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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Easter Eggs And Secrets

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Easter Eggs and Secrets found in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Some stuff are same as in first part, such as arcades or mask references therefore I left them out. Watch more in first Hotline Miami game: ► https://youtu.be/sqtLiiv8Jto The List: * Stare Into Abyss. You have to complete the fifteen scene Withdrawal without dying on third floor. This will result in alternative ending where then you have to pick up a disk. Then you get shot and in next part you are playing as another character and you have to retrieve this disc for an achievement. This will also grant access to bonus scene The Abyss * Nuclear Waste. There are 5 standing signs in the shop that have to be shot down and that will result in receiving an achievement. The characters on the signs are references to Nuclear Throne * Answering Machine has a message on it. At the beginning of Scene #13 Subway we can answer the machine. Then after completing and level and reaching the Bar of Broken Heroes, we can talk to some guy for a secret cutscene * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) toys can be found kid's room in Subway and House Call scenes. * Hotline Miami 3 teaser. When you complete the game, you will see this very short teaser of Hotline Miami 3 title. Music Tracks (OST): 1. Decade Dance 2. Voyage Watch also HATRED Easter Eggs and Secrets ► https://youtu.be/qObEtdqXkjY Subscribe for more Easter Eggs videos!
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Text Comments (81)
Random dude (19 days ago)
How did you get the Hotline miami 3 teaser i completed the game on normal and hard mode (with the abyss level on both) and didnt got it
DiscreteDamage (2 months ago)
Watch jacket come back in hotline Miami 3 as a robot after the explosion like Rex from FC3 blood dragon
Death Killer123 (3 months ago)
Can someone explain why this game is so popular.
vampy the boi (3 months ago)
i got a secret ill tell you if i did it again Edit:k know it now go to the screen where the scenes are at press space for hard mode choose any scene then if you played like 15 seconds eject and then select normal
Frahd Chikun (4 months ago)
To clarify the 5 signs secret, it's a reference to Nuclear Throne, another top-down pixel shooter. The game is by Rami Ismail, who is friends with the creator of Hotline Miami I think. The 5 signs are characters from Nuclear Throne. The game finally came out of Early Access the same year HM2 came out.
NapstaBlade 23 (5 months ago)
Enother funny easter egg if you start a new game after completing all the chapters you will have a secret custence with every heroes of hm2 ( including richard ) on a table talking. The game will start normaly after that...
Dis guy (6 months ago)
The bar of broken heroes really amazed me Everyone was there Beard Jake The fans Son and his henchmen Im sure pardo was in the bathroom And biker
NapstaBlade 23 (5 months ago)
Dis guy and Hammer a playable character on the hotline miami editor level.
Soupperol (7 months ago)
Wow, I beat the alternative level without dying and I thought that was part of the story?
Someone (8 months ago)
*mind blow*
chef (8 months ago)
CreativeRock16 (3 months ago)
chef it ain't comin
Bandita (10 months ago)
2:01 What? Are u blind? You don't even know, what that sings means, do you? All of the sings are reference to one game called "Nuclear Throne", if you don't shoot to them whit shotgun, you can see their faces... 2:04 this character is called Yung Venuz, looks like iluminati and he is badass, can use "pop pop" 2:13 this is "Eyes", can use telekinesis, has many eyes and blue color 2:23 This is fish - Fish can roll (like corey but better) 2:30 This is melting, low HP and can explode corpses of dead enemies 2:35 Crystal - crystal has more HP than others and can use shield
Jerry Valentine (1 year ago)
5:12 creepy
HacksoreCZE (5 months ago)
I NEED A MEDIC BAG!!! I think so.
I NEED A MEDIC BAG!!! (5 months ago)
Didn't he cancel midnight animal because he was getting criticised? If so he's a fucking pussy
HacksoreCZE (6 months ago)
Architector #4 I think Yes. It was on Steam and it completly disappeared. That’s so sad. What a fucking prick...
Architector #4 (6 months ago)
+HacksoreCZE Didn't the dev cancel Midnight Animal?
HacksoreCZE (7 months ago)
Jerry Valentine guys guys guys. Hotline Miami 3 is basically Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor Levels. But new game is coming ! Midnight Animal. Good start but then some fucker got break up with his girlfriend and he made the character in to anime style.
Vector771 (1 year ago)
wtf is voyage
Homsan Lolisan (1 year ago)
Hotline Miami 3!?
Homsan Lolisan (1 year ago)
Jebait Jesus ok
Justin P. (1 year ago)
no, they confirmed it was a joke
Nadroj C (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice that when "Hotline Miami 3" came up all the building in the backround were actually completly destroyed?
Heitor Silva (10 months ago)
Or maybe it's just some kind of futuristic building
Nutter network (1 year ago)
Because the bomb at the end
SpectreTrust (1 year ago)
fix your description that "some guy" was biker from the first game.
Random dude (19 days ago)
SpectreTrust that would be an spoiler though
Edward Finn (1 year ago)
You forget Mother Russia Bleed arcade machine Easter egg
Lyken TheGamingKid (1 year ago)
i tried to beat the hole game but it dint show the hotline miami 3 but...THAT WAS AWSOME,THERE IS A NEW HOTLINE MIAMI
Architector #4 (6 months ago)
After you beat the game, the credits roll, then it says "THE END" and changes to darkness. DO NOT SWITCH OFF THAT DARKNESS, sit and stare into the void. After like 30 seconds, or a minute, or I dunno, it will show that up.
GG M8 (11 months ago)
There will be no Hotline Miami 3, ever. Both Dennis and Jonatan have said it numerous times. Any mention they make of a HLM3 is merely to tease people into thinking there'll be a third one.
Nick (1 year ago)
Anfani You are right!
Anfani (1 year ago)
HM3 doesnt need to be a sequel, it could as well be a prequel (;
Mims Zanadunstedt (1 year ago)
If you can beat the game without nukes going off they will make hotline miami 3
Cannibal Calbert (2 years ago)
That achivememnt "Nuclear waste" is really random in my opinion...
Enderwarrior47 (4 months ago)
v: Yeah, but is really weird that the 5 characters wasnt the original ones
Dave DaRave (1 year ago)
Socialite Toast It's a reference to Nuclear Throne, another pixel game
JoJoStarFox (2 years ago)
What's the first song playing in the background?
JoJoStarFox (2 years ago)
Alpha Ov (2 years ago)
Jasper Byrne – Decade Dance
I Love smell Weed!!! (2 years ago)
Easter Eggs:Down under: Alex and Ash: Rank S only: Cutscenes have easter eggs
Kacp3rrak (2 years ago)
hey kacpi co zrobisz na 10.000 subow? q&a, face reveal, podziekowana lub montage wszytkich filmikow ktorich zrobilesz?
Sandvich Man (1 year ago)
plz translate
Dankicam (1 year ago)
hes polish,how i know i am polish
Sandvich Man (1 year ago)
TheColdTechnician (2 years ago)
There's a secret level in this game? I've got to check that out!
Hayden (1 year ago)
Remaining Patriot no, no midnight animal
Hebrew Goldman (2 years ago)
Lewis Oakes Check out Midnight Animal
Birand tuna (2 years ago)
hotline miami 3 is never comes cause half life 2 left 4 dead 2 payday 2 portal 2 superpower 2 ... 3 is never comes !
Stewartsaurus (10 months ago)
Team fortress 2. There will never be a 3 (I think that's a good thing because how would all the expensive items transfer?)
eyja fjalajokull (11 months ago)
hey , it's not made by valve so .... idk
eyja fjalajokull (11 months ago)
hey , it's not made by valve so .... idk
Justin Ridge (1 year ago)
or maybe because (Read More For Spoilers) THEY GOT NUKED
TheColdTechnician (1 year ago)
Norbert Racs (2 years ago)
Damn, yesterday I did do that level without death and I forgot to pick up the damn disk :((
Daniele Maiolino (5 months ago)
Me too, it's pretty stressful trying to not get killed in the first and second floor without using the nail gun, which should be preserved for the third floor
LimaWhiskey7 (8 months ago)
yeah same here
Zac Alizada (10 months ago)
Same crap, man ;_;
derp derp (1 year ago)
Norbert Racs me to :c
Forsaille46 (2 years ago)
Best story, best characters, best OST,
heather blair (1 year ago)
except abyss, i'm pretty sure that one was commissioned.
heather blair (1 year ago)
it's not an ost, all the songs used existed before hotline miami 2. devolver asked the artists if they could use it and all the artists who made it into the final game must have agreed.
Marian M (1 year ago)
Agree. One of the best OST of all time.
Major Raptor (1 year ago)
you forgot about the "best gameplay" :D
erjun (1 year ago)
but in HM 1 ... M.O.O.N - Paris its awesom
Daniel Wright (2 years ago)
King The Son (2 years ago)
Thick skinned like
TheWarfarePro (2 years ago)
Stinky Chalupa (2 years ago)
noice man

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