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Hitman Remake - Object Interaction and Animations Update {WIP}

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A little update using UE 4.16, a lot of bugs were fixed in this version, as well as performance is a lot better, a lot less hiccups, but those are the fault of my really poor PC, eve though, they increased graphical quality and performance at the same time. In this video we see how 47 picks up objects with the new IK system, that aligns perfectly his hands with the grip of the objects. And also our speed changing system that uses the mouse wheel to increase and decrease movement speed. 47 also tilts his head where the player is looking like in the earlier Hitman games.
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Bendingcheese67 (1 year ago)
When will u release the demo?? I cant wait to play it :)
YourGudBud Nel (1 year ago)
The team is working very hard on this project, don't worry, we'll give you a kickass hitman game ;)
Akane Tutszulor (1 year ago)
BendingCheese67 Just like Thales' statement. There is not a confirmed date, but we will do our best to bypass barriers to get the demo to you as soon as humanly possible. ;)
Thales Kruger Games (1 year ago)
There's not a date confirmed yet, we are still struggling with some of the development stuff, lots of bugs to sort out and how exactly we will approach our gameplay ideas programming-wise.

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