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New Anthem Details, The Reason Nathan Drake is Invincible, & More

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Warframe is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, we learned something interesting about how the health system in Uncharted works, Darksiders 3 has a release date, and some new Anthem details have been made available! Join us on our live weekly gaming talkshow. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx TWITCH: https://twitch.tv/gameranxlive Weekly giveaway link: https://goo.gl/forms/SFtWBx6BjDjGiIGF3 http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/10/todd-howard-if-you-want-us-to-stop-releasing-skyrim-ports-stop-buying-them https://kotaku.com/did-you-know-that-uncharteds-damage-meter-is-actually-l-1827455384 https://www.vg247.com/2018/07/03/hitman-2-how-many-levels/ http://in.ign.com/darksiders-iii/125128/news/darksiders-3-release-date-collectors-editions-announced-ign Anthem Your jetpack iron man things can actually overheat and in the gameplay demo they showed that flying under a waterfall will actually cool down the jets. On twitter Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) responded to a tweet saying “when its raining, can you fly for longer or indefinitely” with “I believe so” https://twitter.com/biomarkdarrah/status/1016126976065564672?s=21 Damage floaties are customizable. You can mess with the size, opacity, or just straight up turn them off. https://twitter.com/anthemgame/status/1015641639098839040?s=09 Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) confirmed on twitter that there are sports in the world of Anthem. But he didnt say whether our not they are playable. https://twitter.com/biomarkdarrah/status/1016384489789018115?s=21 Anthem will have 10 subregions for you to explore at launch. https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comments/8wvrps/according_to_the_latest_livestream_there_are_10/ Mark Darrah (Anthem Executive Producer) confirmed that time of day will have an effect on enemy types and enemy behaviors https://twitter.com/biomarkdarrah/status/1014343442250399744?s=21
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Text Comments (514)
gameranx (6 days ago)
The show is finally coming close to where we want it (aside from some tech issues) - thanks for sticking along for the ride! *timecodes below* What we're playing 00:00 Warframe 23:00 Darksiders 3 25:00 Uncharted Damage Meter 32:00 Hitman 34:00 Anthem New Details 41:00 Monster Hunter World PC 50:00
Harley Davison (5 days ago)
gameranx people don't talk about titan ae or treasure planet. Those movies are what I grew up on man! Same with the disney classics of course. My daughters favorite movie as of right now is road to el dorado. That's just purely amazing that you guys are talking about this shit right now. Great stream as always, love watching you guys. Literally the best video game channel on YouTube ever. I always ask if people watch it, an always recommend it if they haven't. I love talking about video games, an sometimes go over to my friends house an do a podcast with him. Its one of the biggest topics of our generation that grew up with the super Nintendo, 64, playstation era. We've seen it grow an we were there for the fat boy ps3, an the death box 360 lol I love it.
Chris Kramer (6 days ago)
gameranx i think guys should get dedicated mics for everyone. Would make the voices come in a lot clearer and sound a lot better.
Mikey Findeisen (6 days ago)
gameranx on assassin creed origin when I was riding down a mountain on a cart my cart was glitching out going back and forward I couldn't get on for 5 minutes then when I get off my cart want up spinning in the air and then went smack down on the ground and both horses asses were sticking up and the front was in the ground
Dziurawe Wodery (6 days ago)
#gameranx Hey, I have an idea for your info vid for a long time now. If you could explain to us why there is so much cilpping in games and when we can expect it gone. I mostly realize why that is the case in most games, but you always point out some interesting details in those vids. Cheers :)
Gary Glitter (6 days ago)
My only remaining worry for anthem is the fact that it still looks like a tunnel simulator
mbongeni ngcobo (3 days ago)
Lootboxes or not im definitely not supporting EA i'll give pirate bay a visit if i want to play anthem
Lunar Vania (3 days ago)
P.S. Andrew is always cranky....needs a attitude adjustment...dude if I had your job doing what I love and getting paid for it id be the happiest person alive....You could always switch with me and work a 12 hr overnight shift?!? Haha
Facebook is kind of so boring. But I have an account.
How did you guys get so many subs
You guys are awesome.
Some day I'm going to get this game for the PC. Also MOD it.
Therapy in this game is crazy. Boogie2988, a youtuber happens to be in therapy as well.
Mostly the story mode.
This is another short live stream.
Welcome back TOM.
Alexander Bemis (4 days ago)
That’s funny, I was playing Uncharted 4 again recently but on crushing mode (cuz I hate my life) and was thinking how Nate hasn’t gotten shot all these years. I went from to probably cuz he had contact with one of the relics over the years to him just being lucky
Alvin Carter (4 days ago)
I need more info. After the shitfest with battlefront I'm gonna just wait until Anthem is released and see how it's rated then.
jljreo (4 days ago)
3:00 I found Franklin and Michael boring af. Trevor had an actual personality imo. I found the whole story predictable and boring anyways.
Cattsass (4 days ago)
Thanks again <3
Thraxx Media (5 days ago)
26:03 Coincidental fun fact: War (the dude in chains) is actually voiced by the same guy who did Illidan for World of Warcraft.
Harley Morenstein (5 days ago)
WHAAAT?! The hot take about Trevor at 3:09 is sooo insane!! I’m shocked Each GTA character in GTAV encompasses an element of everyone’s play style. Michael- this is the classic GTA. Just a mobster with his motivations. throw in the family. Franklin-he encompasses those that really enjoyed the driving aspects of GTA Trevor-he encompasses the insane manner of playing when you pass the controller amongst your buddies. I know you touch on this, but in the realm of GTA, it’s all a parody. They need to raise the bar. Trevor really did some awesome things in the game. He was also dynamic with his subtle homo vibes. I’m shocked. I had no idea people felt this way about Trevor!
JD (5 days ago)
When are they going to get a new mic for Jake? It sounds like hes 100m away
Illtake2chickens (5 days ago)
Everyone's audio is different volume
russian1mafia (5 days ago)
invest in some microphones
Eduardo M. (5 days ago)
Joe Madureira is the dude who came up with the Darksiders style
SSOGS100 (5 days ago)
Played A Way Out on PS4 and loved it. Didn't like the fact only one player gets the trophies though.
Jocelyn Fain (5 days ago)
frank was worst muy oppinion trevor was the best interesting on opinions differ cool they added three so more people liked it
EhRayTV (5 days ago)
i honestly didnt even know you has the option to kill either one of them at the end of the gta 5 story, i just walked away and kept playing, then years later i found out watching a youtube video years later lol
triigga s (5 days ago)
Cj still the goat
M4TT EXE (5 days ago)
the most ghetto podcast on YouTube! more error's then the WAN show *for now* and the awkward stares lol
Kahsa (5 days ago)
Audio so bad, can't watch the video
Jacob Kruika (5 days ago)
Jake needs a better Mic
Ellington Montas (5 days ago)
I would like these videos even more if you guys would fixing the lighting.
Elias Martinez (5 days ago)
To be honest anthem combat looks kind of boring but i haven't really seen enough gameplay
alejandro tapia (5 days ago)
Hell yeah treasure planet rocks!!! best movie ever.
Levi Ward (5 days ago)
Love the show only problem I have with it is the audio. I can never hear Jake. I have my speaker volume to the max and the only way that I can make out what he is saying is to have the shitty youtube closed captions on which has some interesting guesses at what he is saying as well.
mackstertube (5 days ago)
Trevor was the best part of GTA5 not the worst. It was great to get someone different on a game.
Bluekersaure (5 days ago)
June 10th???
Douglas William Smith (5 days ago)
Nice shirt Jake
Vickey (5 days ago)
With the luck meter, I'm pretty sure I read that on the Uncharted reddit forum at least a year ago.
Quaggz B (5 days ago)
Thomas Medeiros (5 days ago)
That's a lot of talking and little showing think god someone on the comment's say's go to 41:35 just to see anything new of level etc.
Nooney Burd (5 days ago)
Pls upload as a podcast
Brotally (5 days ago)
I use a Ducky zero brownswitch keyboard and i love it
Mantas Jedinkus (5 days ago)
what are they talking about. Trevor was the best thing in gta 5
Liar Man (6 days ago)
Liar Man (6 days ago)
Oadriax (6 days ago)
These long shows are boring, seem pointless and rarely ever hit on the subjects of the headline for more than a minute.
Nick Logan (6 days ago)
I feel Andrew in the Fortnite XP thing I missed getting the Omega helmet by 2 levels because it’s so hard to get experience in Fortnite. Really frustrating
cris stone (6 days ago)
War robots!
Michael Collins (6 days ago)
I can say that you do not have to buy anything to progress and get better in Warframe. It's very well made for all types of players. It's addicting.
GrafxGramp (6 days ago)
if you could just sit one omni-directional mic on the right side of the desk (your right) and pic up the hosts voices that would make this much better. ideally give them both mics, but one inbetween then would be better than this.
Thomas M (6 days ago)
Maybe I'm reading into this a little too much, cause it's not like I know y'all personally or anything , but I kept getting this vibe that y'all were pretty sick of each other Post-E3, and every one of these Tuesday shows that I've watched I just feel the tension. But now that Tom is back from vacation, seems like y'all are some happy bois. Anyway, thanks for doing what y'all do! Subscribed in 2015, happy you guys keep growing and putting out quality content.
Jeremy Rollins (6 days ago)
I like this style better with everyone around
RIchard Lamphier (6 days ago)
I'm pretty sure you guys are in the minority when it comes to favorite characters. Literally everyone I know loves Trevor and I mean literally
A Drunken Pug (6 days ago)
Why is this an hour long?
Inquisitor Ichijou (6 days ago)
"Fortnite is free2play" Doesn't mean it's good. Warframe is free2play AND good.
diablotri (6 days ago)
Make the change to put the mic in the front not back!
Felipe De La Mancha (6 days ago)
They should make a gundam esc rpg shooter like destiny, division or anthem but it's giant fucking robots
Diego Souza (6 days ago)
really dont like this format
木 研金 (6 days ago)
I don't really buy that Nathan Drake luck crap.
Angry Expo! (6 days ago)
Can't you guys just have a text box showing up the giveaway code and carry on talking? Feels slow when you keep talking about a giveaway I don't care about.
sofitional J. (6 days ago)
gameranx PLEASE turn-on the audio before uploading
QuietLife (6 days ago)
13:03 So cool
nam192 (6 days ago)
why does he say june 10th
Jason Moth (6 days ago)
I can't believe gameranx knows next to nothing about Darksiders :O Come on, this is a great series
Manny Ramirez (6 days ago)
Invest in some mics
Nerd Mommy (6 days ago)
When will Falcon make a guest appearance on your live shows?
Dred Cthulhu (6 days ago)
Phenomenal audio
Sandijs Bartušs (6 days ago)
Ehh anthem doesnt look so cool, warframe looks a lot more interesting
idefy7 (6 days ago)
You know what this show needs??? Falcon, not the guy with the sexy voice but a real Falcon! That shit would rock!
Shane Grayson (6 days ago)
The outside!? Andrew's a madman!
RoB iS gaY (6 days ago)
Trevor is fucking amazing man 😖😩😵 I'm sorry Andrew you're wrong
The New Fatality (6 days ago)
Egg inc. OMG
Angry Bulldog Gaming (6 days ago)
darksiders 2 has the best art style I like the hell mansion level were you fight the red demon on lava it's are really good looking level
Anal Devastator (6 days ago)
Angry Bulldog Gaming (6 days ago)
bro what are you talking about trevor is my favorite psychopath he's hilarious
Ryan Bruce (6 days ago)
Cannot deal with this audio
friedzombie4 (6 days ago)
See I thought the dialogue between Franklin and Lamar was fucking cringe-worthy. Almost to the point of being full of legitimately not understanding what they're saying with N and F bombs being dropped like it's Agent Orange in Vietnam.
Big Val (6 days ago)
Jake's Italian comes out. (What's the matta!)
Larry Larrys (6 days ago)
Weird. Trevor is my favorite character. The game is basically a parody so his personality is perfect for the craziness.
Ryan Wallace (6 days ago)
Guess i'm the only one who noticed that jake said june 10...my birthday lol
Chefonspeed (6 days ago)
Forcemaster2000 (6 days ago)
OMG guys! I loved Trevor! An amazing character! And I really loved the SP story in GTA V!
Jack burmie (6 days ago)
hey - suggestion onsetup, sorry not sure of the guys name in the green screen, but he is really close to a microphone so he's audio is overpowering everybody, whereas i feel like you are using a shotgun mic? for which andrew is being picked up nicely but Jake can hardly be heard / the reverb from the room, perhaps all getting seperate wireless mics or individual mics so the audio can be layered more evenly?
Jack burmie (6 days ago)
/ green screen audio is nearly being like, overblown and bleeding
Bailey Pate (6 days ago)
Nobody cares about Anthem it's a game made by EA that will be filled with microtransactions
Bailey Pate (5 days ago)
Nick Brennan ...you
Nick Brennan (6 days ago)
Idiot of the week award goes to........
Bailey Pate (6 days ago)
dank4 meme they said that about Battlefront 2
dank4 meme (6 days ago)
Bailey Pate they promised theres no loot boxes no cards no nothing only cosemtic microtransactions
LORD SAIYAN (6 days ago)
57 mins ? wtf . whos got time for this shit
Sebastian Mol (6 days ago)
No taste
OkraOba (6 days ago)
Joe Madureira
chain872005 (6 days ago)
Anthem is a lame name tbh.
Gretels Gooch (6 days ago)
It is not June 10th
Christine Hede (6 days ago)
I have to say how much I enjoyed someone else saying that they could not play through the Trevor stuff on gta V. I had the exact same feeling and just stopped playing the game. I have never finished the story.
bourdier gustave (6 days ago)
Flying indefinitely because of rain ? No way, that the thruster heats up more slowly, okay, but rain doesn't completely cooldown a blazing thruster. A waterfall completely floods the motor, rain doesn't plus since it's a sort of tropical setting, rain may as well heat up the thruster.
bourdier gustave (6 days ago)
It's actually not tropical, my bad, still.
Wow! Trevor is the absolute BEST! Andrew is NOT KEWL
Sharp (6 days ago)
Why do the Gameranx crew look like a gang of 40-somethings tryna act cool and hanging out? 😂
Hentai Prime (6 days ago)
Get ready Tennos, despite beating Destiny 2 in the old war, it's time for us to prepare for *The New War*
Moony (6 days ago)
Ha, the irony. The guy in the chains in Darksiders is voiced by the same guy as Illidan - a Blizzard character
Mendra (6 days ago)
Yeah hoverboards, that is definitly the only thing coming to warframe.
Felix Potter (6 days ago)
“Nothing happens if I do, nothing happens if I don’t... So I’m just gonna not.”
S K (6 days ago)
Trevor’s the best character! So funny
Piotr W. (6 days ago)
Egg Inc. - I feel you Thomas :)
Mason Johnson (6 days ago)
Jesus this is to long thank you for commenting the time line
Lucky Yolo (6 days ago)
BRO!!! This is one of those moments where you look back on your child hood and say "o shit I get that now" I had completely forgotten about that moment in road to eldorado, thinking back on it now I remember I was always like "is she giving him a foot massage, why does his face look like that". She was totally sucking him off lol, what the actual fck, I bet all the parents were watching there kids to make sure they were confused, and if they weren't they were gonna have the talk when they got back home.
pena2020 (6 days ago)
i'd rather watch you guys talking than watch videos twice

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