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Coal Power Plant

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How a coal power plant works? This video explain the key components of a coal power plant.
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Sahuagin (11 days ago)
I always wonder how the turbines are spun by the steam but that never seems to get explained. that really seems to be the key point. once you have pressure, it's the turning of the turbine that actually generates the electricity.
S.K JAIN LALITPUR (25 days ago)
Excellent work
mekanizmalar (25 days ago)
Thanks for your visit and comment.
Rishi Vasulkar (2 months ago)
Didn't explained anything about the 'cooling tower' which is one of the most important part.
mekanizmalar (2 months ago)
Dear Vasulkar, even a non knowledgeable person can write you didn't explain anything without knowing anything. It is obvious from your comment that you know the subject of cooling tower very well. Please explain this process in your new comment so that me and my visitors can get unlighted by your knowledge. I am looking forward to see your contribution which will benefit all of us.
Taiwo Olaleye (4 months ago)
what about charcoal?
mekanizmalar (4 months ago)
In order to use charcoal in power plants, you have to burn a lot of forest. This would create deforestation with a lot of bad consequences.
Hunter Escala (6 months ago)
i liked this video beauces i like it
mekanizmalar (6 months ago)
Hunter, thank you for your visit and support of my channel.
Jeremy Abbs (8 months ago)
whats the pollutant that goes into the water?
JJ Loubser (10 months ago)
so if they can take the engine of an Ferrari and Lamborghini and upgrade the components of the coal power plant turbine section they will produce triple more power?
A Person (9 months ago)
JJ Loubser In comparison to certain drag racing engines, Ferrari and Lamborghini engines are powerless and pathetic. Also, can you please specify what engine made by Ferrari or Lamborghini you are talking about. You know Ferrari and Lamborghini are car BRANDS/COMPANIES NOT car MODELS.
mekanizmalar (9 months ago)
I think coal power plant are working with very high efficiency. Therefore suggested modification will not change anything.
BLOCK FERROL (10 months ago)
very interesting what software did you use
i made this in powder toy
dearman saragih (1 year ago)
william philip (1 year ago)
which type of generator (synchronous or induction or any other) is used in power plant to produce electricity?
Hello friend can you tell me what software you are using to make this video...
mekanizmalar (1 year ago)
Adobe Flash
Kyle Seubert (1 year ago)
Subramaniyam das (2 years ago)
Nice video Can you tell me the link for next video.
Tracyy N (2 years ago)
What the duck that I don't want to do hpmework!
A Person (9 months ago)
"What the duck" Can you please tell me what the fuck that means? Cause it sounds fucking retarded.
Phu Dao (2 years ago)
SO wastefull. and so much pollution.
A Person (9 months ago)
What do u mean by 'wasteful'? We get a lot of energy from it.
m2thelo89 (2 years ago)
it really isnt as bad as what this video makes it out to be. Plants now use things like SCR's, Baghouses, and Scrubbers to really make the air not bad at all. you want to see pollution look at the China power plants.
mekanizmalar (2 years ago)
Problem is not the power plants. but the number of humans. You should say "So many humans and so much pollution."
Tanvir Ahmed (2 years ago)
Why is it necessary to cool the steam forcefully? Isn't it lowering the efficiency??
mekanizmalar (2 years ago)
Not necessarily. Steam turbines working with high efficiency allowed by thermodynamic principles. You need a closed loop water and steam flowing inside the plant. You need closed flow loop for two reasons. The first is that you can't add water to the system just as you do in steam locomotives, calcium or any impurities will clog the tubes with time. Any water lost, which is minimal, is replaced by softened water. The second reason is the exit pressure from the steam turbines is under atmospheric condition, to increase efficiency. Also, the steam leaving the turbine is in saturated conditions, meaning it is about to turn to water. Removing some heat from this saturated steam will quickly turn it into water. If you do not do that, you have to pump this saturated steam back to the boiler, which requires a lot of power. To understand this process, it is best to study Rankine Cycle on Mollier Diagram. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rankine_cycle
Alexander Inget (2 years ago)
1 litre of water becomes 1,7 Cubic meters of steam (or 1700 litres). So to "naturally" cool a powerplant fast, you'd need to have a condensor that is riddiculously large or have an inccreddibly slow process (thus less power), which is impractical and time consuming. So by forcefully cool it you actually save time and space.
Narayana Rao Nedunoori (2 years ago)
fine vidioe. nnr
mekanizmalar (2 years ago)
+Narayana Rao Nedunoori Thank you.
Vijayagiri Rammohan (3 years ago)
very good to explain animation videos
mekanizmalar (3 years ago)
+Vijayagiri Rammohan Thank you for your support, I appreciate it.
Thanongsak see (3 years ago)
easy plant
Filipe N. (3 years ago)
Its incomplete. the heater part is pushing in both directions(up and down). What is stoping the water to be pushed back to cooling pool?
Washington Redskin (3 years ago)
the good kind of coal burner.
Enesh Fernando (3 years ago)
This video is incomplete....... please add the following parts and explain Air Pre-heating   Water Pre-heating [LP & HP heating] Positioning different heating with at right place Thank you
Udayakumar Kumar (3 years ago)
Electon Mechnix (4 years ago)
  Oh I have A comment . I was laid off from the only job I have ever had that I actually enjoyed . The coal mines in southwest Virginia are the safest place in the world . It's A dangerous job do not get me wrong . I only worked for A few years  underground but the time I was underground I always felt safe . The only reason that I felt safe was the people . The best people I have ever met in my life . Hardest working , most intelligent , down to earth people you would ever meet . The mines that have been shut down in this area have devastated the economy . They just shut down A whole hospital In Lee county . The effects are on our  jobs . Now there are a few large mines still open for NOW . But all of that coal goes to China , to support the steel industry that left the rust belt behind . I worked my butt off to get the best job of my life and then politicians threw it away for Fracking . I mean come on have you even looked into what kind of chemicals they are pumping into our ground water . These people do not care . They make their millions , billions and move to another country  leaving  us with out any jobs . Were  drinking hydrochloric acid ...THEY....... Then say " Well it's good for the environment " ......are you freaking kidding me . Please people reading this spend a few moments of your time and look into fracking They say coal is bad ........it's not the environment they care about it's their buddies bank accounts  that change the  policies in this country .  Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely  .....................GodSpeed ......................  ....................The Cracken ................................................................
Knowledge Nuke (4 months ago)
mekanizmalar ok i will say this see you when we have nothing let because we shouldn’t save our world
Iron Mike (6 months ago)
Electon Mechnix that factory is now taken over by negan.
mekanizmalar (1 year ago)
Let's make something clear. Coal creates CO2 which is biggest contributor to global warming.Are coal producer the evil people destroying our planet? Should we close all the coal production fields to save our world? My answer to these two question is absolutely not. We live in an economic system based on supply and demand. Find an energy source cheaper than the coal, people will buy that energy, rather than coal based energy. So they are doing a service to us. But; by product of this service is also creates big problem for us. Why we are so dependent on cheap coal so heavily to the extent to destroy our planet. The problem is not the coal producer, the problem is the other industries making us so dependent on coal. One example is home builders. They are making houses so energy inefficient, so huge, that we spent fortune to heat them in the winter. All the manufacturer, whether it is ink jet printer, battery powered power tool, car or many similar manufacturer makes their product not to fit other manufacturer product creates over use of energy unnecessary and keep prices artificially high. In short our problem is not global warming, our problem is over crowding and the greed. Solve over crowding problem and make laws to protect poor from greed of the powerful will solve many of our problems.
Edgar Mnatsakanyan (4 years ago)
There is another way of obtaining energy without using a drop of fuel. However by some reason many people don't know that exists "implosion" instead of "explosion" and that imlosion technology is the opposite of the latter. You can have a look how one of these equipment look like. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/repulsine-production-of-electricity/x/7601456
mohammad ferozkhan (4 years ago)
nice video
يتاحذ كون اغة العرة very goo fof our stuent
Tim Y. (4 years ago)
Thank you SO much for making this video!!  It answers so many of my long-held questions!!!!
peshewa0529 (4 years ago)
They are not coils they are tubes.
Jeijei Jeei (4 years ago)
watch breaker guy
internetedair (5 years ago)
ikinci parça yok mu?
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
Onun Yerine Nuclear Power Santral'ini koydum.
Emily Johnson (5 years ago)
Really helpful got a A on my test! !!! Ty, ty
Bala Arul (2 years ago)
Emily Johnson good (Y)
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
Dear Stevie, The reason it is called waste heat because you can not extract more power from it. According the thermodynamic principles there is no way you can get more power from it. Yes, you can use that heat for heating buildings or you may keep some sea ports ice free. However power production and consumption creates thermal islands called cities which attract some animals and destroys habitat of other animals. Winter time city of Rome attract billions starlings and Romans don't like it.
why do you call it "waste heat" when you could use the heat to keep Baltic Sea ports ice free for nuclear submarine bases, warm beaches and warm areas along the coast for citizens of the "nuclear benefits of heat released from power plants. I do note the antagonistic "cute" language every "spiked female voiced video emits as radioactive propaganda to the foolish public - lawyer retired just trying to learn a thing or two without the intense anti-nuclear protocol required by this site.
dobi bodi (5 years ago)
Boudelaa Tahar (5 years ago)
Lily B. Sackett (5 years ago)
This was very helpful for my science project!!
Ecological problem can be solved if we can absorb CO2.We know Algae absorbs CO2.The Algae is available abundantly in the country side.The CO2 absorbed algae can be disposed of conveniently.Such technical study is under process. SUKUMAR DUTTA
Frissen alistar (5 years ago)
This is where you will learn how solar energy is produced and about the solar panel system that you can create.Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
Mahmud, I am sure you know ecological problem of the coal power plant as well as I do. The problem is our inability to do something about it. As long as human need for energy increases, there is no way we can control CO2 emission, acid rain, strip mining and so fort. I am pessimistic. Once the Gini is out of the bottle, it is hard to put it back.
Mahmud Faruquee (5 years ago)
I would like to know the ecological problem of coal power plant.
1969lincolnosiris (5 years ago)
I have a feeling that this is false. It seems very primitive and inefficient, therefore I think they LIE about the energy production and conceal the true high efficiency method they use and cash in from the deception. We have VERY efficient ultra capacitors and Lithium Iron batteries that could reduce costs by BILLIONS, then they could conceal it and pocket every penny. All the while, still increasing your rates.
bijan mallik (5 years ago)
nice video.....:)
xayphone yotparsit (5 years ago)
i want to know for this
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
Thank you for your nice explanation. After your comment I did some Google search and learned a lot. It was new to me.
yea i kow the two kinds but i found out scrubbers or fgi puts out the steam. most plants dont run alot of scrubbers! all cooling towers put steam! in illiniois only a few have scrubber stacks that use water and lime amonia thats what the steam comes from
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
In this type power plants you may see steam is coming out from cooling towers. I do not have much knowledge about dry cooling, but it is using air just like car radiator, so you may not see steam coming out at all.
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
During this process temperature of river water rises slightly. So you may not see any steam coming out from power plants. If there is plenty of coal in a location but not enough water than the second type, recirculating cooling is used. In this case water from a small reservoir is fed to cooling tower where water droplets flow downward in between condenser pipes, during this time steam condenses and some cooling water, %5, evaporates.
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
There are 3 types of cooling systems in termal power plants. Whether it is coal or Nuclear. They are Direct or "once-through" cooling, Recirculating or indirect cooling. and dry cooling. In the video you see Direct cooling. This type of power plans are build next to large rivers, lake or see where there are an limited cold water to be used to condense the steam. They take water from river and pass it trough condenser and discharge it back to the river.
Why do some plants not put out any steam? Alot of plants all you see is faint brown smog coming out of the stacks unless it's realy cold then you see steam. Example one plant will pour out thick steam from the stacks all year while the other just puts out a bit of brown smoke from the coal?
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
Because while pressure decreasing the specific volume of the steam is increasing. To accommodate expansion, cross section of steam passing area should increase. Also, you should know that for the gases decreasing the flow area does not mean to increase velocity. This is true up to a point, then area should increase to increase the speed of the gases. Look at a rocket nozzle. Area first decrease, when speed of the gas reaches speed of sound, the area begin to expand so that speed of gas increase
sagar bhuva (5 years ago)
why cross section area of steam turbine is gradually increasing although our aim is to increase kinetic energy so that we can produce more electricity..???
EpiDemic117 (5 years ago)
I doubt it is all negative. In fact alot of people seem to paint the effects of the global warming theory as only negative. There are merely tradeoffs according to isac newtwons theory behind action and reaction. Some areas will turn worse while other colder areas will be much more warm and subtle. It's not like the day after tommorow movie. things change regardless.
mekanizmalar (5 years ago)
I agree with you %100. That is why we said "indispensable". However we can't deny the effect of any power plant on the environment, whether it is coal, nuclear or water dam. Any progress we make has some negative impact on environment one way or another.
EpiDemic117 (5 years ago)
"controversial" ??? coal powerplants have been around forever. Without them you can forget about having all of the stuff we do today. No coal meant no power. no powre meant no production.
Surely an interesting idea.. Thanks
Rahul Sharma (5 years ago)
This is just Awesome...Thanks Admin...:)
hermank said (5 years ago)
i like this video so much and i have project about coal fire plant therefore i need ninety-nine-percent to learn about it.
Paola Cristina (6 years ago)
The problem is that my group lacks the will to learn not oly science, but anything... Then teaching becomes more challenging, but I won't give up, especially if I can find good material to show to them.
mekanizmalar (6 years ago)
Thank you for your nice comment for our video and thank you for your support. We also recommend you to watch our Nuclear Power Plant video. The videos you like show the curiosity of your mind for the science. Any person who wants to learn science can NOT have low ability for science. As Thomas Edison said "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" . Keep up the good work.
Paola Cristina (6 years ago)
I have a low ability group for Science and I was desperately looking for a short, yet clear video about power generation. Thanks a lot for sharing your material, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for!
EoverMC2 (6 years ago)
The small line feeds the (air bearing) .00025 on a side the turbine uses for rotating the stater blades. imagine the extremely high rotation of the blades turbines get their power from spinning freely.

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