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The 26 Best Game Boy Games of All Time

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The classic Game Boy has hundreds of great games, but which are the pick of the crop? Gaming Historian's The Story of Tetris ■ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fQtxKmgJC8 Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife Support us via Amazon ■ https://www.amazon.com/shop/nintendolife
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Text Comments (343)
Q.PLAYS (11 days ago)
Its a pretty good and solid list, my favourites gb games are : - Bionic Commando - Castlevania Adventure, The - Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge - Gargoyle's Quest 1 & 2 - Gradius - The Interstellar Assault - Megaman V - Tetris And my favourites gbc games : - Alice in Wonderland - Megaman Xtreme - Pac-Man - Special Color Edition - Shantae - Tetris DX
Doers Club (13 days ago)
26 GBC games pleassse
Derek Mayer (19 days ago)
What's happening here?
Derek Mayer (19 days ago)
Are you reading the article for Double Dragon review?
Marvin Wilkins jr (27 days ago)
Pokemon is number one
Marcel Christ (28 days ago)
Pokemon in 2nd place? Why? I'm the only person who don't like this over stupid licence?
Speedmarx (30 days ago)
Hi Alex is there a gameboy Color top 26 video as well? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks
frog Thompson (1 month ago)
This lost is trash cuse pokemon red and blue was not number
The86Ripper (1 month ago)
The best list!!!
No color boooooo
Retrograde Mercury (2 months ago)
Canal Win (2 months ago)
Great list! Could you help me advertise my channel? Thank you!
Harley's Henchman Zero (2 months ago)
My first fighting game for the Game Boy was Battle Arena Toshiden.That game was awwsome.
ThatPokeRapDude 1 (2 months ago)
Cool accent.
mogwai_for_sale (2 months ago)
being able to play every generation of gameboy games on my 3ds is a godsend -- despite not being played on the actual hardware, the experience is far improved. who in their right mind would play games on an original gameboy, gameboy color or gameboy advance with such tiny screens, lack of backlighting and severe ghosting? sure, if you want to diminish your eyesight, go right ahead, but otherwise, luma cfw on a new 3ds/2ds is the way to go.
Malte Knorr (3 months ago)
Ninja Gaiden, pokemon, Zelda, Mario Land 2
Extra Spicy (3 months ago)
Is those games free or i need to buy it
GamerProject 2 (3 months ago)
Link's Awakening, agreed.
The Infamous Yash (3 months ago)
wtf is so fucking great about zelda,,. fuck zelda franchise... i was about to sub but then i saw that.. and ... :( damn it!
Patrik Urbaniak (3 months ago)
I got 40 game boys games and all are in the viedeo
Poison (4 months ago)
i would have added Mario Land and Pokemon Yellow.
wackywong (4 months ago)
Not the best but certainly worth checking out: Felix the Cat, Bionic Commando, Monster Max, Qix, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Alec (4 months ago)
Pokémon gold
The Animated Guy (4 months ago)
Ahhh! Somebody else who appreciates Babs' Big Break :D This was one of the first video games I ever played, and probably the first one I ever beat. So many memories!
adodge207 (4 months ago)
Huh. Apparently I'm a nosey sausage. I'm okay with this.
SolarFlare (4 months ago)
7:49 did you just say squozen?
RhythmGrizz (4 months ago)
Pokemon red/blue should've been number 1
Joseph bart-plange (4 months ago)
Is the best thing I have seen brought a lot of fun memories
Poison (4 months ago)
never owned a gameboy. looks like i need to get me an emulator to play them
The Handheld Gamer (4 months ago)
Oh I have Links Awakening Neat Also I’m wondering if anyone could recommend me any GBA or GBC or GB games cuz I want a new game
David Moore (4 months ago)
This list loses all credibility with Pokemon losing out to a Zelda port. Pokemon is the best original Game Boy game, without question.
Phobophile 89 (4 months ago)
Alex. The reason there's so many great port on the Gameboy is that the NES and the GameBoy are equivalent in performances. The Nes could handles more sprites and obviously colors. But the Gameboy had some other trick that the NES couldn't. Just think about it, the Gameboy Color is more powerfull than the NES. The Switch is not as close the xBone than the GB was the NES... But still, good ports on the Switch is just a bit of developper's elbow grease away. But what i learned during my programming class is that the more powerfull the machines gets, the lazier the devs get. So with competition like the xBone X on the market, don't expect devs to be willing to develop for the switch unless the head of the compagny ask them to... And expect delays...
Nathan Speer (4 months ago)
I DO like Mario Land I for it's "beat it in one sitting" kind of gameplay (20-30 minutes), which makes it perfect for a short bus ride across town. For that, there's a bunch of platformers for the system that deliver. Others if your arm is twisted for a follow-up: Game and Watch Gallery was very fun, Micro Machines top-down racing was perfected on this system IMO plus Nintendo's version called Wave Race, and of course any puzzle game is usually perfected on the system too.
Cecilio Lopez (4 months ago)
I love my gameboy it's the classic yagh boy
Johan Öberg (4 months ago)
F1 Race? That's selling the GB short, but I guess you wanted to vary the genres. Ninja Gaiden Shadow is one that could have replaced that one, or Trip World.
Quinn Reiswig (4 months ago)
Everyone always forgets the true gameboy gem of a game that was Alleyway!
FIDreams (4 months ago)
No Final Fantasy? I'm Surprised.
BRUCE ASKEW (4 months ago)
16:42 song moments of love played backwards and creepy
Christopher Don (4 months ago)
pffffft. pokemon red and blue is the most important handheld game of all time.
NinjaRodent (4 months ago)
I'd put Donkey Kong Land 3 over 2.
Jay Christy (4 months ago)
I would have thought Pokemon would be number 1
Paul Shinn (4 months ago)
Yes! Link's Awakening! My first (and therefore favourite) Zelda game! Also happy to see the Tiny Toon Adventures game on there. I played both non stop when I was a kid!
pixel girl (4 months ago)
Link's Awakening was my first Game Boy game, I loved it so much! It also led me to buy Final Fantasy Legend 2, because the screenshots on the box made it look similar... I quickly learnt it wasn't very similar at all, but that led me to discover a love of JRPGs 😄 I would definitely have put Final Fantasy Legend 2 in this list, had I made it. I'm furious you didn't, so I'm now going to unsubscribe, and maybe send you a vaguely threatening email like "I'm going to break into your house while you're asleep, rub mayonnaise on all your kitchen cupboard handles, and then leave the fridge door open so you waste electricity".
Austin Palmer (5 months ago)
At first I was like "You didn't put Gold/Silver?!" but then I remembered they're TECHNICALLY GBC games, so I'm sure they'll be on the next list.
TheHabitual77 (5 months ago)
Tetris with a link cable. Oh man the memories.
Michael Sypher (5 months ago)
Faceball 2000 was robbed.
Corey Senn (5 months ago)
I'm a little sad to see Killer Instinct didn't make the cut. Or TMNT
Surprise Fun Time Eggs (5 months ago)
Yikes, you somehow found room for Bill and Ted and Tiny Toons but couldn't fit Final Fantasy Legends, Dr. Mario, or Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters?
Jamie Howard (5 months ago)
Links awakening is overrated. Also no kirbys block ball or kirbys star stacker :/.
Micah Buzan (5 months ago)
So many games, so little time.
Eric Andre (5 months ago)
One awesome game with an even better soundtrack that is always overlooked and left off "best of" lists is Tekkaman Blade. It's killer. The Ninja Gaiden game is great. Lupin III game is a super addictive puzzle game with good music. Where as Tensai Bakabon is not as good as it's Famicom counterpart, it's still pretty good.
Siddif (5 months ago)
I definitely agree with the top 5. With Links Awakening being my first Zelda game ever (though DX on Colour is a better version). 6 Golden Coins and Pokémon also being life changing for me and Metroid 2 was my first Metroid too. Tetris was for the longest time the only multiplayer game we had too and just happened to be given 2 copies by a family friend. So much of my childhood in this video
Dieter H (5 months ago)
where would you place Castle Quest?
Dieter H (5 months ago)
Gradius was titled Nemesis, right?
Chad W Smith (5 months ago)
"You dangerously confident sausage" is my new catchphrase :D
Invader Bob 3 better be on this list so help me
supershadow952 (5 months ago)
Where the hell was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 Radical Rescue in all of this HEEELLOOOO
Jimi Vall Peterson (5 months ago)
Where is that glorious music from again!?
Stephen Walker (5 months ago)
They were called Mario Land 2 and Mario Land 3 they're totally the same franchise lol. You could always get the bike in Pokemon that was as good as running tbh.
João Sérgio Pereira (5 months ago)
I really love the pikachu canvas on your wall. Can you tell me the name of the artist?
Dmitry Zhavoronkov (5 months ago)
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 3 Makai no tobira. Try it !! Very good "beat em up".
foxroano9t (5 months ago)
I choose you Pokemon! As its not a Console port/sequel.
Little Miss Nintendo Fan (5 months ago)
Double Dragon....REALLY! It is the worst of the worst, it makes Snes Pitfighter look like a world champ. The list is very narrow and obvious especially considering the amount of games available on the Game Boy. I would have like to seen Parodius, Kwirk, Qix, Asterix, Speedy Gonzales, Ultra Golf, Hammerin Harry, Avenging Spirit, Boxxle, Fire Fighter, Battle of Olympus, Alfred Chicken, Revenge of the Gator, Bomb Jack, Dr. Franken, Star Hawk and I could go on :-)
Dimentive (5 months ago)
Black and white games feel so weird nowadays.
Matthew Simplay (5 months ago)
Mario Land 3 the best Wario Land game
Cristian Arreola (5 months ago)
The OG GameBoy was a *4-bit Beast*
Lucas Kelleher (5 months ago)
Pretty solid list. Donkey Kong really deserves a spot in the Top 5 though—maybe even THE top spot. You also left out DR. MARIO, a particularly glaring omission. I'd definitely include that one in the Top 5 as well.
Jacinta (5 months ago)
I’m ridiculously fond of a guy I’ve never met. Alex, you’re too charming, please stop.
SlighMD (5 months ago)
Bionic Commando
ArkMiner05 (5 months ago)
New title: 26 best NES ports
TheLegendaryJF (5 months ago)
4 line tetris are called Tetrazoids. Drop the gloves.
TheLegendaryJF (5 months ago)
Six. Golden. Coins. The portable title I've played the most. Probably the game I've ever beaten the most times. My love for this game is endless. I so badly want another title like this, I'd even do a colour remake on the Switch e-shop. It's glorious.
Warp (5 months ago)
Invader Bob 2 is my favorite game ever
SoSickRick (5 months ago)
I loved Super Mario Land 2
MaddestMike (5 months ago)
I need to track some of these games down on the 3DS eShop.
Gregory Fenn (5 months ago)
With such a primative GPU and limited memory (both RAM and disk), it's amazing how rich and enjoyable these Game Boy games were. I was a little too young to enjoy them, as my first game boy was a Game Boy pocket (remember that cute little yellow one that runs a bit smoother than the orginal fat grey Game boy?) and I think I just played Pokemon, Tetris and some bowling game and one of the mario bros games?
topchief1 (5 months ago)
Terrible list. So many great GB games not on this list, and plenty of mediocre ones on it.
Bob O'Daniel (5 months ago)
I really loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Radical Rescue. Freaking amazing fun TMNT metroidvania game.
Felix WSD (5 months ago)
Have you not tried Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest? (Yes, it had three different names, depending on which region you were playing it)
optimusghost (5 months ago)
What memories, i remember playing R type, Operation C , Zelda and Metroid on my old gameboy.
RandomtubeMA (5 months ago)
I swear if donkey kongs isn't top 5 i will kill myself
RandomtubeMA (5 months ago)
4:32 K I L L M E .
Niklas Universe (5 months ago)
My favorite is Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru It's the game with that weird prince who is also a helper trophy in Smash 4
Johannes Krohn (5 months ago)
Great list. I appreciate the choice of Donkey Kong Land 2 (over the other entries in that series) and the inclusion of Mole Mania, which should have had a sequel on the (3)DS, because that would have been the perfect system for it. Great, unique and pretty tough puzzle-game. I'm somewhat surprised about the absence of Mystic Quest/Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu and one of the Final Fantasy Legend-/SaGa-Games (probably the second one) and the choice of Wario Land over the innovative, huge and original masterpiece that is Wario Land II. I personally would add The King of Fighters - Heat of Battle, an impressive port of KoF '96. And, yeah, well... Link's Awakening may be the best Zelda-game of all time.
Lowlight23 (5 months ago)
Good video. I would have added one of the fighters that actually turned out really good: Killer Instinct or Samurai Showdown. I still boot up my game boy and play those to this day 😀
Where's Kirby's Dreamland 2, that game was 100 times better than the original! WHY? WHY?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
Femke Meike (5 months ago)
No you're a sausage!
Fufu (5 months ago)
"Dangerously confident sausage", lol
James Toomer (5 months ago)
So only one game per franchise... ...and you picked Kirby's Dream Land 1 instead of 2. Really?
Josh Campbell (5 months ago)
Great list!
Michael Grievson (5 months ago)
In my 39 years as a gamer I’ve never played a Pokemon
Absolutely 0bsolete (5 months ago)
I feel lucky that I own all of these beauties
Matthew Davies (5 months ago)
Never heard of some of these games & Worms should have been included as it was awesome despite the green/yellow screen, also seeing Kirby & Wario Land bought back memories - Tetris should be number 1 btw
Urlet Bi (5 months ago)
I fell in love with the Zelda series after beating Link's Awakening. I still get the chills from the melody when you first pick up your sword!!
noobynooberson (5 months ago)
The nostalgia of this vid gave me a huge grin. Would also add Star Wars Return of the Jedi, brilliant game.
Mark Mauk (5 months ago)
There is one Game on the Game Boy i would easily put in the Top 5 of my List and that is Burai Fighter Deluxe. One of the most atmospheric games on the system for sure and a great experience even today - part of it is the great great Soundtrack.
Bludvarg (5 months ago)
Kid Dracula is technically a Castlevania game, so....rule broken, I guess.
CGG Productions (5 months ago)
The top 5 picks are simply SUPERB!!! There really aren't any better GameBoy games. Thanks for the list I need to check some of those games out!
Chaos89P (5 months ago)
You wanna know the weird reason Contra was "Probotector" in Europe? Germany. I think that stick up the government's _Ärsche_ may have come out some over the years, but it's still rather firmly up said _Ärsche._
jodudeit (5 months ago)
Game Boy Color list next please!
BdaMonkey (5 months ago)
DS > Gameboy

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