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All 13 New Switch Games RELEASE | Nintendo News

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This week 2 June 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (LATEST!)24 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIp_gtRaCuc (NEW!)10 BIG Switch Games Announced In May https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuxsPM7wjGo -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (152)
SwitchPlanet (3 months ago)
(LATEST!)24 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIp_gtRaCuc (NEW!)10 BIG Switch Games Announced In May https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuxsPM7wjGo
GimpyTheSpaceman (3 months ago)
A lot of these "garbage" games are on Xbox and PS4 as well as the PC. Stop fucking bitching for fuck's sake. Game development takes time, and the Switch is only in its second year. The PS4 and Xbox have had three or four more years to have their studios develop games for them.
Broken Fiction (3 months ago)
Some one has probably already mentioned this but Alchemic Jousts says unreleased in NA but I'm pretty sure it's available on the NA eshop Right Now.
Todd Leger (3 months ago)
Pretty sure 90% of switch games are platformers
Khalith (3 months ago)
So many side scrollers, mobile games, and shovelware in the eshop.
guily6669 (3 months ago)
Jeez, this is getting worse by each month or what? This wave of games, most look like android unfinished or random creepy or crap games...
I love you.
brrnay (3 months ago)
paladins is 29.99 not 59.99
정승호 (3 months ago)
Isn't it FREE???????
Jean Changuion (3 months ago)
We need big name games not mobile games
NekoRooru (3 months ago)
Literally, most of them look like trash. But the price will be high af in our region. Incredible policy.
kaan Taskiran (3 months ago)
And fortnite?
So paladins Cost 60 dollars and i buyed founders pack For 30 dollars and the game is free
Xenudium (3 months ago)
Lol why paladis is paid
Jonas Zitzer (3 months ago)
Paladins is 29,99
Squirtle Squad (3 months ago)
Switch home of the worst games ever. Don't get me wrong it has like 10 good games 😂😂😂
MrAgux (3 months ago)
Paladins actually is 29.99 and will have free mode in summer..
Pablo Vinícius (3 months ago)
pq só tem americano nessa merda ;-;
정승호 (3 months ago)
We need more games
LaToya Hill (3 months ago)
Better games
Tamonizer (3 months ago)
Seriously needs some better quality assurance and more rigorous standards. Even the PSvita releases better stream of games than this weekly churn of 90% trash. A lot of these are imitation of games already released in the eshop. I love my switch, but nintendo needs to refocus on quality.
とみー/tommy (3 months ago)
Pikachu (3 months ago)
jabluebeetle (3 months ago)
Only game im just interested for the switch is dark souls TWEWY and z fighters.fortnight not a huge fan
Jairo Lobato Mejia (3 months ago)
Que juegos tan malos cadavez sacan uno juegos muy feos no vale la pena comprar esos tan malo y caro para esas hrasias los descarga en el celular con emulador yo pense que la swist tenia juegos de alto nivel pero son muy poquitos y sacan juegos nuevos como para el celular no para la swist
ashutosh Mishra (3 months ago)
i seriously weep fir switch owners might have just bought a 3ds if liked getting fucked in ANUS but straight up switch boy o boy you guys literally want pounding
succ my ween (3 months ago)
Deadass that tennis game will sell only 2 copies
정승호 (3 months ago)
CHRISTIAN R. I think thats true...or I might be stupid person who will gonna buyt it.
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
Eat peepee nigga and it’s only cause 1 stupid person bought it twice by mistake
Crazy Master (3 months ago)
Not to all the games but so much garbage, the toy racing scalextric WTF I tough that was a joke XD
King A.G Da Halfbreed (3 months ago)
Something of theses games r trash like apps and thy charge top dollar it's coming on 1st year when thy Gna cheapen game prices and release better designed games????
Boybacintown (3 months ago)
Nice iOS phone games I’m glad a 400$ console with the price tag competing with a console like the ps4 that has graphics and great games like last of us only has 80% phone games marked up 500%....... seriously I love the switch but we need actual games. Stop with the stupid side scrolling games and dumb platformers we are in 2018 we need actual games with quality.
Shanayde Walker (3 months ago)
Lol @the tennis game.......rn I'm content with mario tennis
seargeantfirstclass (3 months ago)
I haven't watched the vid yet cuz switch planet has been click bating us all month long so he's using paladins for the thumbnail. Can anyone tell me if paladin is on the list? If not then I'm disliking the vid #makeswitchplanetgreatagain
violentvito (3 months ago)
seargeantfirstclass it is
John Wilson (3 months ago)
Nintendo is king of releasing new consoles and no games
that slot_car_guy (3 months ago)
Pleeese E3 promise some decent games... I'm a little over these indies slash filler games... Giving the switch one final chance
Tem br
Seniku Moonjewel (3 months ago)
Tennis Wold Tour 'Approved'? LOL.. you're shitting me, have you not see it working?
Brazen OW (3 months ago)
We should get dragonnest on switch
Jeeses99 (3 months ago)
If we're getting Paladins. We should get overwatch. 90% of shooting games should run at 60fps on the Switch. Overwatch, CoD, Battlefield, Titanfall 2, etc. None of them are demanding at all and should easily run well
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
Jeeses99 Wrong. So very wrong
Nieron (3 months ago)
Ни 1-го Русского хотя все наименования и описание на Русском
Holly shit.Some very very very bad games. garbage. Nintendo is going down.
Versace Pancakes (3 months ago)
That Soccer game looks fun as hell, I can play that one with my wife.
ashutosh Mishra (3 months ago)
Versace Pancakes you can play a lot of things if you have a wife😉😉
marky bbop (3 months ago)
Getting paladins. Looks more interesting than overwatch and I loved that game. It's a good price considering all the characters you get
taroky furukawa (3 months ago)
marky bbop prepare for the flames my friend.
xconvermilion (3 months ago)
Where the hell is dragon quest and ys.
Blu Gill (3 months ago)
No paladins i saving for octopath and mhgu
DarthQball (3 months ago)
Looking at the comments of all these people whining in sad. Idk if it’s just Switch owners or dumb people but they need to use their brain. If the Switch didn’t get the smaller titles there would be nothing to play in between the bigger releases.
Dysth Ymia (3 months ago)
Steam Greenlight 2.0
DarthQball (3 months ago)
You’re a dipshit 2.0
Tremor Cognome (3 months ago)
Tb fortine
chris spedding (3 months ago)
Garbage!! Switch is clearly better than this heap of games!!
chris spedding (3 months ago)
JAMES C well if you're happy to lap this shite up, then be my guest.
chris spedding (3 months ago)
CHRISTIAN R. Haha well said
CHRISTIAN R. (3 months ago)
chris spedding of course it’s gonna show better games. Nintendo isn’t gonna put this shit in their directs lol
JAMES C (3 months ago)
chris spedding says this now but will blow his load watching E3. Hang in there princess, there will be more to come. BTW, Nintendo doesn't make games just for middle age jerks. Think about it. Somebody is playing the games and spending the money.
that slot_car_guy (3 months ago)
chris spedding I agree mate.. We pay a premium price for the console but get flooded with mobile games.... I hope Xbox or Sony release a new handheld to really show how it should be done
S.F Endless (3 months ago)
Isn't Paladins another garbage copy of Overwatch? It looks like OW in a potato graphic and texture!
정승호 (3 months ago)
S.F Endless How much do you get from Blizzard by doing that every single Paladins related video? It would be lazy and good job for me :3
taroky furukawa (3 months ago)
Christian Valentin I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are saying. Probably cause your so retarded
Christian Valentin (3 months ago)
taroky furukawa stop making some stuff up. Go read back the thread and see how cringey and stupid you guys are.
taroky furukawa (3 months ago)
Christian Valentin? Wow what a pathetic little shit. You know when you’re at the point of no return when you use LOL. Go back to the play ground.
Christian Valentin (3 months ago)
taroky furukawa and we can just agree that you're one dumb salty juvenile too. I'm not shitting on any games here. It's funny seeing you guys lose your shit. LOL
SmeekOMG (3 months ago)
So paladins a free game on every console will cost me $60 on my Switch
Crispy (3 months ago)
It’s the founders edition... The free version comes out later
brrnay (3 months ago)
typo i guess? it's 29.99 right now but you get everything right away.. basically it's early access and all the characters.. but it'll be free to play "this summer" it says on eshop so probably a month maybe two it'll be free with the option to buy stuff.
jabluebeetle (3 months ago)
Its free its just 30 for all characters and early access
Zomani 567 (3 months ago)
Gamblings a free version will come soon but if you want you can buy the Founders version for $30 which comes with everything it’s not going to be $60 SwitchForce just doesn’t research before making lists
Alan Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Gamblings it’s $30 if you want to get the Founders Pack but a free version will come later in the summer.
Mik Mak (3 months ago)
God Wars! FTW!
Slingshot David (3 months ago)
let me get the game for free which is free now and let me earn the characters on my own or decide if i want to pay for the characters throwing a free game behind a paywall..shame on u nintendo...microsoft and sony teaching u da ways of the money demon
Jennifer Cushman (3 months ago)
The only game that really looks interesting is Hexologic. So I am definitely getting that game when it comes out.
weymasters (3 months ago)
Vaya truñaco esta consola la voy a vender
Stephen Crockett (3 months ago)
I love my switch but dam it has a lot of garbage games
Joel Abraham (3 months ago)
Ali Chandra yeah but you gotta scroll through them all on the eshop
Joel Abraham (3 months ago)
Yeah just like the wii used to be
John Wilson (3 months ago)
cell phone games at best
that slot_car_guy (3 months ago)
I have to agree the switch is pretty much a indie money maker device... It's sad that Nintendo isn't releasing golden titles or the 3rd party games are more powerful then 8bit... Don't get me wrong I'm an old school gamer love but let's move on from that and start releasing some killer titles
karl eichholtz (3 months ago)
I'm going for Paladins.
Slingshot David (3 months ago)
boat load of steam game rejects and paladins which is free everywhere else but switch sign ,e up(patrick star voice)
Slingshot David (3 months ago)
oh i didnt know its free to download day 1 without paying
정승호 (3 months ago)
Slingshot David Its free M8, thats just DLC.
marky bbop (3 months ago)
Slingshot David. Your a dick. Fact
Slingshot David (3 months ago)
shame on you
Alexandre Chevrier (3 months ago)
Slingshot David it's also free on the switch idiot, what you can buy is the founders pack which you can also buy on every other platform
peer b (3 months ago)
Wauw hahaha ha good job Nintendo you make paladins for €60 and on Ps4 and pc is it for free hahaha rip
yxdesty -_- (3 months ago)
au top comme dab
Fairfax Video (3 months ago)
"JOLT: Or how school projects become a complete financial failure".
John Dalzell (3 months ago)
0:58 proof that the switch planet approval means nothing lol
CaptainYoshi64 (3 months ago)
Enrique Pinero in the next video that shows that same game, the Switch Approved sign isn't there. I think they mad a mistake. Also, it's just the Creator's opinion I believe.
Enrique Pinero (3 months ago)
That's not true! It means Jack, which is a bit different than nothing.
Unsurence (3 months ago)
Paladins Founder's is actually 30 dollars. You can get it for 16 if you switch it to Mexico and get it off their eshop. Free later in the Summer.
Sanji Vinsmoke (3 months ago)
JAMES C i can only think about 2 possible answers, 1- you are trolling or 2- you are the dumbest person on earth.
Charlie el gato (3 months ago)
James C what he means is create an account and switch your region to Mexico and you can can get it for 16 on their eshop
JAMES C (3 months ago)
Sweaterpup thanks for that dumb idea. I'm pretty sure the total cost is higher after I fly to Mexico or have it sent FedEx or have it smuggled through with drugs. Of all the bad comments I've read this week, you're the worst.
marky bbop (3 months ago)
Your selling the it's free later wrong though. It's free with one character and you have to buy the rest. Purchasing the founders pack gives you all the characters .along it cheaper. Who on earth is going to wait for the free version and only play with one character
juan alberto (3 months ago)
Sweaterpup héroe sin capa
A.J. Diaz (3 months ago)
1st yeea
CaptainYoshi64 (3 months ago)
So many games, such little time.
CaptainYoshi64 (3 months ago)
nowonmetube Wow.
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
CaptainYoshi64 I know what you mean... (just look at my Pixelart Games Playlist)
Robert Jan Atencio (3 months ago)

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