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The Bolted Behemoth [SFM]

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Something isn't quite right on ctf_sawmill... This is the second episode of my series "The Fedora Chronicles", though it doesn't have a huge connection with the original. It has taken me around 2 months to make so I hope you enjoy it! Subscribe for more!
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Text Comments (10539)
That One Random Guy (18 hours ago)
Kick player Bob_da_Builder.2007, accused of cheating
That opening fight scene was EPIC
pus dicles (1 day ago)
Good video But why did you play Nuclear Mission Jam twice?
IV 1564 (2 days ago)
5:10 heres the continuing of that m.youtube.com/watch?v=vi_xJhUuUMQ
Isaac Peltier (2 days ago)
Hay does anyone else have this ad saying that its the cheapest tf2 shop its at mannco.store
Taj Moore 2 (3 days ago)
5:00 rip medic also It looks funny in 2x and that scream at 6:28 is hilarious
game trends (3 days ago)
2:03 Engie "Well I reckon that's that" spy "I think not" engie "what?"
Unsecond Official (3 days ago)
woah, scout didn't like that robot, please delete or scout will DELETE YOUR KNEECAPS
Wrecker Wall (4 days ago)
2:08 banjo beta?
unrevealed YouTuber (4 days ago)
5:15 Beep Boop FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!🖕
BX56 (5 days ago)
sa i (5 days ago)
Music at 2:39 pls
NUVANT (6 days ago)
NUVANT (6 days ago)
the scout was just being annoying to that robot lol
deadmax Deluxe (6 days ago)
I Wonder What Will The Whole Series Will Look Remade?
Aaron Joachim (7 days ago)
Name a better trio. *I'll wait*
Glitched gamer 99999 (8 days ago)
Bet the TFC team will make a appearance sooner or later! Or unless the blu team is them!
Aleksa Vuksa (8 days ago)
Can you guys find the sniper?
Paul Conty (9 days ago)
Someone needs to make a gamemode out of this.
Brent The17 (9 days ago)
burning through space and bolted behemoth are both scene?
Space (7 days ago)
You if you pay attention he kind of aims for the power classes first by attacking soldier first then going for heavy. Also he aims for medics above all else for obvious reasons.
jelloman35 (9 days ago)
this was the first sfm i saw
Hsar Taw they (10 days ago)
1:25 am I the only one who notice the other sniper
devinitives (10 days ago)
the soldier is a lucky boi he almost died 3 times
Wolfpack (11 days ago)
XXXTentacion Vrother (11 days ago)
。プーさん (11 days ago)
Samuel Jason (12 days ago)
The pyro went to space
1k subs with no vids? (12 days ago)
3:59 ultra instinct?!?
Imagine Nation (12 days ago)
5:16 "Screamin' eagles! (Damn it.)"
nicw job with the engineer in this vid I always wonder how he upgrades hes turrets with a smack of a wrench
getoutofherestalker (12 days ago)
its weird how the bullet models are actually... the entire bullet, projectile and cartridge, instead of just the projectile.
like si eres español
Simona Asta (13 days ago)
Fatto bene
Chuluunsukh Batzorig (13 days ago)
the best weapon against metal is explosives
crispin nicio (13 days ago)
Is this part 1
Nexon Slayer_543 (13 days ago)
what is just me watching the video but don't have the game
Joaquin :v (13 days ago)
7:24 WOOHO
the depressed dino (14 days ago)
Just spash it whit water
smell moon (14 days ago)
GFE_Lukas 187 (15 days ago)
the engineer have a Brain Maggot
Mihai z (15 days ago)
Snooky ಠ_ಠ (15 days ago)
0:44 I loved that Sneaky-Engineer
CHAL Gaming (15 days ago)
7:03 00000H N0000000000000 M33333D111111111111111C!
crispin nicio (16 days ago)
5:12 burning through space part I part II
Surrealaryan (17 days ago)
Red team is so brutal
TheHunter 12345 (18 days ago)
Wait was this the pre-burning through space because pyro got flung into it
Dogey Lord (18 days ago)
5:15 robot flips scout off
OOFing Games (19 days ago)
5:16 scout throws 5 balls at the robot and the robot just flips him off
GaminGundam ANIMATIONS (19 days ago)
When is part four out?
killer memestar (20 days ago)
Anyone see waving sniper?
rahman yusuf (21 days ago)
5:10 its that Pyro in galaxy
nik pickard (22 days ago)
6:48 LMAO
Rubena Ust Doblas (22 days ago)
Can we talk about how beautiful the scout looks at 1:17? Haha
man yeeyee (22 days ago)
it was continued by live and let spy and burning through space
Brady fox (22 days ago)
1:05 rip Winglet ☹️
DeadlyPeeta (22 days ago)
1:41 what is that music? it sounds like its from the lego batman game
sckylade (22 days ago)
Has anyone noticed that speeding up the video to 1,25x fixes the slow movement thing?
Game Face (23 days ago)
Why do you always kill medic?
Flare Bear (23 days ago)
Infinity war is looking nice
Late Ringer Spy (23 days ago)
0:52 Heavy: U yes u are dead Spy: I'm afraid not. *double headshot*
Gege Sponge (24 days ago)
Bolted behemoth is a big robot heavy tight in there.
thatcher (24 days ago)
0:59 that bullet is still in its casing I really don't like mistakes like that for some reason
Biritanir Beni (24 days ago)
00:58 bullets don’t fly with shells just sayin
Cricket Coop (24 days ago)
4:59 And thus begins one of the greatest SFM stories.
Cathleen Oldenburg (25 days ago)
Take of the bolts.
Harrow Chains (25 days ago)
kittle phitty
Patrick Alam (26 days ago)
to know what happened to the pyro check out burning through space
Joaquin Fernández (26 days ago)
How calls the song from minute 1:40?
Jar1 (26 days ago)
It's so nice watching it again
Derpy the Spy (27 days ago)
Ugggggggggggh bullets dont fly out with its casings and such
skar45 (27 days ago)
Is this in the same universe as burning through space
ibi gaming (8 days ago)
skar45 (27 days ago)
Is this a sequel to live and let spy
Joel Cespedes (28 days ago)
1:24 *Piece of piss!*
Pb2kick (28 days ago)
1:05 R.I.P winglet
STR8 RAINBOW ROCKER (29 days ago)
3:27 Wilhelm
Got a tf2 ad.....AMAZING
Dani Mihăilă (13 days ago)
+predomz309 youre the idiot here, there actually is a tf2 ad but you never got it, cucky disrepectful cunt
predomz309 (23 days ago)
Tf2 never made any ad idiot lol
Mike G (29 days ago)
Ever fire a gun and the casing flew with the bullet?
limonite gaming (30 days ago)
The spy : I think there is a robot that he activated. Me : Well what else would a controller and a lot of metal heavy step's be?
freTalqin Ahmed (30 days ago)
1:26 best scene (I liked my own comment because I think nobody will like it
GD Ghaffar (30 days ago)
My fav game
Scp 682 (30 days ago)
1 year later they battled Epic scout
Leonardo Fearfox (1 month ago)
Any body realized that Mecha heavy flicked of scout affter being hit by 5 or 6 baseballs
Surekha Shah (1 month ago)
All you got to do is save the damn intelligence
Surekha Shah (1 month ago)
When you win but still lose
SUPERLOUIE22! !! (1 month ago)
ENGIES BEST ZING (1 month ago)
4:10 Scout:me Bully:the robot heavy
LEGOMAN 2 (1 month ago)
That's the pyro who was sent to space, isn't it?
ibi gaming (8 days ago)
Alex Dela Torre (1 month ago)
1:00 The Ambassador,not a mini Sniper rifle anymore,it's a mini Machina
Graham Woollett (1 month ago)
Did he just shoot a whole bullet? 0:59
Nakroth &Butterfly (1 month ago)
1:05 The Winglet R.I.P
A Kelp Shake (1 month ago)
0:59 can we mention how spy’s revolver shot what looks like a 7.62 round?
CredibleDerek6511 (1 month ago)
Somebody's channel (1 month ago)
Winglet spotted on the video
Latvian Dragon (1 month ago)
2:19 my fav music!
Cookens_TV (1 month ago)
Ho Viet Dang (1 month ago)
I just realized every single animation the blue always get pooped on
crispin nicio (1 month ago)
7:05 all now medic!

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