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Is Nintendo Switch Worth It? | Before You Buy, EVERYTHING You NEED to Know!

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Is Nintendo Switch really worth buying? COMPLETE REVIEW of ALL the features & if Switch is worth it! ◢Twitter - http://twitter.com/MassiveNetwork ◢Facebook - http://fb.me/MassiveNetwork ◢Subscribe!: http://bit.ly/1ycoGsk ◢Google+ - http://goo.gl/gEiI5 Check out the games for Nintendo Switch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_s29xETMk Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS Switch, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Bomberman R, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fire Emblem Warriors, 1-2 Switch ...and MANY MORE! The Switch is a "hybrid" console, allowing different modes of play. Its main unit is shaped like a tablet computer which can be used portably as-is, or connected to a television display through a detachable docking station. In addition it can also be used in a tapletop form with its kickstand. Despite these characteristics, Nintendo markets the Switch primarily as a home console rather than as a portable. Its most distinguishable feature are the "Joy-Con" controllers. These are two detachable controllers that can be either attached to a "Grip" to provide a traditional home console gamepad form, attached on either side of the main unit for handheld play, or can be used individually in the hand like Nintendo's Wii Remote. The Joy-Cons are similarly motion-sensitive, and feature NFC for reading Amiibo data. The Switch uses flash ROM cartridges for media, rather than optical discs.
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MassiveG (1 year ago)
Check out my breakdown of ALL 58+ Nintendo Switch Games coming in 2017 & 2018! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_s29xETMk
pumma mahay (1 month ago)
Stop trying to not make switch thinking them to not by the switch
TV Tech (5 months ago)
its all lies, we are nearly in 2018 and all the games you mentions have all been cancelled or are indie crap.
SuperbroRules25 (5 months ago)
MassiveG I have to thank you for making this video. at least you care about the facts
Alex the maniac (5 months ago)
MassiveG thank you I know more about the Nintendo switch now because of you
Michael Lewins (5 months ago)
The online games will be $20 for an entire year
tj1990 (1 day ago)
9:40 greatest part of this video. wait wait, i might have lied, 11:17. You said become robots, but terminators are cyborgs. Great music though, caught the reference.
tj1990 (1 day ago)
my biggest issues with the switch. No camera, no microphone, no speaker in the joycons. These are features that were in previous consoles so why would they be removed. I loved having the small speaker in the wiimote, in mario when you grab a coin you hear the sound effect in your hand, in zelda when you unsheath your sword you hear that sound, its great. With the amazing haptic feedback, it would have been 10x better by adding the sound of the engine as well as the haptic feedback. What a missed opportunity. can we get a software update/new joycons with a freaking speaker in it?
arnold diaz (1 day ago)
11:08 terminator music of obsolete lava drop starts playing wtf that is the sadest hero movie scene ever
sajee tube (1 day ago)
Game PIN: 9079486 for khoot
TiMeSpLiT- -TeR (2 days ago)
I bought one. It's great. Something with handheld gives you that comfortable feeling.
Dib (3 days ago)
1:52 What?! The gamecube wasn't popular??!? Literally all my friends had one!
Marcus Darrow (3 days ago)
JarlWallin (5 days ago)
OK, what is so hard for Nintendo to just make a normal goddamn console! Simply buy the console, hook it up to a TV and play it with a regular ass controller. Simple, easy, done. I don't want to buy a fucking kit of BS that i'll never want. KEEP IT SIMPLE YO. 2 SEPARATE THINGS --- A mobile gamer like the 3DS and a home one like an xbox or playstation. I don't want your damn controller that comes apart in squares and breaks and your Fcking motion sensing garbage. ITS NOT CONVENIENT!
korky7775 (7 days ago)
Its a pile of utter fucking shit...
Jordan Miller (7 days ago)
well the Wii u gamepad is thicker than a sandbox
David Vega (7 days ago)
Switch fucking sucks ass
Robert Rosenberger (8 days ago)
Now with the pokemon franchise moving to switch, nintendo basically made the 3ds obsolete dont you think
StuffyNotPuffy (8 days ago)
Wii sports Ah good times
Real Madrid (12 days ago)
Euhhmm the Wii
Your Mum (13 days ago)
I live in the UK
Your Mum (13 days ago)
In 1 2 switch there is a game called ball count and u can feel the balls rolling about in the box it’s honestly really cool
Tforce Sims (14 days ago)
what is that music in the background.
Yung Outlaw Mane (14 days ago)
I subscribed because you don’t sound like a asshole 🤘
Garrick W (15 days ago)
I sold mine today. I love Super Mario, but I finished that 3 months ago and the console has sat on my table untouched ever since, with no good games on the horizon I gave up.
robo fish (19 days ago)
Make timesplitters great again! Map maker mode = infinite fun and creativity
Gamer the epic 909 (20 days ago)
At my shop it’s $469
mary anne labrador (20 days ago)
Your boring
nitemare267 (20 days ago)
Fuck you the dreamcast was the shit
Mike M (20 days ago)
I only liked it cause u said to game massivelyy and was good vid too
Sarai Roman (20 days ago)
I just bought mine today
Tyler Le (21 days ago)
Is “A Switch” Worth it?
noscope gamer (21 days ago)
U made fun of 3 ds fuck u It’s arsome for its pokemon and Zelda
Ivan Ross (23 days ago)
my answer is yas
FR3AK (23 days ago)
$250 for my switch with 2 games! New!
Zarikadou is DEAD (24 days ago)
Its *TOTALLY* worth it Tbh im not one of the people who says totally all the time, this is my first time saying it
Traib0rn (24 days ago)
9:38 hahahaha i agree with u, it's not everything!
Jarrod Willis (28 days ago)
Hell yes it’s worth it
CrazyPaperTime (28 days ago)
Dude Nintendo switch is $500 in new zealand
John Wilson (1 month ago)
switch is amazing
dsfsfds dsfsdfsd (1 month ago)
absolutely not worth it, nintendo shits is a piece of shit.
FrightRisk (1 month ago)
The affected voice is very annoying. Just speak normally.
the globgogabgalab (1 month ago)
the globgogabgalab (1 month ago)
Wow. We already got Super Mario Odyssey The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Pokémon # Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Snipperclips Plus Mario + Rabbits: Kingdom Battle Splatoon 2 Super Smash Bros. # Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker (Switch version) Donkey kong Tropical Freeze Kirby StarAllies Yoshi # Pokkén Tournament DX Metroid Prime 4 Mario Tennis Aces ...and more! (Btw #= untitled)
Chet Robinson (1 month ago)
The answer to the title, is no. If you still wanna buy one, buy mine. lol
Benjamin Wells (1 month ago)
Hey I play games for 30 hours straight
Troy Pena (1 month ago)
This seems somewhat biased. An example of what I mean, yes you get two controllers if you only use one joycon controller, but many complain about how difficult and uncomfortable it is to play with just one
PsychotiX (1 month ago)
its just a fancy version of the Nintendo wii mixted with wii-U
Spikey Senju (1 month ago)
You sound like Bryan Cranston
Dingus Khan (1 month ago)
Tired of trying to keep up with Nintendo’s consoles. Think I might be done with them
Guardian WolfMan (1 month ago)
In my country it's $430 hell I am fucking tired now with my shit country. Plus the game price starts on $92 to more so now you can guess the price of accessories too it's like way ×2 expensive against US OR UK HELL.
nel c (1 month ago)
answer is no....waste of money and time for a console that playback indie games, mobile phone capable app games and as well remastered old games
PC Gamer64 (1 month ago)
It’s 400 where I live
John Gray (1 month ago)
You sound like you're constantly vomiting
OmegaProNoob OmegaNoob (1 month ago)
I already got a nintendo switch and its so good IT WAS WORTH IT also i got it in christmas and I got fifa 18 it is ym favourite GAME!!
N0B0DY (1 month ago)
Super smash bros came out for the switch
Re D (1 month ago)
Before video: didnt have money to buy it. After video : still dont have money to buy it.
Hdgamer _57 (1 month ago)
Rage Apple (1 month ago)
im now getting the nintendo switch thanks man
Israel Ruelas (1 month ago)
Xbox 360 had double the amount of games that the shitty ps3 had! Sony fanboy much?
Liata (1 month ago)
Why does it cost $300 in other countries and $400+ in Australia?
dawgy the great (1 month ago)
$400 in canada too... thats because it's 300 american dollars
Benjamin Roberts (1 month ago)
Reason to buy 1. Super smash bros 2. Super smash bros 3. Super smash bros
Benjamin Roberts (1 month ago)
Walter White approved
Midget Psycho (1 month ago)
DO NOT BUY SKINS ON IT!!! ok hear me out for a sec when the skin start to wipe of you can see the final touch of the console is really bad i recommend getting the gray one...
CHEEKI BREEKI Blyat (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch is struggling to handle skyrim *its a fucking 6 year old game, and Switch is struggling it to handle it*
Skyy Loyal Productions (1 month ago)
Anyone else watching in 2018? Anyways, I've read a lot of comments, regarding both online services and games. I can see why no one really likes the online services, and from my POV, the Nintendo Switch is more of a "couch-party" type of console, and that's what Nintendo has always wanted for the audience. Who cares about online multiplayer (other than Splatoon 2; great game btw), when you can just sit back, relax with a few friends, and enjoy each other's rage moments and laughters? I would probably pay for the Online Services if I ever played any games that I could just grind on for hours, other than that, I wouldn't pay for it. As for the games, I loved Nintendo since my first time playing the GameBoy as a kid, there's been a lot of ups and downs with the older consoles, like the Wii U, but I still have to say that at least the Switch can uphold on bringing a variety of genres and styles. Anyway, for anyone that is thinking on getting the Switch (I played my friend's for a while and now thinking of owning one myself), it's not a bad purchase. It's a little pricy, but like this guy's video represents, it's ACTUALLY worth it. Unless you're looking for more "better graphics", "better multiplayer services", or just some noob who thinks he's a "know it all", just stick to the PS4, Xbox, or Steam... "whatever floats your boat", they say.
Dragon of Tokyo (1 month ago)
Wow Ty now I might be able to convince my mom to buy it
sinshiro (1 month ago)
THE flames (1 month ago)
So do you need the live service even if you are going to play offline games like doom?(im just asking im thinking about buying a switch)
ggisfat DX! (1 month ago)
No , is not ...
SPOTFIR360 (1 month ago)
Reads title. YES IT FUCKING IS
Detc0n (1 month ago)
Sub'd for the straight-to-the-facts, no overbearing cheesy jokes, smooth silky voice, and great review skill
David Schulenburg (1 month ago)
I use to hate the switch (mainly cuz I got a Wii u for Christmas when the switch was gonna come out in a few months) then I tried it at Wal-Mart and said its ok I just wanted it for breath of the wild and I got it well my parents got 2 one for me and one for them to share and I love it i love how its portable and I can play it anywhere I put it to use when I went to the hospital to visit someone I played mario kart for hours now I'm obsessed I highly rcommend getting it it may be expensive but worth it and some say the graphics are bad but there not terrible not realistic but honestly I don't care about that I see it lasting for years to come with many games to get. I just wish the games where cheaper but playing breath of the wild and mario kart 8 I can see why there expensive
KingMatthew801 (1 month ago)
Online service is still free
AwakeServant (1 month ago)
Basically: best thing invented by humans
I am me (1 month ago)
It can play doom *going to gamestop and buying it
jason day (1 month ago)
3 hours Play and 3 hour Battery sucks😭😭😭😭😭 but stil going to buy it..
f and j 123 (1 month ago)
The game cube was cool
nel c (1 month ago)
No not worth it, if u r looking for brand new AAA titles, please walk away. but if u r looking after remastered games, old games, indie games, mobile phone games yeah this is the console for u.
Ace Gaming (1 month ago)
Yes, Yes it is.
Anthony Hogue (1 month ago)
Well 300 is actually good in my opinion for exactly what you said it’s a portable and a home console
Derek E.B. (1 month ago)
What's the name of the darude sandstorm playing in the background?
Jon G (1 month ago)
I've had the switch since launch. Played BOTW(my first Zelda game) and it was fuckin awesome. Beat it after a month and the switch has been collecting dust on my shelf ever since. Switch games look like dog shit compared to PC, Xbox, and PS4(which I all have). I think the next time I touch my switch will be when Monster Hunter comes out for it one day
jayo84 (1 month ago)
Thumbs up for the terminator theme music used in the video.
Sharyar KHURRAM (1 month ago)
Nintendo switch rip off ps4 pro is for the gaming
Ahmed Bektic (2 months ago)
I have an 8gb and im fine. People have under 2gb, I consider 8gb paradise.
Cody S. (2 months ago)
I put the Switch off because I got Breath of the Wild on WiiU, but finally got one last night, and I regret nothing.
Liam Lewin (2 months ago)
With the online service with the new Pokemon game comeing out will you need the service to use online like trading or battleing?
Spinny The kid (2 months ago)
Its better to buy this thing online in the philippines
Spinny The kid (2 months ago)
*Cough Cough* Philippines *Cough Cough*
speed sLays (2 months ago)
I wish my switch was 300 dollars shit was 399 plus tax
Thank you so much. This video helped me make the decision to get a Nintendo Switch for my birthday. Wish me luck 😄
Oleg Yefremov (2 months ago)
11:30 is that music from terminator movie or am I tripping?
OOmpa_LLompa (2 months ago)
switch games run at 30fps, not 60
Nickolay Mavrodiev while playing online splatoon 2 plays at 60fps
Retitle it “after you buy”
BattleRoyalGamePlay (2 months ago)
Do you have to pay to play splatoon 2 to play online matches?
Nightmare C.Baby83 (2 months ago)
Should I sell my 6plus $230 then save the rest for the switch or keep my 6plus hmm
YuNg CHUNKY (2 months ago)
Kate Star7 (2 months ago)
I have a Wii U and I have axbox 360 and I have a Nintendo switch what a awesome life I have
Daniel Rogers (2 months ago)
Are you high or something???? In the UK, the pound is worth less than the dollar so we have to pay less than you >.>
ThisGuyCJ (2 months ago)
Eh' im getting some tax monies back so whhy not.!?
BamSavageTV (2 months ago)
Luckily I payed for my switch every Month!
Atomic Neon (2 months ago)
In new zealand the switch is 500$ so thats cheap
OStuart-Andrews Gaming (2 months ago)
Short answer, yes
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (2 months ago)
I loved the Gamecube too, youtube man.

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