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Hitman Remake - New Model, Animations and Item Interaction [WIP]

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In this part of development, i've devised a system for interaction with objects inspired by the first installment of the Hitman Series: Hitman - Codename 47. It uses an IK chain to make 47 actually grab the items in a realistic fashion, i've added a nice feature that makes the item that you're aiming at, go to the top of the interaction list, this is most useful if you don't want to cycle through all the items in the list to get what you want. Note that this is still in very early development and does not reflect the final product, it is just a log of the development process. It also features new animations, a better transition between walk, fast paced walk and run states, as well as a better fitted mesh with anatomically corrected proportions. Thanks for watching and for supporting Hitman Remake, by Pentagram Games
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