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Next Gen Sonic

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Next Generation Sonic, DX style. No negative comments on gameplay. I thought it came out really good, and so did the light blue spin dash.
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Manuel Alexis Tirado (7 years ago)
Your sonic afventure isnt original :D i hate that music , but now i got it on psn its only on one level *few*
J Ciner (7 years ago)
Youtube people are dumb.
Julieta Mascaro (7 years ago)
... you think that if you CHANGE the colors its next gen? NOPE. Edit the CHRMODELS!
darksonic140 (7 years ago)
you changed nothing...
Grumpy Bunny (8 years ago)
hey dude you know what this needs a model and i made a model that really looks like next gen sonic cause hes thinner
FrAsCaS07 (9 years ago)
RIP game ?
Dr Epilepsy (10 years ago)
good job on this mod
spiderbyte1337 (10 years ago)
wow. next gen. alls i see is lighter color tones
Rock (10 years ago)
OMG. It really looks Next-Gen Sonic. Can you pm me the file?
TrueHyperSon (10 years ago)
lol, ive noticed that you used MYT-SADX or TOED's sadx rip, also I've recently made a nexr gen styled sonic as well
Rue Ryuuzaki (11 years ago)
can i ask you what did you use to record this??

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