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The Best Auditions of The Voice BEST MOMENTS EVER

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Text Comments (2101)
я одинешенек увидел курсор мыши?
Mxrxglitch Modzz (4 hours ago)
Bob Marley✊❤
Tushar Kumar (6 hours ago)
Chandelier hands down 😍
Brian López (10 hours ago)
1:12 Who is she?
Ezequiel Pagan (12 hours ago)
10:00 best and name oficina music
Julianobrgamer Oliveira (16 hours ago)
O segundo vídeo " Lá voz kids" e o melhor
candy C (17 hours ago)
Cual es el nombre de la cancion que canta la chica de china?? Graciass y genial todos por cierto😍😍
ömer kayhan (21 hours ago)
Matteo Cartman (22 hours ago)
È un pianoforte
Redemption Song is like Bob Marley is singing.
Sandro Siqueira (1 day ago)
Quem assistindo em Outubro???
Marc Mertens (1 day ago)
DOO EDM (1 day ago)
1:16 😍
Marc Mertens (1 day ago)
Рыжая девчёнка в конце отдала прикурить Шакире - голосище!
Ivette E.S.O (1 day ago)
What is the name of the sing in the minute 8:00
Andrea KawaiiTM (1 day ago)
The middle judge is Shakira? At te second one
Илья Быков (2 days ago)
Hi, everybody. What's the name of the Chinese contestant?
sit0' (2 days ago)
no pongas los cosos esos en el medio de la pantalla pillo
loca is shakira XD ,october 2018?
L'unica veramente figa è la cinese, tutti gli altri non son niente di speciale.
Over PlayS (2 days ago)
ชอบเลย บอกตรง
Cariño Brutal (2 days ago)
Best Cover Bob Song ever.
Gonza Dag (2 days ago)
Muchos italianos, estadounidense, chinos like si sos de Argentina
Armany yiyiyi (2 days ago)
TheFlyingAdamGrayson (2 days ago)
Here's a dumb question: if it's a voice from another country, why are they singing american songs? i'm not complaining or saying they can't, I'm just curious.
Maya S (2 days ago)
I feel like theres not enough love in the comments for the Redemption Song guy
Greed Sin (2 days ago)
She good! https://youtu.be/IYl4Qn2kkZg?t=357 more play voice! ( sorry bad egl)
Stefan Tudor (2 days ago)
Try this one..https://youtu.be/2vezmhrJTNo
Atte Syväkoski (2 days ago)
4.20 IS fake
Tanisha Swiegers (2 days ago)
Loca loca wowwww. And that Chinese girl
Jeff O' Lantern (2 days ago)
6:15 What's that song?
kaylee chaton (2 days ago)
je kiffe la 2eme
Kameliya kirilova (2 days ago)
loca loka lokaaaaaa
angel rodriguez (3 days ago)
Podra cantar como shakira pero no podrá mover las caderas como shakira
Stephany Pruitt (3 days ago)
That's a James Bond Theme song. Sing it! The Chinese young lady. I like the Bob Marley! 2
Darren Vath (3 days ago)
Why does this make me cry I see these and turn into a little bitch!!! To much emotion I cant handle it
Honey Bunny (3 days ago)
Me erizo la piel escucharlo... impresionante
moomen belhouch (3 days ago)
I like the 2 at the end ❤
GoodLean (3 days ago)
La china la rompio
Richard Abeysinghe (3 days ago)
that guy singing Hello was amazeballs!
Alum Gordillo (3 days ago)
6:22 cual es la cancion
kilian skm (3 days ago)
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Quinten (4 days ago)
whats the name of the Chinese girl ???
Loris Rossi (4 days ago)
La cinese è fantastica!!!!
mohamed ali (4 days ago)
6:50 please help me *WHATS THE SONG*
Onur Orhan (3 days ago)
mohamed ali The hills
Jorge Nitales (4 days ago)
1:44 "Se nota que a maluma le da asco la musica de verdad" :v/
Majid Kashani (4 days ago)
The best video on the talent
KING ZIKA (4 days ago)
Hallo Can You Me?
Buzz Lightear (4 days ago)
1st audition: 10/10 2nd: 7/10 3rd: 3/10 4th: 8/10 5th: 10/10 6th: 9/10 7th: 9/10 Total: 8/10
Filipe Silva (4 days ago)
10:00 music.???????
Vse trolli mrazi (4 days ago)
Лучше оригинала, в разы !
xolgax (4 days ago)
this MAD WORLD cover actually KILLED ME ! <3
Karina Magomadova (9 hours ago)
6:18 What name music
LIEUTENANT ZAZ (4 days ago)
I don't get why people are asking 2018 or not we all live on the same earth bitches so everyone will be on the same month and year
Andranik Manovyan (5 days ago)
that crazy moment when your fan sings better than you))) reaction of Shakira is incredible...
dude a forget to breath
El Vega (5 days ago)
The first one gives me goosebumps!
China! What she name??
Evalyn Perez (5 days ago)
The last one is funny
SiLvErster StaLoNG (5 days ago)
Wow.. like real.. lagend Bob Marley..
Awad Y (5 days ago)
Whats name 7:54
Lauty 271 (5 days ago)
en el de china no daban mas para girarse
Andrés Paz (6 days ago)
I hate this show. Most of the time the judges are looking one to another like saying, can we turn now?, specially the Americans.
Jose Rivera (6 days ago)
¡Extraño a Shakira como jurado!
Romantic kiss (6 days ago)
2018? 🙋🙋🙋
cipriano brandao (6 days ago)
cipriano brandao (6 days ago)
Qual eo nome da primeira musica por favor
Jahir Higuera (7 days ago)
first song have bad voice
N'GUESSAN Yao Isidore (7 days ago)
This chinese girl is flawless
Antonio Vitas (2 days ago)
that voice is crazy
Are you stupid that is 2018
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztwT4CDok2U BEST SAXOFON
Baduy Pham (7 days ago)
amazing voice. it make me calm :) thanks for upload
Do It! Subscribe! (7 days ago)
That mouse on screen 😂
Super Gogeta (7 days ago)
came here for the thumbnail. (Shakira ftw)
Rinka (7 days ago)
no se que coño pinta maluma ahi, como si cantara bien jajajajaja
Christian SJ Funes (4 days ago)
Lo mismo me dije xD
Julian Gonzalez (6 days ago)
pensaba eso hasta q escuche marinero
KONSTANTINOS S. (7 days ago)
7:54 wow 😮 again
Maeli BRIAL (7 days ago)
die to despasito.
nikos afent (8 days ago)
bob marley's reincarnation! 7.35
Eliza Lami (8 days ago)
KrakGun (8 days ago)
November 2018 ?
Cora Hillmann (8 days ago)
The first was amazing
Ana Moro (8 days ago)
I like loka
Jubileu Nobres (8 days ago)
Wat or name music 7:23 ?
Daniel Rios Gonzalez (8 days ago)
what is the name first song??
Maëva (8 days ago)
0:51 he sings very well
Brian Anjune (8 days ago)
Redemption song...😙😜
Zayn Khan (9 days ago)
I like the girl who sings all of you her voice is amazing
Federica (9 days ago)
Sensazionale l'esibizione di "chandelier" <3 <3
Nadia Ait Elhaj (9 days ago)
Sjonny BB (9 days ago)
i got goosebumps from all the auditions. nicee
Кайф 💕
Ale Scognamiglio (9 days ago)
Kidding me ? Where is Christina Grimmie ?
Gaetano Spinosa (9 days ago)
meravigliosa sempre shakira...
Ricky Rally Videos (9 days ago)
Like se siete italiani e state guardando questo video!
Friitshii (9 days ago)
I am very mad at the fact that no one sang any metal song
Ami slow (9 days ago)
La 2 sembra finta minchi a me non è piaciuta...
Jaballah Farouk (10 days ago)
03:14 you can skip this part btw
hailey zhang (10 days ago)
As a Chinese person, I have to say that Chinese girl was not very good compared with other singers in the voice of China...I strongly recommend you guys <Diamonds covered by yangmeina> :)
Emanuele Galiano (10 days ago)
Emanuele Galiano (10 days ago)

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