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Top 10 Games to Play on the Steam Controller

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The long awaited holiday list arrives just in time for the Steam Sales. Use this guide, share it with your friends, and explore new games this week with your Steam Controller. Hi Vinnie! Twitter: https://twitter.com/WoodsieGames Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/woodsiegames Tumblr: Just joking Fuck Sony Vegas
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Paul T (7 days ago)
Dark Souls works way better than most other action games in the 10 spot, because it also adds the extra layer of having the back paddles to allow you to more easily roll in combat, which I guarantee will make you fall in love with the controller extremely easily. Of course this might be offset by missing the X button at a critical time, but that is pretty quick to learn, if you're relatively familiar with the game and don't need to estus as often.
Isaac Durrani (1 month ago)
how about gmod
mr troll yt (1 month ago)
I'm probably going to use this video as a list. Thank you. Also a word on fighting games: Skullgirls. I tried both Xbox One controller and Steam Controller playing this game. But it was difficult switching between them because left stick is now below the d-pad and the XAYB buttons aswell. It is kind of similar to PS4 controller, but I still can't treat it as such. The distance between the XAYB buttons is a lot smaller (which might be good, I'm not sure) and they are small themself.
A fat Pancake (2 months ago)
Someone kinda plagiarized your video
DaGameStone (2 months ago)
What game is number 6?
Martin Gjorgjievski (2 months ago)
Customizable tire pressure that reacts to an ever-changing dynamics weather system where every turn blade of grass or pebble has a direct effect on your car’s handling.
Niklas Söder (2 months ago)
Could someone tell me the name of the game number 8 😀😄😃
Hari Pota (2 months ago)
Playing everspace with steam controller was the best experience in my life
MartyWF (3 months ago)
Woodsie have you thought of doing a Year 2018 Best Games for Noobs on the Steam Controller yet?? It would help many new users with a more modern list and info because of all the updates the steam controller went thru since it's launch...Cheers and thanks for the work so far!!!
Dillpicklexxv (3 months ago)
The editing in thus video was corny but why was the audio so godly??????
Matt Johnston (3 months ago)
Hey, jumping in from 2.5 years in the future after I just got my steam controller and I want to thank you for this list of games! I started out with Fallout and it is so hard to play. I'm excited to use this list to learn how to use my new toy so I can play PC games in the living room!
Cucuska2 (3 months ago)
OH MY GOD, SS2 as last pick, man, I love you so much!
AD R.N (4 months ago)
may i have the link plss???
S.L.A.Mihajlo Milanovic (4 months ago)
could you name the games
John Ignacio (4 months ago)
9:08 what game is this?
Night Porter (4 months ago)
I play WoW with the steam controller and I just can’t go back to clunky mouse and keyboard.
Mike Nakamura (5 months ago)
Great video! I've been curious to see what games are good with the Steam controller. I also really like how you took us through which games would help us learn. Thanks for the video.
Zaarc Baan (5 months ago)
Batman, LoTR edition. Good one.
krisztian bundea (6 months ago)
the nr 8 game looks fantastic . can i run it on a laptop with controller ? any links to download please? ( the name at least please)!
William Dieke (7 months ago)
"400dollar sim cockpit" hahaha, that amount wont get you shit in terms om sim equipment sadly :S
Lucas Féres (7 months ago)
The way you describe how you play on ur Steam controller makes it seem practical and smooth. But still, it takes time to get used to. If you're looking for something new it's okay, but i got the XO controller, i'm just looking for games to play on it.
DrZaious (7 months ago)
Here in 2018. Been focusing more on pc gaming than console. I played nothing but console my whole life. So at 34 years old the steam controller is a godsend. I just don't have muscle memory for kb&m. So the controller puts me at a level playing field.
brian lupinsky (7 months ago)
junk junk i h8 pice of shit
brian lupinsky (7 months ago)
f-n junk
Thorsten Pogi01 (7 months ago)
What is number 10 names?
MrGoodDay329 (7 months ago)
lolitsadrian 67 (8 months ago)
Can you say the name of the game instead of saying i love this game
cellophanezebra (8 months ago)
if your a beginner play third person games and if your a master play first person shooters
Paul T (7 days ago)
That's sort of a metaphor for games in general
Boss Man Z (8 months ago)
can you use Xbox 1 controller with these games
Shit review. What about FarCry, Metro, or Dishonored?
Quest Hunter (8 months ago)
what game he play at start guys contra? pls i like that kind of games
Gaia Ang (9 months ago)
try to sound more enthusiastic man
Flying Arrow Games (9 months ago)
what is the game n 2? i couldnt understand its name.
You are the bob Ross of video games
Carmine (9 months ago)
when u say by now at min 8.30 what game is it
Terek Cope (9 months ago)
Would you suggest mouse region or joystick move for playing helldivers for newer steam controller user.
The Immortal One (9 months ago)
Ha, Civ V. Civ IV is way better.
Tim Slager (10 months ago)
Lol where is Goat Simulator?
sneak310 (10 months ago)
I hope by now you've stopped bass boosting your mic audio
ikorus1 (11 months ago)
Paul Todd (11 months ago)
Deadspace was great with this controller.
AlcoPlayz (11 months ago)
just left a sub i am the 9,920th sub mate!
KaalDOKrif (1 year ago)
I know this is an old video but I need to say how awesome gyro stearing for Project CARS is. Thank you for pointing me in the direction. It's so more convenient than my G27 wheel. Really good video, and a great introduction for me with my steam controller I picked up yesterday.
ernest hume (1 year ago)
Were terraria
sh k (1 year ago)
great video
Levi (1 year ago)
Love how he catches his breath while explaining the no.9 😂
Johann Botha (1 year ago)
Its works absolutely awesome with doom.
Flamextreme (1 year ago)
im using the steam controller
James (1 year ago)
yuck, have to disagree with the d pad usage with the left touch pad
Goku SS4 (1 year ago)
what the name of the game on num 10?
huhuwoof (1 year ago)
What's the name of the FPS game start from 9'8''?
.:eXon:. PB [HUN] (1 year ago)
9:07 what game?
Mukundmarvel4 (1 year ago)
I use a ps3 controller but i will buy a steam controller later this year
Kripta Kronic (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, I am glad I found it. Keep up the good work.
Taelon Hawk (1 year ago)
whats the game on number 8? how can you not mention its name in a vid like this?
Omer Fiegenbaum (1 year ago)
i need this list! im not sure the names of the games
Wiencent (1 year ago)
Wiencent (1 year ago)
CENTER311 (1 year ago)
ok so I'm used to console and pc setups, but the steam controller just takes some tweaking and within 20 mins i got used to and am completely in love with it. I've played all of Doom on ultraviolence and it's phenomenal. I first played it on an Xbox 360 controller and it sucked by comparison. obviously PC mouse and keyboard is my way to play, but steam controller is awesome. I do that like the dpad for games like MegaMan though. kinda sucks.
Eetu Suutari (1 year ago)
Can you have Xbox control bindings on this?
PVPPro 9575 (1 year ago)
You left out Geometry Dash!! A simple game but randomly fun.. ~PVPPro9575, 2017
Magnum (1 year ago)
wheres rocket league
muqeetussamee ghauri (1 year ago)
can anyone list the names of the game pls
Weed Wizard (1 year ago)
This video is a must watch on how and why the steam controller is in a genre of its own when it comes to controllers because of the depth of the customization that the controller has. It is the most adaptable controller out there and while it may not be the best type of way to play, it can do it all.
Andrew James (1 year ago)
i just bought a steam controller specifically fro playing terraria because i suck with a keyboard and mouse growing up using controllers on consoles and i just cant stand the 2 different right stick aiming controls on a standard controller that terraria has. ive tinkered around with it for awhile and find it to have the accuracy of a mouse with the familiar comfortability of a controller. i might as well throw my worn out 360 controller in the garbage. lol
Samplethief (1 year ago)
Using and configuring the steam controller is like having teeth pulled.
NPeter91 (1 year ago)
Hey, what microphone do you use? Your sound is incredible :)
aryan oberoi (1 year ago)
can someone tell me which of these games are free?
8BitHitmanGamer (1 year ago)
damn wasnt expecting civ 5, might pick it up now
gogo pro (1 year ago)
what about the names
DiStep™ (1 year ago)
I just got my Steam Link over the weekend and had to settle for a lousy wired XBOne controller instead of this since the GameStop I went to didn't have any in stock. :(
John Wayne (1 year ago)
What? No Worlds of War crack?
Adam Carrera (1 year ago)
what's the name of the game in #10
Adam Carrera (1 year ago)
Ashy Samurai (1 year ago)
I know the video is old but I still wanted to say thank you for the video. I'm thinking to buy a controller and I was just too tired to read all these pros and cons of the steam controller (some people praise it and some just curse it). You made me make a decision. And I decided to give it a try. I think if it fine for fightings I will be fine in Devil May Cry 3 and 4.
Mbada Khoury (1 year ago)
Willem Haasbroek (1 year ago)
Mbada Khoury found it, it's Trine :)
Qu35t10n3v3ryth1n9 (1 year ago)
Ever try aiming your elf shot with the track pad? It's fucking horrendous. Track pad is pretty shitty for fps games, in my opinion.
WooW Good Job ;) Crack
Tonto Skimmins (1 year ago)
When he calls smash a party game but u go to tournaments every weekend :(
GebzNemesis 1 (1 year ago)
Wtf is the end of the description 😂
Nick Bouck (1 year ago)
Assault Android Cactus is soooo good! It also plays way better on a steam controller than the duleshock.
jdewinnaar (1 year ago)
Geex man, nice video, but easy on that bass..
Taber McFarlin (1 year ago)
Stardew Valley is great on steam controller
Jamego King (1 year ago)
Is it able to use on PS4? How about OVERWATCH on the PS4?
Fred Yoda (1 year ago)
2:56 He said Boombastic... Neato!
Basem Kheyar (1 year ago)
"batman, lord of the ring edition" threw me off XD
John Alich (1 year ago)
Question Woodsie. Is there a setting for the left trackpad where I can get a heavy haptic feedback when my thumb goes over the areas where a traditional d-pad would be? Setting a middle deadzone, and then getting some feedback when my thumb goes over the left, right, up, down areas, and in-between, would help emulate the tactile feedback you can get with a regular physical d-pad. I'm hoping there is one.
Bigmon (1 year ago)
Your Voice is impressiv. :)
Gabrielius Čiburas (1 year ago)
what about brawlhalla it was created for the controller
Vaidotas Jankauskas (1 year ago)
This video is great for amateurs (that is me) on regular gamepad (for PC) to practice. thank you for exelent video.
Zinaplex OX (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me does it work for 2k games also? is it playable with the steam controller?
LimaTheCatman (1 year ago)
Civ 5 isn't Grand Strategy lol
Josh Guevara (1 year ago)
Rocket League is THE game I play with the Steam Controller Seriously, I would buy a RL decal for it and make it my official RL controller.
tim1996 (1 year ago)
Priyanshu Sharma (1 year ago)
what is the name of the first game
Mario D. Zmaj (1 year ago)
I tried to play fifa on pc, it didn't work...I tried to play MK on TV, it didn't work. I wasted money on steam controller and the stupid stream thingy bundle and now I just bought xbox one controller and be done with it.
c0mmanderKeen (1 year ago)
hello mr. woodsie, I thoroughly enjoyed your video on the steam controller. Thanks for the great upload. I just picked up a used one for 20€, many people seem to be dissatisfied with the device. I think some were expecting a replacement for mouse & keyboard overall. Whatever the case, I feel that you gave me some excellent ideas on where to start using the thing - opting for what I already own, here goes Helldivers. Also, +1 and subbed!
IrwinXD96 (1 year ago)
Sexy voice
U308 (1 year ago)
Good video, thanks! Definitely a few more for me to try in your list. Here's two more games that are great for steam controller beginners. Little or no configuration required, and work right off the bat: Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced edition and XCOM 2. I guess most turn based games are great for the controller though.
Heyo (1 year ago)
8 name ?
U308 (1 year ago)
Trine 3 currently on Humble Bundle on special: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/trine-3-the-artifacts-of-power However, I think Trine Enchanted Edition is possible the best.
U308 (1 year ago)
Trine. Keep an eye open for Steam specials. They look amazing (1, 2 and 3) and are great on the controller.
Cesar Burgos (1 year ago)
I play warframe with xbox one controller and it's not bad at all feels good and right

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