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Is 5G Technology Dangerous?

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Text Comments (1586)
Risto J (4 days ago)
I think the greatest radiation i am getting right now and a stomach cancer is from the stupidity by these unintelligent fucks that have no idea what they are talking about, but are born to spread fear, because they have zero ability to understand how something works. We don't need 5G, all that we need is to go back to the stone age.
427Arbok (5 days ago)
I don't know much about the health impacts or even just the mechanics of radiation, but I'm aware of its omnipresence. I suppose, as with many things, there is a safe threshold of exposure, so the real question should perhaps be where that threshold is and when do we go past it?
I tink therefore I am (6 days ago)
brake-neck face a?
MFXdump (7 days ago)
What I find funny is that I copy and pasted this from an article on 5G. “Never put mobile devices directly against your body. For instance, don’t put a cell phone against your head, in your bra, or even in your pocket with out an EMF shield.” So how will we use our phones if you can’t put it against your head?
Bio Toxin (8 days ago)
they just need to come out and say it, literally everything gives you cancer, being born gives you cancer, end of story
Christel Piarulli (13 days ago)
I fucking hate animal studies. Bastards
It Scheiss (13 days ago)
Wikipedia gives 5G frequencies as:- "5G will use spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimeter wave bands (24–86 GHz)." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G About 8 to 10 years ago, I attended a seminar for the media on the supposedly carcinogenic potential of cellular radiation organised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, Malaysia's communications and multimedia content regulator and just as you pointed out, the studies by the World Health Organisation argue that the microwave frequencies employed - i.e. 900MHz, 1,800 MHz, 2.1GHz, 2.3GHz and the 4G LTE frequency 2.6GHz are non-ionising and at most cause heating in body tissue exposed to them. X-Ray frequencies on the other hand range from 30 petahertz to 30 exahertz and much care and shielding of X-Ray equipment operators are employed here to minimise or eliminate their long-term exposure to such radiation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-ray According to Wikipedia, ionising radiation begins from the high end of the ultraviolet spectrum, all the way up through X-Rays and Gamma rays, whilst lower ultra violet frequencies, visible light, infra-red and radio waves are non-ionising. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionizing_radiation Electromagnetic radiation at Ionising frequencies would split electrons from atoms and molecules, leaving positively charged ions, which are chemically reactive (i.e. oxidants) and thus potentially carcinogenic but apart from the risk of someone who stands right up against a cellphone base station antenna being burned by the strength of radiation emitted. however the strength of the radiation at ground level, would be safe, given that its intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance (the radius) from the antenna. Something often ignored in arguments against cell tower radiation is that cellular communications is by necessity bidirectional and the phone must also transmits back to the base station to enable two-way voice or data communications. Likewise with WiFi signals, where the PC or smartphone user is much closer to their PC's or smartphone's WiFi transmitter than the WiFi router and notebook users are sitting less than a metre away from their notebook's WiFi transmissions from the antenna housed in their notebook's cover beside the edges of their LCD or LED display. So anyone who is all that concerned over exposure to WiFi signals may want to turn off their notebook's WiFi adaptor and plug in a LAN cable instead, where available, such as in an office. The speakers pointed out that any risk, if any, would potentially come from the cellphone itself when used at the edge of a base station's coverage, since the cellphone would have to boost its transmission power so that the signal can be adequately received by the receiving antenna at the base station and the cellphone is held right up to our ear. The speakers acknowledged the results of various studies which suggest that even the non-ionising radiation from cell towers and cellphones could be carcinogenic but argue that unless the findings of such studies can be repeated by independent studies conducted by peers, such findings cannot be taken as conclusive and that those reported findings which suggest that cellphone radiation is carcinogenic, have not been found to have yielded the same result when conducted by peers, so are regarded as inconclusive. This of course is the "establishment" opinion, so whilst I accept it as the most authoritative so far, however I maintain a certain scepticism and an open mind to new findings, whether regarded as conclusive or inconclusive by the "establishment" scientific community. I have been using a cellphone since 1996 and I used to find my right ear having got rather warm after a long cellphone conversation and I later found that a cataract had developed in my right eye to the point that it got so bad that I had to have an implant. However my left eye is still OK and I often wonder whether the cataract in my right eye was due to my eye's lens being slowly cooked by radiation from my cellphone, which I hold up to my right ear. I asked my eye surgeon about this but he did not think that the cataract was due to exposure to the heating affects of radiation from my cellphone.
Dylan Mayhew (16 days ago)
A even more concerning thing is if there are studies that suggest 5g is okay. Who did/paid for that study? Not everything is done in our best interests. Actually most things are done apposed to the average persons interest. All in the name of money. This tech is going to be seen as a way to generate allot of money. The companies who aim to profit and already invested there money into this tech will spend more money to guarantee return on investment. So that really clouds any research going forward. So not all research can be counted as equal. Personally many things that exist now when I think about the possible repercussions I'm faced with, is very un comforting. Allot of the times I choose to just not think about it. Because life is difficult enough without extending my worries. If this happens.... When this happens it's going to be the same story. Regardless I can't avoid it even if I come to the conclusion on my own that I do feel there are health risks. So I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope that everything will be okay...... We're just along for the ride.
Kelley Eidem (18 days ago)
There is no reason to worry about cancer because that would be the last thing to kill us since it is slower developing. What will kill everyone are the flu and pneumonia. It's the ions that will kill off entire populations. Harmful ions slow down or stop cilial movement, and they will lower biological cell voltage exposing everyone to the 28,000 viruses we breathe in each day. Cellular voltage is our primary immune protector. Viruses love low and no voltage cells. IOW, when 5G is turned on full blast, you and everyone around you will be getting sick quickly. and permanently.
Rick Cox (18 days ago)
I don't like being used as a guinea pig our government don't care enough to think of us better than that once they get up in office they don't care about the ones down below
Koiden (19 days ago)
What bothers me is that 95% of us don’t need more than 4g... 5g will be meaninglessly fast who needs those kinds of speeds on cellphones?! To remotely play vr games through your phone by streaming your pc or something, there has to be a limit ...
TheWarsuron (19 days ago)
http://stopthecrime.net/smartmeters/flyers/symptoms.pdf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLDdS4_Qneg
Wilther Andea (19 days ago)
Now a day's people are exposed on radiation already but it depends on you're life style that may cause of cancer.
Extremely dangerous Scientists agree https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B14R6QNkmaXuelFrNWRQcThNV0U/view
Alexander Federowicz (27 days ago)
They do not need more linear Speed. No. All they need is Parallel signals running at slightly different frequencies. The claim that Higher 5G and even that 4G was or ever will be needed is a Lie, and Thus is Proof of Intent to Cause Harm. 32bit is 2^32=4.3 Billion bits of info, and then 2^64=18 Pentillion bits of info. They are duping you so badly it actually goes over your head, because lets face it, who wants to admit they could not figure out that two brains were faster than one You were duped into thinking your brain had to run faster, when you could instead just use two brains. So.... Are you still going to give them permission to kill you, because you can not count to (2) ??? Your Choice... But if you do not cut down those poles in the U.K. you will all be dead withing 5 years... Ever damn one of you. Your choice.... You would really be better off wading out to sea with the Lemming Chap... because I was a Microwave Engineer back in the 90's in the Military.... USAF Microwave Combat Communications... Worked in the Civilian field two... https://www.emfresearch.com/us-nmri-studies/
Daniel Orcutt (27 days ago)
did anybody see the video about the asian kid who got a tumor from his cell phone they cover that up along time ago but it was headline news
Daniel Orcutt (27 days ago)
It is a threat once they cover the whole globe with their towers they will turn on the dam in amplifiers to maximum capacity all at once to deal one shot drive by to kill us all you don't have to overthink it it's just common sense nuclear radio frequencies are bad for people's health period
Mauricio José Osuna (27 days ago)
EVERY technology is going to be dangerous and bring upon us the END! Sheesh. How are we going to get neat stuff if these technophobes can't stop being technophobes?
JamesClerk Maxwell (28 days ago)
The obvious first is the inverse square law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverse-square_law Have a phone directly against your head verses a foot away is a massive difference in body loading of RF. This applies to cell towers obviously too. 5G license are in the millimeter bands, Verizon is testing in the 28GHz area. Could it be possible that beam forming could limit exposure, it could also do the opposite too. I think the radiation fear model is very misleading. That is ionizing like UV light we are exposed to every day. There might be some not understood metabolic changes that could be possible, not (fear) cancer.
Illuminate Ü (29 days ago)
Research electromagnetism mind control, it's unbelievable how they're getting away with this so quickly and easy.
A. (1 month ago)
I use acousticom 2 RF meter to protect myself from radiation. The cities are too polluted. EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) people can feel the radiation and the first side effects from it are headaches, tiredness and irritability. Look it up and stop using Wifi. Good luck.
Milan Pintar (1 month ago)
it's still non ionising radiation. That spectrum is still there, we are not inventing those 5G frequencies
Taiwo Olaleye (1 month ago)
5g is basically lifi, it is safe
Ben Gorton (1 month ago)
oh for F£$K sack your like the person who says the microwave was dangers, and did it do us any harm NO!
xXRambodianXx (1 month ago)
In Australia, 3G was shit but covered a lot of area. 4G is good, but is pretty much limited to population centres. Way way less coverage than 3G. I just don’t believe 5G will the big deal everyone is making it out to be. I’d imagine it would be offered in the highest density areas anyway. The cost of installation would far out way the systems ability to generate income. So my personal thoughts are it may be more dangerous, but it won’t encompass the vast majority of anywhere really. It’ll only be for super dense city areas and even on the outskirts of city centres it’ll be crap.
Troph2 (1 month ago)
'absorbed 75-100gigs'...... 100 gigs of what data? joules? watts? volts? that statment is dumb as fuck.
Rick Lee Hollywood (1 month ago)
Everyone give this a thumbs down ---> https://youtu.be/iRpJ02oWU9s
Vadim Eponeshnikov (1 month ago)
To be honest you know nothing about this tech, its only elusive arguments but bs.
Weaver Cattle Company (1 month ago)
Anywhere they place cellphone towers, you will find CANCER CLUSTERS! Plenty of health studies on this already (decades old information) .... THE COMMUNICATION COMPANIES ARE LYING AND THE OWN THE GOVERNMENT POLITICIANS/AGENCIES WHO ARE RUBBER STAMPING IT! If you live near a cell tower your chances of getting cancer increase by 2500x! Enjoy your cancer! Remember, these are the same doubebags that told the people of Flint, Michigan that the lead in their water was at safe and reasonable levels 🤣 ... or that smoking was perfectly safe and the study was conducted by the Tobacco Industry and you should trust them because if you're dead you can't smoke right?
meonline44 (1 month ago)
microwave has relative big waves and has excellent shielding (for a reason), a phone has not. And you would still prefere the microwave? This video is biased
O O (1 month ago)
cancer is interesting too, but impossible to explain where it's coming from and why it's picking up momentum (in western countries). believe it or not but we are upsetting the natural laws of our existens, and i'm not saying we should go back living I caves. But we should be more careful what we let loose in the public before knowing how it effects us. I'd rather be without a phone and cancer then the other way around.
Joe (1 month ago)
There is more recent, credible evidence on the negative effects on human health. You just need to look. Watch this very informative video. https://youtu.be/BwyDCHf5iCY
Enter Valhala (1 month ago)
There is a probability that they are doing this on purpose, many people with power even the English royals have talked for many years about lowering the world's population... by any means... this could be just one of the many ways that helps their dream become a reality.
svanhoosen (1 month ago)
This question is relevant to me, as this week I've been configuring and testing a pair of 5G antennas to wirelessly connect two buildings where I work. Their potential range is over 5 miles, yet they're on a table behind me just a few feet away.
Jamel Gianangelo (1 month ago)
Threw the microwave out years ago. Radiation is never beneficial as far as I can tell
Jamel Gianangelo (1 month ago)
Noelia Noliz Speak for yourself yeah?
Noelia Noliz (1 month ago)
You can't throw the 5G network out
WildCard2281 (1 month ago)
I know this is a month old, but couldn't this be use as a means of population control or other things such as brainwashing if that's possible with those kind of waves?
Galaxy Blaster (1 month ago)
I'd rather 38G. ;-)
Dave Hammond (1 month ago)
this is usual scaremongering claptrap - stoking a bit of fear of the unknown - the reason there are no LONG TERM studies or findings is because 5G is a technology that is only in its development phase - the testing phase - to see the levels of speeds and latency possible - so all this 'oh it might give you cancer and they wont tell us what the long term effects are are pretty illogical - its like saying they haven't said what the long term effects of driverless cars are - look the big shift for 5G is really just about changing mobile networks to become cloud based - yes it will need more small cells to improve the speed , reduce latency and the technical features of it are of course being tested for safety - china have committed to spending 400bn dollars + to roll out the 5G newtwork and this will give them the lead in connected cities , connected cars , connected factories etc - it is probably not a stretch to say they will become global leader in what may be a shift as big as an industrial revolution - bloviating and scrare mongering along the lines of water turning the the fircken frogs gay should be below this channel output.
Gary Harrison (1 month ago)
Nonsense weve got radio waves passing through us all the time.
Tannius (1 month ago)
"I want fast cell service, but I don't want a cell tower near my house!" -every cell phone user I know.
Matthew Tanous (1 month ago)
The rat studies should have a footnote that says "these rats are bred to have extremely high cancer risks".
William Elvidge (1 month ago)
Apparently 4G tech is making us paranoid...or is it?
Mecrom (1 month ago)
Not sure if 5G is going to be extremely popular, since to modules are going to be so expensive, but we will see if they manage to get the price down.
Michael Varney (1 month ago)
Einstein won a Nobel explaining the physics that will tell you the answer.
FrosTy theNoob (1 month ago)
Mr Maestro 87505 (1 month ago)
How come no one wants to use Li-Fi ( internet with light)? It’s much healthier and much faster than 5G.
yao dave (1 month ago)
Line of sight is hard to get in an outdoors situation
Mark (1 month ago)
But is it faster
pite9 (1 month ago)
The speed gains when going from 4G to 5G is totally superflous. Noone will notice any meaningful difference. It will merely move download times closer to the times you get on a landline, but a landline is still superior. For the vast majority, even the step from 3G to 4G was unneccessary. Current mobile phones already have inflated native resolutions. You wouldn't notice any difference from cranking them up more. All of that data is wasted. Ask yourself: Do you need more download speed on your cellphone while you're on the go? At the current speeds you can watch youtube and HD streams just fine. The only difference you might notice is if you download huge chunks of data like a game. But why would you? Most cellphones doesn't even have room for beyond 10 gigs of extra space. There is really no meaningful demand for 5G. The telecom companies aren't the ones who are going to build the towers. The state will. This is a very good example of the failure of the state and how they build infrastructure that we don't need or want. It's crony capitalism at its finest. And with the extremely poor range of 5G, frankly we would be better off by simply expanding the landline connected wifi networks. Wifi is the least intensive out of all the wireless technologies, and it's also very fast. But you all should avoid wifi whenever you can too. Cable is completely safe and also faster and more stable.
DookieBrownBkd 802 (1 month ago)
I'm not sure if you don't care or if you're just a fucking moron how can you say absorbed 5G radiation in the same sentence as you don't know if it's harmful!!???]
A. (1 month ago)
If it's non-ionising then it should be safe, right?
rippawallet (1 month ago)
It is going to be used for depopulation. 5g was created and is being developed by Israel. The technology has probably been around long before it’s being released as with all other technology, and I’m sure they know how deadly it is going to be. Cancer and infertility rates are going to increase tenfold.
your logic is hard to follow (as in illogical) when you say that humans have been exposed to cellphone technology more than any other form of life. This is simply not true
Nate Morey (1 month ago)
Most places don't get true 4g if we could just get that idk.... We might not need 5g 4 is quite fast.
Isaac#4 (1 month ago)
I remember the days before cellphone towers existed around my neighborhood. Times were much more free-feeling. I was able to go around my neighborhood without having to see a metal pole with cellphone receivers at the top of it... Now, there's one at the local park where I live, and it's a big one... I guess cellphone towers are the new "tree", and should be looked at as such...?
Jordan Einarsen (1 month ago)
People like this said video games caused violence amongst childern
Ryland Tappe-Inglis (1 month ago)
Joao Luis (1 month ago)
A lightbulb has fare more energetic radiation than the maximum 100 GHz used in 5G. To put in perspective, 300 THz is the minimum frequency needed for a silicon solar cell to work and this is still in the infrared range. Only at 1000 THz do we reach near UV.
Jack Schytt (1 month ago)
Is the military or the CIA involved in 5G?
Bryan Price (1 month ago)
I'm all for progress but the speed and recklessness with which technology is being pushed out these days is getting too much in my opinion. I think we need to take a step back, before we risk waking up one day and finding out that we've long passed the turning point e.g. all of the developed world is infertile due to radiation damaging the egg cells that all women are born with and must be protected with great care (this would be a pretty dire event... I'm thinking worst case)
ErwinSchrodinger64 (1 month ago)
I'm from the future. As soon as the 5G towers were turned on, we all became mutants with super powers. The outcome was horrific. Liberals, SJW, and many millennials just became super lazy, got incredibly fat, and bursted to oblivion. Why I'm I here? To build the towers ever sooner. Thank you.
Benjamin Meusburger (1 month ago)
boring stuff (radio,television,mobiles) << infra red << visible light >> UltraViolet A/B/C dangerouse stuff (Alpha/B/G radiation)
the guy the name (1 month ago)
If it was safe or suspected it was the people in charge would fund university studies. The fact that they're not doing this and they're fighting it speaks volumes.
Bose-Einstein (1 month ago)
4:44 Likely would have been best to start with this, as most of your audience seems to have skipped this part of the video and are spewing bullshit in the comments.
Patrick Campbell (1 month ago)
5G is already obsolete. Check out Li-Fi, a low energy communication system. There's no reason to fry our eggs after all.
mewkuro12 (1 month ago)
If they don’t know how the skin will react why don’t they send in a volunteering human/animal to find out. Instead of just activating it and going foreword with something we don’t know anything about. These people are smart but they are really fucking unwise. It’s better to be wise than smart.
mewkuro12 (1 month ago)
We may have super powers while dying eventually
Hebrew Anon (1 month ago)
Let’s just do it, if we die we die.
H&NKinsha (1 month ago)
the same BS was said when microwaves were a new technology, the same thing was said when cellphones emit radiowaves that could cause brain cancer by entering the ears of people. The same thing was said about the airport scanners emitting high dosages of Xrays that could kill a person. The same thing was said about hospital scanners when they were first used.
Ry (1 month ago)
Why don't they fix 4g speeeds and fix areas that get poor to no connection before they change to 5g
Sun (1 month ago)
Isn't 4G fast enough? I don't have any problems with it.
Ryan (1 month ago)
Cheap photoacoustic full-body scanning, A.I. blood biopsies, and A.I. radiologists. Problem solved.
frankenbat (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmg_a316qb0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhISwY42nQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLDdS4_Qneg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDHB8ZUls9M&t=61s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0ZLv0JsggM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2DSKl1ts0w&t=183s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY5SReQ2Kqc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii82I1IzFRY Here's a pretty thorough list of known, dangerous effects of 5G: https://www.electricsense.com/12399/5g-radiation-dangers/ This is just a taste. There's far more information out there. These people pushing 5G are lying to us. They know EXACTLY how much of a threat it is to human life.
888huckleberry (1 month ago)
Yep they didn't know about dangers of cigarette smoke either, SURE THEY DIDN'T...
Paul Lelyukh (1 month ago)
MXene absorbs 6G radiation so we will have the shielding we need to prevent cancer
Huntz Kushe (1 month ago)
5G is all marketing
Jeffie Jeff's Art (1 month ago)
I thought 5G is already out for years? Our WiFi has been 5G.
ALG Bass (1 month ago)
ALG Bass (1 month ago)
Sorry I had to
y2ksw1 (1 month ago)
I have made an app which contains a tool to measure electromagnetic fields. Nobody ever was interested, thus I believe nobody cares. The app is called Over Fifty and can be downloaded from Google Play App Store.
Jeffry Blackmon (1 month ago)
Caution is advised about radiating rf power willy-nilly all over the country. I want to see advantages to using it other than the obvious financial gain. Do we truly need that much bandwidth?
Computer (1 month ago)
Yes, it's extremely dangerous to human well being that's why they are installing 5G equipment in dense urban populations, use your brain OBVIOUSLY.
NotAsian (1 month ago)
"This study confirms ... bla bla" Cool story, they P-hacked to get those results without realising it. Measuring one casuative factor with many different results allows you to ignore the misses and circle the hits. For example, there was a study that "confirmed" that chocolate helps you lose weight, they achieved this the same way this study achieved its goals. The fact is there is no way for non-ionising radiation to do any damage to your body.
NotAsian (1 month ago)
8:00 "The researchers don't fully know for sure" Nothing is ever certain in science, they can only say that wifi radiation is dangerous by ignoring the little known field of science called particle physics and QED the fields that operate using the most accurate scientific theory ever devised, so accurate that calculations are likely more accurate than experimental results. So sure if we ignore all scientific advances for the last 100 years its unknown whether wifi is safe, but I put it to you that this is an asinine stance to take.
莊子 (1 month ago)
Who do you think pays for the studies that say it's safe? "Science" isn't free. Of course the "data" is conflicting, when there is so much money at stake. The companies pushing for it have more money, so we should eventually expect there to be more studies claiming the safety, if it is enough of a barrier to adoption.
Allan Cooney (1 month ago)
Nikola Tesla was exposed to a lot of electricity etc. Pretty sure he didn't die of cancer. Not saying he was perfectly healthy.. Just something to think about..
Death towers
freedustin (1 month ago)
Radiation and radio are completely different subjects. Learn to stay on topic, all these arguments are non-sequiturs.
Jānis Rišis (1 month ago)
The higher radio 5G is the worse signal. you need to use in outside of house to get something.
Carl Granger (1 month ago)
So, how many times will we listen to these fear mongers. Video games cause violence, cell phones cause cancer. We should wake up to the fact that all these fear mongers are trying to keep their jobs. Don't these guys get tired of being wrong?
Paul Berg (1 month ago)
Well, radiation from the sun is still more powerful than 5G radiation
Batman Slaps (1 month ago)
I'm confused now. Is it dangerous or not?? Typical youtuber.
Bookhermit (1 month ago)
Dumb worries. The sweat glands, if they absorb it, will absorb it as HEAT, which is exactly what they are best equipped to deal with. And the levels we're talking about are trivial compared with something like being outside in the sun.
Col. Nathan R. Jessup (1 month ago)
Got a message from our lord and saviour super science god that 5g is the coming and it is good, praise darwin in his infinite wisdom and our lord on earth richard dawkins nema or amen, we do things backwards for our saint aleister crowley.
Deppengu (1 month ago)
If something as big as 5G comes without it being explored before its probably dangerous
sage Russell (1 month ago)
5G WiFi only travels a short distance so they would need a signal box outside every house on the street to actually connect these, and with the jump from possibly having a 5G Router in your home(not all WiFi routers are 5G) which they tell you is safe because it’s affects are so minuscule to having dozens of them all over completely enveloping the area with large amounts of these radio waves concentrated it could start to cause Very Serious Health issues almost immediately
CANNIBoy (1 month ago)
“Is 5G dangerous?” YES! In many, many ways! It’s so obviously a bad thing to people who understand and so precariously an “unsure” topic to people WHO DONT UNDERSTAND. And that’s tragically MOST people! Fml
Google User (1 month ago)
I recomend people start taking C60 to protect themselves from this crap. I use heavenlyc60 and it helps greatly...
CHERUSCI 14 (1 month ago)
Still way less dangerous than living in or close to a black neighborhood.
ivan55599 (1 month ago)
An alternative title: "Is 5G technology cancerous?"
NewRising Sun (1 month ago)
No . Conspiracy bollcks
Nolan (1 month ago)
5G is again, a generation, and not a frequency, we will still use many of the same bands that we use with 4g, just with a more efficient protocol. Yes, I do acknowledge the fact that they are introducing shorter frequency bands, but these will only be used in dense areas, they have worse range, but much higher bandwidth capacities. Also, take into consideration that since 5g is suppose to be more efficient, it may actually be safer! Even thought it's pretty fucking safe already!
Nolan (1 month ago)
Also, the higher frequency that will be used it cities will basically using as much energy as a wifi router times 5, so really not that much.

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