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Joe Rogan - Hillary Clinton Is A LIAR!

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1152: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5dMj7iFfGM
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Text Comments (2060)
Douglas Larson (20 hours ago)
Joe rogan interviews skateboard fudd
JAMBERRY (14 days ago)
Liar and murderer!
Bravo2XRay (22 days ago)
Geez Joe,, I know they got to you but shit Bourdain didn't suicide himself. Tell me you or your people didn't tell you what Anthony was tweeting about Killary ☝️? Must be tough having to straight up lie cuz you're afraid.
Oxy Saint (25 days ago)
I'll be investigating Joe's death...lol
blue Rue (25 days ago)
Be careful Tony Bordain ended up DEAD!
Brothers Revenge (25 days ago)
She's more than a liar! She's a narcissistic sociopathic murderer!😠
Anthony did not kill himself #wetworks
Peter Piper (26 days ago)
Careful Joe Rogan, you could be next.
hillyardwp (27 days ago)
Had a friend in high school committed suicide shot himself twice in the head with a 22 sad story
Nicholas Nissen (27 days ago)
People get killed for far less everyday. So the Clinton body count grows. Lord knows the dirt they got on dc holding it hostage.
Dave c (27 days ago)
LIFELONG POLITICIAN....She killed more people than the maffia....What about Seth Rich?What about Mena ,Arkansa??
Dave c (27 days ago)
Bourdain did not kill himself dude!!
Kenneth Edwards (27 days ago)
Not realy anything new.
Josh Allen (27 days ago)
Jesus fucking Christ.. I hate Hillary Clinton BUT SHE'S NOT THE FUCKING PRESIDENT!!!! The Clintons still have some influence, sure, but otherwise have NO REAL POLITICAL POWER AT THIS POINT. So fucking shut the hell up about Hillary Clinton. Yeah, she's a corrupt fuckbag. We get it. But she's not in fucking office. For every minute he spends criticizing dipshit Trump he'll spend 10 minutes talking about Hillary Clinton. It's pretty much the only thing I'd like to tell Joe Rogan to shut the fuck up about.
Terrible Gamers (27 days ago)
People should do research there’s a long list of people from the past 30-40yrs, just a bloody body trail left behind by the clintons. And almost everyone of them was ruled a suicide but they were shot in the head twice. Even if u fuck it up and shoot it self in the head and it doesn’t instantly kill you, you still are not gonna be able to pick the gun back up and shoot ur self again no way.
Frank Sobotka (27 days ago)
Kyle Adams (27 days ago)
What about the guy who shot himself in the back of the head and the gun was found one hundred feet away. Suicide........
tacobell5150 (27 days ago)
Love ya joe, but your drone stays are WAY WAY off. One of the main positives of a drone strike is far less innocent/collateral victims/damage, your listening/reading too many on the left.
MuricanBred (27 days ago)
Stephen Music (28 days ago)
Hahahahaha! She got the child molesters off, on her face.
cratedog64 (28 days ago)
Sad thing is there are a SHITLOAD of dumb-ass liberals who believe every word the Clintons' say and will never succumb to honesty. Those nutjobs need the drone visits.
SusieQ FairviewNY (28 days ago)
What about the Clinton Foundation??? Don't forget about all the money they collected for Haiti that the haitians never saw a dime from!!! Was it her brother in charge of that account? She is and always has been a real POS!!!!
joseph pelham (28 days ago)
HOLY SHIT are we gonna find joe killed himself with 2 bullets to the back of his head ?
x00p3 (28 days ago)
Hillary Clinton is a liar? No Shit?
I. A. O. (29 days ago)
One of the most disgusting and evil public people on the world. She is the demon personalized.
meddlingmage (29 days ago)
Dude, Bourdain was assassinated by the clintons
Jay Bee (29 days ago)
...fix your corn.
Sol Badguy (29 days ago)
Joe, are you high? Weren't you a Hillary fan a few months ago. Fuck you bitch!
Cardboard Operator (29 days ago)
im just sittin here thinkin to myself, how angry does bill clinton's dick have to look after all these years of being with the hRC, That thing probably comes out screaming
PELKEY1986 (29 days ago)
fuck hillary and especially commie sanders
Lars (29 days ago)
Bourdain knew. https://twitter.com/WarNuse/status/1005536059588038656?s=19
se7en (29 days ago)
Watch a documentary called "the Clintons" by the corbettreport.
Be careful Joe . You keep talking and you will catch a heart attack. I am just saying.
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd (29 days ago)
GREED and politician bed fellows.....is all she knows. God will get her.
SuperZippyzippy (29 days ago)
A sad reality of true evil.. people in power
TLopez3199 (29 days ago)
This sounds like a “Dazed and Confused” scene with Mathew McConaughey.
retrogamerfan (29 days ago)
Man if this bitch won’t the presidency we’d be fucked
jan stapaj (29 days ago)
OK if Hillary is liar what this make Trump. So Trump is super liar by definition. All politicians are lair but Trump took lies no another level and GOP.
Wes Martyn (29 days ago)
Come on. Hillary only lies when her lips move
Truthhandler 1 (29 days ago)
Who needs to hear from the gangster wanna be?
Richard Robert (30 days ago)
It makes me sick that such people like her aren’t in the electric chair. Disgusting human being.
Suave sailor (30 days ago)
How dubious her attitude is, and underhandedness, no one with a good conscience could ever feel they had made the right choice. Unfortunately their only alternative was Donald Trump.
Sir Pat Flange (30 days ago)
"People kill people, it's part of the thing!" -Joe Rogan
offsetter (30 days ago)
Benghazi is easy. Bad communication. One part of the U.S. Government did something that nobody in Benghazi liked, then left. After that U.S. team left. the militants attacked the first group of Americans attached to the U.S. Government they could find. It's really that simple. Different branches of the Government acting foolishly by not sharing information across agencies. It's common and a lot of times ridiculous.
Rob Haight (30 days ago)
She needs to be locked the eff up.
Suvir Sinha (30 days ago)
She would have been way better than Trump.
Ryan P (30 days ago)
News headlines to follow....."Joe Rogan mysteriously dies from a drug overdose"
Adam Boyd (30 days ago)
And Joblob Rohan has never been funny how did that fear factor shit workout for you now you are a internet iPod cunt
Adam Boyd (30 days ago)
FYI dumbass as an attorney it's your job to get your client off DAMN you are dumb
garcia jj (30 days ago)
Rogan is so right!
Despiser Despised (30 days ago)
Joe may be catching a case of Arkancide. He should worry.
Chris Fellows (30 days ago)
Joe has no information leading to the arrest of Hilary Clinton Mr. FBI comment-reading-bot. This isn’t the rant you were looking for....move along.
wahwah1013 (30 days ago)
This Joe Rogan guy makes Dane Cook look like a Nobel Laureate. Dude speaks on everything as if he's a fucking authority on the given subject.
Ricky Hogan (30 days ago)
She is the very meaning of scum
Broccoli Rob (30 days ago)
Monsanto: Hey......your corn was broken - I fixed it for you - don't worry, you didn't have to ask, I already did it!
hooahayes (30 days ago)
I would be very dubious of results saying that 80-90% of drone kills were innocents. Just because they don't have a gun in their hand doesn't mean they weren't up to something nefarious.
Theta Knight (30 days ago)
hooahayes exactly
badabings.tv (30 days ago)
Matt Rodriguez (30 days ago)
I'm so sick of the clintons! She lost that's that! The only way to make a liberal happy is to change yourself and they get to stay the same. They always want you to change so they can be happy. Remember when hillary got mad because her lead wasn't big enough according to polls. That was the day I knew she was nothing but a dirty rotten cheating bitch! Even now when The Prezz is funding schools and funding ocean cleanup of 800 million lbs of junk and even in the past when gave democrats more than they wanted for illegals and citizenships it wasn't good enough. Here's what I say. Democrats had their chance to build America up under Obama and for 8 years they chose to get rich instead and not take care of America and make her the power house that they could have. Obama that Swinney cockroach spent trillions and turned around and said America had no jobs and violence was the new normal and we should get use to it. Trillions spent on what! Union pay offs for votes and liberal judges and courts. Police told not to do their jobs! Liberal teachers flooded colleges and high schools! Hell all schools are made up of 90% liberals! Obama wasted money on cash for clunkers and the guns he sent to Mexico that ended up killing a border security officer. Obama paid terrorist country for hostages and funded Iran and their nuclear program. After all this he continued saying America was different not really a world leader anymore. Fast forward to 2016 Trump wins and shocked the world and took this country and said jobs will be back and companies will hire and sticks will rise and together were going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! And he is delivering every month and the democrats have lost credibility with the people after getting caught using another government agency to attack more Americans just like they did with the IRS and tea party members. Democrats give it up. Your finished! Even Millennials are beginning to get on board with the Trump train. Trump's about to give the democrat leaders and this bullshit muller investigation the shocker and I hope they make it into a video and user it for a commercial come election time! MAGA!
Golden Cooler (30 days ago)
Remember when Hillary Clinton called black teenagers "super predators?" I do..
Stephanie Rising (30 days ago)
Joe, you definitely got a pair talking about Hillary like that. *fist bump.
EpicWin1812 (30 days ago)
no shit it took you how long?
Frizzy Lizzee (30 days ago)
Careful, Joe. You'll disappear.
Charley Vox (30 days ago)
If Hillary was a good candidate with nothing bad in her past and had lost, just how she is handling the loss two years later tells me all I need to know about her. Nothing is ever her fault. Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, Kyrsten Sinema. Heidi Heitkamp & Lisa Murkowski. If this is the cream of the crop of female leaders, god help us. Hypocrisy is rampant in leftist America. 1) Hillary stands by her man. Yay. 2) Melania stands by her man. Boo.
Joe Heid (30 days ago)
How great would it be to see Federal Officials walk on stage at one of these Night with the Clintons coming up and cuff em both right in front of their lunatic fans?
Perdido Atlantic (30 days ago)
Lock her up.
Ed Smythee (30 days ago)
And Trump isn't? Politifact determined that he lies 78% of the time.
Stephen Westover (30 days ago)
Ive been waiting for this Joe Rogan to come back!
Dander Spat (30 days ago)
Don't forget about getting questions sneaked to her during the 2016 CNN Presidential Debate
Roy boy (30 days ago)
U go Joe
coldstatic (30 days ago)
Joe Rogan woke as fuck!
Todd Royce (30 days ago)
One of the things that everybody seemed to miss is in an interview Hilary admitted to rigging the primary. Actually her ego admitted it. When she was asked "If you are nominated........" She said "I will be the candidate, that has already been done"..Pretty sure it was a slip, but her ego wouldn't allow her keep quiet.
j soo (1 month ago)
Just amazes me how anyone else would be in prison for life, nope not her. It's crazy how it shows how the Dems have their candidates rigged and how it's all setup, even the FBI will try and meddle with it if they don't like a candidate. Shocking.
Adrian #8 (1 month ago)
Bernie Sanders was the best choice out of any candidate on both sides. Hilary fucking sucked
B W (1 month ago)
VOTE RED everyone.....keep the money train rolling.
Glock Man (1 month ago)
Still would love to have sex with her, she is smoking hot for 70
Ron B (1 month ago)
Did Joe Rogan come out of the closet before or after he started commenting on MMA? Also, is it true that he’s begun “transitioning” and is taking hormone treatments?
Andrew Patrick (1 month ago)
Is this something new? Hillary has always lied.
FURANUKU777 (1 month ago)
*BILL CLINTON is a rapist.*
Clif Keens (1 month ago)
Joe, watch out. Liberals are gonna come after you.
Clif Keens (1 month ago)
Joe, watch out. Liberals are gonna come after you.
Clif Keens (1 month ago)
Joe, watch out. Liberals are gonna come after you.
Tommy Ribs (1 month ago)
100% accurate on Hillary. Thank you Joe.
Sean Brennan (1 month ago)
Simply put the Clintons are known criminals and mark my words they will never ever ever get in any trouble whatsoever and certainly not jail time.won't ever happen.sorry to say our country is one of if not the biggest corrupt government in the world and they absolutely do not have our best interests at heart.all politicians are lying stealing scumbags with some murderers tossed in
DerSpielfuehrer (1 month ago)
She should be sentenced to death. Live on national tv. I would pay for that.
Jacob Hay (1 month ago)
Joe “it’s more likely someone killed him” Rogan
John Dickerson (1 month ago)
Go Rogan!
Dr Phil (1 month ago)
Watch out Joe, you're on their radar now....
NoFace (1 month ago)
Hilary is the political equivalent to herpes... super terminal aids simplex herpes.
Limmamikegamma60 (1 month ago)
His name was Seth Rich
Robin Slieker (1 month ago)
Well said Joe
Derek Picklesimer (1 month ago)
Been a registered democrat since I was 18. When the DNC screwed Bernie I said never again. I reluctantly voted for Trump
Barb Menear (1 month ago)
Four years, seven investigations, no charges. Deal with it incels.
SGTreport (1 month ago)
OddWorld, His name was Seth Rich, and HE was the DNC leaker... and they 187'd him for it.
David Linihan (1 month ago)
What was your clue Joe?
carelessmorning (1 month ago)
Joe is a hollywood libtard cuck. Stop watching him.
uykczd (1 month ago)
Tell us, how bad is Hillary, Joe?
Ihate allthethings (1 month ago)
Dude wasn’t Rogan just saying like 3 months ago she would have been better than Trump?
hole N one (1 month ago)
Joe's one that fella to figure out...lol
Don't go mainstream, Joe. Stay on the side of liberty and truth. Stay strong.
Ranger099 (1 month ago)
When I was watching NewsRadio 20+ years ago I never imagined Joe Garelli would be a crucial figure in preserving free speech and common sense. Holy shit the world is fucked up.
Seeker of Truth (1 month ago)
hillary is a Despicable KUNT

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