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[E003] Minecraft - (ALL) Crafting Recipes

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OUTDATED. Please read down below || These are most of the crafting recipes, but unfortuantely some of them are missing. "Why is that?", you might ask... And to answer your question: It's simply outdated. -I will try to make another video with all of the new updates, but then again - Notch is adding so much stuff into the game right now that it's basically impossible to keep it updated all the time. I'm sorry if you don't find what you're looking for, but there is several other videos out there with the new updates that you might want to check out. OR, you could check out the Minecraft Wiki at: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki -Miner.
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Text Comments (331)
Mat Monsters games (11 months ago)
Mal atualizado
ClayClaim (2 years ago)
This is cool! Thank you for your video :)
Strain (2 years ago)
Dude, I know how to craft tools & weapons in a different way.
sanjum84 (2 years ago)
WAIT A SECOND... this is the old version, I WANT THE 1.9.4 MINECRAFT RECIPES
Monica Homringhausen (3 years ago)
Leigh Alvior (3 years ago)
No glass window?
Alexander Jordin (3 years ago)
uhh power rials?
Alexander Jordin (3 years ago)
ps thats 9 diamonds
Sal Bhuiyan (3 years ago)
RoboJack09 (3 years ago)
+Md. Salahuddin If you still need to know how to make an Anvil look on my channel because this video was before Anvils were added
Jibril H (3 years ago)
i love it
Kian Gaming (3 years ago)
you do know this is very old
Aizhen1seven (4 years ago)
Can or how do you craft fire
RoboJack09 (3 years ago)
+Aizhen1seven -_- Serously
JustMeKevin (4 years ago)
and the door?
george morthy (4 years ago)
Wheres the chest
Zain Farooq (4 years ago)
Thank you for the info
rainbow loom (4 years ago)
sooooooo good '
Aldrei Parra (4 years ago)
skopeftisnclrp (4 years ago)
Thank you my friend :)
mina krieger (4 years ago)
Where's the bed
Shadowninya (4 years ago)
for all the retards who keep asking for saddle crafting recipe stop fucking asking a saddle is not craftable 
Dovydas (4 years ago)
Tis is nit all minecraft ...
jack martin (4 years ago)
where is saddle?
d (5 years ago)
were is the cake!?
Craig Metcalfe (5 years ago)
Craig Metcalfe (5 years ago)
You forgot diamond block (D=Diamond
xJazziie (5 years ago)
where can you get the tools for a arrow??? Answer Please
Horsedick.MPEG (5 years ago)
its easy ,put 8 papers around and in the middle a compass
Fr4zZ (5 years ago)
Thanks dude it helped ALOT im gonna sub :)
Manmohan Singh (5 years ago)
@btobyss yeah yeah we all know that! also! man i think you would enjoy this game have a look >> to.ly\nZIp
Viva La Oof (5 years ago)
U people are dumb do u even know when this was posted so think before u comment
Bogdan Jelesijevic (5 years ago)
yes how saddle ? and End Fortal? and carpet? and redsrone lamp!?
Jaguar Cat (5 years ago)
you mother f**** shit
Jaguar Cat (5 years ago)
there is not how to make a saddle
araz dake (5 years ago)
lol these is copy at crafting on apps
JurdeVNL (5 years ago)
OMG with a free virus
Jhonni Boii (5 years ago)
Get a free account on minecraftnow.us
Nina Enell (5 years ago)
MrChristopherChannel (5 years ago)
This is so horrible and basic
young savage (5 years ago)
Didn't show how to make cake, sugar, hopper powered rail all kinds if stuff so dislike.
Shun Kazami (5 years ago)
Lol not all at all some r not here
TheEvil HD (5 years ago)
I like miusic
InChellsMind (5 years ago)
I assume that your youtube sucks if you actually have to advertise your channel...
Shireman1997 (5 years ago)
Go check out my channel and watch my cousin attempting to jump out of a pool, he fails epically
Jeremy Larson (5 years ago)
No cake, snow, pumkin pie, map, powered rail, detector rail, hopper, minecart with hopper, etc.
LeftBehind (5 years ago)
the cake is a lie :D
Vincent Avila (5 years ago)
Where's the cake -:(
0101tttq (5 years ago)
Do you know ANYTHING about DATES?
poot dispencer (5 years ago)
Jim Murphy (5 years ago)
Compass & 9 Paper
Malcolm Belben (5 years ago)
you forgot diamond sword
ManEatingPotatoe (5 years ago)
Are you blind or stupid? or both.it showed it dumbass.
PACKS STACKS (5 years ago)
forgot the door
Weener-dog 123 (5 years ago)
you forgot the golden carrot
Weener-dog 123 (5 years ago)
left click
Linda Adam (5 years ago)
Wich button do u touch to get in in the crafting ?
Zach Whitten (5 years ago)
an iron block isnt a block. don't ask anyone about it.
Kaili Montgomery (5 years ago)
what about maps
Nadine Jovanovic (5 years ago)
You didn't show how to make fence -.-
Jake (5 years ago)
you make button from 1 stone
Jake (5 years ago)
you make glowstone from 4 glowstone dust
Liliana Ramos (5 years ago)
Xiphos andersson (5 years ago)
its awesome
NG Gaming (5 years ago)
no cake?
videogamepatrick (5 years ago)
i need 100 subs guys. please. sub to me.
Irolez ma (5 years ago)
southlife0627 (5 years ago)
00:50 is wierd.
Vili Presents (5 years ago)
the music is fuckin anoying
sparky therealone (5 years ago)
Wow it´s Cool
antuni (5 years ago)
yeah mmhhmmm
Jonas Hubrich (5 years ago)
please ckeck the description bevore you write a comment :)
CaptainLightning (5 years ago)
to be fair he did forget diamond block that was there in that version
Josh Offyourself (5 years ago)
Dude some of theese crafting recipies are outdated and changed so this video is sort of incorrect
keith mtape (5 years ago)
you don't know how to craft
tutuology (5 years ago)
Thank you soooo bad
EvilMinds345 MSP (5 years ago)
Ugh, I hate my brother. He's tryna act cool on my acc.
Mr.Memetic (5 years ago)
You cant play beacause u noob
Mr.Memetic (5 years ago)
U can not craft
Mr.Memetic (5 years ago)
Well doth I don't see a noob. NO! I say(shakesspere)
snuimon (5 years ago)
Forgot firework and many others
Katie Ward (5 years ago)
You're **
Faith Bartelse (5 years ago)
EvilMinds345 MSP (5 years ago)
So* your the noob
EvilMinds345 MSP (5 years ago)
There's two ways of crafting butter apples son
Dan Hughes (5 years ago)
These. Recipes will help me a lot on my minecraft survival on my other channel hughesyboy24. Great video.
Juan Jch (5 years ago)
Thnx for the recepie
Oleksandr Kryshtalov (5 years ago)
Too old
Aces Realm (5 years ago)
Noob it dont exest
Aces Realm (5 years ago)
No Sponge?
ThatOtherGuy (5 years ago)
no , youre a noob . he made an ecnhanted golden apple . not common
Ella Owings (5 years ago)
Ow is he gay and fat how would you know him do you still him while he is asleep no I didn't think so so I suggest you stop making fun of him an get a life
josh hay (5 years ago)
Fat gay noob
moonvelvet (5 years ago)
Thanks for the help...I really needed this :)
Siim56RBLX (5 years ago)
GaMeRX GaMeZ (5 years ago)
You need to put cobwebs
null (5 years ago)
:D cool song
Kai Cummins (5 years ago)
Thanks that was very very helprul for my dad.lol :)
Mr851212 (5 years ago)
this was extremely helpful, I'm no noob at minecraft, but I've only played the 360 version till a friend sent me the pc one a little bit ago, everyone sais it's better, so I'm excited to try it out, and what does it do, spawn me on an island in the middle on nowhere, thank god I turned on bonus chest, but I had no clue how to make a boat lol
Hasher Raja (5 years ago)
cause if you play minecraft for a long time like me you memorize the crafting recipes
Sadam SkinnyPeePee (5 years ago)
Not a jackolantern at. 51
Thao Truong (5 years ago)
Not all of it. You for got cookies.
jaden thomas (5 years ago)
Thanks sub

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