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The Game Quest - 'The Dream Quest' (Ep6)

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Chris and Wood spend more money than than should and find some great NES classics in this Episode of The Game Quest! Don't forget to Subscribe! 'Like' This Video if you liked it! Add The Game Quest on Facebook to stay up to date with episodes, Vlogs and Compitions; www.facebook.com/BeatEmUps Special Thanks To; www.facebook.com/geektalkadelaide http://www.retrospekt.com.au/ www.facebook.com/RetroReviewGames http://www.youtube.com/user/RetroLiberty All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (66)
Aenashi (3 months ago)
sneaky cam? More like buttcam! :D
Jack Lara (6 months ago)
I am new to this channel, I am loving the content, humor, and accents! This is my favorite episode so far, the Dreamcast deal you managed to get gave me shivers for the sole reason that the Dreamcast just hammers me with beautiful memories, playing Resident Evil Code Veronica/Nemesis, Crazy taxi, Dracunus and the beloved Sonic Adventure games is just a crysta-timeless moment in my life. No matter how far times launches me from those moments, I am immediately pulled back to them by the magic of Video Games.
Chad Karruer (11 months ago)
Castlevania in the back round YEAH BOY!
Faboi (1 year ago)
Lol asking alexandria shirt wood had on👌
Robert Lewis Auchey (1 year ago)
Asking Alexandria shirt FTW!
Ryan Fields (1 year ago)
what a bro! :D
Ryan Fields (1 year ago)
Devin Lavoie (2 years ago)
Extremely jealous of your DBZ figures. Whered you get all them???? Amazon only has a selected few last time i checked.
Marc Jensan (2 years ago)
Call him C-Man. C for chris and camera. Don't pay attention to the fact that it almost sounds like semen...
That Guy (2 years ago)
@ 6:51 NOT AS SNEAKY CAM Brilliant.
Patrick Malnar (2 years ago)
New to the channel and its awesome! great videos and I love seeing what you guys find! quick question what is the wrestling game that is playing on the green screen in the background? Thanks
Tech Leo (2 years ago)
Dude i love your channel especially game quest!Watched volume 1 and the latest episodes of volume 2 and now watching the pilot season :-)
garethcoleman1 (2 years ago)
splinter cell is about 50p in the uk
garethcoleman1 (2 years ago)
seeeeega game lol
Pulse of Positivity (2 years ago)
Listening to you talking about Retro Liberty,The Game Chasers and Metal Jesus now You've gotten to hang out with most of them except Ricky and Aaron. Great episode. Im loving passing the time at the hospital. Watching and commenting my ass off. Lots of love for your Awesomeness
SuperMegaOmniSgt (2 years ago)
The Game at 15:43 is actually based on comic characters, created by a german comedian called Otto (Otto´s Ottifants). Hes pretty famous around here, but the game was kind of bad. Still I wonder why such a local thing got published in Australia
SEGA NeRd (2 years ago)
Fighting over Sonic???? No Shenmue?
shadowtheoblivious (2 years ago)
this is the game quest not random old guy never shuts his chopper lol sorry couldnt resist you'll find im an oppertune smartass the more ya get to know me XD
ManuelVazCastro (3 years ago)
what happend to kane?
miguelx310 (3 years ago)
why fight over sonic adventure when there was power stone 2 Sealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
RPGMachine86 (3 years ago)
that dreamcast lot was insane dude! 
AsianSleepy (3 years ago)
Great episode and Awesome score on all of those Sega Dreamcast games.
brokenfronthead (4 years ago)
Damn, GUILT TRIP!!! Low Blow between friends.
TheRetroBrian (4 years ago)
Awesome episode. Definitely makes me want to get back out there in the wild and hunt for some games! I could watch these videos forever, keep 'em coming!
MrDrunkReviews (4 years ago)
Great episode! Why fight over Sonic Adventures when there is a Power Stone 2 on the table? Epic haul man, really glad you scored some good games!
Kyle Williamson (4 years ago)
Name Camera Man Chris Legolas
Martin Leonard (4 years ago)
Kick ass Chris
randygelion (4 years ago)
That was so nice of him to let you have the sonic adventure! Kinda guessed he would let you have it.
RetroPals (4 years ago)
Great episode man! The first 5 episodes were a learning school and I'm glad I kept watching... Better editing, great build up to the Sonic Adventures pick up... Keep going!
thetramp123 (4 years ago)
Ah man. Awesome Dreamcast stuff. I'm rather fond of the DC myself. Have a decent collection of stuff but still looking for a number of them.
Geffus (4 years ago)
Sega Dreamcast! My favorite console! :) So many childhood memories! Aaaah!
03xE0 (4 years ago)
Who took Shenmue and Shenmue II? Oh... Sonic Adventure 2 is actually even better. Wood, if u don't own it yet, go and try to get it! U really won't regret it!
Retrorummage (4 years ago)
nice dbz collection i collect one piece lol
Retrorummage (4 years ago)
jesse pinkman yooo
Raptor Bandito (4 years ago)
6 episodes in and I think you already have yourself an original meme. "Nyah, they're cheap!"
Richard Wells (4 years ago)
Great show guys. Retro liberty suggested you.
Crazy dreamcast haul
RetrosearchUK (4 years ago)
good episode guys, am still amazed at the cost of your games. That Splinter Cell was crazy, its everywhere here for £1. Have you got a Facebook page for this show?
TheNzgamefreak (4 years ago)
That was the biggest cliffhanger i seen in any video lol...
GameDeficiency (4 years ago)
Sweet intro! Awesome production too. Rad vid.
Evan Scarce (4 years ago)
dude what is that address for the shop where u didnt want the lady to kno u were collectors?
megalan7 (4 years ago)
My jealousy is over 9000. Sealed Sonic Adventure......
megalan7 (4 years ago)
At least your pawnshops have retro games. All the ones around me refuse to buy or selll anything not current gen
I'm just joshing, I like you show. I actually have some Dreamcast stuff you guys can have if you want it. I'm in Adelaide, holla at me.
Collectors don't usually own original copies; they own copied copies. Few people ever own the ORIGINAL. Thus, everything is a replica from there on. You think the 1,500,000th version of Splinter Cell is worth any more than the 1,500,001st copy with a white cover and sticker? Go grab yourself a copy of Valkyrie Profile and weep.
CityGameHunter (5 years ago)
Nickname Lens
Alexh2 (5 years ago)
Really like the show. Nice Dreamcast find!
Philip Riley (5 years ago)
i like Chill Chris cose he seems pretty chill! you know you want it woody
Travesty Brimstone (5 years ago)
I've been having the worst luck in hunting games lately. But thankfully it's not always like so. If you want to do a vlog like that then go ahead, it might work. I'd watch it certainly. I'd like to see more pickup videos where you show what you got off camera and told a little bit more about what you got.
BlastProcessingALF (5 years ago)
He probably got Splinter Cell when the Xbox was still a current gen system and never bothered to mark it down as the years went by.
CucumberEnthusiast (5 years ago)
Chris the Dish
ChrisTheCameraMan (5 years ago)
Well I promise I will change it as soon as one is decided upon! :P
ChrisTheCameraMan (5 years ago)
Well if the ladies say so.... Cheers man!
ChrisTheCameraMan (5 years ago)
Haha! I love it but Woody is right. Sorry mate :D
AdelaideRetroGamer (5 years ago)
Thats awesome guys what cash converters is that my wife works at cash converters in gawler
BlastProcessingALF (5 years ago)
I was just at that Cash Converters yesterday and it was dead. Nothing in there. I went in there looking for Mega Drive and Dreamcast games.
C0dyGaming (5 years ago)
Man I wish we got those awesome cases for DC games over here in America. Just a plain boring jewel case for us. Looks like a sweet haul.
Mark Zaltron (5 years ago)
Haha, Chris caught you slippin' again Wood!
Mark Zaltron (5 years ago)
Maybe call Cameraman Chris, "Cam"?
BrutesMcGee (5 years ago)
i hope everything is good with Kane. is he still on the show?
MrsKrikit (5 years ago)
Oh man, that got awkward towards the end, haha. Amazing dreamcast haul though! We just got a dreamcast and have no games for it! Haha, hopefully we'll come across some soon :)
SuperDerek RPGs (5 years ago)
For Cameraman Chris's nickname? I'm going to suggest C-Man. You know, because he's a cameraman, and his name is Chris, Ask the ladies, they'll tell you: They love C-Man. I thought about doing an episode in a similar fashion to your show, but I think you guys have a good formula going. Let me know if you ever make it to Seattle in the US, I'll can show you around.
loubilly (5 years ago)
Cool dreamcast haul. You can still buy new unused dc games, vmu & controllers from aus & uk ebay sellers. Double dragon 2 is great too, just picked that up last week
Travesty Brimstone (5 years ago)
I am quite jealous of your finds. Great stuff, keep up the good work.
Trogga (5 years ago)
Great episode guys i love the DreamCast one of my favorite consoles and sonic adventure is my favorite game of all time, where did you get all those NES and MegaDrive games? :)
wiggy1182 (5 years ago)
Your show is really coming along nicely. I am really enjoying it. I think you should call cameraman Chris, "Spunky", from now on.

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