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Bloody Tower of London (Documentary)

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Torsten Wurzberger (12 hours ago)
Weil das den beiden Prinzen angetan wurde will ich den Tag herbei sehen, wenn Gott sein Arm ausstreckt und der Zorn auf den Tower kommt. Bald kommt ein grosses Erdbeben über die Erde das so gewaltig ist, das sogar die Kraft des Himmels in wanken kommt, was noch nie dagewesen und mehr da sein wird! Alles bricht dann zusammen auch der tower wie ein Kartenhaus. Ich kann nicht sagen wann es geschied, aber das es kommt das Weiss ich 1000 Prozentig!
loftyskies123 (2 days ago)
go see the chris the raven master on facebook hes such a nice man ,he loves those birds and they can fly but they stay around the tower and they come in at night when they're called . merlina is the raven masters favourite shes a lovely bird .
Bilinda Law-Morley (5 days ago)
@20:40... with the multiple hangings as shown in the sketch..it looks as if the four of them climbed the ladder, pit the rope around their necks themselves and jumped. Because where did the hangman stand to do his work? And how did the authorities make them climb the ladder? "So, today we kill you. Be a good chap and climb the ladder by yourself"
neotargetone (6 days ago)
I think the Muslims are more merciful than than the British were.
neotargetone (6 days ago)
So this is where the Muslims got the idea of beheading people...
neotargetone (6 days ago)
England probably still tortures people in the Tower but you'll never hear of it.
Senior Batman (8 days ago)
" Hey Rick , great execution huh?" , " Yeah mate , I caught the head". " Can I buy it off you" " No" " Oh come on , I never get a head"
D Zuke (9 days ago)
Jesus, Henry, after 4 different unrelated women fail to bear you a male child you ever think maybe you might be the problem? Also, lady Mythsdale sounds like a very fine lass. Everyone should hope to find a significant other who has both the cleverness and loyalty to break them out of prison. Ya know, just in case.
Scott Sullivan (17 days ago)
Crazy people ruled Europe. Inbreeding.
Scott Sullivan (14 days ago)
Ex/ Angela Merkel.
Zoltan Z (15 days ago)
They still do.
lee Sloan (19 days ago)
It also used to house the Royal mint for a while.
berja (19 days ago)
Release the birds
Pepsi Guerra (25 days ago)
There are The Devil Army.
Anne Quiet (1 month ago)
“I’m unable to find a volunteer to prove or disprove that regrettably.” Yea, no kidding.
Fotini D (1 month ago)
Bloody tower of London. More like torture chamber!! Wow. History is amazing.
new england patriot (1 month ago)
ivo fodor (1 month ago)
Creepy place
H. tiler (2 months ago)
Mehdi johnathan (3 months ago)
brits were &are known for cruelty
silverpairaducks (3 months ago)
Remember when the history channel was awesome
Robert Findlay (3 months ago)
Completely misses bloody Mary through to Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration . A time of profound change in English history and one that was the foundation of the British Empire, modern bicameral Parliamentary democracy and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. One or two important people lost their heads in the Tower in that interval and the alleged only person to have entered the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions, Guido Fawkes, was thoroughly tortured in its dungeons. As for Henry VIII, he did the UK a great favour in breaking the power of the Catholic Church which, elsewhere, was to prove a rather dead hand on the progress of scientific endeavour. Nor were the horrors of the The Inquisition ever inflicted on the British.
Chri Morhen (4 months ago)
My daughter's in Canada she's more refined than a tank lol
Dave Nix (4 months ago)
I love this show,very interesting and we'll done.
Evil Orange (4 months ago)
patsy t (4 months ago)
Wait - you mean the history channel used to show actual history?!
Tristan Rainey (7 days ago)
Only vague history though.
TexasTea 713 (1 month ago)
All it shows now are inbread readnecks
ron zakrin (1 month ago)
That in itself is now history.
Moejii - (2 months ago)
So sad wat happened to the channel
Ange Marie (2 months ago)
Jane Booth (4 months ago)
Denmark and the Danes conquered all these lands and still do.
HKH HKH (4 months ago)
I think it was a very scary times living in those days. Its like any lil thing happens off with your head!
TheTEAMBUTLER (4 months ago)
I saw a ghost in there once
Caroline Johnson (27 days ago)
Oh, please do tell!
Kevin P (4 months ago)
Muslims have the keys now. The Saudi's bought the Tower.
lee Sloan (19 days ago)
What drugs are you on the tower is owned by the Royal family and are cared for by Historic castles and funded by the British government!
berja (19 days ago)
+Kevin P Seriously?!
Ann Hennessy (22 days ago)
Purplefishish (1 month ago)
Good drugs?
Skyhawk Apodaca (4 months ago)
I will always be an enemy to the crown!
mo c (4 months ago)
Free them ravens, dammit ... aaahahahaaaaaaa
Akatasz Black (4 months ago)
British history is so interesting, I just keep watching video after video...
Michael Miles (4 months ago)
Please will someone make sure that the Ravens mentioned do indeed die. The monarchy must go. We place the families on a pedestal and they should be ashamed to be there. I know they don't have to worry about money but they can just look at the rest of England and see people dying because of no money. What is really bad is creating offspring by brothers and sisters. It's a great way to get retarded and psychotic into the mix. Satan's bloodline is what they are
Phil (4 months ago)
"Torture was not a punishment, it was simply a persuasive method" Only a Brit could be so absurd.
Phil (16 days ago)
Tuffy  No one does...
Tuffy (17 days ago)
Phil You obviously don't understand the British use of sarcasm and irony.
Black Sun (1 month ago)
They should use it now on terrorists/criminals
Phil (2 months ago)
Brits are a race? LOLOL
Trucker_Pete (4 months ago)
Fascinating that behind the prim and proper facade of high society was also vicious brutality of the worst kind. That 4 stage torture has to be among the most vile ever conceived.
MySnaz (4 months ago)
I've been meaning to look this up for some time because I recently found out through DNA testing that one of my distant relatives was beheaded in the 1400's , I can't remember the exact date, at the London Tower for treason.
Benjamin Bradley (5 months ago)
The tower of london prophesy is real. Also, there is one about a muslim being born into the family, will make the family fall. That is why they killed dody and diana. Bit pointless really, since the Queen has give England up, to the bastards.
alecrebel (5 months ago)
extreme cruelty probably caused by inbreeding and insanity
Fi Gee (5 months ago)
You want to read Geoffrey Abbotts' books. He's such an interesting and amusing author, be warned though they're all about executions 😵
Cat Weasel (5 months ago)
No mention of the peasants revolution of 1382
Tuffy (17 days ago)
Cat Weasel Well, they can't cover everything. Britain is steeped in history - do you honestly think they could cover every revolution, every war, every beheading, etc. in one 45 minute documentary?
Tracy Faye (5 months ago)
Henry died in his sleep? How disappointing.
Lee Westlake (5 months ago)
Yep, whilst we may malign other countries for their unfamiliar laws and practices, it's fair to say that us Brits take some beating when it comes to instilling misery upon another.
newhuskytwenty (5 months ago)
Nasty British
William H. Baird (5 months ago)
Very good Documentary but should have a had a Englishman do the Voice over
Shawn Johns (18 days ago)
Well it's an American production so...
Danny Boyle (5 months ago)
the narrator's voice is far superior to an Englishman's voice.
Dreadking Rathalos (5 months ago)
>last person beheaded in England Lee Rigby
TheSpoiler001 (5 months ago)
Henry the eighth was a fat psycho asshole! ♥RIP Ann Boleyn♥
Den E V (5 months ago)
The last man ever beheaded in Britain? ... how about the muslim terrorists killings? ... the brutal past is back.
Alex Anton (5 months ago)
This is fascinating and extraordinary. I really enjoyed this documentary!😉👍👍💖✌
Aileen McMillan (5 months ago)
Alison Weir is looking very nice in this one !
Tom Lohmann (5 months ago)
Those torture devices are nothing.  Everyone knows real torture is pouring water on someone.
esther mostafa (5 months ago)
Andrew Williams (5 months ago)
The PC commie traitors should be sent there.
Donald Coder (5 months ago)
Human beings are evil, cruel, and ignorant. Civilization is fragile and disappears quickly. The animal spirit takes over readily, with little reason.
decapitate state (1 month ago)
Mans inhumanity to man has always been and will always be with us.
Ann (5 months ago)
I loved this documentary! Thank you!
stnicholas54 (5 months ago)
Have they dug out the two Princes that Tricky Dicky III had murdered ?
Purplefishish (1 month ago)
Yes, the were found under some stairs
David Bendall (5 months ago)
Fucking pommys most hated people of all no wonder.
Medieval Richard (5 months ago)
A great documentary! Into heritage? Everyone who's interested should check my videos out on my channel. I travel up and down the country in all kinds of weather documenting my trips on Castles, Manor houses, Churches & anything else heritage. MR
John Kelleher (6 months ago)
The escape on 32 minutes is just fantastic.
Tim Cantrell (6 months ago)
Within a matter of weeks all Europe knew Richard lll had killed the Princes yet today the world populace still thinks Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.
lee Sloan (19 days ago)
Richard didn't kill the prince's, it would've probably been Henry tudor.
Tim Cantrell (6 months ago)
Richard lll was a real son of a bitch.
Andrew Armstrong (6 months ago)
William was a lucky bastard, Harold three weeks earlier had defeated the vikings at Stamford bridge and them force marched to meet William.
Cat Weasel (5 months ago)
King Harold Godwinson the Greatest of English Kings
anna Last (6 months ago)
Henry VIII should have had his fat head cut off. He should have been put on the rack, drawn, & quartered. HE WAS PURE EVIL. One thing I can't understand is why Catherine Howard would even consider marrying a psycho who beheaded his wife before she married him. SHE SHOULD HAVE RAN LIKE THE WIND AS FAR AWAY AS SHE COULD. iNSTEAD SHE WENT SO FAR AS TO MARRY THAT WORM.
lee Sloan (19 days ago)
They had no choice in who they married, all to do with royal bloodlines, and just as a footnote they didn't tend to rack draw and quarter, it was usually hanged drawn and quartered.
Darren Smith (6 months ago)
anna Last she was a feminist and thought she could change him
Rosemarie (6 months ago)
anna - No women's support groups in those days.
cupcaketina59 (6 months ago)
history was absolutely gruesome and sick,
Zoltan Z (15 days ago)
Humanity is absolutely gruesome and sick.
Ryland Stowell (6 months ago)
I stayed there once
Terry Mastriantonio (1 month ago)
I used to work there, you have my condolences lol
Lee Agnew (6 months ago)
LMAO, Americans.!
Tuffy (17 days ago)
Mark A "we"? you fought in WW2 did you?
Daniel Priest (1 month ago)
+Mark A yeah, only took you yanks 2 years to turn up. Worse than the French you lot.
Mark A (2 months ago)
Lee Agnew we were good in ww2 though . Saved your ass. Or would you like be to a slave to Germany. How soon we forget. Ungreatful english.
John Smith (6 months ago)
++Lee Agnew++ Like the common cold aren't they? They infect everything they put their hands on.
Mike Mason (6 months ago)
Such a rich history. Shame though.. I'm certain the Muslims. Once they've completely dominated the country will almost certainly destroy and do away with any and all traces of England's history.
Ammara Gul (4 months ago)
Mike Mason be thankful that Indians haven't attacked yet to get full independence plus get the kohi nur back
alasdeceda (6 months ago)
Say it without crying.
Lenia N. Ldzn (6 months ago)
Wow. Now I am imagining polar bears swimming under London Bridge lol...
lee Sloan (19 days ago)
Tower Bridge is a victorian edifice
Roger Dennison (6 months ago)
Don`t you mean Tower Bridge? London Bridge is 0.5 mi (0.80 km) upstream
lordwilliam01 (7 months ago)
What if ... ... the Tower is for real a Roman Building? Look at that architecture of the Tower an real Roman Buildings. "Just a thought".
Tuffy (17 days ago)
Itsme LOL
Tuffy (17 days ago)
lordwilliam01 Better you don't think too much. There's nothing Roman about the Tower, whatsoever. are you ok in the head?
Itsme (2 months ago)
Well 'unthink'.
Mike Dale (5 months ago)
lordwilliam are you a septic too? As only an ignoramus would make such a comment, well documented it was erected by the Frog invader AKA William the Conquerer architecture of the white tower was based in Billy boys own citadel in Caen, you claiming that the toswder in Caen was also Roman or do you know NOTHING?
Joseph Jones (7 months ago)
Sounds like it must have been a lot of fun, back in the day..
Jason Lomax (6 months ago)
Joseph Jones
Claire Stockton (7 months ago)
absolutely stunning place.  Magical and a little creepy.
cluxseltoot (7 months ago)
24.09 - Is there a Psychiatrist in the house?
Neli Fondevila (7 months ago)
I love this 😀
Nigel O Connor (7 months ago)
Wow i need a poo now
Ell monroe (4 months ago)
Marie Libby Ryan (6 months ago)
Nigel O Connor 😄
Duane Lee Russell (7 months ago)
Serves them right dying trying to watch an execution
Hugh Franklin (4 months ago)
Russell More ignorance from you. your country still executes people and allows members of the public to watch it. If you live in a glass house you really should stop throwing stones.
Vina Waldren (4 months ago)
my cat has an opposable thumb.... just an fyi :D
Mike Dale (5 months ago)
Suneagle Cherokee As the comment is a reply to your fellow arseholes comment it is rather obvious who it is aimed at, but I also agree with what Jones had to say, some of your septic brothers are long tailed monkeys
SunEagle Cherokee (6 months ago)
david jones Before you reply to an opinion push finger onto highlight the member name otherwise we don't know who you're commenting to??? Look at the examples of the other comments.
Duane Lee Russell (7 months ago)
Maxwell ROCKS
Duane Lee Russell (7 months ago)
Too bad this evil place still stands
Hugh Franklin (4 months ago)
Russell You are very ignorant. This is the history of my country, the tower isn't evil, it is just a building, with lots of history. The people doing these things weren't evil they knew no better.
T Scott (4 months ago)
Those who aren't reminded of history are bound to re live it.
Duane Lee Russell (6 months ago)
Darren Smith yep you are a dipshit
Duane Lee Russell (7 months ago)
Sorry I wouldn't want to have been in England EVER
Daniel Mueller (1 month ago)
Itsme (2 months ago)
Duane Lee Russell, can tell you're American. Oh dear, no hope for you.
SpookeyR (5 months ago)
@Andy: "..." Ooohh, conspiracy theories; soo original!
Andy Thomas (5 months ago)
Duane Lee You're better off staying in America and denying that you speak English, or that your government kills its own people i. e. JFK, the twin towers, DeltaTeam 6, etc ( May they rest in peace )
Carol Ricker (7 months ago)
yup your prince harry is marring on the anniversay of anne boleyn excution really creepy
Bilinda Law-Morley (4 months ago)
Carol Ricker as he looks now, he is virtually a Henry the Eighth clone so let’s hope that’s the only parallel
Andy Thomas (5 months ago)
anna last. Have you any idea how much money the royals bring to the country in tourism? Or how much work most of them actually do? Who would you like in their place? Saddam Husain? Idi Amin? General Gaddafi? Pol Pot? Hitler?
Biker Boiy (5 months ago)
How more creepy would it have been had they got married on Dec 25th?
Tloh Bor (5 months ago)
the least creepy thing about the inbreeders
burymeinpink (6 months ago)
It's England. Every day is the anniversary of someone's execution.
Mike Marley (7 months ago)
I wonder what the old kings would think of London now.
TheNjackets (3 months ago)
They'd weep!
Sarah D (6 months ago)
Russ Kenny (7 months ago)
No name Brand (7 months ago)
Amber Cashman (7 months ago)
daytripper9 (7 months ago)
Really like Doc Spot, but Can u Turn Up The Volume?Thank You!!
The Doodleman (7 months ago)
The sync is spot on. Well done. Amazing.
Jason Lomax (6 months ago)
The Doodleman
Gary M (7 months ago)
No Englishman available to present the show?
Larson Wells (2 months ago)
They couldn't find a Brit with strait enough teeth.
Melody Patterson (3 months ago)
Should 'of'? You mean should have?
HKH HKH (4 months ago)
Gary M, I'm glad an American or someone who doesn't have a strong accent is speaking because sometimes its hard to understand what the person is saying with a strong British accent.
Tippersnore (5 months ago)
They were too busy torturing people.
Dutch Eve (5 months ago)
There's another one on Youtube. Search for: Bloody Tales of the Tower.
Alien Zombie (7 months ago)
Make em beg for death!
Alien Zombie (7 months ago)
They need to bring back medieval torture because they now give killers less time and no torture than drug offenders and child molesters! Its a damn shame! I say torture the killers and rapist and child molesters!
yamato0965 (7 months ago)
Scud Stud
Eric Miller (7 months ago)
my problem is how, with such pride of such evil, does one find this anything but spiritually disconcerting
Justice Jester (5 months ago)
And your second problem is that you believe in magic....loon alert !
Eric Miller (6 months ago)
educate yourself
david jones (6 months ago)
WhaT is your problem? what you think of Auswitch ? Maybe because you have no history you decry others who have.
kennashan (6 months ago)
By our modern eyes, yes; but the past is like another country. Things are done differently there.
Fi Gee (7 months ago)
Geoffrey Abbott is also an author. Well worth reading his books about executions💀
dafodilist (7 months ago)
Raven mad? good docu Thanks.
YourFuneral Director (7 months ago)
Bit of advice, don't marry King Henry!!
Mo Martinez (2 days ago)
the woman who said that was Marie de Guise the mother of Mary Queen of Scots and married the king of Scotland instead
Philip Webb (2 months ago)
One woman of European royalty (I can't remember exactly who) when asked to marry Henry VIII said something on the order of "If I had two heads, I would be willing."
Cheshire Cat (2 months ago)
Good for business though?
Rosemarie (6 months ago)
Educated Man (7 months ago)
We had the electric chair, but no batteries. Bummer!
t Mann (4 months ago)
Try wind power
stopthecrazyguy (7 months ago)
Josephine Tey's "The Daughter of Time," is a refutation of Richard III's guilt in the murder of the two boys. She presents a compelling argument that Henry VII was the true culprit. Tey was a famous mystery writer and she uses that medium to present her argument.
Mike Dale (5 months ago)
Richard third had NO REASON to kill the princes as they were bastard children and therefore banned from inheriting the crown, ONLY one to gain from their deaths was Henry Tudor ap Owen, who had LESS rights to the crown than Richard, so in any logical argument the ONLY one to gain from murder was Tudor, don't need to be a mystery writer to figure that one out
Rana Yaya (7 months ago)
DidYaServe (7 months ago)
In the words of Alan Partridge: "Henry VIII, he was a sh*t."
Biker Boiy (5 months ago)
Henry 8 was a very clever man he started his own religion - to give the Pope some competition
robert snowdon (6 months ago)
ideal spot for blair,bush and their cronies
Somuch Nope (7 months ago)
giribaba (7 months ago)
DidYaServe Sng

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