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GoPro: Danny MacAskill - Cascadia

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Join Danny MacAskill on an insane journey across the rooftops of Gran Canaria. Mixing vertigo-inducing lines and killer POV-footage, “Cascadia” delivers some incredible riding. In collaboration with Mount Creative http://www.mountcreative.com/ and Vision Ramps http://visionramps.co.uk/ A Special Thanks to the wonderful people of Gran Canaria who opened their homes to us and helped make this project a reality. Muchas gracias a la gente de Gran Canaria por tu hospitalidad! Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪http://GoPro.com. #GoPro Get stoked and subscribe: http://goo.gl/HgVXpQ To license clips from this video go to https://licensing.gopro.com Music The Dodos "Fools" Link to buy: https://goo.gl/BsRzZV For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gopro Twitter: https://twitter.com/gopro Instagram: https://instagram.com/gopro Tumblr: http://gopro.tumblr.com/ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/gopro Vine: https://goo.gl/m3nQz7
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Text Comments (12287)
Димарик (3 hours ago)
Хрен кто повторит))
Ankit Sharma (3 hours ago)
I saw the colorful houses and then the sea...then I realized....great place and hence great people..love and respect for you man...what you do is impossible for me.
Rajeev sen (5 hours ago)
Bro amigings and very denguras
Franco Isa (6 hours ago)
Joseph Barrionuevo (6 hours ago)
Igor Tomljanovic (18 hours ago)
OMG this is insane!!!
yadayadah27 (19 hours ago)
How I commute to work
Serega SHOW (22 hours ago)
вау весьма отлично good
Prabesh shrestha (22 hours ago)
Kiran Singh (1 day ago)
Very good
Krishna Kushwah (1 day ago)
You go at Guinness World Record
Aziz Nawaz (1 day ago)
Amazing man... you are really hardworker.
Sushant Dhamala (1 day ago)
1:40 sounded like a fart😆
Rajesh Prajapati (1 day ago)
I am from india. But this is a awesome. Great achivement.
hooker321911 (1 day ago)
Lost for words in first 3min
Ratnadeep Gaikwad (1 day ago)
Which bicycle company ?
Apostal (1 day ago)
Rahmat Hidayat (1 day ago)
Anas Sossi (1 day ago)
Wow super 💪💪
luiz angel (1 day ago)
green background full
Dario Herculano (1 day ago)
гоша гошев (1 day ago)
Я тоже этак умею
Jangly Riff (1 day ago)
Absolute sheer insanity! This guy is my hero!
Flying Superman (1 day ago)
One thing I hate about GoPro is that they seem to support people who don't appreciate their life. This is an extremely disturbing video and should not be on Youtube.
Nw s (1 day ago)
Out standing brother
Harry Makongwa (1 day ago)
How comes those dislikes appear please that thumb down icon should be removed ..
Sheena Hardy (1 day ago)
I can’t go pro forma for my dirtbike
Dinesh Rathi (1 day ago)
You are a super hero
Sami Khan (1 day ago)
Akshay Debbarma (2 days ago)
Woooow you are awesome
Amit Kumar (2 days ago)
SOHEL ANSARI (2 days ago)
outstanding stunt
Sơn Anh (2 days ago)
Why do you wear a helmet 😒
commedy crew (2 days ago)
you don't know
Som Bdr Rai (2 days ago)
Omg n wow
Ez buggati (2 days ago)
he must be a part of Avengers or team up with Ghost rider
kevin bautista (2 days ago)
KIRA # (2 days ago)
Yo quiero entrar en la gopro pero haciendo parkour
Worth watching (2 days ago)
He's got some iron balls, that I'll guarantee.
Bro u are awesome ....... Keep it up .. U are above standards.. Ready Steady Bike cycle Hats off Great Mam Awesome Go pro Wowwwwww
Md Jawaid Ali (2 days ago)
What are you doing bro
Md Jawaid Ali (2 days ago)
What the hell
Navi deepa (2 days ago)
Amazing superb wowwwww 👌👍👌
Paul Raj (3 days ago)
he is excellent
This man's incredible talent is not enhanced by performing such amazing feats at heights where he could fall to his death. The only thing Red Bull is doing is encouraging young and easily influenced people to go out and try to do the same or better...and they will...and some will die or end up permanently paralyzed. Red Bull is demonstrating that what they care about is money. Money at any cost.
Yuki Yuki (3 days ago)
I wonder if he still need to walk? 👏👏👏👏
One hundred private property violations later...
J.G Tiwari (3 days ago)
Cool ksm se
Ragul Prasad (3 days ago)
It's real?..
yadav style (3 days ago)
Is cycle ka brand kya hai
Rohit Kumar (3 days ago)
Got bored of good old roads long time ago...
Bilal Khalid (3 days ago)
Atleast hes wearing a helmet.
asit kandpal (3 days ago)
Do not try this at home 😂😂
Nraaja Shekar (4 days ago)
If you roam like this . How can you reach homr
Seema Tulave (4 days ago)
buddha knowledge (4 days ago)
Brave work bro .i wish you very good luck 🙌😘😘 Love from Bodhgaya, India
Faisal Chowdhury (4 days ago)
mahesh kamboya (4 days ago)
inner opinion (4 days ago)
Do you have the same fun going up town? I guess not....... By the way, if i lived in that town, and you fell on my roof top next to me,like you did to the old guy...i would shot you down. hahahaha
Mohhmad. Furqan (4 days ago)
Awais Rasheed (4 days ago)
i am dead now...
Diatta Laye Ndoye (4 days ago)
Who dare to try this ? Not me
chico ashgrove (5 days ago)
the music parallel with the movements of the bike parallel with the movements of his body
jivy bustamante (5 days ago)
All I can say is WOW...
Sintu Kumar (5 days ago)
Rafael Gonçalves (5 days ago)
Cada maluco com suas manias diz o ditado kkkk
depois qui enventaram o computador tudo é possível
Justin NetfliX (5 days ago)
Crazy : this video
B R (5 days ago)
10000 cameras... Amazing dude
kaykay london (5 days ago)
Wow...just Wow...FML Mad skillz.
Danliziar Mateo (5 days ago)
Wow Amazing the bicycle was floating in the water i wonder what's the weight of that bike
Aj Aahil (5 days ago)
He is a real Daredevil
Faisal Prince (5 days ago)
Even i Scared when u saw the video How daring he is...! Legend ❤️
Life is awesome (5 days ago)
Go Pro you are just praising a suicidal attempt. Nothing good in this video. A line b/w entertainment and death has vanished here.
Green Man (5 days ago)
Amk yalanci
Ratnesh Ghadge (6 days ago)
abssuper 20 (6 days ago)
Shit that's scary!!!
Daksh Dhiman (6 days ago)
Great love from india unbeleivable and so stunning wow i am amazed and speechless
Tuptastic Studios (6 days ago)
R.i.p. tires
이채원 (6 days ago)
이제는 뭐 자전거로 파쿠르하냐??ㅋㅋㅋ
Nitesh Gupta (6 days ago)
In which water body he going
Charis Munandar (6 days ago)
He's not human 😆
DIY CREATIVE (7 days ago)
Anshul Arya (7 days ago)
PicsArt ka star (7 days ago)
Wow 🤔🤔 you are amazing
SoulEater859 (2 days ago)
So are you 😆
Ellaine (7 days ago)
Malarat Gaming (7 days ago)
Ankur Gulati (7 days ago)
Why are you risking your life... though you have immense talent..but still it will create a wrong intention to the untrained youth.
Ejosnel Toro (7 days ago)
Que do cabr..........
Droga Rocha (7 days ago)
Vcs conseque tudo ne gente
Lol King (7 days ago)
Parkour on cycle
artejona Ulloa (7 days ago)
Waooooooooooooooo increible
artejona Ulloa (7 days ago)
Heyy brother
Technical Rohit (7 days ago)
After watching this video was the guy in the video death
Andreas Hoppe (8 days ago)
If he falls he got RB to give him wings
Addicted To What (8 days ago)
Unbelievable this guy!
Amol G (8 days ago)
OMG , this can't be true Must be CGI effects
Are you kidding me. Your is the best.
Priya Agnihotri (8 days ago)
Very nice

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