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[FREE]How to play Runescape or any other java powered game on iPhone/iPad/Android

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Step 1: Download TeamViewer (https://www.teamviewer.com) and Remote (AppStore) Step 2: Run TeamViewer to get log in info and connect via device Step 3: Play Runescape
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Text Comments (27)
HedgeHogger 710 (10 months ago)
Ffs I would just play on my computer if I have one I wanna play on my phone and don't have a fkin computer. Useless shit
Dancing Kyubi (2 years ago)
tutorial on it without use of a pc man
Dancing Kyubi (2 years ago)
Aw man thanks though
Random (2 years ago)
Dancing Kyubi shit nvm there is really no way because you have to use the client now
Random (2 years ago)
Dancing Kyubi use a virtual browser they are shit in my option though
M3Xploid (2 years ago)
bro the point of playing on your phone or tablet is if there is no computer you can get to. say you are in another country or some sht. why the fk would ya wana use teamviewer if you can access pc
Random I think meant to say he does not have pc nor can buy. So that is why looking solution to enable pc virtual to able play on mobile device of Runescape. I am sorry too for my bad English .
Random (2 years ago)
M3Xploid it's free and it works. It doesn't address every situation of being able to play but it does address a few. It's also one of many ways, so use one of those instead of this one. Or simply leave your pc on at home, like me when I used to play in high school
JTenshi (2 years ago)
Does this use alot of data?
JTenshi (2 years ago)
So u dont use the app anymore? I dont play rs anymore too :P
Random (2 years ago)
I would check if I still used this but I don't play much anymore
JTenshi (2 years ago)
Can u check? like do u use iphone? it tells u how much data the apps used
Random (2 years ago)
I have unlimited data so idek man. But I'm sure it uses a good amount
bvb2o11 (2 years ago)
I don't often comment on videos. But this was the hands down simplest and easiest way to play RS on your phone or tablet. Thank you for the help and not making it complicated.
Random (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, i really appreciate it, but i do apologize for the low quality content!
HappyDragen (2 years ago)
So you can play on your iPhone Or control it on your computer from your laptop?
Mystic Reaper (7 months ago)
{ ExcyIe } when it comes???
Groot (9 months ago)
Random runescape is coming to mobile phone without this stuff u knew that?
Random (2 years ago)
yes becauise you are streaming your computer to your phone
HappyDragen (2 years ago)
+Random okay But do you need to have your computer on?
Random (2 years ago)
You can play from you iphone yes
Upward Gaming (2 years ago)
Anyone else think that text was there's, then realised that they don't have friends :,(
Random (2 years ago)
I need to remake this video omg the audio so bad
I8 Cake (2 years ago)
Is it supposed to be laggy?
Random (2 years ago)
+I8 Cake its gonna be somewhat
Josh Cooper (2 years ago)
Can u get banned for this?
Random (2 years ago)
I havnt since I've been doing it....and after I made this I then found videos that are the same as this so if I do get banned.....I'll let you know......

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