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Evolution of Zombies in Video Games

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Zombies have taken a bite of out video game culture for the last decade. But where did it start? Let's talk about it. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 year ago)
Favorite/scariest zombie encounter? Let us know. Could make for another fun video.
Wyatt Sy (1 month ago)
500th COMMENT!
ACHEVMENTHUNTER234 hi (1 month ago)
Teh Coon (2 months ago)
the first zombie in PVZ
TheSmileyCoach [Ro&Eng] (2 months ago)
When you put the GIANT TANK mod in left 4 dead 2 and play it for the first time :)
your face (2 months ago)
gameranx the swarm that comes when you turn the generator in the hotel after being split from ellie in the last of us
screw_1t (1 hour ago)
Wait what about "the forest"?
faktu balsas pro (4 hours ago)
The last of us is best!!!!
Raj Singh (9 hours ago)
Thanks for including my favorite zombie games
rllyung G4il (15 hours ago)
Nahhh dying light 2 is the best game
zayd nicholls (22 hours ago)
Dying light probably my favourite but I have last of us remastered on ps4 and it doesn't work so I haven't played it yet so I'm not entirely sure.
Derek Lee (1 day ago)
Call of duty ww2
Seven sins music (1 day ago)
Dude zombie police in 7 days to die. I jumped off a car right as he threw up on it blowing the car up and I just made it out of its blast range.
Matthew Knapp (1 day ago)
You didn't mention Castlevania which came out 1986.
Hoàng nguyễn (2 days ago)
L4D ❤️❤️
koro sensei (2 days ago)
damn i miss dead space that gives me heart attack more so to the children necromorphs those little shets gives me goosebumps
Dante Vivas (2 days ago)
I really expected to see Ghosts n' Goblins and Half-Life here
Ujwal Trevor (3 days ago)
Any1 know the music at the end
Gloom Genetics (4 days ago)
No More Room In Hell.
Veena Satish (4 days ago)
The last of us is the best zombie game for me
Ruth Rebecca Hinojosa (4 days ago)
Last of us
Legendary Gamer (5 days ago)
My favorite zombie game is dayz
O3O O3O (5 days ago)
Papa: zombie zombie Zombie: *yes, papa* Papa: eating brains? Zombie: *no papa* Papa: telling lies? Zombie: *no papa* Papa: open wide. Zombie: *AH AH AH*
corey harrison (5 days ago)
My current favorite is 7days to die for its creative aspect
Singleplayer (5 days ago)
9:01 YESSSS!!!! PVZ!!! :DDDDDD I LOVE that game!!!! :D
Jakub TV (6 days ago)
u forgot Left 4 dead 2 2009
Brilliant Badger (6 days ago)
Dying light is the best zombie game to me that game was great
That Neon Wolf (7 days ago)
left 4 dead and doom was sooo good !
chaz burns (7 days ago)
The Dead Island series is the best. 2019 Dead Island 2 comes out. You forgot Dead Island Riptide.
DAPANDA356 (7 days ago)
dying light was ok but i really do think that the dead rising series had the best story of it being a little serious and goofy at the same time but still good
George Bell (8 days ago)
Dying light
-Brad the Jew- (8 days ago)
I remember going down to the arcade as a kid, and seeing House Of The Dead in a creepy stall, and I always wanted to play it. No matter how much it scared the shit out of me, I still loved to play it. That game is the first game I played with somewhat good gore mechanics, and shooters grew on me since then.
Android Gamer COUSINS (8 days ago)
My favorite zombie game is Dying light Call of duty infinite wafare zombies Call of duty black ops 3 zombies Dead rising 2 Dead rising 4 the last of us
Tyler Begley (8 days ago)
Ive got to get my hummer man
Connor Brown (8 days ago)
The Last of Us. The mission in the hotel where Joel gets trapped in the basement. Playing that on Survival mode With only 3 revolver bullets and 2 shot gun shells and the clickers running, hiding in the darkness and then... the Bloater. Needless to say I shit myself. Oh and also the Sewer.
WASTEFUL Official (9 days ago)
Dying light, resident evil series , left 4 dead, dead rising series
Alan Rossow (9 days ago)
7 days to die should get an honorable mention at very least
Diamond Army (9 days ago)
The things I was waiting for him to say were Dead Island and Dying Light
Colson Lutz (9 days ago)
He did that resident evil seven went with first person and changed it all but ZombieU (or just Zombie) did that first
Sol Cutta (8 days ago)
Colson Lutz actually *Dead Island* came out before *ZombiU*
CaptainChewbacasnipr (10 days ago)
You have left out some games, Contagion, No More Room In Hell, Resident Evil 6, most of the call of duty's ...
Lenaina Swanson (11 days ago)
I love resident evil 6 and 5
issac porras (11 days ago)
I think dying light is my favorite
Bryan Ransom (11 days ago)
KRILL20 (11 days ago)
Love how l4d is added like there are any zombies in the game
Dominic Ungaro (11 days ago)
Resident evil 7 didnt release till 2016.Unless your counting the Dlc's for 2017.
Arthur Sardaryan (11 days ago)
No Stubbs the Zombie?? What about the other side of the barricade sometimes you just crave for that sweet brain)
Sol Cutta (8 days ago)
Arthur Sardaryan yes I forgot that one too... I have it on my ps2 but can't even remember the name. I had it on release then recently bought it again but it's non working disc so got to take to game for refurb.
plush vlogs (11 days ago)
MR. Creeper (12 days ago)
of course Dying Light
Phoenix_ Doom (12 days ago)
The only good zombie games I liked was resident evil series and raccoon city, cod zombies and deadrising
PCaddictions (12 days ago)
you forgot zombieville usa :p
Plush King (12 days ago)
Did you know state of decay 2 came out
Ai sartika (13 days ago)
call of duty black ops 4 zombie
Metal (13 days ago)
my favorite zombie game is walking dead season 1
wolfy 123 (13 days ago)
Call of duty 2 is my fav zombie game
Nicce Pappa (13 days ago)
Imo best zombie game is left 4 dead 2
Crazy Gabe (13 days ago)
Wth where is zombiu?! Bish
7 days to die
Element Fox (13 days ago)
You forgot plants vz zombies garden warfer 1 and 2 (no offense and also sorry if I miss spelled
#1 perk vapor (13 days ago)
deadrising 1
Zombie games r my favorite theyre the best
Ghanshyam Suthar (14 days ago)
My favorite is resident evil 6
FBurrows (14 days ago)
You forgot Half life!!! :,(
Resident Evil 4 wasn't really a zombie game though
Xavier Pablo (14 days ago)
Left4dead2 is zombie games
Antanas Skucas (14 days ago)
Still none of these games would be made without roblox
ragethesystem91 91 (16 days ago)
Left for Dead 2 is my fav zombie game. Dead Rising is a close 2nd
Dead rising ❤
Werewolfkirby (17 days ago)
Dying light. You get to become a zombie as well so that's fun (if there was some fucking balance at least)
Jason Banes (17 days ago)
The Last of Us isn't a zombie game...
Ashlee Jade Pastor (16 days ago)
Jason Banes finally someone already realize its not,...their infected
Dying Light 2 will be the Best!!!
Leonardo Renteria (17 days ago)
Undead Nightmare is my favorite zombie game
Richard Bensley (18 days ago)
Not gonna mention 7 days to die? I love that game.
Cool tiger pool (18 days ago)
The last of us i love it
deadload 24 (18 days ago)
Dead island
Gabe Riley [Bloody] (19 days ago)
survive doesnt deserve to exist
If the last of us and dying light merged and made a game. ^~^
the gaming kitten (21 days ago)
Plus where is dying light
the gaming kitten (21 days ago)
So dead island is a bit like fallout 3 and 4 in that it had in away "V.A.T.S" mode
Steven Argetsinger (21 days ago)
Sorry evolution doesn’t exist. Missing branches etc.
yo yo doggy (21 days ago)
valencia lee (21 days ago)
Arioch Animates (21 days ago)
Hands down the best zombie was the one in Pvz
Hunter Griffin (22 days ago)
I like Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising and plants vs zombies
Razka Syah (22 days ago)
The Last Of Us
I have dying light enchance edition for ps4 right now
Dead island scared me when i was 8
UltraBuff playz (22 days ago)
You forgot dead effect 1 and 2
Scott Briggs (22 days ago)
dieing light and resident evil 6
dulce viviana Pb (22 days ago)
my favourite zombie game is into the dead
Adel Laut (23 days ago)
7 Days to Die by far. Surprised you didn't mention it.
MrZQualify (23 days ago)
IMO Cod zombies knows what's up and it has one of the most confusing and interesting storylines of all time.
Amadeus Kurisu (23 days ago)
to many alot of people find zombies as scary but honestly regarding me they just bore me to tears
Shannon Love (23 days ago)
Thank you for mentioning The House of the Dead. It is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE videogame franchises of all time and it saddens me when the Internet neglects it. The House of the Dead 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, along with the Resident Evil Remake
Akros The_Speed_Demon (23 days ago)
Siren: Blood Curse took a unique view of the zombie scenario. The zombies are called "Shibito". They still have basic communication and meander about their day as if they were still alive an uninfected, the only time the Shibito are hostile is when knocked out or seeing a human. That's right; you can NEVER fully kill a shibito. When they get knocked out, run past them and book it to a place to hide. Shibito can resist being decapitated, shot, poisoned, and burned, all conventional and modern day weapons only serve to slow their attack. Shibito also spread infection not only by rivers and oceans of the blood curse, but if they kill a human in any way, with a weapon or not, the human becomes infected and turns into a Shibito.
Jacob E (23 days ago)
Today on sept 27th 2018 state of decay to 4 juggernauts
Exa Tres Domino (23 days ago)
Skipping Half-life???? really????
GrayDino Gamer (23 days ago)
Zombi and Resident Evil are my two favorite zombie games.
Sneaky Self (23 days ago)
the reason why people choose Dying light is the best, its because its a Zombie Parkour game (which is awesome)
Sneaky Self (24 days ago)
to me, Left 4 Dead was the best zombie game
mason 1973 (24 days ago)
Resident evil is my favourite and always will be. I havnt played a resident evil game and been disapointed with it unlike other games.
Hubert Eichson (24 days ago)
L4d or they are billions, i want my zombie game to include tons upon tons of mindless zombies running toward me.
MasterChef DJ (24 days ago)
Halos flood? Those are zombies right?
LiteBerry Yt (24 days ago)
zombies as a threat for the first time for me was like '' if its not an special zombie im not gonna have a problem'' and got mauled by normal zombies after destroying special zombies that still hit you after you fcking killed em
Robert Jordan (24 days ago)
State of decay 2 is the best.
Dat Boi (24 days ago)
Undead nightmare... so many memories

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