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Is Nintendo Switch Worth It? | Before You Buy, EVERYTHING You NEED to Know!

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Is Nintendo Switch really worth buying? COMPLETE REVIEW of ALL the features & if Switch is worth it! ◢Twitter - http://twitter.com/MassiveNetwork ◢Facebook - http://fb.me/MassiveNetwork ◢Subscribe!: http://bit.ly/1ycoGsk ◢Google+ - http://goo.gl/gEiI5 Check out the games for Nintendo Switch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_s29xETMk Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS Switch, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Bomberman R, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fire Emblem Warriors, 1-2 Switch ...and MANY MORE! The Switch is a "hybrid" console, allowing different modes of play. Its main unit is shaped like a tablet computer which can be used portably as-is, or connected to a television display through a detachable docking station. In addition it can also be used in a tapletop form with its kickstand. Despite these characteristics, Nintendo markets the Switch primarily as a home console rather than as a portable. Its most distinguishable feature are the "Joy-Con" controllers. These are two detachable controllers that can be either attached to a "Grip" to provide a traditional home console gamepad form, attached on either side of the main unit for handheld play, or can be used individually in the hand like Nintendo's Wii Remote. The Joy-Cons are similarly motion-sensitive, and feature NFC for reading Amiibo data. The Switch uses flash ROM cartridges for media, rather than optical discs.
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MassiveG (1 year ago)
Check out my breakdown of ALL 58+ Nintendo Switch Games coming in 2017 & 2018! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_s29xETMk
Quackles (3 days ago)
What you need for switch £270 switch £30-£50 for game £50 pro controller £18 for online services for a year £338 (not include game because price can vary)
maria girelli (2 months ago)
Jacob Koval (4 months ago)
MassiveG it cant play battle field 1 Graphics Bad
Xepitroix (5 months ago)
Thanks for the helpful video! Now I know I should definitely buy the Nintendo Switch.
Viggo Walboom (6 months ago)
MassiveG no
AMM0beatz (7 hours ago)
How many if you buy games and never beat it and just sits on the shelf and collects dust? Im that guy
Shanaza W (7 hours ago)
A few years ago I got the 3ds xl for $170 dollars that came with animal crossing new leaf! I got it at such a good price but now i think it’s time to upgrade to the switch! And animal crossing is coming to the switch :)
AinnMS (10 hours ago)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Do I need to say more?
Le Blue Scout (11 hours ago)
But it't cant play battlefield 1 and bad graphics!!!!!
inceptor sucks (12 hours ago)
Why am i watching this i alreadybought one
CHILLIN / S.L.M (16 hours ago)
It just feels like they made it like this on purpose just so you would have to buy accessories. I like the idea of the joy cons reality feeling system, but they should've tone down that to make it cheaper Idk, I can't really look at the switch and say it's good. I haven't really said a lot ( because this would be a long comment) but I would wait for the other consoles that are coming out right to see if they're good or bad and if I can buy them. Edit: I'm not saying nintendos scamming or anything. This is just one of the reasons why the 3DS is my favorite console ( oh and I guess PC too)
Brea Nicoll (17 hours ago)
Fortnite is free nd it comes with a game so that fact was faulty
MrNeilTV (21 hours ago)
Is Pokémon worth $400 some dollars 🤨
Thwompthing (1 day ago)
Not worth it unless you can afford it, just like the Wii and Wii U. Mario games are PERFECT on Wii and Wii U so Yes, i would say buy the console.
The golden Duck (1 day ago)
$300 in Australia it’s $400
Kristaps 0707 (1 day ago)
The new 3ds xl Battery lasts 7 hours and takes 3 hours to charg
Louie Rivera (2 days ago)
I mean, other than zelda and smash bros, i just dont see any playability. And that sucks cuz i really want one. Also, knowing nintendo, theyll make an XL version after i purchase it. I just feel the titles are limited or kiddy
Brahman Aatman (2 days ago)
Man... what a 5 star review. Loved it.... I wish all reviews are like this; one stop, no non sense, hilarious yet amazingly informative. Great job buddy 👍
saksağan (2 days ago)
now you need to pay 20 dollars for online play
saksağan (2 days ago)
my rewiew:had revolutionary tech but the quality of the games are horrible 10/100
Braiskumies (2 days ago)
Im just buying switch couse of the tablet mode
Camille Walker (3 days ago)
are you playing terminator music at 12 minutes? lol!
Eastside Strong Arm (3 days ago)
the switch is actually a really clever device. I wasn't super impressed initially, but i am getting quite warmed up to it for what it was designed for. Nintendo nailed it.
Willy's Toys (3 days ago)
we bought one and unboxed it recently, check it out!
dominick strain (3 days ago)
From what I've seen, I think a huge drawback to the switch is that it can't stream netflix, hulu etc.
abig- dealz (3 days ago)
I can answer that "NO"
Leo Casi (4 days ago)
Revvy The Tank Engine (4 days ago)
This is everything I wanted with the Vita
xxCrimsonSpiritxx (4 days ago)
4:44 Gaming in 2019 ladies and fuckin gents.... Btw nice to see you making vids massive, much love
SMD Productions (4 days ago)
Ryan Williams (4 days ago)
The hardest part *IS* the unknown! I couldn't agree more, and yeah I am a person who takes rumors as facts.
Amazon Creature Thing (4 days ago)
4:44 XD
Ben S (4 days ago)
If you have a switch prepare for a lot of hate. People will see you with one and cover your switch. It’s an amazing system worth every penny.
Ben S (4 days ago)
Chris Rorer (5 days ago)
I bought one Nov 1st I know it's worth it
Morgan Greenwood (5 days ago)
I really like the video but why does he sound like Ben Wyatt doing Batman?
Champion Z (6 days ago)
The prices for the joy-cons and for the pro controller are wrong. They are flip-flopped.
Displayjackgamer Yt (6 days ago)
I have a Nintendo Switch so I wanted to know if I should buy another one by this video
Tommy Marino (6 days ago)
Still don’t have one ;_;
Mikoto Misaka (7 days ago)
I will say no cuz in SA is R7000 And xbox one S and ps4 its that much too so i say better to get Xbox one S Or PS4 cuz it has more games and tuff i ask my bro and my friend thay say thay would prefer the xbox one s so yeah not worth it its to expensive
Joel L (7 days ago)
Im waiting for my smash bros edition
Dan B. (7 days ago)
It's not 300 bucks. It's like 500 if you consider the additional things you'll need (extra controllers, SD cards, initial games etc..)
A.o.dEntertainment (7 days ago)
Amazon Products You Can Buy One Here You welcome !!! https://amzn.to/2qFxUO9
Mike PF (8 days ago)
Every penny
Zachery Ballenger (8 days ago)
Game consoles these days are all about online multiplayer. I have a wife and two kids and the idea of playing games with all four of us on the same system sounds awesome. Can’t wait for our switch
WintryAcrobat53 (8 days ago)
Do you need an online pass to play MineCraft multiplayer?
Mitteroid Music (9 days ago)
I was thinking of getting this and you absolutely sold me. Thank you :P
Ekbahadur Pun (10 days ago)
I’m Getting One For Christmas
Jonathan Peña (10 days ago)
Could you please not force your voice so much when narrating? Sounds pretty silly, like the type of voice people make when impersonating movie trailer voiceovers. Make it more natural!
Jonathan Peña (10 days ago)
Voice too edgy! Sounds like Geralt of Rivia.
Jowel Martin (10 days ago)
Roberto Miali (11 days ago)
Nintendo need to start expanding in theor games, everytime nintendo bring out a console or some sort they bring out the same shit, not hating on mario or zelda btw but we do want more variety.
faded too long (11 days ago)
U know what? Consoles are only worth it their last 3-2 years
ERICK 11220 (12 days ago)
Terminator music 👀🔥
Sam4gaming (13 days ago)
Tatem Poelma (13 days ago)
fortnite is on it, it will be fine.
mr high (13 days ago)
Someone buy one for me and send it to me or send me ur old one becuz i dont even have ps or pc or xbox
kaizenitou Z (13 days ago)
The answer is no
blew nose (14 days ago)
I've had Xbox/360 for years now but I'm thinking I'm going to switch.
SenselessBonkai (14 days ago)
Let's be honest.....we're only here for smash bros baby!!!!
Redlee Aquilina (14 days ago)
can you play fortnite online for free
Redlee Aquilina (3 days ago)
+Iskateminilogo first of all you are the chooblet here and secondly i found out you can play fortnite for free on the switch
Iskateminilogo (8 days ago)
no chooblet
DavinAtGaming _20_04 (14 days ago)
But... I have a 16GB smartphone!!!
Marty D (15 days ago)
I know it’s 2018 and this has been out for a minute but I’m a current PS4 owner, however I miss the adventure games and Mario games and really dig the features within this system. Is it worth getting at this point and time and for the current selling price?
JohnTheSlider (15 days ago)
You sound like you should be voicing a Michael Connelly novel.
Daniel Jordan (15 days ago)
I love my switch! I just hope that Nintendo has a good roadmap and is further supported by Devs ♥️
og (17 days ago)
This guy is amazing
Walker Farnsworth (17 days ago)
Smash Ultimate - *I'M SOLD*
Titanium Wolf (17 days ago)
Personally, I got it in November, the same year it came out, and I’ve gotten pretty bored of it. I don’t find the selection of games to be good (except Zelda and the Mario games, (except Rabbids Kingdom)). If you go on a plane, it is very good to have because you can easily kill time and there’s something about it that makes it playing on a plane so much fun! But even with those good games, you’ll easily finish them which makes my switch just sitting in the dock on a desk. I enjoy taking it on the go, when I have a game to play, but just don’t want to play it at home. And just recently since they came out with their online service, their classic games aren’t that great right now, but it’s price is reasonable, $20 for a whole year, while Xbox is $25 for 3 months! Since I have an Xbox, and with holiday 2018 games, that’ll just make me not play my switch for a few months!! If I had to give it a rating, I would give it a 7/10. If you don’t have any other game console, or you’re on the go a lot, I highly recommend getting one!
pikachu the evil (17 days ago)
I've had my switch joycons die multiple times cause how much I play my switch
george hunt (17 days ago)
The switch is an amazing console. It's great for games like Mario kart and Zelda. Just need to try LA Noire
Catherine Stone (18 days ago)
I want to buy the Smash limited edition bundle but have heard that its going to take up a lot of storage, I don't know what to do, I really want the limited edition :/
Hoang Minh Nguyen (19 days ago)
Bought it only for pokemon
Dough Kerman (19 days ago)
How dare you talk rubbish about "Call of Battlefield Shooter™"!? I'm telling my mum!
Bella Rose Art (20 days ago)
The Japanse part is over at 9:16 thank me later😂
Foxtrot November (20 days ago)
Considering the fact that nintendo switch cost $300. There are some reasons why you shouldn't buy this in the first place such as: 1. The display is only 6.2! It should've been 7 inch display! 2. Build quality is very poor. And could get scratch unless you have a case in it. 3. Internal storage are so small. You need to buy an expensive MICROSD card to store more. 4. Uses LCD display. 5. Games are twice more expensive than the PC, Xbox, or the playstation. 6. Uncertainty that this unit would last for 4 - 5 years until nintendo release a new gen. of nintendo switch.
Zechariah Hall (21 days ago)
I already own a switch, and I love it... Why am I watching this video?
Woosh (21 days ago)
Love the terminator theme music.
NowA NevA (22 days ago)
It's pretty much a given when buying Nintendo that graphics are not a main concern or need. If it is don't go for Nintendo products.
Arnold Cranium (23 days ago)
I loved the gamecube too bro..
Slasher Voorhees (23 days ago)
11:20 Terminator theme music in the background🤖
better_call_los (24 days ago)
you almost sounded like all might from my hero academia in some parts. lol
Hydra Gamer (24 days ago)
He says "Nintendo's xbox live"😂🤣
meowster the third (25 days ago)
the gamer (25 days ago)
I'm getting a switch h next month
The Funny Eevee (26 days ago)
Super Mario party and super Mario odyssey!!!yea!!!
David Bruton (27 days ago)
Ok when i pay for that grip controler charger, and pay for the extra memory im looking at atound 400 bucks?
Marklikesriffs (29 days ago)
I had it for a year it is not worth it Botw is better on pc and the only other two games I was interested in was Mario odessy and dk tropical freeze so nah Nintendo costs too much for a small amount of games no third party and long releases between the reason people buy the console,the only franchises which Nintendo have which are truly legendary and consistent are Zelda and Mario and Mario is hit and miss for me so all that money to just play Zelda which whilst is a gaming legend and always guarantees quality,is not worth the rip off prices and dumb shit Nintendo pulls off
Wikipedia sensation (30 days ago)
But it has fortnite
Brandon Collins (1 month ago)
theomegared02 (1 month ago)
But it can't play battlefield 1 graphics are bad ...... Made me die laughing.....great review
Juan De La Garza (1 month ago)
simon is worth it
OnPoint (1 month ago)
Do you need the online service to play fortnite
Hut*Duarte (17 days ago)
mapleforce (1 month ago)
I got scared when i heard i needed to pay for the online, But its for mario kart or splatoon. So flame in the flood and fortnite wont need it
Agustín Lorenzo (1 month ago)
Is it worth the Switch from ps4 to nintendo?
Duck Er (1 month ago)
Corn Dawg 1198 (1 month ago)
Just got one yesterday. I was worried the joycon grip would be uncomfortable but its actually not bad at all.
Wester Jester (1 month ago)
Those in uk not happy about crazy currency conversion dont worry cos the £ will drop value to the $. That means we would be paying even more not less. Thats bad news gone terrible. But the £ wont fall to the $. Its just scare shit as usual for jumping out of bed with nwo. Uk will turn to the commonwealth and developing nations. Doing a china, plus Germany NO RED TAPE hindering goals. Nobody wants to work with Europe. They talk Europe through UK.
Wester Jester (1 month ago)
Its £70 for joycons pack off ebay new. Thats $91 us. $119ca and $128au. The £ is still a generation from the dollar even at brexits worst betrayals. The worst being usa and Germany meeting to discuss tearing down Rnhs. On fair competition grounds the cheeky basterds its tax funded isnt in any competition and definitely not at home theres no monopoly in the NHS they just cant over sell us cos our service loses money pumping us full of crap we dont need. The polls changed that day that news broke.
iTs NiHaLIsSoUp (1 month ago)
I wish I had a switch :( I can't get it .......
Mr Browneyes Caremel (1 month ago)
Best switch video on YouTube. It actually answered my question
DepressoExpresso (1 month ago)
Too late. just bought one lol
amy mcmonagle (1 month ago)
that's nice to now
Alicia Fleming (1 month ago)
Honestly this would have helped if I saw this before I got my switch rip
Labc0at (1 month ago)
As a PC gamer, I bought it so that I could play the new pokemon and smash in the future. It has great games rn too
Ryan Le (1 month ago)
4:49 OMG lol
Hayden Foster (1 month ago)
I was considering buying the Switch, until I saw the subscription fee stuff. Feels like these companies are gouging us for stuff at every opportunity.

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