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XTC - Towers of London

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The promo video for their single.
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Mike Cas (14 hours ago)
Just awesome
Edward Stow (1 month ago)
Be nice if they did a DVD release without the segue into the next track. I know XTC are famous for their segues, but you lose the last bit of the video.
David Ellis (1 month ago)
🇺🇸 MTV never played 2018 1st view.
Rio Clio (2 months ago)
Soulless musical destruction.
Villa Baby (2 months ago)
The drumming is amazing
Philippe Cordier (5 months ago)
J'ai toujours adoré ce groupe, original et très anglais
michael rogerson (6 months ago)
one of my favourite tracks ever!st like the real london!
Mike Fellows (7 months ago)
These guys never got the credit they deserved ! At the the forefront of new wave, tons of great songs ... Will always be remembered with warmth
Thomas Griffin (7 months ago)
XTC had a unique sound, singing and style that I don't think had been matched by anybody that I know of.
rebjiii (9 months ago)
Steve Lillywhite produced some awesome  albums in the 1980's and 1990's by XTC, the La's, Big Country U2,  and the Thompson Twins to name a few
Ken H (9 months ago)
This should have millions of views/listens (But for those of who know this song already, that's of course what we're gonna say.)
paul carder (9 months ago)
Oh my brilliant i love xtc
Nathaniel Mead (1 year ago)
Black Sea blu ray on the way ..... YAY!!
Rumpio McGrumpio (1 year ago)
Quite similar to Eno's "Backwater", not that that's a bad thing at all!
Edward Stow (1 year ago)
They should have played this song in the big medley at the 2012 London Olympics.
Edward Stow (1 year ago)
It could be the cutaway but it always looked to me like Terry threw his stick away at 0.49!
Bobby Mopfeet (1 year ago)
Love the guitars here.
rongwrong1 (1 year ago)
better than the Beatles
David Bowman (7 months ago)
No. 2 -- just behind the Fabs, who influenced them greatly. Criminally underrated and overlooked. Love them.
Urban Flyman (1 year ago)
Clever lyrics in this song,telling the story of the Irish Navvies. Under rated band in my view,very talented.
livv Summers (6 months ago)
That's true 😀
Paul DeCoster (2 years ago)
If you put punk influences in the Beatles, you'd get XTC!
Comic fabrik (6 months ago)
no punk in late xtc ;-(
JosephHF (1 year ago)
Apparently such a thing did indeed occur.
Fernando Gomes (2 years ago)
Comentei sobre eles no Grupo:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1656044377947782/1757278844491001/
Hank Hardigan (2 years ago)
Could well be my favourite XTC song
Ralph Jackson (1 year ago)
I appreciate this song more now than I did when it first came out in late 1980. I'd like to see the full lyrics put up as I could never catch all of them. Love Generals and Majors from the same album,that could well be my favourite.
Ralph Jackson (1 year ago)
I appreciate this song more now than I did when it first came out in late 1980. I'd like to see the full lyrics put up as I could never catch all of them. Love Generals and Majors from the same album,that could well be my favourite.
asxtc (2 years ago)
Actually..when you think about it...isn't it nice that XTC didn't become U2..a mock-band guided by money.Music is whats leftover from XTC....
Destinopil _ (3 years ago)
Bravado? Andy knew you well!
Zachary Dogwood (3 years ago)
"Londinium" - what a refrain!
Edward Stow (1 year ago)
Play it backwards, it sounds like he's singing 'Oh, Eng-er-land-land-land'! (Not wishing to sound all BNP or anything!)
TheFunkhouser (3 years ago)
XTC outstanding English rock, and their LP The Black Sea is amazing!  Love them still.
Roger Paynter (3 years ago)
Perhaps if XTC had been able to tour extensively for 30 years, they would rule the world instead of U2.  Then again artistic genius doesn't seem to trump marketing savvy in the music business.  Thank the muses we can still listen to their recorded works.   
TheIndianDoctor (3 years ago)
Is that Davis Gregory in there? That solo sounds like him. What album is this from?
Paul Phillips (2 years ago)
+TheIndianDoctor Black Sea.
Scott Ratzloff (3 years ago)
I was fortunate enough to have seen them at the Paladium in Hollywood years ago. It still stands out as one of the best concerts I ever attended!
Scott Ratzloff (2 years ago)
+Dorrie Board Indeed we are! Take care..........
Dorrie Board (2 years ago)
+Scott Ratzloff I saw them in San Diego. Amazing. We are lucky people, Scott.
TheRealCritique (3 years ago)
Personally, I find it a crime against humanity to make this much good music, and not let your aging public hear it just for a night. I mean, what the fuck, and I'm an American. These guys outclass most of their peers, and are around, and yet I cannot get to hear it. Is it really that hard being worshipped Andy? WTF? I mean, someone else could play the guitar, and all you have to is sing your songs. I don't care if you have a teleprompter. Just let's get it done.
Eric Scoles (3 years ago)
if making something good always came with strings like this, why would anyone ever do it? 
kraemer scott (4 years ago)
wicked best kept rock n roll secret ever
muzquiz sebastian (4 years ago)
Saw them play live in San Diego back in the early 80's a couple of times. The first one alternating with THE POLICE and OINGO BOINGO and the other touring the ENGLISH SETTLEMENT album. One of my favorite bands of all time.
mxtb1888 (1 year ago)
The enlightened.
Dorrie Board (2 years ago)
+Keeley Moss I saw it, too. My friends got on stage and danced. Lol.
Les Cammer (3 years ago)
I saw that ,too.  police and xtc.  do you remember the acibederians
Keeley (3 years ago)
Wow. You saw XTC in San Diego?! The English Settlement tour date there was their last-ever gig! You are one lucky geezer. It was the only gig of the US tour in '82 they managed to do, right after Partridge's fateful Paris meltdown
OlGravyLegs (4 years ago)
Still my favorite song by them. Love that guitar work. Everything else is top-notch as well.
ニッシーP (4 years ago)
Paulo Cezar (4 years ago)
They were OUTSTANDING, FABULOUS, TALENTED, SUPERB and FANTASTIC. My favourite band, the new Beatles. But they didn't make it to absolute and complete success. The world is to blame...
Barb Guzdial (1 month ago)
Love XTC and Andy!! Never a disappointment
Ralph Jackson (1 year ago)
I have to admit I never heard about this at the time. They kept on making new songs,though,right through the 80s and as far along as ones like The Disappointed in 1992. I remember Partridge decrying Visage/Steve Strange and the New Romantics as "flirting with Fascism" over some of the imagery they used and its origins,at the time of Visage's hit The Damned Don't Cry and its video in the spring of 1982. David Bowie's Thin White Duke character was seen in the same way by some,of course,this all being at a time of economic and social upheaval not seen since the 30s and you had demonstrations going on by on one side the National Front and organisations like it and on the other the Anti-Nazi League and that angst that the events in Germany in the 30s could somehow get repeated over here at a time of a prevailing shift from the left towards the right politically.
degree7 (3 years ago)
I think maybe if they'd kept touring, and Partridge didn't have a nervous breakdown, and maybe if Moulding had sang more of the songs, they could have had more commercial success.
Jonnie Comet (4 years ago)
SO ironic that this video was cut when it was, in 1980, when the Docklands were still a slum-like fading industrial centre yet to be redeveloped into 'condo flats for the Arabs' as one cabbie predicted.  The shots of the Albert Memorial are cool-- wonder what the public reaction was to seeing a video being filmed there! The music of this song is simply terrific.  I expect I never appreciated it when the song was out then.  Thanks, David, for another great posting.
d22 (4 years ago)
Very good!
Nathaniel Mead (1 year ago)
I used to play tennis with their manager, Ian Reid. Some of their work is just joyous - Burning With Optimism's Flame for example - lyrically and musically sublime.
Jonnie Comet (4 years ago)
+Nathaniel Mead lol
Nathaniel Mead (4 years ago)
+32INCHSTRIPER yeah sorry Ian Reid, him and Virgin Records tötally wrecked Xtc, no wonder Andy Partridge lost the plot!
32INCHSTRIPER (4 years ago)
Ian..Andy Reid is the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Did you tell him he was a jackass for fucking up XTC's career?
WRTYIO (4 years ago)
Had this song going around in my head for about a week already.
Steve Menard (4 years ago)
Rain (The Beatles).
Ingleprop Noosegarm (1 year ago)
But with better words and arrangement....
Austin Lucas (5 years ago)
For anyone who's not understanding the lyrics; They're about the people who built London and some who died doing it.
shinomoritaka (5 years ago)
1:53 ネバネバな水♪
Roxana Castro (5 years ago)
life is good in the greenhouse!
mxtb1888 (1 year ago)
Rather be a plant
Roxana Castro (5 years ago)
McDeadcat (5 years ago)
Just absolutely dead right pop .
earthalien77 (5 years ago)
i used to have this album....loved it!
Gwyneth Jones (5 years ago)
Andy's genius - agreed. Colin's soulfulness, undoubtedly. They also had Terry Chambers for a brief while and he brought a raw, hard edged, gritty quality to the percussion that was just brilliant. Xtc has been my favourite band since Drums & Wires...my first and only band that continually mesmerizes and charms me. Follow @XTCFans for the real Andy. He's amazing. Cheers!
Robert Tolhurst (5 years ago)
Classic. The video has now become a historical document featuring Tower Bridge and the area outside the Tower Hotel (now THAT would have made a good Tower of London); the Albert Memorial; the Midland Hotel at St Pancras when it was still closed; and the moderm block doesn't seem to be the Trellick Tower. Of course, in 2012, things have got even worse,,,
Kye Merkett (6 years ago)
Magnificent, that is all.
r11j21s71 (6 years ago)
Good memories hearing this. One of my favorites from back in the 80s... great post!!
Gerald Orford (6 years ago)
good stuff.
eliezerberry (6 years ago)
La La Londinium!
Mary Hilton (6 years ago)
@joelavalo FUCK YOU. THIS IS XTC.
Jacob W Rossi (6 years ago)
@LIVERPOOLSCOTTISH no such thing as being ahead of ur time? modern musics shit
TheCapricornStrand (7 years ago)
GUITARISTS check out Andy Partridges guitar lessons here on you tube.... the guy is such an innovator playing with his own warm chord variations and scale transitions...
Joel Avalo (7 years ago)
sergiomng (7 years ago)
i missed the guitar solo, removed from this version
Ellen Cox (7 years ago)
I bought 'Black Sea' in 1980 when I was 15- 32 years later.and it's still amazing!
grandslam1998 (7 years ago)
Alan is a good Penhill boy from Swindon. Bravo Bravo
shovel20 (7 years ago)
Yeah there's a height restriction in London. I love it!
Luís Moutinho (7 years ago)
@oldmusicrevisited OK, no problem :-)
Luís Moutinho (7 years ago)
@oldmusicrevisited The album "A Hard Day's Night" is probably the one where you find that trick more often - I'm thinking of songs like When I Get Home and I'll Be Back, for example. Are you saying you've never listened to any Beatles album in full, except Revolver? :-O Go and do it a.s.a.p., mate!
Luís Moutinho (7 years ago)
@oldmusicrevisited "And in Into The Atom Age they start with an intro then the chorus, not a verse! " - I like XTC, but that's something that The Beatles already used to do in their time... So, it's hardly an innovation. But I repeat: I like XTC :-)
Brian Black (7 years ago)
@taxus750 naw not a rip-off. it does 'indeed' show you how much of an influence XTC has had, that's for sure....
Brian Black (7 years ago)
@LIVERPOOLSCOTTISH 90s brit-pop = XTC. they had a big influence on Kurt Cobain and Les Claypool too.
taxus750 (7 years ago)
@taxus750 And especially "Tracy Jacks" - if that's not a rip-off of an XTC riff I dunno what is.
taxus750 (7 years ago)
@LIVERPOOLSCOTTISH I love Blur too, but every time I listen to Park Life all I can hear is XTC :) Like others here I reckon XTC is one of the greatest British pop bands ever, wholly uner-rated but with a legion of fans still.
james allen (7 years ago)
yep these fellas are masters of the craft...it's a damn shame they don't do shows...they'd be one of the biggest bands in the world if they did.
Lukas Fin (7 years ago)
Over life performance!
pipper titty (7 years ago)
Also. After the fantastic gig at the 'Kings Head', they played at 'Friars Aylesbury' soon after. Barry Andrews had put himself right at the front of the stage with his keys (maybe to offset Andy's stagefright) and a punter, at the front of the crowd, went and poured his pint into Barry's boot while he was playing, the punter was obscured from vision by the keyboards. You had to be there for it. Andrews didn't miss a note but went radio rental and, well, the look on his face was priceless!
pipper titty (7 years ago)
@sugarandspice4815 I really like your comment. The song'Towers of London' is pretty unique in my opinion because you can't tell the difference between the verse or chorus! By That, I mean, (as a songwriter myself), there are no 'up' bits or 'down' bits. The song's dynamics are remarkable and this has to be their finest moment. The composition is perfection! Have a read of the lyrics as well, google the song and have a look, they are remarkably beautiful. Doesn't even look like a 'pop tune'.
pipper titty (7 years ago)
I saw this lot at a pub called 'The Kings Head' at Aylesbury in the late 70's. One bloke pogoed so hard that his head went through the ceiling. I watched it happen! Happily, he was uninjured and you can see the repair work to this day. It was the best band they ever had there by a long stretch.
baconland (7 years ago)
Is that an Eko ranger 6 guitar?
sugarandspice4815 (7 years ago)
Altogether an uncommonly beautiful song. Previously, my favorite XTC song had been "The Wheel and the Maypole" off of Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2), but "Towers of London" has usurped it. It's amazing not only how long the band was together (specifically Andy & Colin), but how their music constantly evolved, yet still retained an XTC quality. True music gems.
Kerry Kompost (7 years ago)
Goddamn this is the good stuff. Andy, Colin, XTC 4ever!!!!!
Dave Patterson (7 years ago)
power pop gods...
creamcheese65 (7 years ago)
Eminently sing-a-long-able! Cmon, do it now!
macxtc (7 years ago)
awwwwwww.....a video for this song......awwwwwwww
Don Bradley (7 years ago)
second only to the beatles
Nigelxman (7 years ago)
@PAULLONDEN Wow, you aren't terribly bright are you?
Paul Denton (8 years ago)
i saw em in san diego in their LAST US concert appearance--awesome band!!!
andrew fraser (8 years ago)
They would have been much huger if they had played live a bit more often (not that they weren't big anyway) but Andy P's stagefright was really kicking in and appearances became less and less. They had some fantastic songs...and not just the singles.
@PAULLONDEN As Clint Eastwood's 'Dirty Harry' character used to say, "OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES, EVERYBODY'S GOT ONE!" You are welcome to yours & you know where you can stick it! :)
Matt Cowen (8 years ago)
Love these guys. Saw em at the palladium in Hollywood circa 1980 (with wall of Voodoo of all things)- give em their due
anmaree (8 years ago)
@LIVERPOOLSCOTTISH I'd say any except for Pulp. But Pulp were around in the 80s before they got famous, so I don't think they count. :)
Duke Jenkins (8 years ago)
Can someone get the other Senses Working Overtime uploaded also? I like the live one but the original is best.
bananasplitsable (8 years ago)
Saw XTC years ago at Chelmsford Odeon, great band.
captcold1 (8 years ago)
@retnuHDJ Stay with it brother. Look up their Dukes material. Album over album, Partridge influenced many artists. The Big Express was the peak, imho
biffDipstick (8 years ago)
If you don't like XTC, you don't like music.
retnuHDJ (8 years ago)
So this is the second song I have ever heard from XTC (The first was Making Plans For Nigel).... And I have to agree with everyone else here, this band were ahead of their time! Very good song! I would never have discovered this band had Primus not covered one of their songs.
psychobollox (8 years ago)
@101Volts Epiphone Newport bass!!!
psychobollox (8 years ago)
@101Volts # psychobollox @psychobollox great! many thanks
Austin Lucas (8 years ago)
@ninelivecat Coincidentally Joe Jackson covered XTC's "Statue Of Liberty". I haven't listened to his cover yet.
Austin Lucas (8 years ago)
@psychobollox Its an Epiphone bass of some kind. I can't remember the model.
Austin Lucas (8 years ago)
@psychobollox xtc4u (Dawt) org is where you can see the documentary.
psychobollox (8 years ago)
@101Volts any idea what bass Colin plays here?
psychobollox (8 years ago)
@101Volts where?
ninelivecat (8 years ago)
Sounds Like Joe Jackson's music
ninelivecat (8 years ago)
Sounds like Joe Jacksons music
Austin Lucas (8 years ago)
There is a one hour documentary of XTC recording this song.

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