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10 Last Of Us Facts You Probably Didn't KNOW

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The Last of Us (PS4, PS3) has captured the minds of many. Here are some interesting facts about the game, story, and behind-the-scenes elements. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Thumb Art Credit: Mike Svymbersky
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gameranx (1 year ago)
Don't mind us, eagerly anticipating Last of Us part 2.
Stephanie Rodriquez (6 hours ago)
gameranx pedo
Victoria (2 months ago)
And after last night's new trailer....I cannot wait to play it.
Ty youre shoes (5 months ago)
There are infected animals in the lab, they were monkeys and they were scared of evrything and they had no different visual aperince
tavo stremai axujeni (5 months ago)
you said idga and not igda llul
Terror Tycoon (5 months ago)
2:10 speak for yourself, bud.
Stephanie Rodriquez (6 hours ago)
Ugly pedo
Adequate Bros. (14 hours ago)
4:00 ish well, with millions of people, it must be hard to not "copy" anyone but at the same time, maybe try to avoid the popular/famous that are gonna throw a fit about a character accidentally looking like them ((prissy ass people personally, like calm the fuck down youre not *THAT* important))
DJ Funtime Foxy (17 hours ago)
Joel Miller?! My last name is Miller. COME HERE UNCLE/GRANDPA JOEL!!!!!
Random User (4 days ago)
There is some Half Life 2 up in this bitch ? Dafuq... this is amazing, lol.
Natsuki i (5 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that Ellie doesn’t look like Ellen Page ??
Charlie Pruett (9 days ago)
Ellie was originally timid? Man fuck that Ellie what dumbass thought that up
My World (10 days ago)
Ellie/Ellen lmho
Michael Shinagawa (15 days ago)
You sound like you need to clear your throat and bLow your nose
arianna (19 days ago)
Nam To (20 days ago)
0:36 Ellie's face
Joey Horvath (20 days ago)
Win is the last of us 2 actually coming out 2019?
Mike Burke (23 days ago)
City of thieves is a great book!
Christopher Youngs (25 days ago)
Ellie kills people before David
LovelessDogg (25 days ago)
I’m pretty sure Joel’s last name is in the game. I’ve been calling him Miller since it was released because I saw it while playing.
bubbles gaming blast (25 days ago)
You aka me what's my favorite thing about the last of us? Its existance man
RJ Macready (27 days ago)
"Sarah Miller " can be seen on the wall of her room, so last name def canon. Bad comparison picture to use with Ellen Page, the original Joel and Ellie promo picture looks just liker her, I can see why she was upset lol
Keanu Gondlach (28 days ago)
Ich bin sehr gespannt auf den Part 2, aber ich hab nicht so viel verstanden weil du so schnell geredet hast 🤣 Ich kann nicht so gut englisch und vielleicht beim nächsten Video ein deutscher Untertitel oder langsamer reden...😁
Pumpkin head (29 days ago)
Roses are red fire belongs in a pit, i loved the last of us but not this gay ass shit.
Pumpkin head (29 days ago)
Fuck you amd your queer supporting game.. ..resident evil2..now thats a straight zombie game about to get my money
Joshua DeVance (30 days ago)
After #4 at 4:08 I strongly believe now that Joel is dead in Part 2.
Kieron Naylor (1 month ago)
I can't believe you didn't mention Ashley Johnson is Gretchen Grundler from Recess. Who the fuck did your research?
Spaghetti man (1 month ago)
Won the feminist game of the year by dykeswhodontplayvideogames magazine
Ronald Castaneda (1 month ago)
Joel’s last name is Miller. It’s confirmed when you pay attention to Sarah’s room in the beginning of the game. When you look around, she has some kind of certificate where it saids, “Sarah Miller” on it. Meaning that Joel’s last name is in fact “Miller”. Ellie though, I’m not sure.
logandh2 (1 month ago)
She looks nothing like Ellen Page. I will die on this fucking hill
Victor Weiss (1 month ago)
Critical role?
Josh Thibodeau (1 month ago)
0:34 what's in Ellie's mouth?
Skoda130 (1 month ago)
Ellie just got a little older, basically..
Jope (1 month ago)
Aaand the video spoiled alot
JP Walsh (1 month ago)
ripped off my likeness...are u serious
Hannah Feutz (1 month ago)
At 4:20 he says hunting down Joel
HudxHawk3000 (1 month ago)
5:03 Who else noticed Imetietly after they saw this that this scene was from the encounter with bill? 😂
Isaiah Welch (1 month ago)
The bit about infected animals is actually a page out of Capcom's Resident Evil: Outbreak File #1 & #2. In one of those games, there was a scenario that took place in a zoo. One branch of the scenario had you fighting a zombified elephant; the other had you fighting a zombified tiger. Wonder if Naughty Dog thought about that...could even be why infected animals never made it into the final game. Who knows.
Cristian Carpio (1 month ago)
Okay there's no way I'm the only one who loves TLOU multiplayer. I think it's a little overshadowed by the story. Don't get me wrong I loved the single player but I also spent countless hours on the mutiplayer.
Luu Nguyen (1 month ago)
Why is YouTube whore playing in the background
James Gocel (1 month ago)
idk how to confirm ellie’s last name but if you look in sarah’s room there’s something that says Sarah Miller on it so Joel’s canon last name is miller
Fersancersal (1 month ago)
The last of us was overrated af it was just a walking simulator if you are there for the story juat watch a movie
Marlen Saenz (1 month ago)
Nah once you bring out infected lions and shit it's over for humanity
Marlen Saenz (26 days ago)
bwill123 facts.
bwill123 (26 days ago)
Marlen Saenz I'd jump off a cliff before getting mauled by one. Lol.
Chris cole (1 month ago)
dont mind me i thinking of who captian marval might be now when you mentained who did ellies voice
More videos on last of us??
Alex Foreman (1 month ago)
Ellie being as aggressive as she is makes much more sense. I mean, being in a military school and growing up in the kind of world it’s set in would generally toughen a kid up
ŒŒŁĪRŒ 1 (1 month ago)
I knew all facts except the story and zombies design remake
David Mc (1 month ago)
I'm japanese and enjoyed LOU so much. I really appreciate this game ! can't wait playing LOU2 !
Content Loading 99% (1 month ago)
Joel’s last name is actually Miller cause in the beginning in Sarah’s room if you look at a certificate in her bedroom on the wall and zoom in it says Sarah Miller.
Tit0Matic (1 month ago)
Ellen Page can eat dicks
celeste walker (1 month ago)
Rip Ellen page
MrGamerman001 (1 month ago)
Fuck LOU2. Might as well be playing "White male hating feminism sim 2019".
elvin (1 month ago)
Did ellen actually get mad about this? Fuck up
Ferox (1 month ago)
so glad it turned out how it is cus its just perfect
Olivier J. Moral (2 months ago)
Its impossible to have infectoed animals in the second part, since we see mokeys douring the fist one that are actualy infected and act normally
Helen Gomes (2 months ago)
I'd be flattered if someone stole my look for a video game lol
FNCortes Productions (2 months ago)
Honestly... Ellie > Atreus, well for now, Atreus is getting better tho but when it comes to games... GoW = TLOU, they are both good games, in fact, they are masterpieces...
Tor Lönnqvist (2 months ago)
Ashley also plays a major character in minecraft story mode lmao
Evan Font (2 months ago)
Loving all the Cormac McCarthy love the guys at Naughty Dog have.
MCTanman1 (2 months ago)
So naughty dog left out infected animals, you know, an idea that fucking makes sense. How retarded are TLOU's fans for thinking that this glorified soap opera is the greatest game ever made?
MCTanman1 (2 months ago)
I know the most important fact. TLOU is perhaps the MOST OVER RATED GAME OF ALL TIME! Apart from voice acting, it does NOTHING better than some other game in recent VG history.
Dan B (2 months ago)
How is information from the games official release not classed as cannon? xD
AQUA LEMON (2 months ago)
Joel’s last name is miller because at the beginning of the game in the kids room she wrote a bday card with his last name
chalK (2 months ago)
ALLmasked (2 months ago)
i feel like they trolled ellen by making ellie look like her when she was younger, i mean ellie ver 1 was generic
NAZZ (2 months ago)
I played through the whole game before I realized it wasn't ellen Paige who played Ellie. I was bummed out cause she would have been perfect for the part.
Nerd Alert (2 months ago)
In a way, the fungal version of the zombie is so much more terrifying than the usual, basic, bite-n-turn. Even if there are no zombies, there's still danger from spores. It's seems like a really effective way for it to spread though. Once it infects a host, and the host stops moving, it can root for good, using protein and nutrients from the body to give it a head start. I wonder if the host's heart is still beating? Considering this is a more sciency take, I'd say yes, but otherwise, I would assume that the fungus just overtakes and replaces the circulatory system.
Wyatt Apooch (2 months ago)
Holy fuck giant infected elephants?!
J Garrett (2 months ago)
"They didn't suffer" Most vivid scene of any video game I've ever played
WiffyLight (2 months ago)
Well, to be fair, you cant make any character today that doesnt look like someone else. I think Ellen Page shouldve chilled the fuck out. At least she didnt try to sue them like Lindsey Lohcunt.
jack the ripper x (2 months ago)
God i played tlou so nany times that i upgraded all my weapons and my person fully and now that save won't load so I have to start over :(
arthur marklen (2 months ago)
I love the story. And att the have the fungest zombis. I hate the Classic zombie.
robot6644 (2 months ago)
Can't wait to watch the 2nd movie on YouTube for free instead of wasting $60 on the same experience.
BIZARREBOT9000 (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who hates seeing the people who play the characters voice in the game? IMMERSION BREAKING, now I just picture JOEL AS CHRIS REDFIELD WITH BLONDE HAIR>
cinnamonbuns (2 months ago)
Joel running from a zombie elephant
Joel Miller (2 months ago)
Oh I knew all of this.
Ayam Mee (2 months ago)
3:25 half life 3 confirmed.
Athar Mirza (2 months ago)
she also plays patterson in blindspot
Superboygamer 578 (3 months ago)
Anybody got the answer to why Ellie looks so much like Sarah
Ninja Man (3 months ago)
im still waiting on seeing a Ao rated game that isnt on steam
shadowfight1 RBLX (3 months ago)
YouTube who#re is playing in the background
Desert Eagle (3 months ago)
Fuckin spoilers bitch
Rachael Wagstaff (3 months ago)
This is was one of only two games that actually made me bawl my eyes out at the ending.
Killer Donkey (3 months ago)
There are so many faces in the world, wish people wouldn't bitch so much when something like being similar to a video game character happens.
Đăng Hoàng Trọng (3 months ago)
I love the picture in 0:36:))))))
Manju Singh (3 months ago)
do u know that clickers with shovel and other weapons will come in tlou 2 and in tlou1 sam is the youngest infected u will find throughout the game
Rida Bhatti (3 months ago)
What is the cut scene at 6:58? It's not in the game
GutsyGaming (3 months ago)
I personally loved everything about The last of us my only real issue with it was that there just wasn't enough campaign to sate my hunger for more of it #PlayedTheGame5Times
I like the Environment even though there’s no people I like the abandon city
ResidentEvil302 rican215 (3 months ago)
I love this game so much
dowingba (3 months ago)
The redesigned Ellie looks better anyway. But Ellen Page has a point. They even named her "Ellie".
If there are infected animals in last of us two then we need some infected giraffes
Kennyko (3 months ago)
Not the giraffes
Will g04 (3 months ago)
Bonus fact: Last of us was so good, that people were saying not to make a 2nd game,because the 1st one was perfect and a 2nd could ruin the story.
범코 (3 months ago)
Just so you know, the japanese flag on joel's chest can be seen extremely offensive to koreans. You should definitely know this when you make videos if you see this comment. No offence though!
Ellie Miller (3 months ago)
I didn't know about Ellie's dagger in the windowsill, and I definitely didn't know about Ellie and Joel's last names
Big Fat Al (3 months ago)
There was an Alternate musical ending
Jitndra Singh (3 months ago)
My favorite part from last of us is the emotional relationship among various characters.
Google Johnny (3 months ago)
I want Last of Us - 2 RIGHT NOW!!!
Buck chuck Norris Morris (3 months ago)
The real question is can ellie swim
Blue S P (3 months ago)
What next? Infected plants?
That fkn turkey (3 months ago)
4:00 what a stupid triggered bitch. She should be proud and thankful someone made a great and loved character in a game by her likeness.
Bejita666 (3 months ago)
I want The Last of US 2!
Kiana Rose (3 months ago)
It’s so funny Ellen Page would say that. She should feel so lucky the character ended up resembling her. She’s bad ass.
leon daniels (4 months ago)
How will they ever top the greatest game in the world?

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