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5-Minute Crafts (8 days ago)
Do you know how many useful and versatile pieces of soap you can do? We know! And show you at 8:55 😉Which of these ideas do you like the most? What do you try to do?
Albert Febriano (16 minutes ago)
5-Minute Crafts krn
Windi Broken (29 minutes ago)
5-Minute Crafts 11111111111112222222,33332334444444444555555566666666777778888888888@
Windi Broken (29 minutes ago)
5-Minute Crafts 11111111111112222222,33332334444444444555555566666666777778888888888@o o o o o p p p p p p p
Esin Aydinoglu (19 hours ago)
5-Minute Crafts ₺
Ian Glenn Grapilon (22 minutes ago)
joshua solis (39 minutes ago)
Anže Vovk (1 hour ago)
Who alse is boring and than go watch these?😧
김민주 (1 hour ago)
Minh Nghia Nguyễn (2 hours ago)
Where is baking soda? 6:16
Minh Nghia Nguyễn (2 hours ago)
Samantha SWIEGERS (3 hours ago)
20:03 not if you have a paper cut
alejandrou el loco (4 hours ago)
5:00 como se hace?
Ricardo Trejo (5 hours ago)
Okay but you can totally still see the hole 🙄
Alejandro Salmeron (6 hours ago)
One the first one if you had a pen in your mouth and it broke and the ink came out you would be dead so that wouldn’t work because your dead
Plush- Erama (6 hours ago)
21:24 why would _ANYONE_ wast a whole bottle of coke
Linked In23 Mcdonie (6 hours ago)
Yuli Garcia (7 hours ago)
Not being rude but when she ripped her pants 2:21 she put staples and then when they showed how it would look like 2:32 it looked like someone actually sowed it
Amishi A (7 hours ago)
5:07 best one ever
Chloe Nicole Dungo (7 hours ago)
3:32 lol
Wolfie xNight (7 hours ago)
Oo so helpful ... staple the ripped part of your jeans and then when she had them on again the staples did not show she just got the same pair but brand new stop lieing
임유나 (8 hours ago)
여드름 난 자리에 마늘을?
Wdw. Duuh. (8 hours ago)
yeah.... because we all just casually have glasses of milk on hand while chewing on pens in class
Vicente Cantu (8 hours ago)
These are some of the most stupid things I've seen on YouTube all this can be done with the real thing no need for lemons and honey and all that out of the whole video I saw just one thing that could be helpful and it was the stones on the sandals that's it everything else is completely stupid and ironic! Idk how y'all watch this bull crap! Reply if you wanna discuss about it
Hylla Jackson (8 hours ago)
Casually putting pads in your armpits...Yeah that's totally normal -_-
Ashton kitchen (9 hours ago)
Whats more expensive, buying all these BS things and mix em together, OR going to the closest store (walmart, target, dollar general/store, ect...) and just buying the one thing to fix that problem.
Ashton kitchen (9 hours ago)
If you see any errors in this tell me I'll fix them.
Sope Hope (9 hours ago)
2:25 it’s not like anyone is gonna see the staples 🤷‍♀️
Danielle- Plays (9 hours ago)
The thumbnail though,You should know that ain’t natural
Elise Forbes (10 hours ago)
Has anyone actually been chewing on a pen and then have it spill all over them😂
Emma Siimpson (10 hours ago)
And hiding wine wow what are you trying to teach kids
BMESS Jake (10 hours ago)
0:25 I don’t think someone’s gonna have the time to do that in the middle of a shower
Stronger than You (10 hours ago)
Yep just wear a pad under your pits
Meklit Mekonnen (11 hours ago)
I don't know why I watched the video
Mar Campbell (11 hours ago)
Wouldn't the food dye color your hands?
Veronica Stuckey (11 hours ago)
Albani Pasha (11 hours ago)
fusspot57 (11 hours ago)
Why show half these things that are "mixtures" of stuff and don't tell us the ingredients. It could be a teaspoon of Bolivian marching powder, an egg white and unicorn snot .
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
Also known as lighting gunpowder
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
Nope, just a good mix of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate and lit with a bit of fire
Jesus Christ (12 hours ago)
15:51 Chill man 😂
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
Dem eyes. lol
Modest Plain (12 hours ago)
Not going to judge if you bite on pens but who gets ink in their mouth and on their clothes a thinks more about the ink o their shirt
Kitty Blaze (12 hours ago)
DarthUltron (12 hours ago)
2:21 is the most useful xDDDDDD View ... xD
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
Besides when you realize the pants ripped because of being to tight and you sit on the staples since they're slowly coming apart
ItsBabygirl Constance (13 hours ago)
Tf is you chewing on a pen for
koh umeyama (13 hours ago)
I would say 5 minute clickbait will be better
Rain David Caronan (13 hours ago)
Who eats fish?? I eat fish
Rain David Caronan (6 hours ago)
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
When i seen the fish i was like oh $#!@ imma be rubbin dead fish on me
ChallieKatYT Harper (13 hours ago)
9:27 Closet refresher. uh huh. Not drugs.
gmas barbarian (13 hours ago)
I'm 2:30 in and think this is one of the nerdiest videos on youtube. Yikes.
Miss Caswell (13 hours ago)
When you can’t find the thumbnail hack
Andu (13 hours ago)
IIFlooricalAnnie (13 hours ago)
Pretty bad thumbnail but good video..
Max Soccerdude (13 hours ago)
I am unsubbing
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
I unsubbed the day before this channel was made
Videos (14 hours ago)
Abiola Olubakinde (14 hours ago)
I hate it is doomi
Mcatz Plays (14 hours ago)
How do these people have 37M subs! Watch out Pewdiepie they’re coming
Ashton kitchen (8 hours ago)
Because most people sub because they think it works but they dont try it
hilal rumeysa SvrDgr (14 hours ago)
BBGʕ•ع•ʔ Raelynn (15 hours ago)
First hack bites pen gets ink in mouth oh let's not worried I can get poised let me clean my shirt
Fire and The flame (15 hours ago)
Bet you 1,000,000 dollars the thumbnail isn’t gonna be there
FluXXed (15 hours ago)
How does this channel have so many subs?
Linin alsaadon (15 hours ago)
Аліса Ткачук (17 hours ago)
0:33 ви перестарались
isaque batista (17 hours ago)
Hello my kid an brazil
isaque batista (17 hours ago)
E sei falar inglês
isaque batista (17 hours ago)
Olá sou uma criança do Brasil
Na Bezprawiu (17 hours ago)
Show girl views up 👎
peak time (17 hours ago)
Who do like that? 2:26
Елена Крикун (17 hours ago)
Сделайте еще один какой-нибудь
Елена Крикун (17 hours ago)
Сделайте ещё какой-нибудь скетч
kaish raja (17 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/7eA9dnmEoAA Watch new song guru randhawa ka dekhe jald
Русские вы где???
さとう (18 hours ago)
Dasha Skuper (19 hours ago)
Что за дерьмо?!
Lakshmi Mukherjee (19 hours ago)
Good hindi
Mahnoor Gul (20 hours ago)
Who is here after checking views?
Ary james10 (20 hours ago)
Coco Casper (20 hours ago)
Hit like if you think it's waste.
MoNa LiSa (20 hours ago)
when your comments stop getting likes;_;
MoNa LiSa (20 hours ago)
btw I liked that....
ᄋᄉᄋ (20 hours ago)
Maria Maria (20 hours ago)
The spork.
dunder6002 (21 hours ago)
8:45 She doesn't even touch her face
샤오넬 (21 hours ago)
와...20분 순삭이다...
الي عربي لايك 😚😚
Ava Dina (21 hours ago)
I thought thats real ketchup tho🤔
차현정 (22 hours ago)
입속에 잉크가 들어간건 생각 안하나??
Cool girl (22 hours ago)
Cool girl (22 hours ago)
Toni C (22 hours ago)
The food dye will stain ur hands that's why they have soap dye
바청 (22 hours ago)
아니.. 여드름에 마늘을비비라고? 미친거아니냐...
Gulafsha Shaikh (22 hours ago)
Why u showing 1 thing in all video
Zed Experience (22 hours ago)
2:29 I tried it when I accidentally ripped my track pants at school,but didn't last long as u need to make sure u don't make lots of move
Zed Experience (23 hours ago)
0:53 My eyes😏
Daniel Nowakowski (23 hours ago)
The girl is hot ;-)
행앗찾는 나그네 (23 hours ago)
니브션 (23 hours ago)
Dharshini Doss (1 day ago)
Can we use honey for our hair
FIveGuM Music (1 day ago)
who else wants an uncesored video of the scene with the shower?
KylieGamerGirl 191 (1 day ago)
1:37 Uhhhh.... Since you're and adult shouldn't you know that you shouldn't put white clothes with colorful ones to avoid that mess? Just saying.
Gab Vlogs (1 day ago)
Cringy thumbnail
Lucie Hegewald (1 day ago)
Naja sied schon etwas eglich aus (manchmal !?)
lena mentec (1 day ago)
No no no no no
Ace Baller (1 day ago)
Who came just for blackheads on there nose just me ok then ..............
悠希だぁぁ (1 day ago)
鼻の角質とわきのやつだれか 日本語で教えてくれませんか…??、
코유코 (1 day ago)

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