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Taunt: Heart Attack

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A new taunt I made for the Team Fortress 2 workshop! Vote for it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=423215070&result=1
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Text Comments (1448)
Jerald MEH (19 days ago)
LuigiNumberOne (21 days ago)
Mr Man (22 days ago)
Mr Man (22 days ago)
Mr.BoutTime (1 month ago)
Bob The cat (1 month ago)
Isn’t it a little too short to pay 5 bucks for it
That One Random Guy (1 month ago)
Lady Lady (1 month ago)
He is literally saying oops again and again
Superjonno03 (1 month ago)
Taunts are expensive in TF2
Pork 0 (2 months ago)
Taunt heart attack has no weakness!
Mikołaj Suszkiewicz (2 months ago)
Imagine 10 people spamming this taunt... All you gonna hear is OOPSOOPSOOPSOOPS (I know that oops isn't in taunt but valve might add it and yes i know i am late i saw this video 2 years ago but i didn't leave a comment so now you have a really long story hey are you still reading this i am not checking what i am typing so i hope i spelled everythinv right someBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME wait but even tho i saw this video 2 years ago and i had an idea to make this comment I would still be late beacuse video is 3 years old damn it also i need one guy for my super pro roblox league we are playing high quality games why am i still writing this comment in 4 minutes that i spend writing this comment oh now 5 minutes I am able to finish at least 2 levels in superhot okay i hope you read this entire comment if yes then there is something wrong with you HEY I HAVE MORE TO SAY i bought surgeon simulatot on ps vr it's cool and i am about to finish it i bought beacuse there was a sale from like 30 bucks to less than 10 i dunno i don't live in usa so i didn't see the price in dollars or euro i want to say that this comment legit turned into a story it was a real comment then a joke and now a story i spelled 3 words in a row wrong i can't type that fast on a phone also my nickname on fortnite is "Sucking Peepee" 2edgy4me nickname is translated to my language i think i ran out of things to read no i didn't but i am not going to tell you,nobody is going to read this comment beacuse this video is old okay now seriously if you read this entire comment there's something really weird about you but still thank you for reading this have a good day)
XeriUnreigned (2 months ago)
3 hearts have been wasted.
matthew asuncion (2 months ago)
Hitler: Show us your breakthrough Medic: *this taunt*
Kevin Lopez (2 months ago)
eLsir (2 months ago)
WOhow do i download it plz
Bro dont kill the baby heart😭😭😭😭😭😭
The Black Sun. (3 months ago)
TriLimbix (3 months ago)
If Valve add this taunt, They would make stats for it i guess. BTW, Nice taunt.
Ossu Boy (3 months ago)
*does the same thing like medic* OOF!
Call me Lemon (3 months ago)
This could be greatly improved. All you have to do is make the movements slower and more accurate.
Ashlyn612 (3 months ago)
Lana Bennett (3 months ago)
I'm gonna use this on a noob and see how he reacts >:-3
Megalomaniac TF2 (3 months ago)
There should be a taunt called the wheel of fortune. This is a 2-person joinable taunt, with the taunter and joiner. The taunter summons a wheel of fortune (that floats, duh) and the joiner watches the wheel spin until stopped or the joiner leaves. When the wheel stops and the needle points at what the fortune is, there is random happenings (übercharge 10 secs, random death, you name it [etc.])
Makary Metzger (3 months ago)
Medic saying "Ups" one million times
The Goldenbrick (3 months ago)
Atomic Boy (3 months ago)
*W O O P S*
Alien3p (3 months ago)
Daniel Pogosoff (3 months ago)
SebasplayGTS x (3 months ago)
not bad
Loldude 121 (3 months ago)
*W H O O P S*
Comunist Romania Ball (3 months ago)
Joshua Richard (4 months ago)
Joshua Richard (4 months ago)
Dracomon (4 months ago)
Want dis in game
Bartisss (4 months ago)
Malique Jones (4 months ago)
kwee lunghui (4 months ago)
How many is Medick have?
*W O O P S*
Sauce (4 months ago)
Alex Grist (4 months ago)
I'm only joking 🙃
Alex Grist (4 months ago)
If I wasn't the man I was I'd kill ya
Alex Grist (4 months ago)
downiket (5 months ago)
you oughta know by now
OrhanDaLegend , (5 months ago)
Spartan 360434 (5 months ago)
Lord Felidae (5 months ago)
I like it
kilerman 05 (5 months ago)
Nc i wish they add that taunt
League of Retards (5 months ago)
gamerlandon45 (5 months ago)
Uh ok
Tavish The cat (5 months ago)
lambdaguy101 (5 months ago)
lol the stanley parable music
Philippine Ball (5 months ago)
Can u do medic vs mercy
BigGone (5 months ago)
Why wasn't this in the game
Mister (5 months ago)
Josephine Medina (5 months ago)
How many hearts have you kept, doc?!?!?!
Oliver Z (5 months ago)
Rydog5392 (5 months ago)
Roblox EnderDZN301 (5 months ago)
More like *_-Woops-_* *_OOF_*
RotatableAtol 38 (6 months ago)
SPLATPØWER - (6 months ago)
taunt kill :v
ur mom so gay lol (6 months ago)
Roaz Egorm (6 months ago)
Oops medic
Roblox (6 months ago)
Creator Sans (6 months ago)
It looks like ppap
Mr. Animoo (6 months ago)
Genevieve Lam (6 months ago)
Whoops ahhahah
Windows Red (6 months ago)
O o o p s
Kenny Petrov (7 months ago)
*Zhat vas not medicine*
Peak Of Evolution (7 months ago)
*O O P S*
Carlos Camacho (7 months ago)
How many hearts did medic have
Choco Bro (7 months ago)
❤-> 💔 Whoops!!
blood splat (7 months ago)
0:03 when you play tanki online and the gold box siren sounds.
Francesco Gonzo (7 months ago)
w h o o p s
Martin Retuta (7 months ago)
Papa Freaker (7 months ago)
coffe cafe (7 months ago)
Choco Bro (8 months ago)
Lotte YT (8 months ago)
Alexey Latushkin (8 months ago)
imagine sniper bullet that must headshot fully charged BFB scout but hits heart remains
Kevin Ha (8 months ago)
When bae breaks your heart
Sydney Waifu (8 months ago)
*o o p s*
nyuuji twn10 (8 months ago)
ZA WARUDO GAMES (8 months ago)
That oops kills me everytime
M ungs (8 months ago)
Oops! Zat was not medicine!
Jonah Jensen (8 months ago)
You should redo this and I’m sure it could make it in the game. The medic needs way more cool taunts than he has
Nitro Penguin (8 months ago)
You should do “whoops” 10 hours
Nitro Penguin (8 months ago)
Heart attack Taken literally
-Magical- MX-5 (8 months ago)
*o o p s*
Sword Master 64 (9 months ago)
*W O O P S*
Liam Nolan (9 months ago)
Heck Frick (9 months ago)
Creeper1sland (10 months ago)
*O O P S*
Destionancy (10 months ago)
w o o p s
Coyote8TC (10 months ago)
Trailer (10 months ago)
this should be a taunt ingame
Game Player (10 months ago)
That heart is what will happen to yours if you take drugs.
Азиз Датбаев (11 months ago)
All video lyrics: Wops...Wops...Wops.
Jostrand (11 months ago)
This is what happends to your heart when you drink Bonk.
Sammy Lawrence (11 months ago)
*O O P S*

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