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Text Comments (666)
Ian Kenneth Villanueva (1 month ago)
تاستي/ K S A (4 months ago)
1 6 (6 months ago)
Ls up in chat for Shroud
Rainbow Sword (6 months ago)
Shroud destroying his computer
This game has too many cheaters. However, Blue hole has not given its best effort to fix the issue just like other fps games. I thought this game could be better maybe to become the best FPS game in esports. But just like CS GO and other FPSs they cannot stop people from using hacks. Not even the pro level or the streamers. People like shroud is cheating so blatantly and being worshiped like a god, having 40 kills a game with their ESP while Bluehole give them a free pass. I guess the logic is if we can't fix the problem then let less people know about the problem... But cheaters are everywhere in almost 30% of the games. This game is not fun any more. Blue hole if you see this, fix your shit and you might become the best FPS. If you dont someone else is gonna do it and PUBG will be forgotten.
Gregorvich (6 months ago)
I just love how often he says sorry
KingDistX (6 months ago)
Why was he losing subs?
Gamer Guy (6 months ago)
*Shroud the man, The legend*
mark yuson (7 months ago)
Shroud destroying pubg hahaha
Henry Beuving (7 months ago)
That shot at 1:40 holy shit
Jaden Lowry (7 months ago)
I subscribed after watching the end. Those people are low.
Lettuce (7 months ago)
what did you say about the aug? sir, you can suck my nutsack
gredos90 (7 months ago)
fuck me... i tought i was getting BSOD O_O
Albert Satriyo (7 months ago)
can someone nerf shroud
Lloyd Damalerio (7 months ago)
8:53 i though my pc is giving up on me
MxZChaos (7 months ago)
How tf did you fix your BSOD (blue screen of death) ?? I've tried multiple ways i found on the web and nothing works...
thomas malamas (7 months ago)
Congrats for 1M.
Ajskull (7 months ago)
Congrats on 1 mil my guy.
gopherchucks (7 months ago)
but can you win a squad match alone?
Black TV (7 months ago)
Ez 1m 💪
Zanoic Zolton (7 months ago)
2.45 aim ?
AlberickAmethyst (7 months ago)
I had the same audio glitch last night
Lil Bbbb (7 months ago)
John.K Hastle (7 months ago)
wow! at about 3:57 into this video goddamn! cucked that headshot, Duality199 you should be honored!
DraKarEvans (7 months ago)
+Shroud You and Your Video Editor Need to Make a Metal Music Montage of nothing but insane kills
Harraz Dinie (7 months ago)
9:22 Funny AF
Nhân Hoàng (7 months ago)
Shourd use macros
sevtodef (7 months ago)
9:30, this shit happens also alot to me -.-
Anthony Garcia (7 months ago)
These thumbnails kinda blow.
dj floris (7 months ago)
Fr4mesPerSecond (7 months ago)
Shroud destroy the computer.
Игорь Люляев (7 months ago)
1:52 u killed by kar but in killchat u did by Sks
Deri Rizkiansyah (7 months ago)
Fix your rig broo . BSOD destroying your rig . Wkwkwkkw
Cholly Boy (7 months ago)
At the Chat Box Chuck Norris: If you say Fortnite while playing PUBG I'll destroy you Me: Well in Fortnindvdbchoskavdkvkf
Troll King (7 months ago)
Last clip was hilarious lol
Hamza Hams'ik (7 months ago)
eris chen (7 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWU2iUUjAVVGMS9r3-tDGA… please watch my videos i need 1k views for midterms please help a brother out :(
Maciej Ch (7 months ago)
1:42 that was real deal
Faaundra KSI (7 months ago)
7:02 Like a hollywood film bro 😂
FrauFitzer (7 months ago)
Title is garbage
Petri Bayley (7 months ago)
Two 1M theres gotta be a special reward for that
pros gameplay (7 months ago)
Do fortnite
Yui Chan (7 months ago)
Last clip was Hilarious .. haha Congracts my boii Mike
Maine Moldock (7 months ago)
Damn having a fried PC now huh shroud? Don't worry buy more 5 Titan V's and you'll be fine.
Kazuto Kirigaya (7 months ago)
Your so amazing
BROS2THAEND (7 months ago)
Poor shroud
Im DeFuZe x (7 months ago)
Your so bad u have to cheat
Maxi mus (7 months ago)
Give me shrouds pc and i will f*** him
Nikkez (7 months ago)
Shroud melts
Noah Southurst (7 months ago)
Mantan Gamer (7 months ago)
Auto Aim ? -_-
Konttrol (7 months ago)
Is this guy a pro player? Idk who he is ?
RP S (7 months ago)
Shroud Destroying PC! Congrats on the 1m haha. Lol at the ending!
Brian Nolasco (7 months ago)
7:03 directed by: Micheal bay
Ren (7 months ago)
8:52 god damn Windows 10
christoper yovan (7 months ago)
why you no live in youtube
Royale 77 (7 months ago)
bluescreen before he finished saying fortnite
Hek tor (7 months ago)
Shroud is 24/7 destroying
hit million on YT and twitch.. what kinf of human -_-".. pro's in every FPS game.. Wadu hek -_-"
Gargi Bhagat (7 months ago)
when do u stream on youtube??
HiddenWolf (7 months ago)
i laughed so hard at 9:36
Jeremy Jolivet (7 months ago)
2:42 when you give up trying to hide your aimlock and your youtube editors is down with it #goals
Sawyer Walker (7 months ago)
Does shroud only stream or is this his channel cause if it is his channel his titles for his videos are hyping himself up so much, kinda weird brag about yourself ya know
Creak W# (7 months ago)
Why is he's title's are always in third person like does he even talk in third person like shroud wants food shroud gotta pee now 😂😂😂😂
Naff Naff (7 months ago)
your laugh is fuking annoying shroud :)
Lana Land (7 months ago)
Shroud play pubg mobile please
Magnus Holm Millner (7 months ago)
Yeet 1 mil
That’s Tuff (7 months ago)
Y’all dripping sweat after that bridge camp
Alex Roller1st (7 months ago)
https://youtu.be/Jw0tE2wETTs?t=557 its call Windows)) the most stupid operation system in the world.. When PUBG will be awailable for MACOS ?/ Never because developers so stupid that cannot optimise it for even Windows and cannot ban all cheaters. The most interesting that PUBG sell cheat and iteresting inceaters in game. Fucking idiots
Taran (7 months ago)
Can we donate a beautiful English dictionary to this man? Grammar guide would be appreciated too.
Ctrl Shift N (7 months ago)
Last part was hilarious I unsubbed too
Svetlana pak (7 months ago)
Good makros for m16a4
luuk schouten (7 months ago)
After 1 mil subs the clickbait hasnt stopped
Agel Torregoza (7 months ago)
Congrats Shroud!
Rossy Auditore (7 months ago)
I saw that shroud posted a new video and i was happy. I clicked on the video and realized its still not 1080p, and that made me a little sad. Soooo when we gettin them 1080p vids bruv
Redo_HD (7 months ago)
Clickbait Thumbnail as always
Quedrus (7 months ago)
BEAST ! oh please stop saying sorry every time you are on an adrenaline rush :D we want you to rage :D
Dexus 0988 (7 months ago)
Bridge blocker!
궁예 (7 months ago)
Shroud, Miracles TV mentioned you. Address :https://youtu.be/x0bvxnFK2zI 3:00
Habib Muhammad (7 months ago)
miki guerra (7 months ago)
I come from the willy channel😂
Mirza XLR8 (7 months ago)
Shroud hit 1M two times ❤️
dimas (7 months ago)
shroud 1 Millions <3
Donaldo T Duck (7 months ago)
I miss csgo :( redddit
Razaqa Syafaat (7 months ago)
Where is si es go?
Mers mers (7 months ago)
Congrats from Russia man! 1 mil!!!
Ryan Sutton (7 months ago)
Why're all your titles in third person
Quang Đạo Nguyễn (7 months ago)
Wooh wooh wooh wooh wooh wooh xD
Shady Shay (7 months ago)
Lol he just mentioned fortnite and it destroyed his pc
Mark Kevin Gorme (7 months ago)
What time does shroud stream?
Xerzi (7 months ago)
why does shroud hate the aug?
Landon Lee (7 months ago)
The last 3 clips is my favorite XD
limitless (7 months ago)
The end is pure greatness.
Nico Luque (7 months ago)
1M Felicidades shroud 🎉🎉
Saili Z (7 months ago)
2:43 is kinda weird
Galactic Magic (7 months ago)
I think this channel should just cycle between two titles for each video: "SHROUD DESTROYING" and "SHROUD IS INSANE"
Mr. AmazYn (7 months ago)
Who thinks shroud runs his yt account
Boybeast 66 (7 months ago)
After seeing so many people unsubscribing i subscribed u
Nguyễn Ngọc My (7 months ago)
1M sub for you
SWAGFLAKO (7 months ago)
Happy 1 million
Ren ' (7 months ago)
HAHAHAH that sudden unsubs 😂😂😂

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