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1990s R&B group SWV has resurrected its career with a comeback in recent years. The group's latest album "I Missed Us" was well received by fans of the genre as well as critics. In 2013 SWV earned its second Grammy nomination and in 2014 the trio kicked off a reality show, "SWV Reunited" on WETv. Overall the group has been nominated for over 20 awards from the Grammys, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Soul Train Awards and Kid's Choice Awards. SWV are winners of eight Billboard Awards and has sold over a combined 10 million LPs and Singles domestically.
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Marquise Burdine (7 months ago)
Love Lee Lee's voice
thelionessreigns (10 months ago)
My A1 since day 1. They still kill it--my girls.

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