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France v Croatia - 2018 FIFA World Cup™ FINAL - HIGHLIGHTS

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France became World Champions for the second time after defeating Croatia 4-2 in Moscow! A fitting end to a great tournament - thanks for sharing it with us! More match highlights: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0hww7NG9ytmooEUZov2k-23 More from Russia 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0ia-PWE7WoysqLao-0y7jEz More World Cup stories: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0j5nOjvXOP55xyW3aJCyeGo Follow all the action from Russia across the FIFA Platforms: 👉 http://www.youtube.com/fifa 👉 http://www.facebook.com/fifaworldcup 👉 http://www.twitter.com/fifaworldcup 👉 http://www.instagram.com/fifaworldcup 👉 http://www.fifa.com
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Text Comments (50119)
R3N4 H4LL4 (10 hours ago)
Sin dudas Mandzukic fue el goleador de la Final, 2 goles en ambos arcos, ¡Maquina!
GonzaMURPHY (12 hours ago)
Gabriele Carraturo (14 hours ago)
Gabriele Carraturo (14 hours ago)
Gabriele Carraturo (14 hours ago)
Sim Beam (15 hours ago)
a great WC for Croatia but France is simply better with the golden Team since 1998. I think the next future will be good for England.
Guilhem Chalumot (20 hours ago)
Sinon je vous rappelle qu'on est toujours Champions du monde
Zoé Drt (21 hours ago)
Katia Soulere (23 hours ago)
La France est champions du monde
NEPOZNAT LIK (1 day ago)
Jebes ustase
test testnew (1 day ago)
the worst final ever
Sofiya Yiman (1 day ago)
On est les champions de monde. Quand ils ont revins de russie j' etait trés joyeux
Sofiya Yiman (1 day ago)
J' aime france tout le temps quand le WC aussi sa c'est vrai
Quỳnh Như (1 day ago)
sân đẹp phết
Patrice David (1 day ago)
Suck it for who like it!
Grayson Smith (1 day ago)
Mock my words USA will make the world cup in 2022 But lose all of their games and make dead last in their group.....:(
RyzenStrix (1 day ago)
Okay for all the people saying croatia is shit and everything as a france supporter i think that they are good but not enough to beat france. France is a perfect team. Mbappe, pogba, greizmann, kante, lloris, pavard, varane, giroud, hernandez and umtiti. If you look at it one way, they are all world class in their own position and that's why they won. But there's something lacking with croatia because there were only like a few people thats actually world class and the others are good but just not on par with modric, mandukic and perisic. Croatia needs a few more world class players to fill in a few of their spots and it should be a good team that would be on the same level as the france team. but i personally think that its the manager's error but idk im not a good footballer either
Aphixarth Luangphay (2 days ago)
Lucas Lopes (2 days ago)
Im surprised they didn't surrender. sorry
Pas d'idée de pseudo (2 days ago)
What a joke
S B (2 days ago)
SO PROUD 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
gingervideos2623 (2 days ago)
Did you know who ever faces peru in the world cup would go on to win the world cup 1930 Uruguay vs peru 1970 Brazil vs peru 1978 Argentina vs peru 1982 Italy vs peru 2018 France vs peru
Sara Ibraheem (2 days ago)
deepak62456 (2 days ago)
cheater france..
Pas d'idée de pseudo (2 days ago)
Salty looser
Alaa Abood (2 days ago)
ما هذا الجمال
Avenger Fanboy (2 days ago)
I tell you this was an epic World Cup
Lambs Fc (3 days ago)
I’m laughing so hard because half of these retards aren’t even croatian and they’re making us look bad. Lol croatia should’ve won anyways we are the real champions🇭🇷
Lambs Fc (1 day ago)
-Genes- shut up you don’t know anything about football
-Genes- (1 day ago)
Lambs Fc croatia is bad. They will never win anything.
Strawberry Bleach (3 days ago)
Worst World Cup so far
-Genes- (1 day ago)
Strawberry Bleach This was the best one so far.
TORCIDA1950 HOS (3 days ago)
1998 I don't like France 2018 I really hate France what a stupid country...
+Tonys2rotties not really
Tonys2rotties (1 day ago)
+Pas d'idée de pseudo i watched it 3 times....your comments are irrelevant. Bye....au revoir
+Tonys2rotties if you saw the whole match you'll the ref did mistakes in the favor of Croatia
Tonys2rotties (1 day ago)
+Pas d'idée de pseudo thats because he didnt favor Croatia. He favored France bud. Type in on youtube pitana world cup and see what people say. Most of the people arent even Croatian. They all know bullshit when they see it.
Pas d'idée de pseudo (2 days ago)
+Tonys2rotties how much salt do you have inside of you? No one complain of Pitana mistakes in favor of Croatia it's strange
Lume Deliu (3 days ago)
Croatia vs France mandukic og perisic grizmann pogba mbappe and mandukic
I love eating Shit (3 days ago)
👋 bye Croatia I and btw your country (Croatia) got nuked
James D.H. (3 days ago)
It's good that Croatia celebrated second place because in the World cup 2nd place is still astonishingly an amazing accomplishment, it's like if you defeated everyone accepts, Mayweather like Timothy Bradly if he had knocked out Pacquiao but lost a decision to Mayweather. You will see Timothy all over the place and just as rich and doing big things as Mayweather.
Anyone here 11/11/18? P.S. Like if you miss the world cup😣
daniel sarn (3 days ago)
Farcical world cup with all the diving and replay nonsense, lucky France won though they have all the talent in their team would of underachieved if they didn't win. I'm just glad those whinging sooks from Spain, Portugal, Uruguay and those infamous Brazilians didn't win it. (well at least one Brazilian who acted like a complete clown crybaby) Congratulations France.
Hazim Muzhaffar. (3 days ago)
World Cup 2018: Why the tournament in Russia was statistically the best. 💕 • Ronaldo scores 'sensational' free-kick to complete hat-trick. • Where's Neuer gone? South Korea score second as keeper goes AWOL. • World Cup 2018: The good, the bad, and the Neymar. • 'You like wrestling?' Pundits analyse Harry Kane penalty appeals. • World Cup 2018: Harry Kane seals his hat-trick to put England 6-0 up.
Anurag Bhatlawande (3 days ago)
The newspaper next day said "a self goal, a debatable goal, a horror goal and three Great goals." Please anyone can tell me which is which?
Gabby S (4 days ago)
MD:Rahat JB (4 days ago)
my country is Bangladesh
MD:Rahat JB (4 days ago)
iam Brazil
Epic Lemon (4 days ago)
The only reason Croatia Argentina lose is Because BAD GOALKEEPERS
TORCIDA1950 HOS (3 days ago)
Epic Lemon See penalties Croatia-Denmark pls...
ennio APARICIO (4 days ago)
Pogba-Mbappe 🔥🔥 these goals that we never forget
Vladan Milosavljevic (4 days ago)
Rozay1K (4 days ago)
That flop from Griezmann was fuckin embarrassing lol... like I get it its part of the game but it’s the World Cup final, these highlights are going to be viewed thousands of times a day for the next 4 yrs and that flop was so damn obvious it’s cringe :/
Pas d'idée de pseudo (4 days ago)
It's easy to say it when you have as many ankles as you want bur the referee doesn't have it
Aditya Garud (5 days ago)
I watch this over and over again.... Anyone else?
heng kimty (5 days ago)
Suhel khan (5 days ago)
Alejandro Quino (5 days ago)
Bola de pvtos los de Francia
Laura Pautrat (5 days ago)
bien joué la France
Aryan Gupta (5 days ago)
Creeper (5 days ago)
Congratulations to France🏆 1st Place Congratulations to Croatia✌ 2nd Place Congratulations to Belgium👌 3rd place Congratulations to England💪4th place Congratulations to Russia💪 5th place Everyone did so well!!!
Creeper (5 days ago)
This Tells you what place they earnt
Congratulations afrika 👏👏👏👏👏
Lorenzo Cannavale (5 days ago)
Perisic is a beast, he’s super underrated
Myrus Gamer (5 days ago)
1:02 FORTNITE ❤️
Epic Boy (6 days ago)
1:03 That Celebration tho
You Wan (6 days ago)
France won the first world cup in 1998 now they win in 2018 and I guess they will win again in 2028,2038,2048, what do you think?
You Wan (4 days ago)
I am just kidding,Genes
-Genes- (4 days ago)
You Wan Your math is so stupid. They would win in 2038.
David D (6 days ago)
1:35 that’s how he lost the golden glove to Tibo corutis
ExtremeFootballMagic (6 days ago)
Two words: Fluke goals.
Savir Tube Raw (6 days ago)
France is the best team of the World Cup
Daniel Belmenen (6 days ago)
Katia Soulere (6 days ago)
Kylian Mbappé champion du monde
Quentin (6 days ago)
Quand j'ai un coup de mou je regarde cette vidéo et le smile revient. C'est fou.
meetihardev (6 days ago)
Greeting from india
meetihardev (6 days ago)
Congratulations to France Croatia Belgium England and russia
Lamya Marouf (7 days ago)
I love Croatia🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷💙💙💚💛💝👌👌👌
GOGO 97418 (7 days ago)
Champions Du Monde 🌟🌟
Mark Buser (7 days ago)
Coratia luzer
The fun kids!! (6 days ago)
Not bad Croatia 4-2 with some hard players good luck France and Croatia in World cup 2022. Including every country Good luck 😎🤣
Dare Devil (6 days ago)
... Do you watch cricket?
Dare Devil (6 days ago)
Z J (7 days ago)
Well we all know what that means....France are gonna be knocked out in the group stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
vandy12121 (7 days ago)
🇫🇷 France is the greatest in first place. But it would have been more fun if France won against Denmark in 1-1(pen 3-2) and France would never get a draw.
isaac flores jr (7 days ago)
Ahora les toca quedarse en la primera ronda del mundial de Qatar si es que clasifican. Ya vemos lo que les pasó a Italia Y a Holanda.
John Contos (7 days ago)
russia world cup final france versus croatia
official anonymous (8 days ago)
World Cup 1998 World Cup 2018 not just the victory of France but the victory of virtues of Equality and Fraternity which French Revolution gave to the World.
trinity clz (4 days ago)
2002 brazil and 2022 brazil
official anonymous (4 days ago)
The Joker means ?
The Joker (4 days ago)
official anonymous stfu
Noubidy (8 days ago)
Veće pljačke nisam vidio
Fortnite Michael (8 days ago)
Where do I buy that lv crate ?
Alex Savano (8 days ago)
I wanna see this france squad vs barca.😭😭😭❤ france would win
Kabir Mahamadou (2 days ago)
Alex Savano What about Umtiti and Dembele?
Avuyile Cakwebe (8 days ago)
Subasic was clearly injured
F1Adam8 (8 days ago)
Just leaving this comment here for when I come back in 2022 :)
Hicham Lafquiri (8 days ago)
C ete pour la croitie but de chance n importe quoi
Paris Azul (8 days ago)
Jignesh Jograna (8 days ago)
Hello people from the 2022
XdLOLpuild Genesis (9 days ago)
yay France wins
Mariano Vital (9 days ago)
Roubaram a Croácia não foi pênalti e nem falta no primeiro gol.
Paris Azul (8 days ago)
Saurabh Borawake (9 days ago)
India- 2022 with most dangerous de but in fifa
incostirva (9 days ago)
Congrats to France for winning the World Cup. Mbappe is indeed the real deal. If he keeps improving, he might surpass both Zidane and Platini. Having said that Lloris is THE WORST GOALKEEPER in this tournament. Kasper Schmeichel is way more better that Lloris.
Stalinium (9 days ago)
Lmao french? More like African team
L' invisible (3 days ago)
+TORCIDA1950 HOS Wow a lot's of Racist nazi appairs
TORCIDA1950 HOS (3 days ago)
So true. For 20 years France will become 90% black immigrant country...
-Genes- (4 days ago)
L' invisible Retard idiot
Crankyrecord 961 (9 days ago)
France 0 x 0 Croatia France 1 x 0 Croatia France 1 x 1 Croatia France 2 x 1 Croatia France 3 x 1 Croatia France 4 x 1 Croatia France 4 x 2 Croatia
Ambika Pokhrel Subedi (10 days ago)
Any one who always watch this Vedio
Majid Zia (10 days ago)
Barak Obama was confused why France won world cup, let me tell you, first French came to my country for blessings and their president went to pope and above all I reenacted and reversed the Waterloo Armenian were so angry over defeat of Napoleon they used my wife as spy with the help of iran
Aavash Tiwari Extra (10 days ago)
mbappe is the best
fagbag69 (10 days ago)
How the final eight should be: 1. France 2. Belgium 3. Brazil 4. Croatia 5. Uruguay 6. England 7. Denmark 8. Sweden
Jaya Sisi (10 days ago)
1:08 pogba giving a super goal.👍👍but 2018 world cup is really shocking
Litey (10 days ago)
*We are a penta champion* *☆☆☆☆☆*
chekobikerbmx (2 days ago)
i don't really watch soccer, but i remember when i watched for the first time this world cup it was france vs peru, i tought that blue team was africa lol good match tough
L' invisible (3 days ago)
Tonys2rotties (10 days ago)
Lol understandable
Muhammad Athar Iqbal (10 days ago)
I am in Croatia side
Muhammad Athar Iqbal (10 days ago)
Wanna hear a joke Read more
What Croacia has done in its brief history is amazing. One semi-final in 1998, and then a final in 2018. I wouldn't be surprised at all if next time they reach the final they win it and I'm pretty sure we won't have to wait for long.
Korisah Tarnuji (10 days ago)
Yay france got the world cup🏆
chanty khin (10 days ago)
Dan Cedrick Monsalve (11 days ago)
aroke puthiya champion maarayi vannalum poyalum BRAZIL thanne footballile kings &championum
oru aveshavum rasavum haravum illatha world cup final crotia nannai poruti
Jayden Dinh (11 days ago)
I love France and Argentina always in World Cup 😻
Luis cortes (11 days ago)
Rigged ass World Cup smh
Tonys2rotties (3 days ago)
+L' invisible nestor pitana is your saviour!
L' invisible (3 days ago)
+Tonys2rotties Said the racist one.
Pas d'idée de pseudo (4 days ago)
Who wants more salt?

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