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How to download Pokemon Black and White on android!!

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So today I decided to make a different video and this came in my mind.......How to download Pokemon Black and white on android!! --------------------------- Drastic Ds:https://oceanofapk.com/drastic-ds-emulator-apk-free-download/ Pokemon Black:https://romsmania.com/roms/nintendo-ds/5585-pokemon-black-version-239126 Pokemon White:https://romsmania.com/roms/nintendo-ds/5584-pokemon-white-version-239125 ----------------------------
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Text Comments (88)
Pro_Gamer Shayan (9 months ago)
If your emulater crashes after launching the game,then it means its not compatible in your device!
Pro_Gamer Shayan (14 days ago)
+PJ S and I cant understand what u are trying to say like its turn back ?
Pro_Gamer Shayan (14 days ago)
+PJ S I prefer do all the extracting stuff with Es file explorer as it is the simplest
PJ S (14 days ago)
+Pro_Gamer Shayan thanks for that reply :),,,may ask also why it turns back when i start the game?its loading but after it,it will turn back over and over?i didnt extract it cause i cant find extract pls help :)
Pro_Gamer Shayan (14 days ago)
+PJ S yes u can cheat on it but I didnt faced any Problem of not receiving exp after battles
PJ S (14 days ago)
+Pro_Gamer Shayan Can i cheat in drastic?why the tell that they can't get any exp from battling?
Andrew Sailo (2 days ago)
I can't save my game, any suggestion??
Pro_Gamer Shayan (2 days ago)
Try saving it ingame the load button doesnt work
jerald macalagay (4 days ago)
what name the link of pokemon black and white plsss bro tnx
Ezgi Hatsune (6 days ago)
I downloaded the game,played a bit,saved and quitted the game. But when i open the game the load button doesnt work. :/
Pro_Gamer Shayan (5 days ago)
Yeah its normal u just go in the game from load new game and it would be there
One-moment-in- time (6 days ago)
God Bless u
Pro_Gamer Shayan (6 days ago)
Aww thank u 😘😘
Sagar Chandat (13 days ago)
Drastic ds emulator is not working
PJ S (14 days ago)
Can i cheat in drastic?why the tell that they can't get any exp from battling?
GREEN FIST (14 days ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan (14 days ago)
nice to help make sure to subscribe and leave a like
someone (15 days ago)
Theres a exp problem
Black and red (16 days ago)
Woodfield kick Kyiv grudging your butt
TG02N (17 days ago)
No point downloading after 1st gym u have to do a mission with the c gear which requires a Nintendo wifi connection and doesn't work
Pro_Gamer Shayan (17 days ago)
I have completed the full game on Android and I didnt received a single problem
Pro_Gamer Shayan (17 days ago)
It did worked for me with no problem at all
Cuervo Rojo Antonio (18 days ago)
Does the pokemon win exp?
Pro_Gamer Shayan (17 days ago)
Yes they do its like the orignal game just in mobile
Max Gurung (25 days ago)
Bro when i clicked the load new game option then pokemon game file doesn't appear help me 😢😢
Pro_Gamer Shayan (24 days ago)
U could contact me on Discord Shayan135#2672 Or in Skype as Shayan135
Max Gurung (24 days ago)
+Pro_Gamer Shayan if i could send you the screenshot 😢😫😫 there isn't any dots 😫
Pro_Gamer Shayan (24 days ago)
+Max Gurung its litterly in the top after u press Load new game
Max Gurung (24 days ago)
+Pro_Gamer Shayan sorry but where is the three dot...?
Pro_Gamer Shayan (24 days ago)
Just tap the 3 dots in the top and go to your downloads folder (or where u have the game files)
YouKoen (29 days ago)
Why is my game so slow.. It is like slowmotion
Pro_Gamer Shayan (27 days ago)
+YouKoen thank u soo much 😗
YouKoen (27 days ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan done❤️👍
Pro_Gamer Shayan (27 days ago)
Oh ok nice so hope u enjoying it and please make sure to Subscribe that would mean alot :)
YouKoen (27 days ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan now is it working perfectly ❤️ i defeated gym 4 already xD
YouKoen (27 days ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan ow never kind. I clicked continue from last save but i needed to click start game
YouKoen (1 month ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
Always bro :)
cristian ashton (1 month ago)
thanks bro it work
Shashisingh Thakur (1 month ago)
thank for making this video l download the game
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
Feeling happy to help u make sure to subscribe for more :)
The 7 Deadly Sins (1 month ago)
Is this compatible for samsung?
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
Yes it is
keven jude vicariato (1 month ago)
Can you have a link in pokemon x and y because i love your videos
keven jude vicariato (1 month ago)
Ok and thank you
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
U cant download Pokemon X and Y on android but it can be downloaded on pc
Sanz Andrey (1 month ago)
Is this free
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
Yes this is 100% free
Shank Redheaded (1 month ago)
Mine is error
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
and here u go with the emulater which I prefer https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fastemulator.gbafree This is the free version which contains adds and there is a paid version also which is add free
Pro_Gamer Shayan (1 month ago)
+Coconut Bro bro for Pokemon Platinum u need a game boy emulater cause its a game for game boy not a Ds
Shank Redheaded (1 month ago)
+Coconut Bro mine is error but btw can you give me link where you can download your game?
Coconut Bro (1 month ago)
hey man I got this and got pokemon platinum. It only shows a / where the sdcard thing must be in the load game thing in drastic and doesnt show my pokemon platinum
Shank Redheaded (1 month ago)
+Pro_Gamer Shayan 404 bro try check your browser bro
maxthebrave 228 (1 month ago)
Thank you so much
Pizzawolfie Aj (2 months ago)
I have a problem with the drastic emulator. When I try to open it And then get a game there's no downloads or any files showing, I have a Motorola... How do I fix it?
The Sayain Blase (6 days ago)
Try using cpu emulator it works for me
ankwh dhus (10 days ago)
+PCD64 Gaming well its called life and life isn't fair
ankwh dhus (10 days ago)
It called question life
PCD64 Gaming (1 month ago)
I feel that too.. Pls help me!! I missed my nds that is broken :( I can't find the game at drastic!
Pro_Gamer Shayan (2 months ago)
Pizzawolfie Aj it could be that that game isnt for Drastic
Tyler Jordan (2 months ago)
Finally thanks bro
Pro_Gamer Shayan (2 months ago)
Tyler Jordan Nice to help u <3
Dominic Perez (2 months ago)
Thanks dad
Tameo Yama (2 months ago)
Yay, thanks man. It works! Love this tutorial!
Tameo Yama (2 months ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan Subscribed! :D
Pro_Gamer Shayan (2 months ago)
NBA Mixtape SecondChannel nice to help u and make sure to subscribe and watch my other videos as well :)
Ahamed Rihan (2 months ago)
thank you very much brother...............
Pro_Gamer Shayan (2 months ago)
always happy to help u
Ug Roland (3 months ago)
Does this have viruses?
Pro_Gamer Shayan (3 months ago)
Ug Roland no virus 100% safe I have tried it multiple times :)
Duy Hà (3 months ago)
Wtf thảo nguyên xanh????? Made in Viet Nam
Noah Banda (3 months ago)
it dont work its a skam
Pro_Gamer Shayan (3 months ago)
Noah Banda well its only for u cause I even showed a proof
Madison Ford (3 months ago)
I'm surprised tbh lol it actually works
Pro_Gamer Shayan (3 months ago)
Madison Ford Feeling happy to help u :)
Madison Ford (3 months ago)
Pro_Gamer Shayan ik lol it's just all the other ways I tried to get drastic we're fake lol so now I don't have to buy the emulator
Pro_Gamer Shayan (3 months ago)
Madison Ford I tested it before making it 2 times so there is no way it was not gonna work :)
Eny Sutarsih (3 months ago)
Wow thanks bro
Pro_Gamer Shayan (3 months ago)
Eny Sutarsih Np bro happy to help u Lemme know if u want more tutorials 😘😘
Techno Vampire-Games (9 months ago)
good one

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