one guy over a balcony to kill him and they did but he landed in a pool so he survived. I'm sure once these attempted murders over in game things get under CCP's nose they will probably regret creating what is essentially a lawless land which can influence and provoke real life action.
Jesse Milligan (1 month ago)
lol I killed him last week
illwill1991 (1 month ago)
Wait so is there like a resistance that's fighting against him and trying to take him down?
Shift Lizard (1 month ago)
Jonneh Graal (1 month ago)
Mittani huh. More like TheLegend27
Jarod Iking (1 month ago)
the goond are history after world war bee
Killian Barnhart (1 month ago)
I already met EA.
Jonathan Sample (2 months ago)
One day you’ll have to do a video on the correlation between in-game success and IRL scumbaggery. Also, he seems like the kind of guy whose name is on the lips of incels as they climax upon their keyboards after imagining what it would be like to strangle a successful, independent female.
Tavit Andros (2 months ago)
This man could be a great leader if he was to apply his natural talent in the real world.
Sleeping Backbone (20 days ago)
you serious? you're probably one of his minions. that man is one big douchebag, irl he'd be a tyrant.
Max Larsen (2 months ago)
mummies boy seeking attention.
fakeaintreal (2 months ago)
but are you heterosexua?
Jean-Francois Simard (2 months ago)
This guy seems to be ripe for toppling by a "Cyrus the Great" type of character. He's acting like the Assyrians before the rise of the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire.
Mathis Willems (2 months ago)
severe tomorrow myth step orange sculpture closely vulnerable experiment absolute.
NikoTheHawaiian (2 months ago)
So The Mittani is basically a space mafia don. Nice!
Caffine Games (2 months ago)
I like eve, but after the tutorial I lost my ibis and can't quite figure out what I'm supposed to do and why my frigate has no weapon slots (or I just can't find them.)
kish G (2 months ago)
Thanos will actually be friends with the guy...
PixelSlayer247 (2 months ago)
Oh. I thought this was a video about EA.
nan nan (2 months ago)
Glad to be part of Goonswarm. I will faithfully execute whatever he demands us in game.
Steven LaBarge (2 months ago)
Lol...video game space ship historian. Bullshit
The Cadaver (2 months ago)
Spreadsheets in space always sounds better than it is.
TSFCaesar (2 months ago)
This guy needs to chronicle his Ingame History!
Yun Fu (2 months ago)
When nerds take things too far lol
PapaBagMan (2 months ago)
I think the matani is probably a sociopath? not necessarily a bad thing but still
chbrules (2 months ago)
It's a video game. No one cares. You have no real power at all.
Christopher Ender (8 days ago)
As leader of a faction you get a cut of all money made by its members. At 30k that's a lot of money. Which has real life value. Meaning real life power. Also He's making money be telling get people what to do in a game.
Savant Turnip (15 days ago)
EVE saw that huge battle a little way back - I think they thought the damage might stretch to $500,000 or something close, that was wreaked across thousands of players though. It was liquidated by pixel lasers, I can definitely kill this guy.
Luminite (17 days ago)
I hope you know that you can make real money from the game. So technically he does have real world power.
Wilson Cheung (3 months ago)
You call them nerd now, but years later you'll see them leading space colonization
aciSd (3 months ago)
why people stop playing or do not even start?because it is boring af. all you do is.. wait. wait and even more waiting after you waited a lot already. it is pretty obvious that this sociopath never logs in. because this game is pretty boring -_-
_AkumaGaming_ (3 months ago)
-hides in the shadows
Avery Castle (3 months ago)
This is nothing new the same thing happend in W.O.W, remember "Rhino guild" until 1 man took down the biggest guild in WOW when he got so many players to join his RtardRhino guild that original Rhino guild leader was left alone with no guild, the fake guild stole all his memebers. The same thing or different will definitely happen with him, EVE needs new leaders, and people who become infatuated with their own Ego is cause for disaster. Like how he encourage that person with depression to kill them selves, he let him self be corrupted by his own thoughts, so he definitely is not at 100% thinking straightforwardly, you can see his paranoia when he talks
Michael Savastano (3 months ago)
people like this make other games more attractive
Senator Ben Carson (3 months ago)
to be seen as a raving sociopath you have to be one
thesuper hellminator (3 months ago)
"Are you heterosexual?"
Spamfitters (3 months ago)
I guess by looking at them there all single 🤣
Sudstah (3 months ago)
The Mattani comes across as a bell
DoctorSiggy (3 months ago)
daaaamn that guy is a massive asshat in real life
ErgonomicChair (3 months ago)
Money Badger Coalition was here.
Adam Spalovsky (3 months ago)
LoL get a life...
Wes Lee (3 months ago)
So he takes a game way too seriously and would drive a dude to suicide for the experience? yo this dude should get his throat kicked in
jojothacircusmonkey1 (3 months ago)
lol what a KOOL guy. man i beat he makes all the guys butt holes moist. Only a bada$$ in game. It took him being drunk at a nerd fest to show he's a d!ck. Wish he would talk that trash at a bar. Get is head stomped in.
Lars Lake (3 months ago)
You gotta love Mittens.
expected EA

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