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Half Life 2 All Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

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All Easter Eggs and Secrets found in Half Life 2. Episode One and Two are seperate videos, don't forget to check them out as well! Music: Half-Life 2 Beta [Music] Path Of Borealis The List: All Knowing Vortigaunt 24724 Freeman's Barcode Graffiti Dr Breen Poster as Reference of OBEY Poster All G Man Sightings Developers' Books Clipping on the board Cut Enemy The Cremator in a jar Photo of Mark Twein Mini Teleport Explosion HEV Plate Back To The Future Reference Photo of Dr Breen on the newspaper A Missing Puzzle Piece Doll which is X Files 'Born Again' Reference Watch more Easter Eggs and Secrets videos on my channel: ► Left 4 Dead ► Counter Strike Global Offensive ► Team Fortress 2 ► Dead Island ► Payday 2 Thank you for watching! Subscribe for more!
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Text Comments (610)
alxxpspqr (3 days ago)
Cool Easter eggs, but the music is very distracting & irritating and totally unfitting with the scenes.
Clement Duges (7 days ago)
2:49 g-man is creepy
MdahTube (8 days ago)
09:00 dont see how crows hiding is an easter egg. knew about 90% of these tho.
7:20 Back to the future
Lord Goonerius (20 days ago)
6:32 what I found more interesting about that one was the picture on the left. It seems to show the Black mesa scientists squat, because there is that Albert Einstein scientist model from Half life 1. And I wonder wheter it is Breen or someone else who got crossed out of the picture
Hutrix MAN (20 days ago)
Rip good community 2012-2016 :'(...
ArGeRa (24 days ago)
Resistance Poster at 8:48: Have a look at the hand. This could be a reference to "M", a german movie from 1931. The US Poster looks quite the same with the "M" in the hand instead of the lambda / hl sign. You can find it here: filmposter.net/de/m-eine-stadt-sucht-einen-morder-originales-us-filmplakat/
Reena Sunil (25 days ago)
It is also possible if Alyx or barney dies
Crash (1 month ago)
Music you used in the background made me cry.
Aleksa Petrovic (1 month ago)
Hey! What's the music please tell me? :D
Aleksa Petrovic (1 month ago)
and at 10:54 also please :)
Thama (1 month ago)
Nostalgia is real
Mohammed Aladdin (1 month ago)
What is the name of the music? It is very relaxing.
bob marley faruk (1 month ago)
Evertime best game half life
عيسى نجار (1 month ago)
إسم موسيقى
عيسى نجار (1 month ago)
music name
Guilherme Vasconcelos (1 month ago)
Triage at Dawn
Any Easter eggs show valve is a piece of shit?
Ariel De la Fuente (1 month ago)
The first isn't a easter egg or secret, is part of the achievements
Gustavo M (1 month ago)
Good job dude.
akimbo akimbo (1 month ago)
StarOFF (1 month ago)
TheWizardCraft Gaming (1 month ago)
Vgamer 707 (1 month ago)
Rohmingthangi Hmar (1 month ago)
Was G-man even connected with Half-Life 1 & 2? Because he always showed up in both games.
kasra ebrahimpour (1 month ago)
It,s like Gladys potato
Deimos Station (1 month ago)
searching on google with the Advisor's label code ("314 URB-LOC 0017", spotted in the citadel's tower in Ep. one) I found out there's a music track by Proton LC released in 2016 with the same title. Although it's not an easter egg at all, I found it interesting to take the title from that.
amaroioa bon (2 months ago)
chapter 11 is follow freeman not anticitizen one
Kyuro Cat (2 months ago)
6:25 pokeball
TheDarkboy93 (2 months ago)
This game is the climax of the videogame art
Doge Legend (2 months ago)
6:06 Looks familiar in L4D
novan2696 (2 months ago)
My life Fuck
De Jules b (2 months ago)
You forgot one g man sighting, I think it’s in chapter 1 or 2
Daboss910 Hoffman (2 months ago)
Hey there's one that is related to back to the future at the Beginning of the game.
The Green Virus (2 months ago)
6:17 Beta Monster looks like GlaDOS as a potato
tomy tomas (2 months ago)
Why did you had to put sad music xd
Jakub Woźniacki (2 months ago)
Federico Vidotto (2 months ago)
Jakub Woźniacki are you stupid man? It was irony.
Jakub Woźniacki (2 months ago)
Federico Vidotto you are shit fortnite is unbalanced and half life 3 would be better but valve is too stupid to do it
Federico Vidotto (2 months ago)
Jakub Woźniacki Never. 😭 Fortnite is better, didn't you know? 🙄
Kryštof Paří (3 months ago)
the gman is actualy a nihinilalth ya know?
CoZmIn (3 months ago)
Mr.NukeMan (3 months ago)
gman everywhere...
Willy Wonka (3 months ago)
8:40 judgment?
EveryDay Gaming TR (3 months ago)
8:18 there is also one at the end of the game if you spend enough time to let breen escape
Heck Frick (3 months ago)
I think the G-man sighting at 4:25 is G-man at Xen with one of the bird things (forgot the name) behind him, he does have control of Xen.
The Nower (3 months ago)
0:20 I found this easteregg by accident, because I though I shall go there.
Agent 47 (3 months ago)
That is an agent
Sulos (3 months ago)
Ok, i just played the game in german, and i was thinking, that the zombies are just speaking german: "hilfe feuer" - "help fire"
Keegan Colby (3 months ago)
If only at 0:09 the armour was down by 3...
Litz Times7 (3 months ago)
U can break the mini teleporter by going on it your self and using it then it explodes
Despacito 2 fan (3 months ago)
why you have sad music in video
Josephi Krakowski (3 months ago)
There is another doll in the elevator i forgot what chapter it is
Rhino (3 months ago)
Who is G-Man?
el XioVa (3 months ago)
Swag Cat ni one know maybe valve will explain who is he in hl3 lol
7:08 wow
INTERNET EXPLORER (3 months ago)
Whats that music ?
Rafael Barbosa (3 months ago)
you can get the pistol weapon early in this game too, you forgot that one
ノルムNorm (3 months ago)
9:34 you only need to turn the switch on and the propeller should be flying up as good as you demostrated your way to do it.
ノルムNorm (3 months ago)
On the radio i can sometimes see a Weird Alien saying "Youre man" It happened when got out from the room where a broken elevator was and beneth there standing a radio showing some sort of Alien i dont really know. the Place where you teleported to the lab where the siectist were and it occured a time travel for 1-2 weeks is the Place i was exiting
6:58 You must be Russian to understand the sense of the zombies' screams!
At chapter 7 GMan was warn the guy about gunship is coming.Source from wiki.
Owen O (4 months ago)
You missed another one at Kleiners lab, it was right by the Kleiner poster, it shown the Entire Black Mesa Science Team with Kleiner in it, And Gordon Freeman. Its a little picture frame, The picture is in Sector C.
Lukáš Gardian (4 months ago)
10:34 it isn´t the only spot where doll can be found. I think that in the middle of the game in one lift is another one.
Liberty Prime (4 months ago)
Im suprised that the beta sniper rifle had a full on reload animation!
Migueldastreta30 (4 months ago)
I saw this H.E.V plate when i played the complete version in my first time but i didn't even knew about half life 1 in that time and i only tought thats a simple plate with HEV written on it
Mister Fish. (4 months ago)
this song make me remember the borealis...
Bykaru (4 months ago)
Don't you know about our lord and saviour crouch jump ?
Kazuna Chan (4 months ago)
Jonatan (4 months ago)
I think you've missed another one. When you swim along to the top of sea you'll die eaten by an itchyosaur. Nice video.
locus wed (4 months ago)
SmoKK z0r (4 months ago)
The G-man is so freakin cool
ZachStudios (4 months ago)
Gman looks so creepy on the breen monitor
6pt (4 months ago)
I find the Xombie one really sad to be honest
Exploit Entertainment (4 months ago)
There is another easter egg, you can teleport yourself to a beach when you sit on the small table teleporter in chapter two.
Yasen (4 months ago)
You missed a lot of easter eggs, for example - the levitating David Blaine npc in Black mesa east. Also there’s more types of Mission failed messages.
Justinas Sebeckis (4 months ago)
nice video ,soundtrck :)
Gabriel The Fox BR (4 months ago)
tornadodude 91 lol (3 months ago)
Episle wtf
*** SAW *** (5 months ago)
amazing job man !
DIlnei Giovane Pavanatto (5 months ago)
If you use cheat and run far Alix you'll be get a new message
Tail lmao (5 months ago)
You kinda missed one about G-Man sightings, Go to Chapter 2 and go see Dr. Kleiner's photo, you should see Freeman and G-Man there.
Hanf Hexer (5 months ago)
06:24 reminds me of portal 2 - little potatoe-Glados
Hanf Hexer (5 months ago)
03:40 who is he talking to'?
SHITSTORM3000 (5 months ago)
emerson henrique (5 months ago)
4:33 And If you shoot the television before he disapears It will keep showing him until you reach a loading point
Ish Fwosty (5 months ago)
8:23 Lol
GriFFan 113 (5 months ago)
Half Life has the best campaign ever
6:22 portal 2 glados patato
“The Freeman”
Meme Hall (6 months ago)
This song you used makes me sad becuz we never get to play hl3 :(
Eric Ortega (6 months ago)
how do you hover around the half life maps like that?
Carl Johnson (6 months ago)
11:00 i remember how i tried to put it back but it didnt work
gabriel 48825 (6 months ago)
widac ze polak
nisasha2006 RBLX (6 months ago)
2:16 Gman Stop it gets to help
WOW 7:00
Pointlel (6 months ago)
7:48 I love how he stopped the hitting animation when you put a gun up into his face
TheLoneChampion NA (6 months ago)
You forgot G-man sighting in ravenholm
DelluXeD (6 months ago)
and in 8:48 is Left 4 Dead logo interesting that left 4 dead was realised in 2008 while half life 2 are in 2004 so valve and turtle rock studio was preparing left 4 dead for 4 years
OmarSebas Coronado (6 months ago)
7:12 poor head crab he will not eat anymore
speedwave (7 months ago)
4:38 those crowded people wants steam sale If the TV shows gayban they wanted steam sale anyone else want a steam sale?
Llama Momma (7 months ago)
There's another mission fail thing, if you get hit by the train in I think Highway 17, you get the message
Adien Rivera (7 months ago)
So zombies talk backwards
KaiJenKo (7 months ago)
Unregroz (7 months ago)
Triage at dawn gives me nostalgia
Battlefieldman CZ (7 months ago)
i think gmans name is garry like garry mod

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