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New Symmetra rework be like... [Overwatch Animation]

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My first Overwtach animation. enjoy! Its all about the Symmetra rework and maybe if u donate enough likes Torbjörn get his remake to
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Polar (8 days ago)
why would pharah of all people be scared of a woman that has a 10m m1 that starts at 60 dps did she forget how to fly?
What’s the outro music? I remember that from Macie Jay but I don’t remember it’s name.
Flower boy (1 month ago)
Pulak (1 month ago)
I loved it. Please make more animations
Richyster (1 month ago)
DTepel Youtube (1 month ago)
Torb doesn't need a rework. A buff or rework may balance him at upper teirs, but at low teirs, he's rather dominant. Sure he's not optimal on attack, but maps like Hollywood, no team short of 2400 sr will be capable of stopping him.....
Faceless Reaper (1 month ago)
Wait what about us Bastion mains?
Fabi niho (1 month ago)
u suk
Light (1 month ago)
u still mad 2 me ?

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