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Shroud EXPLOTING NEW BUG & here's why! LANDING ON THE AIRDROP PUBG Hilarious Moments/Fails/WTF Plays

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💎💎 Gamdom - https://gamdom.com/?ref=ozzny [FREE .5$ - CODE: ozzny ] 💎💎 Shroud EXPLOTING NEW BUG & here's why! LANDING ON THE AIRDROP PUBG Hilarious Moments/Fails/WTF Plays 💎💎$40+ *FREE PUBG/CSGO SKINS HERE* - http://ozzny.com/ 💎💎 Shroud - https://www.twitch.tv/shroud Wadu Hek - https://www.twitch.tv/wadu Chad - https://www.twitch.tv/chad xChocobars - https://www.twitch.tv/xchocobars Just9n - http://www.twitch.tv/just9n TSM_Viss -https://www.twitch.tv/tsm_viss Dr.Disrespect - https://www.twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive Raging Soviet - twitch.tv/raging_soviet This is the series where I put together some of the best and funniest PUBG Moments. Clips can be found on twitch/reddit. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT CLIPS TO BE FEATURED IN A VIDEO SEND THEM TO: ozzny21999@gmail.com Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Ozzny09 Join my discord: https://discord.gg/W69quj9 There is no copyright infringement intended for the song or picture. If you have an issue with me posting this video please contact me through one of my social networks or YouTube private messaging system. Once I have received your message and determined you are the proper owner of this content I will have it removed. Footage Permission by: - https://www.playbattlegrounds.com/playerCreated.pu All video footage is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ I am not affiliated with OddShot.tv, Reddit.com or Livecap.tv all copyrights reserved to their respective owners. ✪ Links: https://oddshot.tv/ https://www.livecap.tv/ https://www.reddit.com Player,Unknown's,Battlegrounds,Top,Plays,Best,Of,Twitch,Fails,Insane,Stream,When,players,Oddshoots,Moments,crossbow shot,PUBG,PUBG funny moments,stream compilations,BEST OF PUBG,pubg best moments,crazy plays,crossbow is it good?,playerunknown's battlegrounds,pvp,steam,player unknown battlegrounds,pubg,play unknown battlegrounds,player unknown,playthrough,walkthrough,h1z1,online,winning the game,last man standing,survival game,hunger games,winning,map,how to win
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Text Comments (108)
Ozzny PUBG (5 months ago)
That airdrop landing 10/10 Annnd Bluehole fix pls? BTW WE GOT A DOUBLE UPLOAD TODAY!
Myslasomonsa (1 month ago)
2:53 Best
Beasty 26 (2 months ago)
8:44 thank me later
Beasty 26 (2 months ago)
Momchil Kolev (4 months ago)
oFrenzy Gaming (4 months ago)
I just completed 600 likes xD
Mark Arvai (4 months ago)
Clickbait video (also starts at 8:44)
crzy J (4 months ago)
Once again another reason shroud should be banned again and again.
SugarStealer (4 months ago)
It wasn't a bug it's possible in event mode because you land faster
BthxXxLegendaryxX 1 (4 months ago)
Bruh thats not even exploiting a bug, and nice clickbait using his name and them extenfing the cid to 10 minutes with random clups until finaly showing the "bug"
I W (4 months ago)
3:21 insane vocab from the squad 😂
Kristyn Geraldez (4 months ago)
My cs go skills paid off in pubg 😍😍😍
Taro Yamada (4 months ago)
First clip: You tryna get banned on pubg, because that's how you get banned
forlizardry (4 months ago)
oliver tomberg (4 months ago)
Crazedwolf (4 months ago)
Cory Idell (4 months ago)
This guy is using an aimbot
Crimson Ecstasy (4 months ago)
where the fuck I am
vapers reviews (4 months ago)
Of course hes a cheating prick that doesnt care abouy any of his fans he only cares about the money they give him
Jr Santos (4 months ago)
Not a bug... It's a feature.
Aman Ocampo (4 months ago)
Ethaniel MUKOKO (4 months ago)
Give me a thumbs up if you think shroud is good if you don’t give me a thumbs down 👍👎
Joe Vatts (4 months ago)
Just makes him a bitch player. That's all.
Mighty Droid (4 months ago)
8:44 _Thank me later_
Akash John (3 months ago)
Mighty Droid e
THE BLACK DRAGON (4 months ago)
Mighty Droid thank you
Mason Wyland (4 months ago)
Thank you
iLouKy (4 months ago)
Mighty Droid need more people like you 🙏🙏🙏
giovanni linares (4 months ago)
The hacks at 9:09 are we gonna pretend we didn't see that smh lol
J TRICKZZ (4 months ago)
Man u got a freking arm.....what a control bro.what a control 👏👏👏
Sickopotamus (5 months ago)
i just wanna know how shroud aims like that... like wtf?
Heisenberg (5 months ago)
Landing on a supply drop is not a bug. I mean it possible to do this in real life so how can it be a bug. It would be a bug if u couldn't land on it
finger blast (4 months ago)
ItsKirbby who cares about who cares
ItsKirbby (4 months ago)
Who cares if you can do it in real life it’s a video game and it gives you a unfair advantage (plus I doubt anybody had every landed a parachute on to a supply drop in mid air)
finger blast (4 months ago)
mcoc gamer in real life?
ties0 (5 months ago)
so hes exploting bugs and nobody bans him, ok blueballs
Forever Young (5 months ago)
How isn't Shourd banned? He contantly bug abuse in this game? In every game if you bug abuse you will get banned... They don't ban for this but when Doc kill his team mate one time he get instantly 2 days ban :D
nicholas byers (5 months ago)
shroud exploits bugs bc thats the only way pubg will find out about it and ban the bug he talks to the devs.
UNIROCK (5 months ago)
Lawrence (4 months ago)
Watch the whole video before commenting dumbasz mother fcker
NeutralIce (5 months ago)
UNIROCK no lol it’s not
ComputerHacking1 (5 months ago)
Jan12 Baran (5 months ago)
PC MasterRace (5 months ago)
Well battlegrounds isn't even a real game so why be mad if he's using an exploit bluehole obviously doesn't care
TSB DroppedEarS (4 months ago)
PC MasterRace it is to a game
ItsKirbby (5 months ago)
9:40 completely stole that
Alex Obando (5 months ago)
@7:17 you can see the guy land to the bottom right. He ran to get the truck.
RecallSuper (5 months ago)
I hope all these foreign people in the video were NOT playing on the NA servers.
BlazingSHADE (5 months ago)
RecallSuper I bet they were
potato.exe (5 months ago)
"new" bug
Kritapon (5 months ago)
andomort (5 months ago)
johnny123 (4 months ago)
andomort thank you
vowel x (5 months ago)
fuck that Liverpool band
LuisRazel (5 months ago)
That bug is not new, i use it since november 😆
Ethan Gaming Production (5 months ago)
fuck u ozzny why shit intro again ?the whole clip in the beginning pls fuck you bitch
stronggye4 (5 months ago)
shit intro for a shit person
Manu2k (5 months ago)
dude : "fuck liverpool" shroud : "this guys talks about bands or something" come on shroud :))
Brap Brap Stututu (4 months ago)
He is kudet lol He is less update so he doesnt know everything about new stuff even Liverpool probably bevause HE PLAY PUBG 24 HOUR PER DAY LOL
David Marriott (5 months ago)
Some streamers are just clueless when it comes to sports I've learned. I know what they were talking about but alot of people in the West couldn't give a shit about European soccer either.
Cpefc A (5 months ago)
Manu2k I don't get this I am from Liverpool what do you mean
Manu2k (5 months ago)
BattiestBurrito i would not be so sure xD
BattiestBurrito (5 months ago)
Manu2k pretty sure hes joking
weeb eviscerator (5 months ago)
lmao some loser dono complaining bout how slave owning sheikh oil arab club Man City got fucked in the UCL away and at home
Jamie Walker (5 months ago)
Fuck liverpool..every scouser just unsub'd to shroud😂 had to be a man-utd fan lol
Marcelinous Tumaliuan (5 months ago)
Pause it in 8:39, the heck he get guns while going down the land?? How?? Explain it to me pla
Marcelinous Tumaliuan (4 months ago)
SugarStealer ok
SugarStealer (4 months ago)
Marcelinous Tumaliuan event...
Nyash-Myash BLYAT (4 months ago)
Corroder correctly people grammar.. How sad is your life? Lol
Geric Santos (4 months ago)
Thanks. I dont have to watch the whole video
Karolly Tamasela (5 months ago)
Jamie Walker (5 months ago)
I enjoy watching these vids but seriously, who are these people who donate crazy amounts to streamers, amazing how much gets donated.
Jamie Walker (5 months ago)
David Marriott probally done all of the above, i pay reasonible prices for what i go to, think my poit is being missed, just the people who donate crazy amount even regular large amount, if they just sub'd for 15bucks a month or somthing, shroud took in 160k in one month, cmon lol, i wish it was me😂
David Marriott (5 months ago)
So you have never been to a movie, concert, sporting event nothing like that? Because it's basically the same. I just watch clips so i dont do it but I understand why people support them.
mrNCSUman (5 months ago)
Alex Blascyk actually that’s not true, there are plenty of people who have become millionaires off of twitch/YouTube depending on how long u have been at it. Ninja makes over 300k a month
Brendan McDonald (5 months ago)
Alex Blascyk lol do you know how much ninja makes in ONE stream..?
Gaurav Varia (5 months ago)
Alex Blascyk what's your point😂
Trent Nelson (5 months ago)
Skueezy (5 months ago)
Late-X Gaming (5 months ago)
DAYUNM!!! Nice Video
Gabriel Rus (5 months ago)
7:42 lmao liverpool is the best
finger blast (4 months ago)
A Shit Pie eat shit
DeathRips1132 (4 months ago)
Gabriel Rus fuck liverpool
滋ShigeHITo人 (5 months ago)
can ibe the third yeah i can
Ozzny PUBG (5 months ago)
yes you can
Chen Yao (5 months ago)
Viewer Number 141 hehe

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