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Maker Ed: Maker Education as a Learning Approach

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MakerEd.org At its simplest, making is the act of creating. Making can spur creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and confidence. Consider what can happen when making becomes an integral part of learning. Maker education harnesses the power of making to create an engaging and motivating learning experience. It is an interactive, open-ended approach that is learner-driven and allows for the time and space needed to develop diverse skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking. At Maker Ed, we believe that the design of any learning opportunity must recognize and celebrate every learner’s ability to experience and influence their world. Maker education can achieve this ideal because it embodies these core values and goals. - Empowerment. Maker education focuses on the learner’s capability to voice their unique thoughts, choices, and ideas. - Access. It provides a spectrum of entry points for learners of any culture, background, or ability to take part. - Process. Maker education includes and emphasizes exploring, designing, reiterating, reflecting, and sharing as part of the universal process of learning and development. - Community. It welcomes and values every learner, as they are encouraged to share, collaborate, and engage with one another. Maker education allows us to move towards a more comprehensive educational approach that better reflects and incorporates the diverse, complex, and ever-changing nature of our world. Through maker education, youth develop new perspectives, a belief in their own abilities, and a passion for learning. Learn more about how we at Maker Ed support educators and organizations to create engaging learning experiences for youth through making. -------- This video was made possible by the generous support of Chevron. Special thanks to Ron Sakamoto, Meagan Moore, and Maxwell Honack for their tremendous efforts in video direction, production, hand-drawn illustration, music, and animation. And to Jessica Parker for her voiceover narration! Additional thanks to the following institutions for the permission and use of their photographs: Children's Museum of Houston, REM Learning Center, DIY Girls, and Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.
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