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Five ways to get your girlfriend into gaming

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So you have a girlfriend but you also like to play games. What if we told you could combine the two? Here are five ways to get your girlfriend into gaming. 5. Make a trade In the initial stages of trying to get her to play video games, you might have to compromise. Offer to take her out to dinner or watch one of her favorite romantic comedies in exchange. And recognize that she probably doesn't want to play for eight hours at a time. At least not at first. 4. Start with easy co-op games You can slowly introduce her into the world of gaming with some easy co-op games. Play some of the Lego games together or fire up New Super Mario Bros. It might be boring for you but remember this is only a gateway drug to bigger better games. 3. Pick out games with a good story Start playing games with a good story in front of your girlfriend and she'll be hooked before you know it. The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain are great examples of games with an exciting story line. Before you know it she'll be the one saying 'don't you want to play your game tonight?' 2. Present it as quality time Remind your girlfriend that if you both play video games, you'll be able to spend even more quality time together. However, be aware that it will only count as quality time if she actually does enjoy it, so try not to force an argument about this. 1. Have fun when you play with her If you make it a good time she will enjoy it, even if she's not that into games. Crack jokes, make her laugh and focus primarily on spending time with her, not on winning the game at hand. This is easily the best way to turn your girlfriend into a gamer. Good luck guys! Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames Tumble on our Tumblr - http://zoomintvgames.tumblr.com/ Or like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames We love the latest and biggest games like Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag, Call of Duty Ghosts and FIFA 14 at Zoomin.TV Games. But also indie games on Steam and massive console hits like Grand Theft Auto 5, Watch Dogs and Thief 4. We play them ALL! And of course we have a special interest in the next generation of gaming; Playstation 4 and Xbox One, we even really like the Wii U. We. Just. Love. Games. And we also love the retro games and the golden oldies. Remember the PS2 era? The times of the N64 and NES? Yeah, we loved those days too. You like what you see? Subscribe for more videos about your favorite games! Zoomin.TV Games is the number one source for game tips, top 5 game videos, funny videos, video game reviews, interviews with developers and more about your favorite video games! *** Youtube Partnership with Zoomin.TV Games *** When you are interested in Youtube Partnerships, you've come to the right channel. We offer partnerships to gamers who have an opinion about gaming or want to show their skills on Youtube. You should know you can't use copyrighted music or videos (like movies and trailers), but your own gameplay videos with your own voice-over is perfect! More information about Youtube Partnerships can be found by going to our channel. Good luck!
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Text Comments (1878)
Driftドリフト (3 months ago)
I just want a gamer girlfriend cause I don't like going out and getting fresh air and having date's I just want a gamer date
Jefferson Diaz (5 months ago)
0:01 holy cow
Oath keeper0_0 (7 months ago)
Still wondering what the song in the background
Juli (8 months ago)
Don t wanna put my gf nerd
Anita davi (8 months ago)
Give your number I am smart boy
Spectro Lo (10 months ago)
Well a siri is saying it so it must be true....
7dogguy (1 year ago)
My girlfriend used to play games with her dad when she was young and feels like she sucks to bad at them to get back into them id really like to try to find out what games would be easy yet engaging because i definitely see potiental for this as a joined hobby even if it only does become a minor one granted she does play games with me but i want her to feel acomplished instead of like shes bad any suggestions *RUN-ON SENTENCE* Also we are basically alike in every other way so this would be a really great addition :)
Field Marshal Akajima (1 year ago)
I got my girlfriend into gaming by doing #5
CoolMercy (1 year ago)
But i dont have a girlfriend ;,(
Aldo Van Dyck (1 year ago)
I love Super Mario Bros... it would be easy to make way 2 in my case
Social Gaming (1 year ago)
I have a crush on a girl who's also a gamer but she's always busy
Millie Hutty (1 year ago)
LOL I already play video games, since I was 10
Oath keeper0_0 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song in the background? My girlfriend loves it
Cairo Murphy (1 year ago)
That part at the end killed me.
TotalAnimeFreak456 (2 years ago)
Or, you know, just date a girl who's already a gamer. We do exist you know. Our mutual love of games, specifically JRPGs, was one of the things that helped bring me and my fiance together.
Chaydex (2 years ago)
I got my girlfriend into gaming by giving her my old gaming pc and bought her Borderlands, she loves that game.
Chaydex (1 year ago)
Whiskey If she likes good story, maybe some MMORPG like Wow or wings of icarus
Loser (2 years ago)
This is such a soules video
Johaness Sergio (2 years ago)
me and my gf play cs go together
Super Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
WTF is this sexist bs???????!!!!!
Super Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
mix2000q not really, this video is just dumb.
mix2000q (2 years ago)
Super Harley Quinn your triggered
Super Harley Quinn (2 years ago)
Brooke Dance OK, makes more sense.
Brooke Dance (2 years ago)
That comment wasn't aimed towards you, it was towards 00WhiteBlade.
FishFridge (2 years ago)
what girlfriend?
FishFridge (1 year ago)
ifordefouw I actually have feelings for a girl now :o weird feeling but at least I am becoming a normal 15 year old now
ifordefouw (1 year ago)
FishFridge any updates on finding a girlfriend?
SHGaming (2 years ago)
You will know soon
Temp Derp (2 years ago)
Problem with my gf is that she only sort of likes "watching" them... never joining them. Or at least EXTREMELY picky. Pretty much only likes retro crap. Not very open minded. In the past she watched her brothers play FF7, yet wasn't even excited in the least that they were remaking it. Stupidly enough, said that someone else should die in the game this time... because you know... feminist reasons...
tender sausage (2 years ago)
Doesn't sound like you're very happy to be with her ? Are you ?
Kawaiigirl29 (2 years ago)
My girlfriend likes gaming any ways so I don't need this crap
Tax Tic (2 years ago)
Fuck you I know somebody who needs one. Gaming is a great thing to do.
Lone .Wanderer (2 years ago)
sorry for interrupt May i ask what's the theme's name?
Matt (2 years ago)
My girlfriend usually only likes the rpg's or the ones with really good stories for example she loves beyond two souls, the last of us, etc but not much of a huge ganer but loves watching gameplay
Ghost (2 years ago)
My gf loves the Game Firewatch^^
FHN1987 (2 years ago)
I play GTA with my girlfriend
RVPRSD (2 years ago)
This is pathetic. Clicked on this vid because i wanted to laugh. How i just feel sorry for all you guys. Hahahahahhahah
Fanatiikon (2 years ago)
+RVPRSD he means he doesn't have a gf so he doesn't need to do all this
SpicyTuna (2 years ago)
...My girlfriend got ME into Pokemon...
Savannah Butler (2 years ago)
I've been into games for as long as I can remember. Some people think I talk too much about them, but they're just my #1 entertainment source 😅
Tax Tic (2 years ago)
Hey, nobody blames you. I'd be discussing tactics for breeching and clearing rooms in planetside 2. She snipes, In goes me with an LMG. Covers me. She's their to be my medic. (FUCK YEA) etc
Those tips didn't really work to get my boyfriend into gaming. He still only saw it as a childish (I showed him Dragon Age, he still thought gaming was for little kids only...) and absolutely terrible and boring way to waste time. Broke up with him after he wanted me to waste about all of my own precious spare time on doing his own hobbies together with him. Gaming is definitely more important and fun than this relationship.
Tax Tic (2 years ago)
Damn right. She's one to stay up till 8Am. I bet every guy games in his underwear. When she's like that. I be like..... My charecter will be sitting while she's gets murders by 3 HA (Planetside 2) Im running into walls.. Watching her. Her half naked self. Honestly, she likes to go bra-Less... Could you blame me? Plus, waking up, to have sex, then to game. Is every guys dream. Especially when you work 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Weekends be like AHHHHHHHHHH. But really, this world needs more gamer girls. Mix it up. She kicked my ass in PS2. It makes for great... Like if she wins.. She gets what ever part of me she wants. It's the other way around for me. So it's great to have a girl gamer.
Temp Derp (2 years ago)
...I'll be your boyfriend... ha.
REDxEYEDxBEAST (2 years ago)
cunt (2 years ago)
Fucking priorities for the win!
Sebastian Michlieas (2 years ago)
Mortal kombat x..leads to break upd.
Alvin De Rama (2 years ago)
Play PIKMIN 2 together with her.
idk bro (2 years ago)
or you could just break up with her and date me
AceKillerxD (2 years ago)
Girlfriend? what's a girlfriend?
Gage Hendrix (2 years ago)
is it bad that I'm watching this and i don't even have a girlfriend
SHJ Gaming (2 years ago)
Girlfriend? No I haven't heard of that server.
Gundalf (2 years ago)
Don't join it anyway the server is pay to win.
Robert Mitache (2 years ago)
what about a girl that likes games and a guy that dont?
cHHeDDa (3 years ago)
all those 5 reasons doesn't help :((( she is special <3
Charlie Flores (3 years ago)
I love my girlfriend she's just like half life 3
Brett locke (8 months ago)
BluesonAF (2 years ago)
+Puking Rainbows Im fucking dying....
Rykytoonz (3 years ago)
I'll past lol
1 of my friends need a top 5 ways to get your boyfriend into gaming
vivisectvi (3 years ago)
I remember playing Dark Cloud, Tomb Raider, and some Resident Evil with my girlfriend, good times.
Haroldas Leknius (3 years ago)
What if you want to get a gamer girl but it's weird to go to a lobby or during a game and ask her out and plus you dont even know her
Binweevils Deluxe (3 years ago)
CAN YOU JUST LEAVE GIRLS ALONE? everybody else is saying this but omg why you can leave guys alone but not girls???
Jacob Maxwell (2 years ago)
+Binweevils Deluxe the thing about games that people dont understand is that it's a medium that has the most potential for just about anything you want, and if you look for more than 2 seconds you'll see that gamers want everyone to play so the interest is there to make a unique interesting game
Carro (3 years ago)
I turned my sister to a lol addict. The only thing she can say now is Do you want to play lol with me. I have created a monster...
elephalice (3 years ago)
it's not just boys that like videos games :/
Iax Moe Slem (3 years ago)
Great all what I need is a girlfriend
Diversitii (3 years ago)
With my social skills i will never need this info
PKKumatora (3 years ago)
I got my friend into playing Nintendo. Yes it's a girl.
MrPlaly (3 years ago)
but :(
MSTR marco (3 years ago)
What is girlfriend? Is it some kind of a DLC?
connor Jackson (3 years ago)
Na man its a new mod
What is your head, is that a Server or an IP address?
Longshot99FTW (3 years ago)
step 1 "ill eat u out until u beat this stage of mario" boom she is gunna game and probably never finish.
Dragonia Gaming (3 years ago)
+Longshot99FTW LOL, yeah it works especially if ur a hot guy. LOL x2!
Mobius Richard (3 years ago)
But... But... Grills are just a myth. Right? Right?
Isaacs Nightmare (3 years ago)
Why would I listen to a girl about getting a girl into gaming?! Oh wait. xD
xtdDEADdtx (3 years ago)
Well time to save this video for when I actually get a girlfriend.…… #foreveralone anyone?
Il Griso (3 years ago)
but first i need a girlfriend
“So, you have a girlfriend--” Me: No. *leaves video
Lord Calvanian (3 years ago)
My wife already games.
AssaultShooter (3 years ago)
Well, I forgot I don't have a girlfriend
Jack Mills (3 years ago)
i have a girlfriend and she is a gamer
Great job
Dimitri Ciaus (3 years ago)
+Jack Mills interesting stuff there, jack
Marcownz747 (3 years ago)
My fiancee wasn't really into gaming (she still really isn't).  But she really likes fantasy books, so I started her out with Neverwinter Nights 2, and she's hooked.  The best part?  She hasn't even gotten to Mask of the Betrayer (The expansion for NWN2 that most consider to be better than the original campaign).  The biggest thing, to me, is finding something that she is actually interested in.  She's into fantasy?  Find a fantasy game.  She's only into the character customizing screen?  Find one with a REALLY in depth character customizing screen.  She likes musicals?  Find a game based on musicals.  You can work them into games that you like eventually.  But their first has to be something that they ABSOLUTELY LOVE.  Most of us remember our first games.  They should, too.
Okay Entertainment (3 years ago)
I told my girlfriend to beat 007 Golden Eye in one day or I was gonna brake up with her...... Sadly she broke up with me.
patrick Thomas (3 years ago)
halo 3 perfect coop game!
Oath keeper0_0 (3 years ago)
Can someone please tell me what is the name of the song that is beingin played
Samardzic Elvis (3 years ago)
# Five ways to get your girlfriend into kitchen
Tyler Campbell (3 years ago)
this works guys
Fenris Yuri (3 years ago)
I find the weirdest thing is : My girlfriend likes games, plays skyrim on her own time, but when she's with me, She much prefers watching, I assume she likes the fact that I cuddle with her, Not that I'm complaining, I'm just saying it's kinda weird.I'm happy and she's happy, that's what matters.
The fisrt game what my girldfriend played is L4D2
Chaos_ 82 (3 years ago)
Started my wife on skyrim and saints row 2 XD
SN1P3R_W0LF_2573 (3 years ago)
thank you, now i will have less troubles with girlfriends in the near future, my last girlfriend wouldnt let me do anything having to do with games
MegaEvo (3 years ago)
Great! Now i need a girlfriend...and i need to grow up to have one...
I already got one who already plays games... Ya some funny people 😂😂
a a (3 years ago)
So true. I think of I had a girl friend, I could make her play games. The problem is: First I need one XD.
FIRENICEWOLF (3 years ago)
You need on first :'(
Brandon Lawrence (3 years ago)
that's very true ;~;
Fakename McNotreal (3 years ago)
this is like, the next level of sexism
Lucy Lorelei (3 years ago)
I see a lot a butthurt bitches... Here's one being honest: I'd like to get into gaming but I don't know where to start. I'm very interested in true crime-shit. Is there some type of game that has a story line along those lines? P.S: Looking for actual help.
Lucy Lorelei (3 years ago)
+TheKeeper Thank you! I will for sure look into this. 
TheKeeper (3 years ago)
Well I think you should definitely try playing Heavy Rain, it's a more story oriented game so it's not too difficult to play and it revolves around the mystery of a serial killer and his effects on the lives of four protagonists. Another game to look into is Deadly Premonition now this game has a bunch of flaws but the story is amazing and worth your attention at some point. Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, Beyond Two Souls and Persona 4 are some other games that you might be into. Hope this helps!
Naughty KlutzZ (2 years ago)
Lmao. I just game. No time to worry if they're into it or not.
Tina (3 years ago)
more girls in the gaming world, the better!
Darson Idomar (3 years ago)
Hey here's some fun thing to do. If you too are a girl that is not into gaming and reading this title feeling offended, just go to your mom, ask her were the bleach is and just drink the whole lot. :) Because if I'm not into gaming, thats for a reason and this title doesn't offend me. If I want to tho, but doesn't do it, well thats my own god damn fault, nothing is stopping me. If you are a girl who is into gaming reading this, well you gota understand the following -> This Video has nothing to do with you, the moment you decide to comment either way to tell us why you are the CoD / WoW / bf3,4,5,6/ master be prepaired to get shit on. Of yourse this counts the same to males but because the video title and obvious freakin reasons I adressed the female part. I highly encourage everyone to comment on this if you actualy do not agree to show all the people passing by your retarded life choice. Go ahead. :)
SAR (3 years ago)
if i wasn't a gamer girl i would have never met the love of my life <3 we both in love with the same games which makes it even better and we kick each others ass all the time when go against each other and make an almost unbeatable team when we go against others <3 my boyfriend ain't gotta worry about getting me into games xD  
Shinobi Gennosuke (3 years ago)
Good questions we should be asking is WHY DO GUYS tend to be more addicted to Video games or PC games than girls? The girls need to Win/Conquer/Competitive gene sit in safe mode more than the guys? Would be a fascinating study of the mental working order of the gender, right side of the brain vs left side.  If the girl and guy would reduce down to mice in a cage, the guy mice would be ALL over the cheese running through the mazes, the girl mice would probably sit and watch and die out of boredom. 
Vincent Chamberlain (3 years ago)
She likes Assassins Creed and Resident Evil. Thats good enough for me.
Kuha & Weleho (3 years ago)
Or just play Gta V
shysailors (3 years ago)
Or find a girl who likes/plays video games. It not hard now a days
justayari (2 years ago)
+Bethany Francia lol that's true xD
Bethany Francia (2 years ago)
Pretty sure the guys are looking for super model quality girls. Not everyone can look like SSSniperWolf or SuperMaryFace :|
SeaBlue A (3 years ago)
maybe all over the world.  But in each location, it's like a 400 : 1 ratio between guy and girl gamers :P
shysailors (3 years ago)
How so?  there are tons of chick gamers, just look dude.
JeyVGaming (3 years ago)
Uhm.. yeaaaa..no It aint that simple if u ask me...
Dayna K (3 years ago)
And if you are trying to persuade your boyfriend to play video games?
shannyishere (3 years ago)
Well.. that was sexist.
Memeguppy (3 years ago)
+shannyishere its not.....
TheMineMappers (3 years ago)
Error 404: No girlfriend found
lalahiss (3 years ago)
+TheMineMappers 469*
The Clean One (3 years ago)
Thanks for making me realise that I don't have a girlfriend... and I dumb... and ugly and... and... and... ;(
HaL0 and HaL0 (3 years ago)
Fuck that, i put in halo and my girlfriend is fine.
Jacob Maxwell (2 years ago)
+Anthony Jr. Rodriguez nah bru put in painkiller then she fine
Nah put in Half life than your fine
Jonathan Mora (3 years ago)
Dam I hate how some of them cute girls don't know what Heavy Rain is,looks like I better get to work cx
Cherushi Yuki (3 years ago)
Yeah I knew when clicking on this video the type of comments there would be.... Came here for a quick laugh but got kinda frustrated reading the comments just so y'all know there are more girls who play games than you think, and there are just as many guys who don't play video games. In fact, until about a year ago I couldn't believe there was anyone ignorant enough to believe that "gamer girls" was such a rare "species"!
lalahiss (3 years ago)
+Marcus Herrera But still they do not give much hours like us (guy gamers) do
Marcus Herrera (3 years ago)
What's really cool is that 45 percent of gamers are female.
Zodaxa Rohalxo (3 years ago)
What if your a girl gamer and you want your bf turn into a gamer?
BluesonAF (2 years ago)
+Zodaxa “Riley” Rohalxo Ive never heard of such a thing happening...
Dragonia Gaming (2 years ago)
+Zodaxa Rohalxo Well, boys are mostly into gaming  but try the options in the video, only instead of "romantic comedies she likes", maybe do something like "play a bit of the sport he likes" or go out and watch what movies he wants or something like that.
KoolFilmZ (3 years ago)
That may happen in another universe
iFokshe Pah (3 years ago)
Watersports him might be funner
Jerei (3 years ago)
+christian martin LMAO
Zodaxa Rohalxo (3 years ago)
What was that last Sean from?!
Stormcloak Soldier (3 years ago)
from the Deadpool video game
Red Comet (3 years ago)
I just need to know how to make her better at them
Sora (3 years ago)
Just get your girlfriend into some peaceful mmorpg like hmm... aion, it has wings and it's really fun to play with other people, doing some quests, getting new skills and that stuff, but it can get boring overtime if you are playing it alone, even if there are many people running around so play with her :) I think that some mmorpg it's a good start. By the way good video. This comment it's kinda just my opinion but i rly liked the video anyway.
Channel (3 years ago)
What if my girlfriend is blind?
Goujo Goujo (3 years ago)
1. This bullshit list is obviously made by a guy, My GF finds it insulting. you don't want your GF in games, because you want to play them. You want her to camp Facebook and leave you alone. She'll find her own games. 2. Don't belittle her intellect 3. Walking Dead and Heavy Rain are terrible examples. Try traditional RPG's or time management gaming.  4. Present it as alone time. When you're really annoying her point out how games give you that seclusion from You that she needs. 5. Get Angry every time she loses. She will stop playing. Make things highly competitive, or you will never again have that system all to yourself. and you like playin games, right?  You're Welcome. 
kabob21 (3 years ago)
Uh, I'd rather have sex with my girlfriend when it comes to our "us" time. I'm not much of a gamer, granted, but when I do play, I play when my lady and I are doing our own things.
mega xtrime (3 years ago)
Hmmm well my gf already a gamer was even before I met her
Brienne Of Turd (3 years ago)
i bet that half of the viewers are single
Novacaster (3 years ago)
....I just wanna know what's the name of the song used in this video. 
Nonono the way would get my girlfriend if I was a guy show her Minecraft,creative mode and peaceful mode

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