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All 44 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 3 September 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 3 September 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHLLSwOAme8 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
Top 12 NEW Upcoming HORROR games on Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3mpqaJBRbI
Van Zan (29 days ago)
SwitchPlanet hey könnt ihr mir sagen ab 14:00 min wie das Lied heißt ?
Conrad Zimmermann (14 hours ago)
I did’nt bought a switch... i bought Zelda and what was required ;) Then .. Of course, Xenoblade 2, which is just marvelous (if you are capable enough.. ) Mario is cheap and trash, just a mini game collection with 30000 stars to collect per (small) area.
BdaMonkey (2 days ago)
Downwell is fucking great. Have it on PC.
Agustín Lorenzo (4 days ago)
Wow, not ONE game to make me buy the switch.
Master Hand (6 days ago)
This is a $300.00 console by the way. If you get a PS4, it would be $40 cheaper and come with game.a
George Tran (8 days ago)
watching the spintires trailer literally gave me cancer.............
Sherm Perry (9 days ago)
Assassins creed on switch work good?
Killer Koala (11 days ago)
The village had peace until the sudden appearance---ADVERTISEMENT!
JAme J (14 days ago)
Why release ACO on switch only in Japan???
ChoosaTV (15 days ago)
WHAT ODDWORLD Strangers Wrath !!!! omg this is awesome !! Shooting little cute things to kill!!! LMAO
Freddy Cunningham (17 days ago)
They need to chill wit the indies
K. CHAN (18 days ago)
this is why i was on the fence about the switch. Their hardware can't support most games that people want to play. If they had upped the hardware and sold the switch at 100$ more, nobody would buy it. Its a great idea for a portable console just....too soon I guess. That said, alot of the AAA games COULD be ported to switch if the devs and those companies wanted to spend the money, but again that will take time to essentially redo a game for a lighter spec system. So the real question is in 3 to 4 yrs? Will there be a flood of AAA downgraded games for the switch or will the switch be dead with only a few of nintendo's exclusives to hold it together...
Lightbridge 16 (19 days ago)
Wow that was disappointing. It's a good thing I have all three consoles.
Anthony Oliver (19 days ago)
This Channel (22 days ago)
EA.Skate Trilogy !!
Cheek Snatcher (24 days ago)
Fuck assassin creed cloud version 😂 diablo my nigga that shit takes a long time to finish.
Rafael SL (24 days ago)
Assassin's creed cloudyssey
Renee (25 days ago)
tbh im really disappointed. I don't wanna buy a switch where 90% of the games are like Indian or some anime. I want games like in Mario style and not Japanese. I know some people like this type of game but I bet that 70% don't. so Nintendo please do many people a favor and don't just sell anime games
Jason Elford (26 days ago)
So glad I sold my Switch.
Natthapong Saengow (26 days ago)
When Assasin Creed in english ver. will be released?
Felipe Hernandez (26 days ago)
indie indie indie indie...
Funky Monk (26 days ago)
They need to make the eshop easier to navigate.
curtfont (26 days ago)
I saw two that's worth my time and that's Assins Creed Odyssey and War Frame, everything else is garbage 😡
Oo Bear (26 days ago)
please witcher 3!!!!!!!!
Lil Jayy (26 days ago)
Meliza Lunafreya (27 days ago)
why do i feel getting a switch is just like playing on my iphone x
bobi966 (27 days ago)
Nintendo port Mortal Kombat 9 komplete edition and x and port Gta v
Rubis Hiroto (27 days ago)
So much indie rubbish.
Robert Farquhar (27 days ago)
Nothing but shit games.
greg william (27 days ago)
44 new games a month, haha, times have changed
Mavolant (27 days ago)
OK guys U got a switch these releases suck Heres some great games OBVIOUSLY Zelda Breath of the wild Fortnite Great game, people think it's over rated but hey, 120 mil people say otherwise. Paladins Ok game, It's like a reduced version of overwatch but it's on handheld so, LES GO. Celeste Fantastic indie game, One of the best soundtracks imo Hollowknight ANOTHER FANTASTIC game and it's relatively cheap. Highly recommend Some great local multiplayer games: Mario Kart (play up to 4 players) Minecraft (2 player split screen on the tablet? 4 docked? les get it) Snipperclips (not one of my favorite games but I did enjoy it but it's def not #1 imo) OK OK. SUPER SMASH BRO'S OBVIOUSLY, coming out in month or two, or three... Like you have to have smash, bro. hehee U didn't preorder it? Ok go sell your switch (off the local multiplayer topic) SPLATOON 2 Fantastic game and it's just so satisfying I play it for the multiplayer I ignore the campaign Super mario Odyssey. One of the best mario games to date, so have fun I'd reccomend as a "starter pack" To choose Zelda or Mario oddysey (price changes from $45 to $60) + Holloknight (avg $15) and celeste (avg $20) With paladins and fortnite being free So I'm going to go back to ranking up my alt acc in overwatch.. BYE
moodyhn (8 days ago)
Monster Hunter, Okami, Octopath, Skyrim, Xeno, Doom, L.A, Child of light
ZONEcold YT (15 days ago)
Add Stardew Valley to the list, got a heap of playtime out of that. It's a great game.
The Forbidden Taco (18 days ago)
What about warframe
Awesome Ultima (21 days ago)
You forgot Xenoblade 2 and Donkey Kong Tropical freeze.
Naruto Uzumaki (21 days ago)
What about monster hunter
哲学者 (27 days ago)
How about Ark?
宿奎 (27 days ago)
Ernst Ahaha (27 days ago)
they really need a better eshop interface, i just can find what i really want to find '_'
Dark Void (28 days ago)
Cool, but it's mostly all indie trash. I want REAL games for da Switch. The only indie I rly like for is Hollow Knight. And the only good third-party title I saw here was that Assassin's Creed game. That Town game looked promising in da Direct, but my hopes were shattered upon finding out that the whole game takes place in that tiny ass map. I wish Ninty would make more AAA games.
Little Nicky (28 days ago)
Your not the place i wanna see when trying to figure out new switch games when you cant make fucking time stamps in the description...gtfo yt dyk
Little Nicky (28 days ago)
You suck make time stamps or gtfo....
Cal1King (28 days ago)
Forgot about that Fire Emblem: Three Houses releasing Spring 2019...
David Muhammad (28 days ago)
Moonlighters was moved to Nov 6th*
Ian Perez (28 days ago)
Suicide juice last measure wander short translate land analyst recording.
Chele Steven (28 days ago)
That shitty fucking game on this System no good
Chin gasos (28 days ago)
Why can’t there be the list in the description, we already clicked on the video seriously just put it in the description
Rawr5649 (28 days ago)
any open world MMO's ?
It showed ac origins in the thumbnail...
Anthony Jonas (28 days ago)
Looks terrible. So basically I got a switch for zelda and Mario .
Michael (21 days ago)
Orpheus  I'm talking about its first year you dumb ass, god of war sold a ton more in its first year. and again ps4 is not a gaming pc you dumb fuck lol it's a gaming console and switch is a weaker gaming console that has overpriced games that aren't even good lol stick to marios and zeldas and trash ass indies lol why so many people complaining about bad games on switch hmm I mean comments on this video alone well explains it hmm? lol
Orpheus (21 days ago)
Michael  Why it sold less than GOW? Because PS4 has been out for very long and the Switch hasn't? There are more PS4 users than Switch users. VR on console is expensive, VR+PS4 pro + Vita = price of a low range PC. You don't have a PC, if you had one you wouldn't be ranting on about Nier and those other games as if they were exclusives to the PS4 LOL. Stay down peasant. A PS IS a cheap gaming PC, just look at the components hahaha. They're not old games, they're some of the best games that came out on the PS4 and developers are rushing to put some of their best games on the Switch, because they sell well on the Switch. Give me an example of a handheld that can outperform the Switch? It doesn't exist. The Switch is the most powerful handheld ever made. The PS4 can't even keep a steady 60FPS on many games and doesn't have native 4K. BOTW mechanics are superior to Horizon Zero Dawn. A game being cartoony doesn't mean anything if it looks pretty. Once core Pokemon games come to the Switch, the 3ds will be completely obsolete. Pokemon games outsell any Sony exclusive. Its funny how I'm destroying every argument you make, even proving you know nothing about gaming in general and you keep spinning it because you need validation. I would rather play Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4 over anything PS4 has to offer to be honest (that includes the Last of Us). Smart guy Anthony buys a Nintendo console and would rather play games that have never been big on any Nintendo system and doesn't like games like Mario Tennis. Says more about the guy than the console. Even someone as simpleminded as you should be able to figure that out.
Michael (21 days ago)
Look at this poor Anthony saying he basically got a switch for zelda and mario lol even a stupid nintendo fanboy admits switch is overhyped garbage lol
Michael (22 days ago)
okay at this point I have absolutely no doubt that you're actually very stupid. Ps4 is NOT a gaming pc it's a gaming console I bought for exclusives that are far superior to any of switch games literally. My pc with i7 gtx1080ti is what I call a "gaming pc" lol Saying VR is expensive hmm I mean that well explains why you bought a cheaper and weaker gaming console in the first place lol. If Bayonetta is so great why did it sell less than God of War hmm end of discussion haha lol yeah go ahead, wait for Diablo 3 and dark souls and dragon ball fighters, etc on switch oh it's already out on ps4 lol Those were It's been out been done lmao. You think they were in development before switch was released because switch is so great? ahahahahah they're OLD GAMES. And you wanna talk about ps4 resolution? LMAO seriously? with garbage switch that barely plays cartoony botw <1080p 30fps? FOH lol I have best core rpg pokemon games on my 3ds xl and no other pokemon game will be better period when last of us 2 come out it's over with lol you're gonna shitting all over your mom's basement wishing you had a ps4 which I'm sure you already do lol
Orpheus (23 days ago)
You sound like a triggered 10 year old peasant. "that ps4 had years ago haha" Switch has only been out for 1,5 years, you idiot and it has a better library than the PS4 had at that stage. Games like Dark Souls, Dragon Ball Fighters, Diablo 3 and others have been in development or released before the Switch was even announced. Hahahaha even more proof you don't know anything about gaming. Shin Megami Tensei is the game that surrounds Persona 5 you retard XD and its Nintendo exclusive. You were the one arguing that Switch didn't have native voice chat, it does. Does it ever hurt being wrong and stupid? PS4 does't do 4K gaming (PS4 pro is a lot more expensive than a Switch btw...), its upscaled 1080p that doesn't even reach 2160P because the PS4 is to weak to reach native 4K HAHA. Sit down peasant. VR is expensive, the games aren't good, VR isn't even popular. Core RPG pokemon game coming next year -> its going to outsell anything on PS, and thats the truth. Bayonetta is made by the people behind DMC and its seen as its successor. Bayonetta 2 is regarded as the best beat em up ever made LOL. Its superior to God of War gameplaywise. Bayonetta 3 is coming and its going to outshine anything you have. Pokken is made by Bandai and its quality is on par with games like DBF you retard. You don't know shit about gaming. I've played Nier in 4K, 100+FPS in ultra settings and I can do the same with Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V if I wanted to while you can't even reach half of that you ignorant peasant hahahaha. PS4 is a very weak very cheap gaming PC that can't be played on the go. Everything you mentioned PS4 Pro + VR + Vita = at least €1000. You could get a budget PC that is superior to all of that junk.
LukeStaa (29 days ago)
Is assassins creed odyssey only gonna be in japan
#SASHA LIZA MIX (29 days ago)
Ура! Видос про свитч!
Jorsh Sailor (29 days ago)
Господи конечно уберите вы эту ебанутую музыку в начале
MEE PIN (29 days ago)
I'm only into rpgs
Mazin Alzadjali (29 days ago)
I didn't buy a switch to play shitty old games and indie trash
animegirl16091 (23 days ago)
Chaboy  i think there are plenty of good games on the switch right now and even more are coming... in my opinion..
Chaboy (24 days ago)
Mazin Alzadjali - well you shouldn’t have bought it so early then. Just wait until the library gets bigger and there are more games you like.
Cristina (29 days ago)
Bolsonaro 17 gringos putos
Zero Eon (29 days ago)
13 min of garbage for switch more like it... only like 3 games are kind of worth it.
steve fischer (29 days ago)
Vandals takes place in all these cities! That look exactly the same... -_-
green mushroom (29 days ago)
Sooo does anyone know what assassins creed cloud means? It’s it gunna be the same game?
Reflection Tube (29 days ago)
What is cloud version for assassins creed?
Karlus Kardius (29 days ago)
Luigis m3 no remake from Nintendo wow please a New Mario Galaxy and Zelda i sell my playstation than. 😂Nintendo mades Best games but Sony to.We dont buy cloud games like Assains creed, resisdent evil..... Please change that bevor i change my switch to xbox one x
daniel lopez (29 days ago)
I want the physical copy ff7,9 and 12 15 pocket is free in the apple store
Meewhee (29 days ago)
dude most of the indie games look like they could be played on a smartphone Im still up for a few but most of them are just indie trash
Theskrim Boberrto65 (29 days ago)
And ARK?
BlitZZ Nin (29 days ago)
No Ark ?
David Delgado (29 days ago)
This is a becoming a serious problem. The eshop is swarmed with a lot of indie game trash. I'd say a good 80 % of these titles aren't worth peoples time. I love my switch but its starting to really push me away.
RP752000 (29 days ago)
Why didn't WARIO make it into RE-New Super Mario Bros. U ?
just here (29 days ago)
What's with switch and these pixelated, flatform, 80s leftover games??? Seriously, dungreed??? WTF...
Hom Tom (29 days ago)
weak GPU switch only lives due to shitty games on phones
Deirdre O'Sullivan (29 days ago)
I don’t know what I’m more excited for assassins creed or warframe
Earl (29 days ago)
Family man looks cringy as fuck
NidoKing (29 days ago)
I bought my switch for metroid and shin megami Tensei... No word on either one.... Or any word on this theme song
Fares Ajmi (29 days ago)
plz any one tell me what's the damn intro song name
Rhys Gales (29 days ago)
I want Gang Beasts on switch.
심지수 (29 days ago)
자막 설명 없네...
XBASS KINGTING (1 month ago)
Assessing Creed yes mon
XBASS KINGTING (1 month ago)
Family man looks good
Forgotten ACE (1 month ago)
You forgot about ARK
Ege Dalyan (1 month ago)
Welcome back Switch Planet!!
Todden Todden (1 month ago)
ohman, way too many high Quality Switch Games to play
Novcrimson (1 month ago)
How do I tell YouTube to stop recommending your videos cause they sucks!
Dark Void (28 days ago)
Stop clicking on them lol
NotRushed Anims (1 month ago)
Click the three dots. Click “not interested”
IDARK SKULL xll (1 month ago)
Diablo 😍😍
Sylvia Marotta (1 month ago)
Excited for the original Escapist, Diablo 3 and Moonlighter!
0Mitka0 (1 month ago)
Wasn los hemman problem oderwas
Christian De jesus (1 month ago)
Why does switch games look like vita games?
Lam Sid (1 month ago)
Thumbs up if you want less ports and more 3d platformers
Ryan Morris (1 month ago)
Meh only one looked good the rest are cheap indie games!!!
Wings Of Hope (1 month ago)
Getting my switch this Christmas!!
Ashab Plop (1 day ago)
Buy a ps4 Kid.
Gabriel Herrera (1 month ago)
Parece que se vienen buenos juegos, mucho rpg c:
Squiddy Pearl (1 month ago)
I want to play origins so bad :/ is really only for japan?
Kevin Vanderzanden (29 days ago)
I think odessey is the one. I think origins was put on to get people to watch the video. Origins is really cool. Odessey looks cool but I'm not really into the time era they chose.
Helen Fotopoulou (1 month ago)
I thought the thumbnail was trolling us... Now I have five games I'll buy for certain and many, many more to consider... If I get a Switch, that is.
Seniku Moonjewel (1 month ago)
The eshop is being utterly swamped in indie trash :(
Gaming Maniac (10 days ago)
Isn't that the truth .
Corey Wayne (22 days ago)
Seniku Moonjewel shovelware, heaps and heaps of shovelware.
fuck india
You just now noticed this? Switch is like 1 big shit sandwich.
Maicon Sulivan (1 month ago)
Eu quero muito comprar um Nintendo Swich. ❤
mavrickhunter13 (1 month ago)
God I hate this kind of YouTube cancer! Make some content and stop using other peoples hard work to make money off them.
Arsene Lupin (1 month ago)
Patiently waiting for Persona 4 and Persona 5 switch port....
Guilliani Ramos (1 month ago)
why nintendo always making launching weird strategy games instead of open world games such as god of war, red dead, etc. those kinds of games
Mmm Yis (26 days ago)
Michael the whole point is you can take the switch anywhere dumbass.
Michael (28 days ago)
get a ps4 fucking dumb ass lol
Guilliani Ramos (28 days ago)
Mohy no stooooooopid im talkin bout remastered versions even with big engines coming to switch. COD on the go would be fun, etc.
Mohy (28 days ago)
he speaking about red dead redemtion 1 for PS3 -.-
God of war is a playstation exclusive and red dead redemption 2 use a completely HUGE engine that's the reason we don't have fallout 76 on the switch but you can see a good side we are getting doom eternal on the switch
:성민 (1 month ago)
어쌔신 동숲 던그리드 행복
:성민 (1 month ago)
안팔길 잘했다 ㅠ
Marduk (1 month ago)
Fairy Fencer F NOICE
Aradmas (1 month ago)
2019 is good year a bunch of FF series and AC release for switch... wait wut !? No FF VIII !!!
Theo Crei (1 month ago)
alot of releases... only 1 or 2 are interesting. 😑
Asa Madeto (1 month ago)
Maybe for you. To me it's more like 4-5 games nice, 7-8 don't look bad but not hyped, need to try if sales. For the others look bad or just not what i like
Mega scorpio (1 month ago)
Awesome show super big like
Syssiphus (1 month ago)
Looks like Nintendo is picking up speed.
jonathan amner (1 month ago)
Duskover look amazing

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