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Top 5 - Delayed games of 2012

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We are not even halfway through 2012 and already lots of games have been postponed. Many of them will be released next year. Let's have a look at the five most anticipated games of 2013 that were originally planned for 2012. 5. Metro: Last Light (THQ) The sequel to the 2010 release Metro 2033 has quietly been postponed to the first quarter of next year. We guess cold February is a better to be fighting for survival in the post apocalyptic wastes of Moscow. At least we know the game will be cool... you get it? Cool. 4. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Namco Bandai) Every gamer with a little love for Japanese movies knows Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky. This movie studio teamed up with the Dragon Quest masters of Level-5 to create Ni No Kuni. It's a traditional Japanese RPG and it looks gorgeous, but you have to wait till the beginning of next year before you can play it. 3. Tomb Raider (Square Enix) The longer we wait the younger Lara Croft will be. Or at least that's the way we try to explain the sudden postponement of the new Tomb Raider adventure. The next treasure hunt of Lara Croft was promised to be finished in October but its secrets will not be revealed in the beginning of 2013. 2. Aliens Colonial Marines (Sega) With Prometheus in the cinema we couldn't be more excited about fighting Xenomorphs once again. Especially considering this will be a Wii U game as well, where you can use the tablet controller as a Xenomorph scanner. Aliens will be hunting you in February. 1. Bioshock Infinite (2K Games) The true successor to the first Bioshock is highly anticipated. We can't wait to be shooting and navigating through the utopian flying city of Columbia. The game missed its October release and will now be in shops in February. Let's just hope the Infinite subtitle is not an indication for its development cycle.
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Text Comments (884)
Mrrandom494 (4 years ago)
Well we can agree that aliens colonial marines wasn't perfect
John Mercury (4 years ago)
aliens:colonial marines was a terrible game
Doruk Evcim (4 years ago)
I bet you regret putting alien colonial marines in the list
krysala (4 years ago)
2:50 Where was this?!! Did I miss it completely?!
Klony (4 years ago)
Is "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" out by now? I did not see it in any store and I heard NOTHING about it... O.o
Klony (4 years ago)
Need to get one... Maybe. ^^
Doruk Evcim (4 years ago)
+klonvomhaus yep its everywhere
Klony (4 years ago)
Okay, is it out in europe, too? XD
krysala (4 years ago)
Yup!! Walmart's got it as a budget title for $20. It's a true steal!
Sava Ivanov (5 years ago)
well we sure know that aliens colonial marines was "cool"
Martha Ryan (5 years ago)
no2 what!?
Dr. Irate (5 years ago)
Dr. Irate (5 years ago)
1life1left (5 years ago)
I got a Genious idea, What if they launch all 3's at once, TF 3, Portal 3, Half-Life 3(Or episode 3) And so on. Even if they said they will not make Portal 3...
KickingRage (5 years ago)
It was released like 2 years ago. Are you that fucking retarded?
Maylia Corono (5 years ago)
Duke Nukem wheres dat it was delayed for 15 years and its not here
Apex Superstorm (5 years ago)
2:13 *sniffle* You h-had to remind us of that.... YOU HAD TO INCLUDE THAT IN THIS FUCKING VIDEO!!! AAAAAAGHAAHAHHHH!!! DX
Squid (5 years ago)
Well animals crossing new leaf isn't on this list?! The game was suppose to come in 2011. But canceled. Then moved to 2012. But canceled. And now it's in 2013
THE NIGERIAN BOSS (5 years ago)
You're welcome.
HeelEscape (5 years ago)
so ur saying my spelling is the shit? thx man :)
Ken Cohort (5 years ago)
2014 should have half life 3 lol
Jamesibell (5 years ago)
The wait for Aliens was totally worth it.............. not
Igotsswag42 (5 years ago)
Wow I don't remember any scenes in bioshock where anything that was showed happened
Byan Bosling (5 years ago)
I don't have a ps3 but I played in no kuni at a friends house and it is soooo fun!
Andrew Zaslavsky (5 years ago)
Every game on this list has come out and there all epic
Beefy3daygrowth (5 years ago)
MU574RD71G3R (5 years ago)
Umm.. what about half life 3? Thats not coming out until 2018!
Christopher Gaston (5 years ago)
true activision reliy to much on COD knowing it the same game over and over, 007 was good until they dropped the license in 2012
Filip Ivanovic (5 years ago)
Metro: Last Light sucks.
Xian Tempest (5 years ago)
and activison has the crappiest graphics, they can't even make their money making piece of crap that is a poor excuse for a game, COD
Xian Tempest (5 years ago)
you forgot one game, GTA V, it was suppose to be out last spring but look what happen
Tlasan (5 years ago)
4/5 of these games were actually worth the wait :P
sofie wild (5 years ago)
tomb raider!!!! <3
TimFirin (5 years ago)
What about GTA 5
Christopher Gaston (5 years ago)
they should add sleeping dogs since it took a while since at the time it was call true crime hong kong and was delayed by activision back in 2011 due to high budget and later being picked up by square enix who publish and made the game in 2012 which gain postive reviews
Arcralf (5 years ago)
Funny how the endurance was the ship used to get to the north pole for the first trek across the antartican region of the north pole. #science
hankypankyji (5 years ago)
Man there is no game most delayed then dukem nukem
レイン (5 years ago)
*facepalm* does no one understand sarcasm at all?
A horny Cat (5 years ago)
what happened to gta 5 i mean is it out yet, like on sale or somthing cause i was told it wasnt coming out till september 2013
TheChris11302 (5 years ago)
that's not gonna happen dude.
TheChris11302 (5 years ago)
it's not coming out this year.
Noah Scheider (5 years ago)
tomb raider was so worth it
Mads Emil (5 years ago)
wait... what about sly cooper 4?
Fabian Anderson (5 years ago)
its far from perfect
レイン (5 years ago)
Are you sure? Are you so fucking sure??? Are you totally sure???
Kevin Hart (5 years ago)
This video was uploaded in 2012.... -facepalm.-
dustin kubiak (5 years ago)
all those games are out now
BleoCity Loller (5 years ago)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action role-playing open world video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls action role-playing video game series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
Santii (5 years ago)
Pikmin 3
benny teddy (5 years ago)
this video was made 2012
Jackson O (5 years ago)
cool? I don't get it.
GearsofFallen (5 years ago)
Febuary! Played it! Top 5 most confusing games BIOSHOCK INFINITE TAKES THE CAKE!
M4ng4Br00s (5 years ago)
in 2012 it's a mod. (we talking about 2012) I heard in 2013 there's a standalone for Dayz (just sharing info)
heckf (5 years ago)
LOL nearly all the games are out.
Ben Hess (5 years ago)
Aliens colonial marines if you don't know IT FUCKING SUCKS
19lazyboy91 (5 years ago)
it´s not a game it is a mod
l_gladiator2000 (5 years ago)
Where gta 5
Arman Can ERSÜZER (5 years ago)
I can't see MAX PAYNE 3; this game delayed too many times. Max Payne fans was getting angry and upset
Chase (5 years ago)
what about DayZ
HolocraticGames (5 years ago)
So am I, just like I'm happy for wollay to take his time on Cube World. So he can perfect it and make it better
Batmans Goldfish (5 years ago)
JollyJacks2727 (5 years ago)
where was Devil May Cry??
Pvt. Victoria's Secret (5 years ago)
me too
THE NIGERIAN BOSS (5 years ago)
Just like you're spelling.
David Seo (5 years ago)
I don't get it.. I'm from Australia!
Battler Astram (5 years ago)
The number 4. From that console is?
HeelEscape (5 years ago)
Tobraider is the shit
Lancelot (5 years ago)
I love Bioshok
White Rabbit (5 years ago)
I heard that they ripped the game of completely and started it all over again in 9 months.
Max Rantz (5 years ago)
You pronounced it Zeno morphs,I think it's Xeno morphs :O
Orangelover18 (5 years ago)
Wait is this a NEW Bioshock????!!
lobotomite (5 years ago)
Except the fact that they made it feel like it was not a BioShock game.
IIC7 (5 years ago)
As far as I know Half-Life Episode 3 should be number freakin' one
champion1642 (5 years ago)
Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are probably the games I was looking forward to. Tomb Raider was AWESOME! Probably the best TR so far, and it's a reboot. I have yet to play Bioshock Infinite, which along with TR, came with my 7870.
XxLostNeoxX (5 years ago)
Colonial Marines? A disappointment...
NaziPenguin (5 years ago)
what about dayz?
Taylor Love (5 years ago)
Because this was before it came out and was found out to be complete crap.
Anaalia (5 years ago)
How did colonial marines beat tomb raider?
P I Staker (5 years ago)
i see what you did there
Joseph Davis (5 years ago)
Where is Sly Cooper at?!
Xerkson (5 years ago)
U do know that theres a Reply button there.
Lewtable (5 years ago)
DayZ isn't a delayed game... It's just a mod, and as far as I am concerned, at the time of this video's making, the standalone version didn't have an estimate release date.
Lewtable (5 years ago)
Well... The "fake beta" they used to get more PR and had content which didn't exist in the game was promising enough. Too bad no one knew it was just fake.
beremin1 (5 years ago)
k13ran97 (5 years ago)
i would prefer a postponed game to a rushed game. whats the point of buying an unfinished game
gus (5 years ago)
StacheMan (5 years ago)
StacheMan (5 years ago)
Z Duck Goes Moo (5 years ago)
I'm so glad they took the time to make Bioshock Infinite perfect.
Anthony Wormuth (5 years ago)
i just finished bioshock infinite a non of that happens in the game
Ivan Cantu (5 years ago)
Gta 5
kaleb brown (5 years ago)
ac3 was supsed to be right after ac2
James Sayen (5 years ago)
well that was before we found out that it sucked.
101silure (5 years ago)
motion traker dumbass
Rice Man (5 years ago)
grand theft auto 5
bobthebuilders mother (5 years ago)
Let me tell you why that's bullshit
rodfong591 (5 years ago)
Justin Skiles Sucks
Michael jay (5 years ago)
So Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Ni No Kuni were the only good games, with Metro yet to be released.
Martin Bueno (5 years ago)
Aliens are you fucking kidding me that game sucked ass
LOTH893 (5 years ago)
Ha! Aliens Colonial Marines. That's funny.
Arion NzSwag (5 years ago)
Gurl, are you related to GLaDOS?
RetroGamer (5 years ago)
Gta 5 also
KillamanjaroHorizon (5 years ago)
I know, i'm completely psyched!
locky300 (5 years ago)
just 1 week left for bioshock:infinite :P

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