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Top 10 MASSIVE Open World Games Of 2017 | HUGE WORLD

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Here is the list of top 10 upcoming open world games 2017. This list includes the best open world games of 2017 with good a storylines and high graphics. These games will make you spend most your time enjoys roaming in the game. Tell us your favorite upcoming open world games of 2017 in the comment down below. ➢ Top 10 Best Survival Games Of 2017 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd8_UIAMbUE ♦ List ♦ ■ TheHunter: Call Of The Wild (0:20) ■ Yakuza 0 (1:10) ■ Dragon Quest XI (2:08) ■ Conan Exiles (3:10) ■ Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (4:20) ■ Identity (5:17) ■ Spiderman (7:13) ■ Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands (8:06) ■ Death Stranding (8:58) ■ Red Dead Redemption 2 (10:33) ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : Mass Effect 3 Dubstep Remix ■ List 3 : Y&V - Lune ■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (472)
VibrantBass (1 year ago)
Red Dead 2 is the only good game on this list tbh
Thana Tos (9 months ago)
Ahri-The Nine Tailed Fox WHERE IS CD PROJEKT RED??? WHERE??
CpT Jack (9 months ago)
Dude I like also RD but there are some other really nice games 2. I think you never played Dragon Quest :)
Heyjoy 14 (10 months ago)
Shane Master I literally love Tom Clancys game but that Ghost Recon Wildlands has ALOT of glitch for me. Like my car is hard to drive and people never fell off the car when they stand on top. Like tf. It was wild
Priyansh Prajapati (1 month ago)
noce video
Melvin Urbanozo (2 months ago)
where can i download this apps? i cant find it on playstore... sucks
hasibulhasan abir (4 months ago)
are this games for android or pc?
Anamul Haque Fahim (4 months ago)
What about assassin's Creed origins is it free roam?
M K (6 months ago)
Lorenz HvH (7 months ago)
Are they all ready to buy ?
Sarvesh Parakh (7 months ago)
The only thing that looks like interesting is Identity. Lets see how it comes out to be.
SWift Ram (7 months ago)
TalosAnimator (8 months ago)
Mount & Blade FTW!!
thedravenryder (8 months ago)
plz plz plz u told me how to download and install yakuza 6 plz told me tech master tricks plz told me fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
MD (8 months ago)
i agree but conan should be higher
Braxx (8 months ago)
Can wait for mount and blade 2 and spider man
goorii (8 months ago)
haha trailer from rdr2 is the best. Fail not fall 2017, rdr2 will fall 2018.
Puko (8 months ago)
It's an old thing. It was originally gonna be 2017.
Patricia Welsh (8 months ago)
this person isnt sane. theres no botw
Tree barb (8 months ago)
did they model the death stranding guy from the guy who played Hannibal looks exactly fucking like him in this trailer
Tree barb (8 months ago)
Nice. Thought so.
Puko (8 months ago)
Yes. It's Hannibal.
ch jahangeer gujjer (8 months ago)
hello dosto mere pass xbox hai aur playstation4 kiya us pay chal jaigi
Harpoon2theRescue (9 months ago)
Aeon N (9 months ago)
I want to be a Drug Dealer
Jonathan Jensen (9 months ago)
Is that the actor Mads Mikkelsen at 10:04?
sentinental (9 months ago)
How do you know Death Stranding is open world?
ConsoleHackSpot (9 months ago)
Wow you can play this game for free with the new 2017 Consolehackspot App. I love this App:) You cn play games from your HD and online. Check it out
LebronuJamsu LP (9 months ago)
this guy didn't even research, mount and blade is not an open world game
mahira p (10 months ago)
please write in discription box that game For PC or ANDROID
mahira p (10 months ago)
TheHunter: Call Of The Wild PC GAME??
jayboy 90291 (10 months ago)
Just kept tapping the side of my phone till I saw something good in the video and it was over 10 seconds (Every game was trash)
VSK Soka (10 months ago)
Madbook Pro damn they roast apple hard af😂
Heyjoy 14 (10 months ago)
50/50 chance lmao. I dislike 5 games but I actually liked the other 5 games. Which is Red Dead Redemption2 (XD), Death Stranding, Conan Exile, Dragon Quest XI, and SUPPOSEDLY Identity. I HEARD that Identity is suppose to be REALLY good but I'm not sure. So I'm waiting till I get more info and reviews about it. But babe RDR2 is like Las Vegas Baby! Lol sorry but I'm crazy about this game like ugh. I guess u can't judge everything by the videos or pictures unless u get actual reviews huh
lupita (10 months ago)
I have red remptiton
Saquib Bhuiyan (10 months ago)
Far Cry 5...
Puko (8 months ago)
Another copy and paste of the previous game? Well shit. Needa get that.
Talal Al dhuwaihi (10 months ago)
only red dead 2 rockstar really knows how to create a game
Puko (8 months ago)
Red dead 2 is already released. Ages ago. Just saying.
Tilitus (10 months ago)
Identity is going to fail so bad.
正人 (10 months ago)
? Yakuza 0 came out in 2015
正人 (10 months ago)
RDR2 and Mount and Blade look alright, at least if they're like the previous games.
StuTuber (10 months ago)
I was hoping Horizon Zero Dawn would be on this list
MopHead780 (10 months ago)
im going to add some of these games on my channel
XombiePlays Games (10 months ago)
Ghost recon is awesome I have it amazing
Kelvin Patino (10 months ago)
red dead!!!
Puko (8 months ago)
Red dead has been out for ages. What you on about?
Zeis (10 months ago)
Where is skyrim man.It takes me 1 hour to get from riften to solitude.
Silent Receptor (11 months ago)
The hero in death stranding looked more like mads Mickelson
MissMeliss (11 months ago)
oh...my....god....RD2!! *drools profusely*
Sigurd Meier (11 months ago)
Where can i buy Identity?
Nightmare (11 months ago)
Death Stranding comes out in 2017? lmao
King Eli (11 months ago)
Ugh, I don't understand why people make videos of allegedly good games, if the games aren't even out yet! -_-
zex kanter (11 months ago)
How aboit Identity.
Jerome Japok (11 months ago)
identity is a modern version of skyrim
Puko (8 months ago)
What. Considering Skyrim is singleplayer and you go around fighting and doing magic. I'm gonna stop you right there.
SHITTY (11 months ago)
Franco Javier Torres (11 months ago)
illlucetdreams83 (11 months ago)
People talk in your videos, it makes it like 50 times more interesting.
Apple on the shelf (11 months ago)
You used one of the mass effect 3 soundtracks for your intro
Itz Icy (11 months ago)
When I saw Yakuza I thought I was watching some shit anime.
Gaming (1 year ago)
www.twitch.tv/kingsta55 Follow me for good Games and Stream in German
iNOREPLY (1 year ago)
Nice vid, I like the selection of the trailers :)
Septian Triiriawan (1 year ago)
Minecraft xD
Grizzle (1 year ago)
Yay! More games to pirate!!!
LoaD GameR (1 year ago)
Tristan Scheepers (1 year ago)
identity looks awesome
THE GAME! songs (1 year ago)
why not gta v
xxHellzAngellxx (1 year ago)
Identity and RDR2.
Doe-Z 100K (1 year ago)
Doe-Z 100K (1 year ago)
2017 is looking real LAME.
Sarib Ahmed (1 year ago)
whers skyrim
CrashBurnman95 (1 year ago)
spider-man is not comming this year, death stranding neither, fuck this list, also red dead redemption will get delayed to May 2018
THY BCX (1 year ago)
Death Stranding looks so fucking stupid
Pulkit Aggarwal (1 year ago)
which spiderman game edition is this????????
Benjalyn King (1 year ago)
cool video the one with sport
Aryl The Barrel (1 year ago)
motherussia6111 (1 year ago)
What no Zelda BotW, thumbs down.
I have gta6
Stevee Beret (1 year ago)
intro music please
Greg Desjarlais (1 year ago)
cant believe conan dragon quest and that chinese shit are listed as better than the hunting game.....they look like fuckin trash.
jorge floria (1 year ago)
Lets not forget AC "Empire"
The Legendary (1 year ago)
#2 = Call of the Doctor - Strange Warfare
Eren Yıldırım (1 year ago)
Where is Horizon ?
Makelroy (1 year ago)
где можно отыскать человек паук ?
ELYAS SAJAN (1 year ago)
please Yakuza 0 download like for pc
Cool G. (1 year ago)
All my hype is on red dead redemption 2
Vegan Life Change (1 year ago)
Death Standing didn't show us much. We've all seen Swat Teams before and the magical Penises and Toy Baby is just weird!
Vegan Life Change (1 year ago)
Stopped gaming for productivity reasons. Coming back to gaming for Red Dead 2.
Marq Trombocyt (1 year ago)
i want that god damn Yakuza
Wulfing (1 year ago)
Bannerlord is life!!??
Beto Tellez (1 year ago)
I wish they made a new assassins creed 111
Beto Tellez (1 year ago)
I wish they made a new assassins creed 111
Alexander Campbell (1 year ago)
why tf was Daryl in the intro of this
Abdel Df (1 year ago)
Ghost recon suck like chit :'/
Foxx Presents (1 year ago)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands is my favorite out of the list... Anyone agree?
Vekki Nide (5 months ago)
Foxx Presents skrt
Kumasi (1 year ago)
Hi everyone! If you enjoy gameplay videos like this, please give my new channel a try! I'm trying to get it off the ground and would love to welcome your support! Thank you!! *Have a great day!!*
Alec S (1 year ago)
RedDedRedemption 2 isn't 2017 game just so you know
Harry J (1 year ago)
still waiting for a predator open world game..
Reetabrata Sarkar (1 year ago)
I'm a PC Gamer so I can't play yakuza series, red dead series,uncharted series etc. This is bad ;-;
Krisna Hartawan (1 year ago)
i hope rockstar game make the warriors 2
AssaultOPS (1 year ago)
only rockstar games can make the best games!!! and RED DEAD REDEMPTION is a best game andreas i reccomend to download it
Neapon (1 year ago)
most of the big publisher can suck my dick becouse they really fool us since years (ea, ubisoft for example)
Noko Bz (1 year ago)
"Death Stranding" didn't know it was Death Stranding but immediately said to myself 'Damn, I like this. Has a nice MGS vibe to it"
ツVille (1 year ago)
(2017).... i mean its the start of 2017
Infamous Doge (1 year ago)
How the hell is horizon zero dawn not on here, yes, I realize it's out but this video was made before it came out
the guy (1 year ago)
hm the new zelda is defenetely missing
BenThePerson101 (1 year ago)
These are smaller than pebbles comparing these to how big star citizen will be
Cazial (1 year ago)
0/10 didn't see horizon: zero dawn
Tech Master Tricks (1 year ago)
Blade Star Most people already knew about Horizon ;)
Yassin Sky (1 year ago)
guys i want Yakuza download link
Kyle Sison (1 year ago)
this is insane game

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