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Nintendo Wants Up To 30 Indie Games On Switch A Week

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The Steamification of Nintendo begins... Source article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/10/nintendo-wants-to-release-20-to-30-indie-games-on-nintendo-switch-per-week
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Text Comments (1118)
itch.io is gonna be the winning competitor if the switch gets worse.
HiPno TIC (9 hours ago)
What's the game at the beginning of the video?
Kindlesmith80 (10 hours ago)
Mmmm. Steam game searching, that takes forever. Using their really shitty "Discovery Que" system that doesn't even function properly. "20,137 Titles Viewed In Queue" so far. I one time figured out how to view all the games steam had at one point but I don't want to have to skim the entire library if something new happened to be added. Can you guess how many "Titles I've Marked As 'Not Interested'"? 20,116. Still counting. i basically do this while watching a movie. Annoying as hell when seeing these constantly happening: "Start another queue >> There was a problem saving your preferences. Please try again later." and An error was encountered while processing your request: Failed to load queue
Enigma MK (23 hours ago)
Curation is key
Kisai Yuki (2 days ago)
Sorry Nintendo, You've killed.. two "e shops" , and several mobile games already and support for the services. I can not trust you won't just throw developer vomit up on the store and then then the day the Switch is no longer profitable, you shut the entire thing down, having all the games lost to time, again. Like At least with Steam I can back up the damn library, and there's plenty of ways to "fix" a game that is chained to the Steam store if the developer or publisher decides to go out of business. With Nintendo, Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox store, these console games are just gone the minute the store is gone. If someone didn't sit there and buy/pirate the entire caboodle when it was live it will be lost forever. The irony here is that there are FPGA engineers who have re-created the NES and SNES in a way that games could easily be downloaded to them from a "web" e-shop that Nintendo could operate, and never have to support the hardware. Just go "We know you pirated this already, but buy every game DRM-unencumbered legitimately and we won't ever come after you" (a la iTunes) would be the right way to go.
The Switch, the most overrated garbage console of all time. There is nothing good on that system that is not a Wii U port/rehash or does not have a better version on PC/other consoles. The only real difference is that you get to play on an overly expensive 6" tablet and get to pay a far larger price for the same games. You get the priviledge of playing PS3 level games on a tablet, and instead of paying handheld prices for software you play home console prices... Yay! Go Nintendo steal all their money!
Canaris3 (2 days ago)
So... still no word or comment about Ubisoft factualy discriminating against white guys when it comes to employment ? No word about post mortem hate mob descending on Total Biscuit ? But you do have time to do a piece about a shitty handheld that nobody cares about or another PUBG clone/Steam asset flip.... Fucking disgusting.
のあ高峯 (2 days ago)
3 games a week sounds reasonable, 30? No, go fuck yourself. Quality over quantity Nintendo, not the inverse.
Andrew Nguyen (3 days ago)
As much as I love the indie game environment on the switch, my favorite indie game Hyper Light Drifter is on there, 30 indie games a week is too much. Nintendo needs to slow down because otherwise I don't doubt it'll turn into low effort filth like steam. Heck, I find 5-6 games releasing in a single month to be too much.
the blue psycho (3 days ago)
steam better
ONILEO00 (3 days ago)
I do think Nintendo will overhaul the eShop (that already started at least) so the question is not "if" but "when". For example, Switch still doesn't have folders. On the video: that recoil really hurt my eyes, I'll prefer not to see that game again.
chrislsommers (3 days ago)
I'm fed up with digital distribution at this point. No one is making the effort to curate their storefronts.
David Umstattd (3 days ago)
Wow you really hate choice in a free market.
Professor Cynic (3 days ago)
If my math serves me correctly...that's about 1,560 games a year...Christ, the eShop will be Steam 2.0 in no time.
Aka Something (3 days ago)
Whats that link to the past looking game at the beginning?
Steven Wood (3 days ago)
Can't wait to see mobile ports
PerseusSagittarius (3 days ago)
What‘s the name of the game in the beginning?
Candle Candle (3 days ago)
While browsing I found some sex/dating simulator game where the only language was in Japanese and with a myriad of "expansion packs". I forgot to mention it was all live-action.
Thomas Cohnen (3 days ago)
On one end of the spectrum we have Steam with their floodgates open and we get: The Slaughtering Grounds. On the other end we have Sony with a "tighter" gameshop, but we still got: Life of Black Tiger. It doesn´t matter how many games you have or how big the entree fee is (100$ on Steam is a joke for certain eastern-european, western-asian "companies" who sell their game-keys on gray markets for a dime), you need to check the games throughoutly, that you put on your market. For example: 100$ pays a lot of intern/freelancer time to check a game. Heck! I would accept 50$ to play for 3-4 hours through even the murkiest shlog and then give a thumbs up or down if the game should be on Steam.
St. Haborym (3 days ago)
How bout those switch cracks that everyone's been getting eh Jimmy?
SENATORPAIN1 (3 days ago)
the nintendo eshop is loaded with garbage.
aaron laluzerne (3 days ago)
Good God!!! Is like Nintendo is deliberately trying to put themselves out of business!!!
evilemperordude (3 days ago)
I love how all video game company executives have he same voice.
Vercusgames (3 days ago)
I'm still hoping Nintendo goes to PC. That market needs competition, badly.
Jared d'Voiles (4 days ago)
There's a much higher barrier for entry on the eShop, which is why I don't think it'll turn into Steam.
Bindair Dundat (4 days ago)
If you wanna find some quality games, you gotta wade through all the crap first!
Ray Bloody Purchase (4 days ago)
Why constantly use Jesus metaphors in the video? If we are going to be diverse can you inject a Mohamed shaped dildo now and again?
Schol-R-LEA ;2 (4 days ago)
From the videos covering_Zoom in the Night Sky_, which IIRC was a Switch launch title, the quality advantage held by the Switch up to now was more due to luck than anything.
Ryan Crist (4 days ago)
FUUUUCK. I knew it was going to be short fucking lived that I could pick out any indie game from the Switches library and love it. Now this is just going to turn into any other piece of shit console but worse with the convolution of Steam. Did we not see this coming? Obviously we cannot have nice things. It has to be ruined by out of touch idiots managing Nintendo. Now instead of feeling refined and nice the Switch is going to feel like strip club past it's prime in the wrong side of town.
Lukrecia (4 days ago)
Honestly, this is what I'm worried about. My dude Q-Cumber has been working on the next ボーパルラビット game purposefully taking out the beheading, impaling, incinerating, and other things that made that niché as hell series what it was to get it onto the big market, to be drowned out if the Switch Gold-rush continues on.
Rezuvious (4 days ago)
No video ripping Trion a new one for re-releasing Defiance under a new title?
krystalfan (4 days ago)
sony ploped out another one danger zone (waits for monday)
Kai Elde (4 days ago)
Doesnt affect me at all, i dont even buy games from th me store, i only buy the physical games i need. The store is already a mess so i avoid it like the plague. Problem solved.
Supernewb38 (4 days ago)
well... that was quick.. can they at least add spelunky...
KeppyKep (4 days ago)
My initial thoughts were that's not too bad, just hire someone to curate. 1 person can easily curate 6 games/day to make sure they're not buggy shovelware bullshit. But I didn't consider your point, which is that we, the players, have to sift through and try to find the good games, and they can easily get passed over. Good point
Samer Khatib (4 days ago)
Who want Potato Thriller on switch!?! I will make it happen!
Haitani (4 days ago)
Last Friday 11 titles were released, I checked the release dates... we're getting there.
teeonezee (4 days ago)
They're doing this because I was on Twitter blasting Nintendo telling them I'm just going to hack my 3DS, so they must be using this as a revenge or a counter action to what I was going to do. Good thing I'm never getting a Switch.
Gigawood (4 days ago)
Oh Christ.... what could POSSIBLY go wrong here? -_- *sigh* a few months ago on another video I was talking about how I had faith in Nintendo’s curation powers because their history of the NES was that ALL of the NES games were essentially curated (Tengen ports being the rare exception)....and now they’re doing this. Uggghhhhhhhh.
Justa Guy (4 days ago)
I gotta admit I'd be okay with 20-30 games a week on the Switch, if they were all Nintendo roms of Nes,SNES, N64 and what ever else they could put on it. I want the complete back catalog of every Nintendo game ever made at my finger tips! Without having to feel like a felon searching dodgy websites for things like Super Dodgeball.
tiger (4 days ago)
sooo Nintendo really wants to make the Switch the new Wii even with the shoveware library
Maximvs Dread (4 days ago)
OH GOD! 0.0 !  The Cancer KEEPS SPREADING!
Wang Computers (4 days ago)
Good let the switch get all the crappy Indie Games. Maybe steam will clear up.
ArachCobra (4 days ago)
If there really were 20 to 30 games worth playing coming out each week, I'd wager the world would look really different.
Phoenix (4 days ago)
The Nintendo eShop is already starting to look like steam for fuck sake
Kismet Games (4 days ago)
beginning to regret my purchase.
indy6s (4 days ago)
Nintendo: we want to flood the eshop with games, just not the ones you asked for. Seriously, where was this drive when virtual console was still a thing?
Cortez Baldur (4 days ago)
I know it sounds paranoid but this is my theory at work here playing out just how i knew it would. Every platform gets filled with these tsunami's of shit games till the good indie games cant be found. Then the only games people will ever know about is the triple A garbage and some of the better known indies. I know it sounds paranoid but so far my theory holds up and im sure when its realised the next step will be seeing the better known indies dying for some reason. Like from another big change in the market then the big corps have there way with no competition.
dd pp (4 days ago)
Sony should have done this with the vita
MastaDJMax (4 days ago)
The term 'shovelware' springs to mind.
Mittens FastPaw (5 days ago)
This is very sad to see and will result in me not using their store at all as well. Honestly I do not even browse Steam or most shops like it anymore because it is a waste of time. I can use Reddit, Imgur and more to find good games without wading into sewage. So then I just buy X Indy game and move on. Sure it sucks for all the decent Indy guys but man I respect my time far more then these so called shops fucking do.
No Name (5 days ago)
Nintendo is dissappointing just like Sega...
Bobbu Chan (5 days ago)
the 3ds eshop has been like this for a while
Matt T (5 days ago)
Maybe if they say we will publish UP TO 20 or 30 games a week, assuming there are that many that can pass the tight quality control checks, then maybe. But just blindly slinging shit onto the store will make it just another Steam. Also, I'm fucking glad HBO at least offers a stand alone service so I don't have to keep a cable contract I don't really want just to watch a handful of shows. Now if only sports stations could do the same thing.
Joeri Pelgrims (5 days ago)
There isn't even a rating system for games like there is on Steam.
Jeremy King (5 days ago)
If only FromSoft and Namco Bandai had the same enthusiasm. Waiting for Dark Souls Switch is the Dark Souls of waiting.
Eslam Daoud (5 days ago)
What’s the first game that you were playing at the beginning of the video? Looks dope
1MadScientist (5 days ago)
I think this is Nintendo's sloppy attempt at trying to play a game of catchup lategame for this generation with PlayStation. Not exactly the best idea, but they're trying to make lots of money as fast as possible. Probably not gonna work regardless. If only they would've had the Switch at the beginning of this generation haha
Pentazer (5 days ago)
GG nintendo... gg...
Barnesofthenorth (5 days ago)
Why are so many companies using the "throw enough shit at a wall and some of it'll stick' strategy?
Nick Stancato (5 days ago)
portable Life of Black Tiger!? That's what we all need
tailsimp (5 days ago)
Jim your being a bit harsh on Nintendo here. They just want the switch to have a lot of content after all; and its not like nintendo has a huge library of beloved games that could easily (and cheaply) port to the Switch just sitting and collecting dust right now. For real though that increase in games better come with an E-Shop overhaul because it in no way ia designed for that amount of games
Eville Caston (5 days ago)
Welp, I guess Xbox is the last hope for quality indies now. No pressure or anything.
KuraIthys (5 days ago)
OK, so that's a bad idea, but as a matter of curiosity, does anyone know what their current release rate averages out to? Like, are we talking them trying to release 30 times as many games a week, or 3? So... Let's see if we can find any numbers... https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/nintendo-wants-two-to-three-times-as-many-indie-games-on-switch/ So... They already release about 10 games a week as is. (PS4 releases 20 a week, roughly.) To put this in context, steam averages 150 a week, and IOS gets 500 a week. So yes, it's probably not a great sign, but it's not the dramatic increase it appears to be. Really, they want to double or triple the release rate compared to what they've already been doing.
sirico (5 days ago)
Life of the black tiger remastered incoming though I suppose you have to master it first.
Mike Stamper (5 days ago)
What's the first game shown? I want to play it.
Scarlet soltice (5 days ago)
Nintendo chill mates I love ya and you have my soul but don’t bite off more than you can chew
Q Z (5 days ago)
The online for WiiU was much better , and you could form actual communities there, unlike switchs eshop.
Joel Rosario (5 days ago)
That Zelda looking game in the beginning. What it is?
john grinwis (5 days ago)
i can only hope that a good amount of the indie games are gonna be the backlog of indie "greatest hits" i mean steams got a huge backlog of would be classics that deserve a second chance
Erion Mema (5 days ago)
what happened to the nintendo that saved the game industry with the nintendo gold seal?? now they want 20-30 games per week on their handheld ?? they want to flood their own marketplace because the idea of more games might attract more players ?? WTF nintendo?
Ape Rising Official (5 days ago)
Fuckinell nintendy.... Dont make me swim through seas of shit to find the odd liferaft of a decent game... Please
Our Old House (5 days ago)
If Ubisoft is done with "finite experiences" then I am done with Ubisoft. Well, I already have been for some time to be honest, I just wanted to say that.
mudjmc (5 days ago)
Do they mean 20-30 games per week per region? Cause right now, they are releasing around 20 games a week in North America alone. So, they've already been releasing around that much for awhile now.
Scooby Dooby (5 days ago)
The only new games that can actually be played on the Switch. And let's be honest here: 99%+ of indie games are trash. You want to build your platform on THAT?
Kill Drumfp (5 days ago)
Baht (5 days ago)
AT&T owns HBO? Ooooooof...... They can't even properly provide Internet half the time.
PJB Rown (5 days ago)
Uhhhhh... they better have some quality control.
Jay Leu (5 days ago)
Kozmik Cat (5 days ago)
Good. More choices are always good. Stop trying to make big companies naines for the consumers...
Etriuswimbleton (5 days ago)
Oh look jim! Its the splatoon octo expansion listed in one the features. Its like its calling you jimmy boy. Jimmmyyyyyyy octo expansion jimmyyyy
superotakuhshow (5 days ago)
Sure Nintendo drown your store like steam did.
RLS0812 (5 days ago)
Steam sales are up over 30% since they started letting everyone sell their turds ... Nintendo is just following the money !
Otto Jetto (5 days ago)
*Nintendo* knows that most big publishers won't port PS4/Xbox one games or invest much in the Switch. if you look back at the Nintendo's history with third party in the last few years, you'd understand why they're getting 20-30 indie games a week. That and they know that PC players would love a handheld device. That's why they're investing in cross-play.
Morbid Desire (5 days ago)
I'm just gonna come out here and say it. I don't like indie games. I just want games that makes it easy to play with friends.
Cameron Leaney (5 days ago)
I don't understand your issue with this
GamerOtaku PS4nSwitch (5 days ago)
Well they are going to screw the pooch. They have a good thing going but their eShop even if they only release a few games a week is going to go to shit because it's just done so so badly. It's by far the worst of the consoles and or really any modern digital marketplace. It's sad because they are missing so much in their eShop/OS. Such basic features are missing. They need to spend more money on this kinda thing. Currently it's pathetic imo. If they release that many games it will just turn to crap. The already release way to much a week as it is imo and most of it but a few things are crap.
Sounds like capitalism is shit???
Q Z (5 days ago)
Christian Gezle Dela Cruz everyone knows that communists make all the great games.
Daniel Cope (5 days ago)
reckon that's more friggin 3rd party support a week than the wiiU got in its whole lifespan!
7stringprogmetalguy (5 days ago)
Nintendo just doesn't understand the concept of market saturation, do they?
Nexus King (5 days ago)
No life of black tiger? I don't care then
Evilanious (5 days ago)
Dafuq is that game in the background? It looks like a positively dreadful experience. Gives me a headache with the recoil.
Intelligenz Bestie (5 days ago)
Infinite content Infinite content we're infintely content cause we lost it all nothing lasts forever I'm sorry i can't be perfect Infinite content Infinite content wer're infintely content now it's just too late and we can't go back I'm sorry- i can't- -be perfect.
meh meh (5 days ago)
Steam 2.0
Tiago Fonseca (5 days ago)
I don't want the eshop polluted :(
Soulless Living (5 days ago)
I want a max of 14 indie games a week
BladeChild (5 days ago)
There might be 30 decent indie games within a year. Nintendo are gonna turn the Switch into some shitty Steam store.
Jesse Poulton (5 days ago)
Probably been said a million times, but i woudln't mind seeing clips of games you liked now buried, rather than 5 minutes of dross.
Shiirow (5 days ago)
Nindies or Nin Dies

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